Campbell Rink opens on Saturday

This Saturday, December 5th, the skating rink at Campbell Park is scheduled to open for the season.

Here is the schedule for Saturday's skating activities, courtesy of the City Rinks website:


  • 10:00am – 11:00am All Ages
  • 11:00am - 12:00pm Pleasure
  • 12:00pm - 4:00pm All Ages
  • 4:00pm – 6:00pm Pleasure
  • 6:00pm - 7:00pm All Ages
  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm Level 3
  • 8:00pm - 9:00pm PERMIT

If you need an excuse to come out to a Saturday pleasure skate, the folks at CELOS often provide "music and $2 skate rental, plus free hot dogs and hot chocolate at the campfire."

Looking forward to another fun winter at Campbell Park. Hope to see you all there.


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Boo's Post skate special

Anyone coming into Boo's with their skates is entitled to a 10% discount on food. Also teams from the permit skates get a deal as well. Drop in after a cold skate for a cold pint!
Shelley & Michael

re Pleasure Skating at Campbell -Join us

I was one of the Campbell staff members who spoke with Carlaa and the other moms from the Perth School Council on Saturday.

Mondays 3:30-4:30pm are Shared Use. Recreation staff will divide the ice in two. Hockey players will stay on one side of the rink while pleasure skaters will stay on the other. A rink staffer will be on the ice to make sure the hockey players stay on their side. If the turnout for pleasure skating on Mondays is good, staff may make the hour pleasure-skating only. By dividing the ice in two we are experimenting to see if there is demand for Monday pleasure skating.

At the moment the best time for pleasure skating at Campbell is Saturday 4-6pm when pleasure skaters have the whole rink to themselves. Staff make a campfire and serve hot chocolate and food. Staff understand that this is a narrow time period and not convenient for everyone. Staff are open to more pleasure skating at Campbell but they need to know the demand is there, because there's no shortage of men and boys who want to play hockey.

Pleasure Skating at Campbell -Join us

Hi everyone,

A few of us (3) went to the skating rink yesterday with our children.
It was a disappointment that the rink was not open and that no one else showed up to skate. (We didn't know it was canceled.)

In discussions with some of the Perth parents they felt that the skating hours are too limited and the majority believed this rink was only for hockey playing.
It's rather unfortunate because this location is a 5-10min walk from our homes and right in our community. The Perth School Council has agreed that we're going to advertise in our newsletter to make everyone aware that there is pleasure skating at this location.
We had a good discussion with the rink staff and concluded that if there is a need, the schedule for pleasure skating will be revisited.

Join us tomorrow (Monday) if the rink is open, we'll be taking our kids to skate from 3:30-4:30pm. The staff has been kind enough to extend the pleasure skating by half hour so come out with your kids.

Skate lending program

I just wanted to mention that my daughter's school is putting in place a skate lending program where all the children in the school have access to free skates for the season. So far the gym teacher has noted the sizes of every child's shoes. Maybe it can be something that you may want to consider as well. As for the pleasure skate times for Saturdays, most families are having dinner at these times so it is really hard for families to come out at this time. Has an 11:00am time slot been considered for families of young children?

$2 skate rentals at Campbell

We have $2 skate rentals at Campbell.

11am-12pm Saturday pleasure skating

There is an hour of pleasure skating Saturday mornings 11am-12pm, but most Saturdays last year no skaters showed up.

At 4-6pm we're strict. We clear hockey players off the ice even if no pleasure skaters show up. At 11, however, we're more flexible. Staff will clear the ice if skaters are there; otherwise we let the hockey players stay, because we don't want the ice to sit empty.

In previous years there was pleasure skating from 2-4pm but turnout was low. That's why staff changed the schedule to 4-6pm.

Skating Schedule

Good to know, I will keep it in mind.

Pleasure skating - stay tuned

Park recreation staff met on Thursday with some residents to discuss pleasure skating at the rink. We are considering a change to the schedule. When the details are final, we will let the community know. The change won't be dramatic but it won't necessarily be the last one either. We're taking baby steps, because we want to see what works.

2 more hours of pleasure skating at Campbell

After talking to parents, Campbell staff have added two hours of pleasure skating to the rink schedule. The new hours are Monday 3:30-5:30pm.

The current pleasure skating hours are:

Saturday 11am-12pm
Saturday 4-6pm
Monday 3:30-5:30pm

Saturdays 4-6pm there is a campfire with hot chocolate and homemade treats.

Sunday Schedule?

Just wanting someone to confirm, is Campbell rink closed to pleasure skating on Sundays?

Sunday schedule

There is no pleasure skating on Sundays at Campbell, but there are two hours of shared use in the morning. There is, however, pleasure skating at Wallace-Emerson which is a ten-minute walk from Campbell. There is also Sunday pleasure skating at Dufferin Grove where both pads are given over to skaters.

Sunday Shared Use

Sunday has a "Shared Use" time from 10am to noon.


  • 10:00am – noon Shared Use (supervised)
  • noon – 6:00pm All Ages Hockey

The ice rink is open and unsupervised at times.
``Shared Use`` - All ages shinny players share the ice with pleasure skaters. No slapshots. If numbers warrant, staff may at their discretion divide the ice into separate pleasure-skating and hockey sides.

I'm guessing that in practice this means that it's mainly shinny players using the ice.

Sunday shared use

Shared use works when there aren't many people. Sundays used to be shared use until 4pm. However, there were too many hockey players in the afternoon for comfortable pleasure skating. Since Sunday afternoons were hockey in practice we changed the schedule to reflect that, but we left two hours of shared use in the morning when it isn't busy. We do get some skaters on Sunday mornings.

Pleasure Skate Taking Off

I am a bit dubious about the shared use concept but wow was there ever a lot of activity on Saturday during pleasure skate. If that keeps up Sunday pleasure skate may have to be added. : )

Campbell opening delayed. Ice not ready

Saturday was a frustrating day at Campbell. The rink was supposed to open at 10. When the building attendant got there at 9:30, he walked around the ice. It was pretty good in the middle but very thin along the boards. At some spots along the boards it was concrete. Guys arrived to play hockey. At 12:30pm the Zamboni came and did a flooding. The Zamboni driver told the building attendant to take the nets off the ice and to close the rink. The recreation supervisor told the building attendant to go home. However, the rink gate has no lock so people continued to play hockey even though the rink was closed and unsupervised. I don't know if the rink will be open on Sunday. According to City Rinks (an unofficial website run by CELOS) there problems at many rinks today.

Campbell rink schedule

Please note All Ages on the schedule means all ages hockey. Last year a few people thought it meant all ages skating. There will be a campfire from 4-6pm. Pleasure skating at the moment is limited. Park staff are open to having more pleasure-skating hours, but last year the turnout was low. The schedule can be changed if the turnout is higher this year.