Community Meeting: Future of Tower Automotive

Tower Automotive, 158 Sterling Rd.Tower Automotive, 158 Sterling Rd.

Want to know what's happening with the vacant Tower Automotive property on Sterling Rd. south of Bloor St.? Castlepoint Developments is hosting a series of meetings to discuss plans with the community. Details about this first meeting were passed on to us by Phil from the South Perth and Sterling Road Residents Association:

We will be hosting the first of our Community Outreach meeting(s) for the Sterling properties owned by Castlepoint on January 18, 2010 - 7pm at the Church of the First Born (72 Perth Ave.) located directly next to our vacant property fronting on Perth Street. Parking is available on the vacant lands.

Coffee/Tea and cookies are provided

NOTE: I closed comments on this item. Discussion is over here where I posted the notes from the meeting.


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How did the meeting go?

How did the meeting go?

I wasn't able to make it! (dentist appointment)

Tower/Sterling meeting

Excellent meeting, and interesting plans presented. I'm hoping to do a writeup and post my notes here soon, when I can find the time.