1540 Bloor West (Proposed Giraffe condo) at the OMB

The following notice comes from the West Bend Community Association and Friends of Dundas and Bloor:

Make Your Views Known at the OMB Hearing for
1540 Bloor Street West (Giraffe)

The OMB hearing for 1540 Bloor Street West (the Giraffe building) will be held January 19th – 21st, and Jan 25th - 29th, 2010, at the OMB office at 655 Bay Street, Suite 1600, beginning at 10:00 am. If possible we would like you to attend Tuesday to show a strong community presence.

One of the goals of the Friends of Dundas and Bloor is to obtain an evening session at the OMB, so that residents and business owners can express their concerns. We Need as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO ATTEND.

The City’s lawyer and experts will focus primarily on the big picture - the fact that the proposed 27-storey building does not comply with the bylaws that have been put in place as the result of the Bloor-Dundas Avenue Study.

As citizens, we are also concerned about the IMPACT of a building of this scale on our daily lives.

  • The building's garage will exit onto Dundas, adjacent to the bus/streetcar entrance. What will be the consequences for pedestrian safety, delays to transit, and increased backups at the intersection?
  • The developer plans to use the Dorval laneway for all incoming vehicles for 254 residential units. How will this narrow laneway be affected by the increased traffic and how will the laneway be maintained?
  • The Dorval laneway currently has more than 40 parking spaces used by residents and businesses (some who also have daily deliveries). What is the degree of conflict that will result from the increased traffic?
  • The developer's new design no longer includes the eight-storey western extension, leaving a land-locked, vacant lot. What is the plan for this property?
  • The Crossways already creates difficult wind conditions for cyclists and pedestrians. How much worse will wind conditions be with a 27-storey building at 1540 Bloor?
  • The neighbourhood, especially Edna and Dorval Avenues and the Chelsea Playground, will be shadowed during part of the year by a building of this height. How will this affect the daily lives of those nearby?

If you are interested in speaking to these or other issues and want to attend an evening session, please reply before 6:00 pm, Monday, January 18th so we can convey this to the OMB on Tuesday.

Friends of Dundas and Bloor (FODAB)

Update on January 20, 2010:

New Information on the OMB Hearing for
1540 Bloor Street West (Giraffe)

The OMB hearing for 1540 Bloor Street West (the Giraffe building) began today. The hearing dates and times have changed.

They are: January 20th (2pm), 21st (9am) ,Jan 25th (11am) and January 27th - 29th (9am). The OMB office is located at 655 Bay Street, Suite 1600.

The Friends of Dundas and Bloor was not able to obtain an evening session at the OMB. However we did obtain the opportunity to present our views on Wednesday, January 27th at 1:30 pm.


This is the last opportunity for our community to make a difference.

Friends of Dundas and Bloor (FODAB)