Then and Now: Dupont St. and Perth Ave.

Are you interested in old photos of our neighbourhood, and watching how this area has changed over time? Well, then keep an eye on this website, as I will be posting a collection of "Then and Now" photos. Most of the historical photos will be from the City of Toronto Archives, and current photos taken by me (Vic Gedris). Many of these were previously on display at the Perth-Dupont branch of the Toronto Public Library as part of the Fuzzy Boundaries project.

Do you have any old photos of this neighbourhood? Please feel free to get in touch if you're willing to share them!

We'll start off this series comparing a photos of the north-west corner of Dupont St. and Perth Ave., taken on October 23 1958 with a modern version taken on March 28 2009.

Dupont and Perth, October 23 1958: City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 200, Series 372, Subseries 100, Item 86Dupont and Perth, October 23 1958: City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 200, Series 372, Subseries 100, Item 86

Dupont and Perth, March 28 2009: Photo by Vic Gedris.Dupont and Perth, March 28 2009: Photo by Vic Gedris.

And just for fun, here's the Google Streetview link.


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Corner Mix-Up?

Nice photo comparison, but I wonder if the current photo is the same corner? Having walked by here hundreds of times, I'm thinking that you have confused the southeast corner pictured in the 1958 photo with the northwest corner pictured in 2009. The windows and garage don''t seem to match and the garages at the back of the building are still standing on the southeast corner today. It is possible that I am mistaken, but you have me wondering.

No mix-up :)

The City of Toronto Archives labels that photo as "Dupont and Perth, northwest corner". Here's what I think:

  • It looks like the building was expanded north to take over the land where those garages were (or completely rebuilt?)
  • Look at the building next to it on Dupont (yellow top in the 2009 pic). Identical structure and setback, just a different awning and other minor features now.
  • The two houses on the north side match up in the old/new pics
  • The building on the south-east corner has different windows, and even has an old Cowan's Cocoa mural on it that certainly pre-dates 1958.

I'm 99.9% sure this is the same location.