Intensification and local planning

A forum to discuss general issues related to neighbourhood intensification and local planning.

Note: The initial posts in this forum are being moved here from the Giraffe / Dundas+Bloor forum where conversation has drifted off-topic.

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Conversations on Planning and Development

Glad to see the interest in planning and development. I am a West Bend resident (west of the tracks) with a lot already on my plate, so I can't join you - our residents associaton is our forum for these discussions. However, I do want to make a suggestion. Since 2005, the City has been studying mid-rise development, especially for the Avenues designated in the Official Plan. I recently took part in an Open House and a focus group. In May, a report will go to the Planning and Growth Management Committee for approval. After the election, the city will be bringing in a new zoning by-law based on this report which will re-zone the Avenues (e.g., Bloor, Dundas, St Clair, Roncesvalles, Danforth, Kingston Road, parts of lawrence East and many more) to allow as-of-right mid-rise buildings (with height being defined as a 1:1 ratio with the width of the right-of-way - the wider the street, the taller the height). You might want to have a look at the report (about 100 pages) which contains performance standards that help to define the fine nuances of how this by-law could affect development along Bloor. Apart from anything else, it is a helpful guide to how planners talk about planning principles.

It is at


Meet n Chat


I'm afraid I cannot make it this evening. I'm already committed to another event. Ok, so how about meeting next week (except Tuesdays)?

Chat n Meet

Ok, we can meet at a different location or week-day (anyday except Tuesday) . . .any other suggestions? Or the rest of us, except Scott can meet and he can join us later in April.


Hi All,

I agree, I think we need to do it during a week day (for the same availability reasons at Yasi..), and also if someone can not make it we should try to meet even if it is only 2-3 people, since trying to ensure we all agree on a date/time will be very difficult at best. ie. April is bad for me, I'll be out of town

I propose who ever can meet let us do so, this is preliminary anyway, and as time goes on we will all have met and started dialogue etc

anyone going to the Lansdowne Bile Consult. ? might me a good place to do a quick face time & coffee breakout mtg

just a suggestion...

Weekday chat

Agreed that weekday evenings are probably best.

I'll be at the Lansdowne meeting tonight. Short hair, green hooded jacket. I'll hang out for a while, but probably not for a coffee breakout.


Yasi's is never a good place on the weekend for talking its too crowded. Great place to eat but getting a table is pretty hard.I am not free until April.

Meet n Chat

How about Sunday, March 28th at 11am at Yasi? Or 5pm same place?

I would be interested and I

I would be interested and I think part of this is being aware of what is going on before people get blind sighted. Maybe make this informal and casual as the Metrolinx issues are going to take up a lot of community energy over the next while and we dont want to burn people out.

meet up

Sounds good,

any suggestions for a meeting place ?

may I suggest the Library, they have a good space in the lower level or of course Yasi's when not too busy ?

Meet n Chat

I'm up for it. Anyone else apart from the 2 of us?!

Development chat

Sure, I'm interested. Set a time and place. Not this week though. :)


Hello All,

Firstly, I'd like to commend everyone who writes here on the polite tone that they use. A good discussion can be had only when we are all willing to listen to each-other. We may not agree with other view points, but willingness to listen certainly makes a debate more pleasant.

Secondly, I think it's remarkable how committed most people who post here are to the rejuvenation of this neighbourhood. I moved here in March 2007 and I am delighted at hoe creepingly but slowly, the area is undergoing change.

I made a mistake in not buying a condo unit at Giraffe. I think the design was good, the influx of younger people with higher disposable income would have juiced up the hood, brought some more life to the corner, and given our area a higher profile.

I have lived across the globe (4 continents and counting), and I don't mean travel, but living for a number of years in each location. And in each country that I have lived in, the same basic principles of city living apply. Design good buildings, put them in a local area context that reviatlises the area, and balance the development between manufacturing/services/living spaces/green areas/transit. We are lucky to be located at the intersection of GO/Streetcar/Subway, next to High Park, close yet far enough from Roncesvalles Avenue and Parkdale areas, and crucially - relatively lower property prices (than other areas in Toronto), and many factory buildings/lands that can be redeveloped.

The number of abandoned factories themselves are surprising - whether the factory just north of price shopper, the ones on Sterling, Feather lofts (which just got converted to residential lofts) and a prime source of lofts which attract a more artistic crowd. Combined with lower property prices and other newer buildings, there is a tremendous potential in this area.

The key issue is - how to redevelop so that it eases people's lives in this neighbourhood and attracts more people to visit/live? Linking Dundas west subway station to crossways and the GO station is one such issue - it'll divert foot traffic safely, integrate transportation systems, attract more travellers, and increase commercial possibilities.

I am sure there are other issues like these and all these need to be brought up by us, the residents of this hood and address how these issues/opportunities can be developed so that our neighbourhood becomes more liveable, for now and the future.

So I'd like to know if there is a local group that is looking into the overall development of our area, and what idea do they have. Do we as residents make our voice heard at these groups/fora? How do we create an advocacy group? I admire how the metrolinx coalition group has been able to force their point of view to be taken into consideration. And of course, posting notes hers is fine - but how about meeting up in person? There's nothing like meeting ones neighbours to forge a sense of community . . . so anyone up to meet?


Intensification & local Urban Planning

Hello all

Navjit, I really liked what you had to say & agree fully with many points, the idea of embracing growth & planned development is critical, I too am very happy to see development finally happen in our area but definitely want to see / have an orchestrated voice in terms if what the developers envision & what forward-thinking residents also envision. I too have visited many of the great cities around the world & recognize certain commonalities of what makes them great & unique,
we too need to embrace new urban planning & design, combining well thought ideas

I'd like to meet & collaborate with others in discussion
we can start or see if others are interested, but we should speak ?


To continue the conversation on Dev. and Intensification

I further the interest to see worthwhile and valuable development in the neighbourhood, and would be interested to be a part of the conversation, as well.

sounds great, Vic & I met

sounds great,

Vic & I met briefly at the Lansdowne bike thing last week, but nothing more has happened since, we all need to try and find the most agreeable time/place to meet and just do it, understanding that it will be difficult for all of us to find just one perfect time,

I think, what is best is to put something out there.... and try to connect via email or something ?

any other suggestions



I wanted to remind people that a lot of locals are a bit burned from Fuzzy Boundaries and chilling and there is activity on the Metrolinx front so it may take a some more warm weather to get people active.