Planning Charrette for the Junction Triangle

Hello to all in the Junction Triangle. My name is Steve Heuchert and I am a Professional Planner teaching a York University MES "Bioregional Planning" workshop this fall. There are about 10 students enrolled. This year, based on discussions with some of the community members, we will be using the Junction Triangle as our students' study area for the practical component of the workshop. As part of this, the students will develop a master plan for the area based on a full community engagement process. We are working with the City, a developer (Castlepoint) and, we sincerely hope, a variety of community groups. The master plan will focus on all things economic, social and environmental, but we need the community to educate and engage the students so that they can prepare a cutting edge vision and plan for the land uses and their implementation. I understand that no-one including the City has considered the future of the Junction Triangle in any detailed or formal way to date. We can help with this.

I have available a draft scope of work for their project in PDF format which I will email to anyone who wishes to read it. My email is Feel free to email me and I will send as an attachment.

We will have the students visit the nieghbourhood for a site walk on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 3rd at 10AM starting at the corner of Sterling and Dundas. We sincerely hope that some community members with knowledge of the history and existing challenges can join and enlighten us. Following this, the students will hold a community engagement "charrette" on the evening of THURSDAY NOVEMBER 18th at a location yet to be determined. We need as many community members as possible to attend.

I am hoping that you as active community members will be able to participate in the charrette and perhaps pass the details on to other interested community members. We are also looking for someone to develop a poster that we can post on-line and deliver around the neighbourhood to advertise the charrette.

We are still early in the planning stage, so please let me know at if you are interested in either attending the site walk, assisting with planning for the charrette or simply attending the charrette so that your perspective can be heard.

Many thanks,

Steve Heuchert

UPDATE: The Draft Scope has been uploaded to this website. You can download it here (61KB PDF file).

Terms of Reference for Junction Triangle Study.pdf60.9 KB

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YIMBY Festival

Junction Triangle might want to consider participating in the YIMBY Festival this year. See: It would be a great way to promote the charrette. We now have a venue - Pastor Miller's church on Perth Avenue, so we can produce some flyers to that effect. Castlepoint has agreed to provide the venue and food, as well as remain independent and allow the community to engage in the charrette without any outside influence. They are also going to provide architectural and planning consultants to assist with the facilitiating and illustrating at the roundtable events. I will be contacting Kori Cleaver who has produced some excellent proofs for a flyer that can be distributed for this purpose. We just need to add the venue address and the fact that food will be served. We should get a great turnout I hope if we blanket the neighbourhood. We can discuss further as things progress.


Steve & YorkU Students

We welcome you and any support & assistance you can render our area, thank you for choosing our area and initiating conversation with the area residents, to have professional outside support while dealing with the developers & their vision, the city and their vision and our own vision can have its challenges but having another who can be a voice of our vision while dealing with the "other" is appreciated.

look forward to the dialogue