Railpath Jane's Walk 2010: Recap

North end of the Railpath at Cariboo Ave.North end of the Railpath at Cariboo Ave.

Last Saturday's "Railpath Ramble" Jane's Walk was a big success, despite the poor weather forecast and rain showers. A crowd of about 30 people met up at the Cariboo Ave. entrance of the Railpath, and were greeted by our tour guides Roy Mitchell and Hema Vyas.

The walk took us down to the south end of the path at Dundas St. and Sterling Rd., with a break for tasty lemonade at a new cafe / art space called Naco on Dundas St., and then back up to the top of the Railpath. Along the way, there were discussions of the Railpath's history, its future, various notable points of interest along the way, the vegetation, some local history, and much more.

The people who came on this walk were not just local residents, but people from all over Toronto who had heard of this fantastic new park/path and wanted to learn more about it. The Railpath is definitely one of our neighbourhood's most successful additions over the last couple of years. Of course, everyone wants to see it expanded to the south/east. Let's hope this can happen!

Coming soon: Photos and writeup from the Junction Triangle Jane's Walk last Sunday.

Here are some photos from the Railpath Ramble:

Behind the Osler Fish WarehouseBehind the Osler Fish Warehouse

North of Wallace Ave.North of Wallace Ave.

Near Wallace Ave.Near Wallace Ave.

South of Ernest Ave.South of Ernest Ave.

We had a bit of rain....We had a bit of rain....

Our tour guide, Roy MitchellOur tour guide, Roy Mitchell

All photos by Vic Gedris, 2010-05-01.


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I look so mean!

Not a great pic, not the photographer's fault! it was great to do. Hema and I had a blast. I love the railpath.