(Old) Weston Rd. Bridge

There's a good thread over on the Urban Toronto Forums about the (Old) Weston Rd. Bridge, which used to connect the two sides of Old Weston Rd. across the CP rail tracks. Although this bridge was technically just outside the Junction Triangle, it's still an interesting piece of local history. The existence (and subsequent removal) certainly shaped some of the traffic issues in this part of the city.

There are some photos from the City of Toronto Archives posted in that thread, along with some more recent photos from 1981 when the bridge was closed to traffic, but before it was torn down.

Check it out here:

Too bad this bridge wasn't saved as a pedestrian / cyclist crossing. Imagine how it could have tied in with the West Toronto Railpath somehow too.

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If you care about your health...move!!

My family lived in the junction, near the plating company which is now part
Of the playground of st. Rita's on Edwin. Every member of my immediate family has lung cancer or has died of the dease. That area is so contaminated with lead and other chemicals, that it would put the love canal to shame. So all you people who live in the junction and its immediate area, have your soil tested. Good luck

Off-topic and fearmongering

This seems suspiciously similar to another off-topic message posted a couple of years ago. I'll leave a similar response here as I did the last time.

Please stay on-topic.

This message forum is specifically about the Old Weston Rd. bridge. If you have information to contribute about this bridge and related matters, please do so.

If you have general *factual* information about pollution in the neighbourhood, please feel free to start a new message forum.

Off-topic posting and baseless fearmongering is not welcome here. Please read the Code of Conduct before further posting.

Further off-topic posts here will be deleted.

It is irresponsible to make

It is irresponsible to make posts like this. They only cause unnecessary fear and unsubstantiated gossip.To compare our area to Love Canal is ridiculous and a disservice to the community. If you have any specific facts or information then you should contact the MOE and start a file. Thats what a responsible person would do.

For the City does not test soil because this being a city, there are very few places in the old City that dont have some kind of pollution on them.

Hi Paul, I feel for you

Hi Paul,
I feel for you especially in having to deal with deaths in your family that have come from a disease that affects us all, cancer. However, I don't think this is the proper forum to make such a blanket statement as the one you have made here. I went to an elementary school in the city that was the home to a former steel plant. When I was there, they made claims that the building was laced with asbestos. The fear had us being bused into another school for part of the year and in the end the claims were unfounded. The media snapped up the story and came in to interview kids from the sidewalks of our school as we played at recess. Kids! Asking us questions like "did we ever get nosebleeds or had headaches"? Which kid doesn't? But it was spun that it was because of where our school was! Great reporting eh? Using vulnerable kids wanting to be on the local news as their source! Then they reported on the teachers on staff who had suffered from cancer. Which school isn't affected by a disease like that especially when at the time we had a population of 500 students with a staff of at least 20! To boot, they even looked at the mortality rates in the area and claimed they were higher than normal. What they failed to mention was that we had a nursing home and a retirement home down the street from us. News flash: older people die, and often and quicker.
I'm not suggesting that what you have stated here isn't based in something, however, in this day and age my friend, our environmental footprint is wreaking havoc on your body right now, from the foods you eat, to the air you breathe to untested things like wifi, not to mention the cell phone you use to make your calls. So before you come here to fear monger, please think before. Families were affected because those companies also were not regulated and workers were working in unsafe facilities without any regards to their own protection. Again, it's sad to hear, but my grandfather worked in a paint factory with no protection to the fumes he was exposed to, and he smoked since he was 10 years old. He died at 92 because of his dementia but otherwise was healthy as an ox. So unfortunately, sometimes, it is is the luck of the draw and what is planned for us. Not to say we shouldn't be vigilant about putting industry in check, but posting here does nothing than fear monger.

bridge pictures and JT historical society

Very nice find Vic, as usual. Yes, a little outside of our area but still great to see. Love the one of the men in their hats. Someone in the neighbourhood had a great idea of starting a JT historical society, and working on pulling all this stuff together into one place. Hope that effort gets off the ground one day soon....

Interesting Pictures

Really interesting pictures Vic. Amazing just how industrial this part of the City was a century ago.