PICKUP SOCCER :: anyone interested? Campbell Park??

So, we were at the community picnic at Campbell today, and there seemed to be some interest in starting a pickup soccer game at a regular time in the week - and we want to find out how many people might be interested in this?

The thought is to have it co-ed, including all levels of skill, and likely either on the weekends, or on an evening to beat the heat. We could play with one of the existing fields and posts, or is the numbers are smaller - we could play across the width of the field with no-goalies. Lots of options... With the playground and the spashpad there, it could be great for the kids to come and entertain themselves, as well. Partners of players could come and enjoy great sideline discussions and beverages...

So - who would be interested in this - and what kind of times? Sunday mid-afternoon, Sunday late-morning, an evening in the week? What say you all?

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fridays sound great. i'm in.

fridays sound great. i'm in. have a 13 year old who could play - would that be an option or adults only. cool either way. did you guys make it last week?

Success!! Soccer night was great !!

The word got out, and lots of fun was had tonight at Campbell Park this Friday.

Once arriving, we quickly learned that there was, indeed, a conflict with Toronto Eagles Soccer games at the park, but after the end of the earlier soccer games, the south field was available. After talking to the referee, we heard that that field would be open for our 7:30 pickup games, if we liked.

With the people that showed up at last minute, and with some local kids who were eager to play, we had a great 6 on 6 game that was fun, for all ages and levels, and not as hot as expected with the good breeze.

I think we can shoot for another Pickup Soccer game next Friday again at 7:30, for those who came out and for others who might be interested in coming out and enjoying a good, non-competitive run on the field. For that (and for others who might have been confused should they have come out and found loads of people already at the park), we will meet near the splash pad, between the fields. Anyone else who cares to join for an informal picnic before the soccer, feel free to join in and bring the kids - the spash pad is actually open until 7pm now, and the playground is right beside it!

As an aside, the Eagles have games every night of the week, except for Saturdays and Sundays. If someone thinks that a better time would be on either of these days, please reply here.

Thanks again for the great start - looking forward to more! (pictures of tonight to follow)


As an aside

Sorry I missed the game. I

Sorry I missed the game. I didn't know until the last minute but I will be there this Friday.

FRIDAY NIGHT SOCCER (Tonight!!) - 7pm, at Campbell

FRIDAY NIGHT SOCCER - 7pm - Campbell Park!

FUN !!!

So, this is redundant for some, but I have been trying to organise a fun, pickup game of soccer for our neighbourhood in the Junction Triangle at Campbell Park - ever since my re-ignited facination with the game and the world cup.

So - our first try at this is tonight (Friday) at 7pm, at Campbell Park. And this will include:

Casual picnic before (bring your own food..) from 6pm on
Splash Pad that is open until 6pm
Playground (good sized, and shaded) at the park
Nice, shaded, sidelines for rest, relaxation and conversation
Casual, recreational, co-ed game for those who want to play
No need to bring soccer cleats, unless you want to
Meet neighbours and friends of Junction Triangle residents (particularly me!)
Water fountain - but bring a water bottle!
Bring some smiles and a fun attitude!

Hope to see any of you, or your friends out.

By the way, if you actually don't end up seeing me there, that's because my wife, Erin, might have just gone into labour. At this point, she has not - HA. Let's see if she can wait until 8:30pm!


Soccer tomorrow (Friday Night) - 7pm at Campbell

So we are going to go ahead with this for tomorrow, and just see how many show up. Between here, some friends, some friends emailing and facebook etc, I'm sure we'll have enough to find a way to pass the ball around.

If you are interested, please reply here so we can hype it up as much as possible (not required, but try to - but try to show up more!)


I'm in. Fridays at 7:00

I'm in. Fridays at 7:00 would totally work for me just not this Friday unfortunately....Keep me posted

Soccer - How about Friday at 7:00 ish? NEED REPLIES!

Ok - let's try this time, and I will bring my family to have a picnic before and cheer us on during the game. Let's try to get a minimum of 6 people confirmed for a min of 3 on 3, and see if we can make it bigger than that. Short notice (sort of) - but who wants to come out for some soccer, Friday after 7pm, at Campbell park? Does anyone know of any conflicts with the field?

Please reply if interested and would like to come out!

Friday at 7 sounds good!

Fridays at 7 would probably work pretty well for me, just not this week unfortunately.

looking for soccer

Hi there. I'll be in the area from the 17-24th of july. I'm from BC and will be on holiday and I'm wondering if this soccer is happening. Or if anyone knows of anywhere else that I could play while i'm there.

Soccer hasn't started yet

We don't have this group all together just yet - we haven't agreed on a date or time just yet, but we could soon. Me, I have a new kid due any day now - and while I started this off, my timing is a bit awkward right now for obvious reasons... But let's see if we can make something happen, with or without me (if only for the reason that I'm from BC originally myself.)

Pickup Soccer

I'd be interested; but I have no cleats, skill, or knowledge of the rules. I DO however have the energy of an 80-year-old chain smoker. If you still want me to participate then weekday evenings are best. Any old space in the 'hood suits me fine. Sunday late afternoon would be a runner-up for me.

8+ for Soccer now! Who else?

Through the website and neighbourhood conversations, we have about 8+ interested at this point - this is some good starting interest - who else could be interested?

I'm In

As a soccer fanatic, I'm definitely in. My cleats have been idle for too long. That being said, my schedule is all over the map. I work retail. Weekday evenings 8pm and after are best for me.

Soccer sounds good

I would try to come out whenever it happens. Evenings and weekends are both OK, depending on other stuff on my schedule.

Dunno what the scheduled soccer times at Campbell are, but we'd have to work around that. But it's probably the best park for this.

Perth Square would probably be OK too, if a smaller area and improvised goals are OK. Lots of shade too. :)

Erwin Krickhahn isn't very level and I'd worry about tripping over my clumsy self. Not much shade either.

Carlton Park and Symington Ave. Playground have pretty good fields too.

Campbell is the best soccer park, probably

Thanks for the interest!

While other parks could be used, I think Campbell is the natural choice with the goalie posts, the associated ammenites with the playgrounds and such - and an after game beverage at Boo's is an option as well, being right up the street and all!

I think most evenings are usually free, though I would have to check into that to confirm. In terms of times, I would look to see what could be a consensus with the interested players - what works for some might not be the best for all. Let's see who is interested in total, and agree on a time - is this best?

Watcha think?


Absolutely. Count us in for

Absolutely. Count us in for 2 people.

I'm in!

I'm all for this plan. Weekday evenings or Sunday morning would be ideal from my perspective. The afternoon's are just too hot right now for an old guy like me.