Ontario Redi-Mix has closed down

Ontario Redi-Mix: As seen from Erwin Krickhahn Park.Ontario Redi-Mix: As seen from Erwin Krickhahn Park.

The Ontario Redi-Mix plant at 57 Wade Ave. has closed down. I don't know the exact date of the plant's closure, but it has now been inactive for several weeks.

Ontario Redi-Mix is the concrete manufacturing and distribution factory that is visible over the railway tracks at Erwin Krickhahn Park. What seemed like a constant parade of cement trucks around the Bloor-Lansdowne area is a direct result of this plant. I know that there were many complaints about Ontario Redi-Mix from residents in the Lansdowne / Wade / Jenet / Paton area stemming from the truck traffic, noise, dust, dirty streets, idling trucks, cracked sidewalks, and much more. I bet the residents of that area are happy to see this place closed down.

Perhaps it will make life better for Junction Triangle residents on Rankin Cres., and users of Erwin Krickhahn Park too? I'm not sure, as I can't say I've ever been bothered by this facility while in the park, but maybe people who live close-by had different experiences (please post if you have!).

I think the view of the plant from the park, over the tracks, is actually quite aesthetically pleasing from an industrial landscape point of view. It will be interesting to see how this changes. The buildings on site will likely be demolished in anticipation of some kind of future development.

So what does the future have in store for this site?

Well, I doubt it will be condo-ified anytime soon. The industrial areas in and around the Junction Triangle are still designated as employment lands, so any re-development would have to be commercial or light industrial (for more background on this, read up on the Wallace-Junction Focus Area). So perhaps a commercial/industrial developer will snap up this land and do something interesting with it.

Another interesting idea that has come up in the past is to have a GO train station here. A station on GO's Barrie/Newmarket line at this location would serve the neighbourhood, connect to the Lansdowne subway, and potentially spur further re-development in the area. I remember Councillor Giambrone once even mentioned that this is a possibility that had been considered at some point. However, I believe this is off the radar now, since GO's upcoming Environmental Assessment for the Barrie Line / Davenport Diamond Grade Separation seems to be considering a station at St. Clair Ave. instead.

Anyway, lots of possibilities, and something to keep an eye on. For now, enjoy the quiet and lack of dust.

Ontario Redi-Mix: 57 Wade Ave.Ontario Redi-Mix: 57 Wade Ave.


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Solways must be feeling very

Solways must be feeling very lonely these days. : )

Ontario redi mix,,,wade ave.

Back in the day Anthony Sciacca.. will little money and a dream built this plant with his own hands. With help from his two sons and daughter and support from his wife, he continued to expand his redi - mix buisiness and employ local people and dealt with local buisines's . This man was a true inavator of our time. a perfect roll modle to say the least. I know 1st hand about the complaints from home owners on Wade ave. I can and will tell you that the company went far far far ...to keep the streets clean!!! lets face it that area's alway's been subject to critisism.........Ontario Redi - mix went as far as fixin the street,curbs and side walkes out of thair own pocketts........ this company put lots of money into local buisinesses I'm sure thay miss Jimmy ordering a monster take out for the whole company!!! he and his brother Claudio did this on a regulare basis
............what a shame..........this is and alway's will be the home of the Concrete man ...Anthony Cement