Garden Soil Sample?


My fiancee and I have just purchased a home in the JT, North of Bloor and South of Wallace, and I was curious if anyone has had their soil tested by one of Ontario's Accredited Soil Testing Laboratories?

The two closest are:

University of Guelph, Laboratory Services

Agri-Food Laboratories

If no one has or no one admits that they have, is anyone else interested in the results?

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Soil testing

Thanks for posting those links.

We haven't had our soil tests done yet, but it's on our TODO list. I know that some people around here work around contamination issues (whether true or just assumed) by creating container gardens, or refreshing their topsoil.

I'm definitely interested in hearing more about other peoples' experiences with this.

In fact...there was an article in The Star about this recently. Too bad it lacks actual data about soil testing, rather than speculating about what's in the soil due to previous industrial uses.

Fortunately, the City is putting together a program to make soil testing easier for residents.