Halloween Sandwich Board


We on Sterling feel left out on Halloween. Very few of the kids cross the barrier that is Bloor St. to come our way. I'm wondering if anyone has a sandwich board that we could put out on to the street to advertise: We Have Candy-Trick or Treat This Way!



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Sterling should be great for trick or treating

Houses are close together and squished right up to the sidewalk. Would make for very fast candy collection.

Does the Nestle factory do anything for Halloween? I know a neighbour who grew up near a Laura Secord factory that was a goldmine on Halloween!

Tower Automotive could also be turned into a really awesome haunted house! ;)

You'd think we'd be awsome

But still very few kids show up :-( Love the haunted house idea.

Halloween on Sterling

Nestle's Hands out full Size Chocolate, Cars come from all over just to partake of the goods they give out!

Halloween on Sterling

Really? I'm very surprised to hear this given that during the year Nestle's doesn't even let non-employees purchase from their on-site store.

Anyway, it still doesn't bring the kids to our section of the street. I think we really need some advertising or something. Perth and Symington are always very busy.