Townhouses- Davenport/Lansdowne

Hi All!

I am very new here, and this intersection (Davenport and Lansdowne) might not even be considered the Triangle area, but I wanted some feedback!

I might be buying a townhouse facing Earlscourt park (On Turntable Crescent) but I wanted to know more about the area from locals. So far in these forums I have only seen an issue of train noise mentioned.

Is it a safe area for a single woman to live in? What is the crime rate like in this area? Any recurring issues/challenges concerning resident safety?

Your pros and cons of living around here would be GREATLY appreciated!

Nadia :)

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Not sure if I have much to add, as I'm not in that specific area very often (I'm closer to Bloor and Symington). I think in general it's getting alot better around Davenport and Lansdowne, especially with all the new development around there. Earlscourt Park is pretty cool too, and the whole escarpment along there provides a nice view when out walking. I would feel comfortable living in that area.

Regarding rail traffic...I don't think that'll be much of an issue now, as there aren't many trains that use the north-south GO track there. But that will slowly increase over time, and there's potential for a major rail construction project at the Davenport Diamond where the north-south and east-west tracks cross each other. We'll find out more about that in the next couple of years. Some background:


welcome to the "Nabe" I have

welcome to the "Nabe"

I have lived "here" for almost 20yrs and I am happy to say it has changed for the better over this time, and continues to get better every year from what I am seeing, I see more and more resident involvement and participation when local events are happening, this not only helps you to know more about the area, your neighbours and keeps you abreast of where the area is heading, by so doing we have a shared vision becoming an even better community,

I see the JT area as one of the best areas in west TO, we have all the good that the "popular" areas have and some undiscovered yet to be realized hidden gems, the only way we can realize this is through better community participation.

Children activities namely in the northern part of the area (where you are) is ok - good, still room for improvement and as said will be improved once made a focus and holding our "public reps & organizations" accountable.
Overall safety, is better, as with other areas of the city, once again we can get more involvement from community policing presence & resident involvement

The train matter, you will need to look into, we have a battle going on and need all hands on deck, because perhaps TODAY the noise / pollution is not bad, but when looking into the plans for the future usage of those rail lands, the earlier usage could / will change drastically, which is not entirely a bad thing, because of increase use of rail traffic should / will decrease the amount of cars on the road as we embrace more & better public transport...etc
However the challenge remains in what types of trains should we embrace considering the future increased usage of area rails, namely the old diesel vs clean modern - electric trains, read more about this on CleanTrain website ( )

Our area now that a larger percentage of young families call home (older demograph. before) , must become involved with public education choices / formats, common areas / community centres including activities, parkland and green space for livability, embracing area beautification initiatives through arts, more festivals, finding healthy choices within urban spaces etc

These are my observations for our Nabe, and by the way, I personally include southern Davenport in JT, I see the park on the north side of Davenport as the southern border of Carleton Village, so to me, Davenport Village area is a part of the JT
I hope I do not rock the boat by saying that, I always saw them as one and the same, maybe 'cause I lived on Wiltshire just north of the tracks.....

Once again welcome to the AREA



We have a thread for the townes on Lansdowne and Davenport. I bought a towne last year in Phase 3 and I have talked to a few current residents there and the train noise is not an issue. Also, I have a friend whose sister has lived there for about 3 years and she is very happy with the area. She has 3 very young children and she feels the area to be safe enough.

Good luck with your decision making.