Junction Triangle and the "Silverthorn" error

Toronto Star Neighbourhood Map, v4.1Toronto Star Neighbourhood Map, v4.1

There has been a long-standing error on Google Maps where the Junction Triangle has been labeled as "Silverthorn". We've discussed this ad-nauseum many times on this site and during the Fuzzy Boundaries neighbourhood naming project. Several people have submitted corrections to Google, but without any success in getting the name changed. The "Silverthorn" label has even spread into other people's maps because of this error.

BlogTO posted an article today about this neighbourhood naming error, and they discuss how it might actually be an intentional "trap" to catch copyright infringements.

From the BlogTO article:

Many who followed the Fuzzy Boundaries naming project last year noticed that what was then supposed to be a nameless neighbourhood had, in fact, already been given the designation "Silverthorn" by Google. But, in actuality, Silverthorn is a neighbourhood located north of what is now referred to as the Junction Triangle.

Maybe this is a "trap" neighbourhood. The term "trap" in this context refers to the possibility that Google has misidentified the area intentionally so as to catch (or trap) potential copyright infringements from rival cartographers. More common with streets, the strategy does once in a while extend to towns, parks and buildings. So why not neighbourhoods?

Read the whole article at BlogTO here.


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By the 1000 feet mark its

By the 1000 feet mark its clear that JT is in the wrong spot and Silverthorn is in the way wrong spot. Although JT showed up this year its a bit disappointing in where they placed it.


Yes, "Junction Triangle" started showing up earlier this year, at least since June (see post here).

Now if only they could get of the Silverthorn mis-label. People are starting to believe it. heh.

Google Maps

Not sure when the last time you checked Google Maps was, but "Junction Triangle" has been added to the map of the area, and remains one of the listed "neighbourhoods" until the zoom level reaches the "5km legend label" size.

While Silverthorn still appears (to the north, between Wallace and Dupont), Junction Triangle now also appears, at least when I search!