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Meeting Notes: May 28, 2008

This is a summary of what was discussed at the May 28 2008 community meeting. Approximately 100 residents from around the neighbourhood attended.

Introductions, and Special Guests

One of the steering committee members, Jack Fava, introduced the group and spoke about who we represent and what our goals are. He introduced the rest of the steering committee, and the guest speakers.

  • MP Mario Silva was represented by Andre Ferreira. Mr. Ferreira expressed support for the group.
  • City Councillor Adam Giambrone was represented by his constituency assistant Chris Gallop. Mr. Gallop provided many updates about things happening in our neighbourhood:
    • Development updates (e.g. Castlepoint film studio on Sterling Rd.)
    • Bicycle lanes on Dupont St.
    • Boys and Girls Club update (extending lease for several months or years, and working on a long-term plan).
    • Crime and safety issues: The City is increasing police resources, as well as working towards a handgun ban.
    • There is a proposal to expand Erwin Krickhahn Park (Rankin Park) by replacing the dead-end of Paton Rd. with a garden. This proposal is still in its early design stages.
  • Staff Inspector Thomas Russell from the Toronto Police Services 11 Division introduced himself as a new member of 11 Division. He spoke about his past experiences as a police officer, and stressed the importance of reporting crimes so that police know where there problems are. "If we don't hear about these things we can't respond".
  • MPP Tony Ruprecht's representative arrived late, introduced herself, and suggested we should contact their office if we have any concerns.

Committee Reports

After the special guests spoke, the individual committees were introduced, and then the meeting split up into groups to focus on these committee issues. The following notes were taken during these break-out sessions.

Next Meeting: Postponed until the Fall

At our May 28th meeting, the SJTRA announced that the next meeting would take place this Wednesday, June 11th.

This meeting has been postponed until the fall.

We will have notes from the May 28th meeting posted shortly, and the individual committees will continue to work on projects throughout the summer. If you would like to get involved with one of our committees, please contact us.

SJTRA mentioned in The Villager

The South Junction Triangle Residents Association and our upcoming meeting were mentioned in this week's edition of The Villager.

You can read the complete article online here.

We hope to see you all at the meeting on Wednesday evening.

Community Meeting, May 28 2008


A new Residents' Association for our Neighbourhood!

Attention residents of the South Junction Triangle:

Great news, introducing the South Junction Triangle Residents' Association (SJTRA)! A group of friends and neighbours committed to improving the spaces where we live.

WHAT: Community Meeting
WHEN: Wednesday, May 28, 2008
TIME: 7:00pm to 8:45pm
PLACE: Perth Avenue Public School, gymnasium. 14 Ruskin Ave. (map)

Meet the SJTRA steering committee members and our special guests. Also present: representatives from many other community groups, friends of the community, and Castlepoint Studio Partners Limited:

  • Adam Giambrone. City councillor Ward 18 Davenport
  • Tony Ruprecht. MPP, Davenport
  • Mario Silva. MP, Davenport
  • Staff Inspector Thomas Russell. Unit Commander, 11 Division Toronto Police

These SJTRA sub-committees are looking for members:

  • Environmental committee
  • Development and Planning Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Community Initiatives & Beautification Committee

Want to: Learn more? Get involved? Speak out? Be a part of a sub-committee? Meet neighbours who share your concerns and ideas? Join us on Wednesday May 28th, we look forward to meeting you!

You can download a PDF of the meeting announcement below.

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