Metrolinx' Georgetown South Service Expansion project

Clean Train Coalition update, Nov. 20 2009

The following is an update from the Clean Train Coalition:

Hello everyone. Here’s a quick update on recent developments.

Metrolinx fails to clear the air on electric train

Metrolinx fails to clear the air on electric train

Clean Train Coalition blows the whistle on province’s diesel fix
By Roger Brook

Based strictly on appearances, it seems that the province compromises whenever it’s been on the hot seat over the controversial rail link to the airport and Georgetown GO expansion.

But does it really?

Is diesel train for dinosaurs?

*As a disclaimer readers should be aware that their is no such thing as "Clean Diesel", it's a marketing term but make no mistake ALL diesel puts toxins in the air.

Is diesel train for dinosaurs?

Frequent travellers, critics say new airport link should follow international trend to electric trains
Tess Kalinowski Transportation Reporter
Published On Mon Oct 12 2009


He's a frequent flyer, but media executive Raymond Girard admits he's also a bit of a rail buff.

Metrolinx Seems To Change Story Day by Day

Metrolinx, as usual, seems to be changing it mind day to day as it searches for ways to win a PR campaign against citizens. They say one thing one day and then change their minds the next. Reading the last section of this story you have to wonder if they really have any plan at all. You have to wonder why the announcement below happens at this time.

GO trains to get clean diesel engines in 2017

Brodie Fenlon

Toronto — Globe and Mail Update Published on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009 12:23AM EDT Last updated on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009 11:18AM EDT

West-enders feel railroaded by Metrolinx: Opinion Piece

West-enders feel railroaded by Metrolinx air-rail diesels

It got lonely in Weston. We had been struggling to make sense of plans for a diesel service to the airport for four long years.

When Metrolinx announced in late 2008 it was taking over the carriage of the environmental assessment for the air-rail link and was launching an assessment for a massive expansion of GO transit services, suddenly we had friends. Other neighbourhoods started to realize this would affect them, too.

Clean Train Coalition meeting

Meeting announcement from the Clean Train Coalition:

General Meeting - October 21

CTA find GO Transit is excessively noisy

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) released the following memo yesterday:

The Canadian Transportation Agency finds that GO Transit is in breach of its obligation under section 95.1 of the Canada Transportation Act to cause only such noise and vibration as is reasonable, in relation to GO Transit's pile-driving activities at the West Toronto Diamond. The Agency found that, in the circumstances, the prolonged exposure of the local citizens to the noise and vibration generated at that location is unreasonable.

You can read the entire, memo on the CTA Website which includes full details about the noise complaint as well as proposed measures to help calm the noise.

GO Transit has 14 days to respond.

Expert warns of high cost for planned diesel trains

Finally the economic, never mind the heath, rationale for using dirty diesel is getting the scrutiny it deserves from somebody who knows what they are talking about.

Brodie Fenlon
From Wednesday's Globe and Mail — Last updated on Tuesday, Oct. 06, 2009 11:06PM EDT

The Ontario government's requirement for state-of-the-art clean diesel trains on the rail link between Toronto and Pearson airport will likely double the cost of locomotives, an industry expert says.

Human Train - Local residents speak to MPP Gerrard Kennedy

Human Train - Local residents speak to MPP Gerrard Kennedy

Local residents speak to MPP Gerrard Kennedy at the Clean Train rally at Sorauren Park.

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2009-09-26.

The Human Train rolls through our neighbourhood

 The Human Train approaches the Wallace Ave. pedestrian bridge.Human Train: The Human Train approaches the Wallace Ave. pedestrian bridge.

On Saturday September 26th 2009, the "Human Train" rolled through our neighbourhood on its way from Weston to Sorauren Park. Organized by the Clean Train Coalition, the Human Train was a rally against the Metrolinx / GO Transit project to run over 400 diesel trains through West Toronto neighbourhoods, and to demand the immediate electrification of the Georgetown rail corridor.

The Human Train left Weston at 8:30 in the morning, and made stops in various neighbourhoods along the way (Mount Dennis, The Junction, etc.) before arriving at the Wallace Ave. Pedestrian Bridge along the Railpath in our neighbourhood shortly after noon. At the Wallace Ave. bridge, a large gathering of local residents cheered the arrival of the Human Train, welcomed the marchers to our neighbourhood, and rallied up support for the Clean Train Coalition's cause.

Our local rally on the Railpath under the Wallace Bridge attracted about 100 area residents, many parents with their kids, a group of musicians who kept the crowd entertained, face painters for the kids, and refreshments courtesy of city councillor Adam Giambrone's office.

Local resident Scott Dobson addressed the crowd and spoke about the neighbourhood's previous battles against pollution, as well as the amazing positive impact of the new West Toronto Railpath, which could all be knocked back if hundreds of diesel trains start passing by every day.

After the rally at the Wallace Bridge, the Human Train continued south to Sorauren park, via the Railpath, Perth Ave., Dundas St., and Sorauran Ave. The final rally down at Sorauren park was huge, with estimates ranging from 500-1000 people. Speeches by local politicians, activists, and Toronto's Medical Officer of Health Dr David McKeown helped drive home the point that the huge expansion of diesel rail traffic is unhealthy and unwelcome in our neighbourhoods.

Continue reading below for links to media coverage, videos, and many more photos of the event.

How was your own experience of this event? Do you think it will have any impact on the GO / Metrolinx plans?

Click the photos to see larger versions.

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