Metrolinx' Georgetown South Service Expansion project

Clean Train Festival

Federal MP Andrew Cash and provincial MPP Jonah Schein will be hosting an afternoon community festival on Railpath centering on the Wallace entrance. There will be community tables, short speeches about the diesel train issue, and entertainment.

Details will be coming and I will update as soon as I get them.

Facebook Event Page

West Toronto Diamond Construction Liaison Meeting

The following meeting info was sent in by Kelly from Metrolinx:

West Toronto Diamond Construction Liaison Meeting

This monthly meeting is an opportunity for residents meet the construction project delivery team to review ongoing construction and what is planned in the coming months. As always, you can contact our community relations team at any time with any questions or concerns. This is simply an opportunity for our neighbours to ask specific questions with the construction delivery team in attendance.

The next meeting will be:
Thursday March 22, 2012
5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
West Toronto Diamond Community Office
18 Hook Avenue, Suite 204

For more information, please contact Kelly at 416-604-9582 or

Metrolinx Update: West Toronto Diamond – Sunday Work

Update from Metrolinx. You can download the original PDF announcement here.

The West Toronto Diamond Grade Separation Project is an important rail infrastructure project that will eliminate a major bottleneck at the most heavily used rail crossing in Canada. When completed, GO trains on the Kitchener line will pass below CP freight lines, and this will improve service reliability, reduce noise, improve safety, and allow for future service improvements to reduce congestion in the northwest of Toronto.

West Toronto Diamond – Sunday Work
Temporary change in working hours

What we are doing

  • Interlocking sheet-piles will be installed to allow us to work in smaller sections, removing water and excavating.
  • Much of this work is being done during the week; however, some of it must be done over the weekend when trains are not operating.
  • Weekend hours for this work are confirmed for Saturday February 25 and Sunday February 26.
  • If the work can not be finished in one weekend, Sunday hours may be required in March or April.

How this will affect you

  • Nearby residents will notice an increase in noise levels during this work. The vibratory method used for installation causes a distinct steel-on-steel rattle.
  • Please note that we continue to monitor noise and vibration as we complete this work.
  • Workers will be onsite from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Bending the Rails - Screening on Rogers TV

Kristen writes:

"Jeff's documentary Bending the Rails, set here in our neighbourhood, is airing on Rogers at 7 pm on Tuesday, February 14th. Hope you can tune in! [Link to more info on the Rogers TV website]"

If you go to the Rogers website, you can watch a short promo trailer for the film.

Also, in addition to the film, Rogers will feature an interview with Jeff Winch. Tune in if you can!

"Bending The Rails is a documentary by Toronto filmmaker Jeff Winch about a local issue directly affecting The Junction Triangle. The Junction is surrounded by railway lines and the film focuses on the increase of diesel train traffic scheduled to pass through the area. Citizens along the rail corridor want clean electric trains and fear the negative impact toxic diesel pollution will have on their neighbourhoods. Rogers TV presents an in depth interview with Jeff Winch and a screening of his film all in a special one hour presentation."

2 Stories Question Metrolinx Logic

A news story and an Op Ed piece in the Star continue to question the rationale for how Metrolinx has "planned" the airport link.

Federal NDP member for Weston ( already pretty knowledgeable on rail issues) covers off all of the basic issues about the APL that will come back to haunt us.

Green 13 hosts - Bending the Rails

Here's another opportunity to see local filmmaker Jeff Winch's documentary about the diesel train expansion around our neighbourhood.

Green 13 hosts - Bending the Rails
Sponsored by the Annette Library
Located at: 145 Annette Street
Date: Monday, September 19, 2011
Time: 6:30 pm
Running time: 45 minutes
Q & A with filmmaker Jeff Winch after the screening

Bending the Rails: Documentary screening at Revue Cinema

Details from the Facebook event page:

Bending the Rails: documentary about the diesel trains

Time: Tuesday, August 30 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Revue Cinema

More Info: Free screening at the Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles) Tuesday August 30 @ 7:00PM. MP Andrew Cash, Councillor Ana Bailão, MPP Cheri DiNovo, filmmaker Jeff Winch and Paul Gorczynski from the office of Peggy Nash will be in attendance. Q&A after screening (running time 45 mins)

The Junction Triangle in Toronto is surrounded by railway lines. Very soon those rails will bring excessive toxic diesel pollution to the neighbourhood, courtesy of the Ontario Government.

Citizens all along the rail corridor want clean electric trains, but Premier Dalton McGuinty isn’t listening.

With government sorely letting it down, the scrappy Junction Triangle fights on.

But the diesel trains are coming closer and time is running out

For more info, contact

Local Filmmaker Raises Awareness About Rail Issues

JT local artist/filmaker/teacher Jeff Winch's new film "Bending The Rails" is featured in this edition of The Villager. Jeff raises many questions about why diesel was chosen over the superior electric and what the impact might be. It is important to keep in mind that electrification, despite rosy sounding press releases, remains an unknown so his film is very timely. From the story:

Through his documentary, Winch aims to raise awareness.

West Toronto Diamond: Construction Update

The following update is from Metrolinx. You can download a PDF copy of the document here.

The Georgetown South Project will provide infrastructure improvements to meet existing GO Transit ridership demand and future growth. It will also accommodate the new Air Rail Link service between Union Station and Pearson International Airport.

West Toronto Diamond Construction Update:

Road Closure – June 15 to November 15

Metrolinx Draft Human Health Mitigation Plan Consultation

When the Georgetown South Project Environmental Study Report (also called an Environmental Assessment or EA) was completed in July 2009, the Minister of the Environment (MOE) requested, among other things, more analysis about any human health impacts from emissions following the implementation by GO Transit of Tier 4 emission standards – a new, more stringent engine technology.

We were also asked to draft a revised human health mitigation plan to address residual health risks, if any, after moving to Tier 4-compliant locomotives.

Next Steps: Have Your Say

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