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  • Any comments about the website?   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Using the same website theme, I chose a different colour scheme. I think it looks warmer and nicer.

  • Any comments about the website?   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks. Glad you like the site!

    The blue colours are from the default theme, and none of that has been tweaked yet. I don't have much of an artistic eye, but I'll probably try making a nicer colour scheme soon. I feel that this one is a bit too icy, which isn't necessarily so bad in the winter. :)

    So far the "links" section of the website has been very local to the neighbourhood and surrounding area. But perhaps we can expand that to city-wide organizations and groups later, if they're relevant to our neighbourhood. There certainly are some active transportation issues that need to be addressed in this area.


  • Any comments about the website?   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Nice work (blue is not my favourite but .............) looks clean and efficient, and pleasant.
    Everything i tried seems to work - so i added a piece about the West TO Rail Path.
    More links to Active Transport sites would be good (TCAT,CBN, TO Cyclists Union); you may want 'SJTRA' to join TCAT?

  • Favourite things in our neighbourhood   10 years 7 weeks ago

    Running down the west edge of this neighbourhood is the latest addition to the Toronto Cyling Network; the West TO Rail Path.
    Beginning construction this year (some work has already been done on the Dupont Bridge crossover), this cycle/pedestrian/pathway/linear park should be nearing completion in the fall, and be completed early next year (if we all keep the presure on!).
    For more information on this project go to , or contact me.
    Our long term plan for this new asset for the community is to make it into a park/event destination, by adding such things as a band shell, a skate board ramp facility, community gardens, an outdoor theatre facility, etc. over the next few years; so stay tuned, and be prepared to help.