Cafe Neon Opening Celebration

A new business is opening up this week in our area: Cafe Neon at 229 Wallace Ave. in the new Junction Triangle Lofts (just east of the Newmarket/Barrie GO tracks). Their opening day is this Tuesday, July 5th, with regular hours beginning on Thursday.

Some details from email:

We will open 2pm onward for in house coffees, and there will be a dj spinning from 9pm onward and we will have drinks!!

...and from another post on this website:

Hi All!

We are SO happy to announce an opening celebration this Tuesday, July 5th!

From 2pm onward, we will be opening our doors to the neighbourhood !

We are happy to serve you a coffee in house on us - stay and relax, in true kafeneion style!
At 9 pm, cozmic cat will be spinning some tunes so if you'd like to come out for a drink, or a late night frappe, please do!!

See you all Tuesday, look forward to meeting you all!!

Great to see more businesses opening up around here. Check it out on Tuesday or some other time soon, and support your local businesses!


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Local business expanding & attracting media attention

Cafe Neon & now Bar Neon in Bloordale, article in Toronto Life


dropped by and consumed an excellent latte, w/zucchini muffin; service, coffee, ambiance and snack start out at a very high 'bar' level; keep up the standard and you have a guaranteed clientèle! [in spite of the soon to be registered "UBsoft Caffe" nickName!]

bad experience at Cafe Neon

As residents of the Junction Triangle we were interested in this place - really hoping they'd have some solid espresso etc.

On our first, and only, visit here, we (mom, dad, toddler) were initially pleasantly surprised that they were open, had a reasonable board of food on top of cafe fare and were actually licensed.

However things went quickly downhill from there.

We ordered a latte, an americano and a simple pastry basket to share.

The coffees came quickly but 10 minutes later and no pastry basket.
You surely just need to pick a few, cut 'em up, put them in a basket and bring them to the table.

After fruitlessly trying to get the attention of our harried server (they were quite busy - only one server on the floor) I decided I'd ask to see how the pastries were coming on my return from using their ATM at the back (they currently only accept cash, not the best customer service decision to start with, especially when they charge two bucks per transaction at the machine AND are saving money per transaction by not accepting debit or credit of any kind - "the owner of this establishment, Cafe Neon, charges $2 per transaction", hmmm...but I digress).

As it turns out, our server and I met up at the ATM and I asked how the pastries were coming.

She replied icily with "they're in the line, as you can see we're very busy here".

She then, crazily, asked me "would you like me to cancel your order?".

I had a hungry toddler and I surmised it shouldn't be much longer now for one small little pastry basket so I replied, cheekily, "no, are you baking them fresh?".

To which the server replied "What would you like me to do?"

Not caring to engage any further in this silly and reckless game of "the customer is never right" I brushed past this now nearly combative woman and said, incredulously, "just order it!".

Well, the pastry basket arrived to our table maybe a couple minutes later, and was dumped unceremoniously at our table with intent by said server.

A few minutes later, the bill was literally thrown at my partner, again with no discussion. Wow.

Sorry. But it shouldn't take even a busy little coffee shop / resto close to 15 minutes to pick a few mediocre pastries from the pantry, cut them in half and bring them to our table.

Clearly there's dysfunction along the line in this place as the orders just go in and there seems to be no division of labour between server and kitchen to handle these types of basic requests - felt like a brewing "not my department" kind of thing coming from our server.

Basic word to the wise - don't lay your problems on your customers - particularly shiny new faces like ours who would have gladly returned had we been treated with simple respect and decorum. Now we'll just spread the bad news; I'm sure management will approve.

We will never return and will now post this same complaint directly to the fine folks at Cafe Neon as well as anywhere else we can. In a city this big and with such exemplary options available everywhere for anything this type of attitude is akin to commercial suicide.

Horrible experience.

Naive and self-important service overshadowed our entire, potentially, good experience.


I have only been into Cafe

I have only been into Cafe Neon twice: on the first day it opened it offered free coffee to customers. Went in, wished the owner well. She seemed nice.
Went in another time and did get a bit of attitude from the woman working there. (Curly hair.) Nothing as bad as the previous poster, but just a little disappointing. Hate to admit this because I am very happy to see this kind of new venture in the neighborhood. Was just hoping the people working there were a little friendlier.

had a very different experience

it's sad to hear that you ran into a bad server - hopefully she gets fired.

The ATM is usually put there by a third party and SOMETIMES the establishment gets a cut but usually these machines are put there for customer service, not anti customer service. I would argue there's a lot of cafe's that don't take debit to save on the charges. cash is cheaper and in the neighbourhood we'rd in I'm glad to not have to walk a mile to get a nice coffee. They aren't pulling from an enormous population so cash is king. The ATM is there in case you don't have money.

I stopped in with a crew of people. We all ordered sandwiches and they offered, if we wanted to wait a little, they would bake us fresh bread and we gladly accepted.

The sadnwiches were all delicious, nice fresh ingredients and of course -great bread. Coffee was also really nice.

I hate to hear bad reviews and I went there a while back before you did. Maybe they are too popular now which is quite a shame. I'd give it one more try and hope that your experience is a better one. Let us know what happens!