Railpath Opening Parade

A ribbon-cutting and community bike parade to celebrate the opening of the West Toronto Railpath. Come and discover the new path.

The event starts at the Wallace Ave. entrance to the Railpath (map).


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Railway Bridges

Now that the railway bridge that's part of the railpath has been (almost) painted - it will look so much better - who can we lobby to get the other rusty eyesores next to it, and the one to the east painted too?

Painting the bridges


Yes, it would be nice if the other bridges got a touchup too.

Unlike the Railpath bridges that are owned by the City, the other bridges are probably owned by the railway companies, so it's likely up to them to keep them looking good. I suppose that residents could work with the councillor's office to contact the railway companies for some improvements.

Also....some of the railings along the railway underpasses on Bloor are rusting to pieces...

Painting the Walls

Looking at the freshly painted bridge got me thinking...
If you have noticed around to the east of us and north of us, we are seeing murals being painted by various artists on underpass'es by bridges. I think its a great idea and makes avenues/blvd's nicer and more pleasant (we can sure use it).

I hope that the same happens to our underpass, however I was thinking we can do a twist and take it further: Why not get the Bishop Morraco students to paint a mural, which changes every year by the graduating class. One example of this in the city which has been going on for decades is Harbour Collegiate - they dont have a underpass, but they do have a wall on a convience store which they change every year (ie graduation theme etc.) Its right across the street from the school.

I think it would help with the tagging/graffiti, since it would change every year.

What do you think?

Underpass murals

I think this would be great. Makes sense to have Bishop Marrocco students take care of the western Bloor underpass, since it's right next to the school. They have a big arts program too, don't they?

And speaking of underpass murals... Richard Mongiat is now working on the northern half of the mural he started last year on Bloor near Lansdowne.

And... There will also be another HUGE mural at Dupont and Dundas, basically covering the whole wall from in front of the storage building, under the bridges, and around to Dundas St. It's being done by a local resident through Artstarts.

I guess to make these murals happen, someone needs to take on the task. Richard Mongiat (possibly through DIGIN?) is getting the Bloor mural done, and Liz / Artstarts are getting Dupont/Dundas underway.

Underpass murals

Bishop Morraco definately has an art program. I think the best way to do this is maybe talking to the principle. I walk by it before work everyday. I'll see if I can make an appointment before school ends (which is coming very soon). Ill see how they like it and if they would like to explore the idea further.


Railpath Opening Parade

An update of sorts, the event on this day will be more of a gathering as the path will probably not be 100% done done for a further week or so. There will be some updated info here soon thanks to Vic and don't that its Big on Bloor day too.