Christopher Hume writes about the Railpath

Toronto Star columnist Christopher Hume writes about the West Toronto Railpath in today's paper:

However unintended, the transportation and manufacturing networks built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries form the backbone of much 21st-century urbanism.

The most recent example is the West Toronto Railpath Park, a 2.1-kilometre linear green space that picks up from what were once train tracks. As designed by landscape architect Scott Torrance and architects Kim Storey and James Brown, the $4 million trail/park brings new life to this part of the city and its 250,000 residents.

At a time when people feel increasingly cynical and alienated, the path reminds us that cities are also communities, not just places where people live and work, but places they inhabit. Any project that enables and encourages residents to take possession of the city should be enabled and encouraged.

As the Railpath makes clear, handled intelligently, one era's ruins can be another's monuments.

Go to the Star's website to see the complete article.

And don't forget, today is the "official" opening ceremony for the Railpath, 2:00pm at the Wallace Bridge. Try to drop by if you're around!


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Railpath Opening!

Again, a hearty congrats to those who helped make this section of the West Toronto railpath a reality.
We at Boo Radley's Junction Bar & Grill are inviting anyone from the opening party to come by and have a drink and a snack on "Boo" anytime after 4pm.
In the 2 yrs. plus that we have been in business we have seen the neighbourhood transform itself from a forgotten little afterthought to what it has become, a busy, diverse, desirable destination with growth that is among the busiest and cheapest in the city. All of this whithin shouting distance to downtown!
Grassroots efforts and neighbourhood voices have been the catalyst for this growth and it is through these efforts that the community will continue to grow and prosper. Dupont St. from Campbell St west to the bridge is one the few remaining stretches in the downtown core that has a unique commercial/residential element that remains untapped. The perfect neighbourhood village isn't far away!
Thanks you to all of our regulars for dropping by for that burger and a pint, or your late night wings.
We set out to create a local where people can network with friends and neighbours and feel safe doing so, while not having to worry about being harrased by whoever.
We have managed to do that with your help.
Thanks again.
"we are your local"
Michael & Shelley