Friday Soccer night at Campbell Park

After the success of the first pick-up soccer game last Friday at Campbell Park, it was decided to make this a weekly event.

When: Friday July 23, 7:30PM, and every Friday after that
Where: Campbell Park - South Field - meet north of Splash Pad
Who?: Anyone can play. All-ages and abilities.

To quote Craig, the organizer:

I think we can shoot for another Pickup Soccer game next Friday again at 7:30, for those who came out and for others who might be interested in coming out and enjoying a good, non-competitive run on the field. For that (and for others who might have been confused should they have come out and found loads of people already at the park), we will meet near the splash pad, between the fields. Anyone else who cares to join for an informal picnic before the soccer, feel free to join in and bring the kids - the spash pad is actually open until 7pm now, and the playground is right beside it!

More photos from last week's match are here.

Photos by Craig Charnock, 2010-07-16


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Soccer tonight?

Who's coming to soccer tonight (Friday July 30)? I hope to be there.

Soccer is on! (For those who want to come!!)

I hope as many people as possible come out to this; however, I am going to a wedding in London (but I will be taking a soccer ball to play with my son!)

Normally I would be around, and normally I will not be having any more kids (ie. newborns), so I will most likely be around for most other Fridays.

For those who don't know, there is a bunch of local kids that like to play to fill in the gaps for lack of adult players - and they are usually good and fun to play with too.

All the best - have a "ball"!

How was soccer?

Hope the turnout was good and all had fun. I'll be looking forward to this Friday!

Soccer tonight? Haven't heard

Soccer tonight? Haven't heard anything...

Cancelled - Friday night soccer - new time and date?

It seems that Friday night soccer is not the best time - and we will be looking for another time. I am thinking that perhaps an earlier time on Sunday evenings might be better now with the summer winding down (less light hours) and with Sunday being a more "time friendly" day.

What kind of interest could there be for a Sunday evening soccer pickup?
Let us know!

Sunday is usually good

Like any day, it depends on what's going on. I could probably make it this Sunday. But I'm not sure if the weather will cooperate!


I was fine with Friday but Sunday works too.

Soccer is on - but I may not! Baby is coming!

So - my wife is in labour - not sure if I will be around for tomorrow night - you know, these things go according to their own plan. If I can be there - then great. If not, someone bring some soccer balls, and the field you can use will be the southern one - next to the hockey arena and basketball courts.

If you want to play, last week was great and it would be fantastic to see more of the same. I will try to come out, but if I can't - well, I'm sure most of you would understand.

Hope I get to have fun with you!


Geeze, way to let us down. ;-)

Good luck! And I think you have much more important things to take care of than soccer, so don't worry if you can't make it. Though someone else will need to bring a ball. I don't have one.


soccer ball

Jeff got a soccer ball for his birthday this morning! He will be there..... We'll be on the sidelines cheering.

Just got back from Hospital

WOn't be out tonight - just got back from the hospital and have to feed the family. As an aside, but pretty relevant, our baby, Flora, was born last night. She looked like a soccer ball inside, and more like a baby on the outside.

See you guys out next Friday - hopefully it is cooler out!
Have fun.

Soccer was fun + congrats!

Congratulations! Sounds like everyone is doing well.

Soccer was alot of fun. Only 3 adults showed up, but we managed to gather an ever-increasing number of kids of all-ages, and probably ended up with about 25 people. :)

Will definitely try to come out often. I need the exercise. I can ride my bike all day long, but this "running" thing is a whole different matter.