Locally filmed video: Traveling Violations

Check out this short video by Adeyemi Adegbesan and Colin Stanton, filmed locally in our neighbourhood, on Dundas St., the Wallace Ave. footbridge, and on the Railpath just below the bridge. "Traveling Violations" isn't about forgetting your passport or missing your train, but more about "traveling" in the basketball sense of the word. Check it out.

You can watch the video embedded above, or go directly to the Youtube page for it.

And speaking of videos at this location: This Saturday during Nuit Blanche, local filmmaker Jeff Winch will be projecting a video loop underneath the bridge as part of the Rail of Light installation.


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heritage graffiti

this video is quite impressive and well done. It also provides a historic record of the existing graffiti on the bridge base which was used for the "Rail of Light" project. And this is a good place to be able to find it.
I am looking forward to seeing this work peeking out of the 'screen' during the coming winter.

Love it

Very cool.....

Wow !

Has no one else commented on this?! This is pretty cool !! I like it a lot....