DIGIN Meeting - Ward 18 Developments

Proposed 362 Wallace Ave. Development - Aerial ViewProposed 362 Wallace Ave. Development - Aerial View

Agenda for this month's DIGIN meeting:

Tuesday 11 oct 2011 @ 7pm

DIG IN MeetingAmbrico Room, Wallace Emerson Community Centre
1260 Dufferin Street (west side, just south of Dupont) at Galleria Mall

DIG IN Monthly meeting
Meeting starts promptly at 7pm

Items for Discussion

  1. Discussion on Development in the Northern section of Ward 18 with Councillor Bailão.

Information about properties in play at http://www.anabailao.ca/ward18-planning/

TTC Property at 640 Lansdowne - request for a Planner to produce a proposal for zoning change has been issued.

After the meeting, some people ususally adjourn to Boo Radley's at the corner of Dupont and Campbell for food and drinks.

Please note that this meeting may be of interest to anyone in and around the Junction Triangle, as we have many properties that are in the process of being re-developed, or potentially re-developed soon. This is a great opportunity to get updates, ask questions about specific properties, and provide feedback to Ana Bailao's office.

Some sites in/around the Junction Triangle that may be discussed:

Discussion of the Castlepoint / Sterling Rd. / Tower Automotive property will probably be limited, as there is already a public meeting specifically about this site on Thursday evening.


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Tower Automotive Property Development in the News

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