362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk

The property at 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. next to the West Toronto Railpath has been vacant for several years, and is now being prepared for redevelopment. The development is being marketed as "Wallace Walk". Please use this forum for discussing this site.

A quick recap:

Some other links and previous news about this site:

362 Wallace Ave Cover Letter.pdf121.59 KB
362 Wallace Ave Location Map.pdf1.04 MB
362 Wallace Ave Notice.pdf94.46 KB
362 Wallace Ave Plans.pdf3.11 MB
362 Wallace Ave Revised Map 2.pdf126.91 KB

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370 Wallace

Looks like a movie crew to me.

Yeah, I wonder if it's

Yeah, I wonder if it's re-testing as well. It's just the camping trailers and BBQ that have peaked my curiosity. My dog sure misses the impromptu park..

Activity at 370 Wallace?

Does anyone know what is happening at the remediated field at 370 Wallace? There are quite a few vehicles parked there right now, including trailers etc. Has the remediation been completed and is this now going to be yet another construction site?

370 Wallace

Interesting. Wonder what's up there?

Remediation was completed about a year ago.

There are no building permits issued for the site (search here). Maybe they're just testing soil again? Or trimming the weeds, or doing other repairs? :)

370 Wallace Soil Remediation Complete

The latest from the people doing the soil remediation at the brownfield on Wallace. As per previous conversations the land owner Glidden can now sell the land to a developer. So far they have not wanted to tell who it is but there is a deal in place. This land is zoned as "employment lands" which in theory means the City has greater control over what will happen here. Number one, expect a new road from Ruskin to Macauley to Wallace. From Bio Genie:

"We are just finalizing countouring and seeding and will completely demobilize by the end of next week.

The project is complete and the site is decontaminated to residential standards.


Philippe Gingras, P.Eng.
Project Manager
Biogenie S.R.D.C. Inc.
#136, 2301 Premier Way
Sherwood Park, Alberta"