2010 Municipal Election

EDIT: This thread is now closed. Post-election discussion can be found here.

The October 25 2010 municipal election is less than a month away. Let's use this forum to discuss any issues, especially local ones, that might come up in the election.

With incumbent mayor David Miller stepping aside, the mayoral race should be interesting. Our current councillor, Adam Giambrone, is not running again. This leaves the local Ward 18 Davenport seat up for grabs.

The final list of candidates for Ward 18 (As of September 10 2010) consists of:

The official up-to-date list is maintained on the City's website:

If you know of any links to other candidates' websites, please post them here.

What are your thoughts?

Ward 18 Election Events, etc.:

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Attack Ads

While the phone message was an attack, no one seems to be denying the truth in Joe MacDonald's message.


Let's see what he says in these attack ads.

Regarding Kevin Beaulieu: "City Hall insider who spent the last seven years as part of the problem not part of the solution". Total attack, but extremely vague. Plus, there are many people who actually like Kevin Beaulieu's work for the councillor's office, who support the current councillor, and appreciate Mayor David Miller.

Regarding Ana Bailao: "Former City Hall staffer backed by special interests and the political party machine." Being a former City Hall staffer shouldn't be a strike against anyone, in fact, it's a good sign of experience and knowledge with how things work (see also Kevin Beaulieu). The Liberal machine is definitely strong in this campaign though... But then again, Davenport has been Liberal at the fed and prov levels for a while now, so maybe that's actually somewhat representative of what people want.

Regarding Hema Vyas: "Doesn't even live in our community and won't give straight answers to honest questions." Out of all the candidates for council, Hema Vyas probably lives closest to me, and I actually bump into her once in a while, and not just at election events. She's very much a part of our community, even though she lives just outside the Ward 18 boundary. My own "community" doesn't end at the railway tracks. She doesn't have the most polished answers sometimes, but I think she answers people honestly.

Joe MacDonald jumps right into attack mode at every opportunity, just to launch into petty, simplistic jabs against the other candidates before even talking about his own platform. He's just striking out at those who appear to be the top three contenders in this election. Not very impressive at all to me.

Also...I find it funny that right after criticizing Kevin and Ana for being "city hall insiders" and "city hall staffers", he brags about being being an advisor to two Ontario cabinet ministers. If that's not being an "insider" or part of a "machine", I'm not sure what is.

Anyway, not sure why I bother reacting so much to him....

Attacks . . .

Nothing that was said is untrue. If people like Kevin, they should vote for him. If they like Ana they should vote for her. These people will cast their vote the way they see fit regardless. Hema may live outside the ward, and running here is up to her. What is cynical about her campaign is that she decided NOT to run in her home ward, then wanted to run in ward 13 but decided against that . She picked ward 18 as her second choice and why? Because of her close connections to the place and the people? Because she thought she'd have a better chance of getting elected in an "open"ward rather than against an incumbent? She should tell the voters why she chose ward 18. But she hasn't, and in all my years involved in politics and government, that kind of manipulation of voters is what has contributed so much to voter cynicism and the growing gap between voters and those running for elected office.

I was a senior staffer to two Ontario cabinet Ministers from 1993 to 1995. At the time I was an "insider" of sorts and part of a "machine" (although a terribly broken one). Since then have not been an adviser to any political office holder, at any level, aside from my duties as a campaign manager, and I haven't been a member of a political party since 2006.

More importantly. I've learned over the years that honesty, even in electoral politics, clears the air and allows people to make informed decisions. If you don't agree with, that's fine. But you'll always know where I stand and why. Can you say that of all the candidates in ward 18?


2006 wasn't that long ago Joe. Being a senior staffer for cabinet ministers is into it pretty thick inside a government that is very corrupt. Where exactly do you stand? You've spent all you're time here trying to damage the credibility of others without backing up any of you're claims. In the meantime you have yet to tell us anything of substance about what you will do.

MacDonald Comes Across As Petty

I agree with Vics points and I felt that on the Rogers debate Joe came across as petty and counter productive, somewhat cheapening some of his points that made sense.

Joe MacDonald has been heavily involved in politics for years so all his talk of insiders,staffers, and party machines is rich. I find it rich as well that he criticizes a candidate for not living in the ward yet has been involved with a political party that keeps running a candidate in Davenport that lives in Mississauga and is never seen here.

This strikes me as pure attack and no substance. Not my kind of candidate.

Well Scott, as you may have

Well Scott, as you may have noticed from my other replies, I haven't been a member of a political party since 2006, so I'm not involved in candidate selection by any party, anywhere. I assume you're referring to Andrew Cash, and he'll have to manage the question about where he lives as he sees fit. I'm not aware, though, that he has gone out of his way to hide the fact, or obscure the fact and he might even be telling folks why he's running here. I don't know, I'm not involved.

and you may have noted my concern is not that Hema is running in a ward she doesn't live in, rather my concern is that ward 18 was her second choice. She didn't run in ward 13 because she was told to stay out. But that was her first choice. To present herself as "a long time west end resident" points to a conscious evasion of the fact she lives in ward 14. To continue to present herself as deeply interested in ward 18 and the issues facing this community when this community wasn't even on her radar until she was turned down in ward 13 raises questions about her motivations for running here. And these motivations are important to know. Misrepresenting them is, as I said above, cynical and just like the "politics as usual" Hema believes she has transcended.

Not Interested in MacDonalds US Style Attacks

If you had read my response correctly it would be clear that I am not referring to Andrew Cash, a fine chap I have known since high school.

Its clear that you will use every opportunity to attack other candidates as you have done here instead of focusing on what YOU would do. I am not voting for Hema but I knew about her before she decided to run and so did some of my friends in the south part of the ward. You on the other hand I had never heard of. I suppose that when nobody has heard of you utilizing US style character attack ads might be the only way to get attention but probably not the kind you had hoped for. For a guy who claims to not be involved in politics you sure sound and act like an insider to me.

I have to question the the honesty and credibility of a candidate that invades my privacy with phones calls attacking people. I don't like it as it cheapens the political process you pretend to care so much about. Attack ads = Fail.

Now, Now Scott, play nice

Now, Now Scott lets play nice. Below is a link when your councillor Adam G. threated Cesar Palacio. Now what style would you call that, US or Canadian.???


Off topic

It's best to limit ourselves to the topic at hand.

Agreed Warren

No kidding Warren. I think the point has been made here and people have drawn their own conclusions. We can let people lie in the bed they have made for themselves. : )

The good and the bad....

That said, I would be interested in hearing what other people think are the good and bad points of each of the Ward 18 candidates and their platforms.

I'm pretty much decided on who I'm voting for, but I always make my final decision on election day.

the good, the bad and the yummy

On the weekend I was part of the team who put up the Rail of Light exhibit for Nuit Blanche, and over the course of the night I noticed both Ana Bailao and Kevin Beaulieu roaming the exhibit. Someone said Frank de Jong stopped by too, and there may have been others. But only Kevin B. brought absolutely delicious samosas (or samosas of any kind) to offer to our volunteers.... Perhaps the way to a voter's heart is through the stomach?

Kevin Helped on tear down

Kevin came back the next day for the tear down and helped plus a few of his campaign workers came too. You can say all the political things you want but he took time out of his campaign to volunteer.

Yes, Frank de Jong was there,

Yes, Frank de Jong was there, and Hema Vyas was there too.

I will admit that I can be bribed with food, and I always like the samosas from the Dosa Mahal. :)

Yes, Frank de Jong was there

Indeed he was, I bumped into Frank and his wife while my friend and I were going up the foot bridge.

Candidates for Council

I got an automated call from Joe MacDonald critizing the other candidates that are running in our ward. I thought this wasn't allowed, I guess I am wrong. I also got a first hand look at Ana's follow up, never heard back. Is this a sign of how things will be run?

Negative campaigning

I'm not sure what's up with Joe MacDonald. Seems that in the past week or so, his campaign has revolved around attacking other candidates. During opening statements on the Rogers TV debate, he just launched into an attack on the others, and did the same on Twitter recently.

Just listened to the phone message too.

As soon as someone comes out as being a crank who just criticizes others, they get dropped waaaay down my list of who to vote for.

Criticism is OK, but you can't make it the cornerstone of a campaign. I'd rather hear about what a candidate will do right, not what everyone else is doing wrong.

Negative Campaigining

The fact is people spend more time doing comparison shopping when buying a soft drink than they do when voting. Nothing I said in my phone message is untrue, although people may not like to hear it, and it isn't the cornerstone of my campaign. Visit joemacw18.ca and you'll learn more. In fact, the comparisons stand up pretty well.

Add to Ward 18 Election Events

You can add: Councillor all-candidates forum for residents of Doversquare October 6

Organized by residents of Doversquare Wednesday, October 6, 2010 7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Salvation Army (basement hall) 789 Dovercourt Road Contact: Gilleen Witkowski gilleen@gmail.com Notice may also appear InsideToronto Villager. Will be open questions from audience but also this: Questions from moderator

1. What will be your approach to building consensus with the new mayor of the city and the rest of council to further your agenda during your term?

2. Community-driven programs in Dufferin Grove Park have been an example of how local residents can partner with municipal government. Would you like these sorts of initiatives to continue or even be expanded?

3. Do you think that long-term residents of Toronto should be able to vote in municipal elections?

Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation - Survey Results

The Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation (TCAT) has released the results of their 2010 Municipal Candidate Election Surveys. Have a look if you want to get a an idea where some of the Ward 18 candidates, mayoral candidates, and trustee candidates stand on walking and cycling issues.

Of the Ward 18 council candidates, the following answered the survey: Kevin Beaulieu, Joe MacDonald, Hema Vyas.

You can also see the mayoral survey results here.

Not All Candidates Getting All Surveys

My response to TCAT is now there after I pointed out they had not contacted me and they sent me the survey.

It seems there are often events and election related things that not everyone gets notified of. May be because many candidates never fill out forms to have their info listed on the official city site - or that they look at different sources. Uneven reporting by media has a domino effect of leading others to think there are only 6 or or 8 etc candidates.

List of lobby groups that have contacted me are here:

Ward 18 phone poll

Just got an automated call for a Ward 18 election poll. Touchtone choices for Bailao, Beaulieu, de Jong, Russell, Wood, "other" or "undecided". I wonder if the results will be made public, or if this is for someone's campaign. Don't remember which company was identified as doing the polling.

re: telephone poll

I received the same telephone poll, and it was an anonymous poll (e.g. the company/agency undertaking it was not mentioned). Forgot to star 69 it.

Phone Polls, Telemarketing

I can only say as a candidate that the moment I was registered I waqs inundated with two sales pitches: Howard Moscoe trying to sell me election signs and a variety of business promising they could phone on my behalf like this one:
"Dear Ken, The Election Day is just 4 weeks away. Would you consider using automated phone campaign service to deliver your campaign message to your thousands of contacts? If so, call now at 416-221-7042 ext.113 or email to terrence.wong@itsp-inc.com for more information. Terrence Wong Director, Product Development"
Since I abhor such badgering techniques I would never employ such methods.
On the other hand, maybe its one of my competitor candidates doing strategic research? Or even maybe Rob Ford trying to see what councillors he may have to deal with? I really wish I knew.

Video: A Mayor for Bloordale

Check out this video on Youtube for interviews with some of the mayoral candidates, speaking about Bloordale (the strip of Bloor St. just east of the JT, between Lansdowne and Dufferin). The candidates provide some opinions and ideas about this section of Ward 18.

The video was put together by Andrew Prosser, along with the Bloordale BIA, Bloor Magazine, and Civic Bloor.

Ranking the candidates...

Hema: my favourite candidate, but not a chance - love you sister!

De Jong: your party's too scary - you don't know whether your going left (green) or right (immigration), how are we supposed to know?

Kevin: three fatal flaws - one, while the whole ward is not pissed, let's face it, significant chunks are, starting w Bloor and lansdowne and definitely Dundas. Today it's them, tomorrow it's me. You either represent your ward or you don't. Can't trust you. Two, as someone mentioned in this thread, c'mon how many white guys do we need in council? I like Adam and Gord next door - but let's get some diversity people! Three, you're an NDP seal. Arf! Arf! here's your sardine. The ward should run the agenda, not the whims of Jack Layton and the anointed son-king candidate for Ward 19 (hey, look, another white dude downtown! Where does the NDP find so many white guys???)

Ana: progressive, knows the community and and would be a breath of fresh air which is exactly what we need in this divided ward. re Ford: This is one connected Liberal woman - there's no way that she'll serve the Ford agenda. And if Smitherman wins, can't think of a better way to get shit done in the ward.

No contest.

The reason it was not taken

The reason it was not taken down is that the premise is so preposterous that most people would see it as a rant rather than a thoughtful rating of candidates.

The criteria for judging Kevin is different than the criteria you used to judge the others.

Being progressive is bad if it's Kevin but great if it's Ana?

Its ok to judge Kevin based on what his councillor boss Giambrone did but not judge Ana on what her councillor boss Silva did?

Being an "NDP seal" is bad but being a "connected Liberal woman" is good. The Liberal and NDP leaning members of council tend to vote together anyway so in theory either would be good.

The lack of diversity is not any one candidate's fault and find referring to a credible candidate as "sister" as somewhat demeaning.

In terms of fresh air, Ana is one of the stalest choices as she worked for Mario Silva and has run once, raising more money than all the other candidates combined (almost exclusively by the construction/development industry Just like her old boss).

Hema, who I like but am not voting for, is without doubt the freshest, as if our candidates were loaves of bread, by far. : )

Surprised Vic didn't delete this posting yet

I received a phone call last night telling me I should go to the SJT website and see the posting of S Godfrey.

First of all S. Godrey, Ana is not all that fresh as you claim she is. Ana was at City Hall as the EA under the absent MP Mario Silva, when he was the City Councillor for w18, oh yah, he did attend the Bloor festival.

Picking and choosing which Mayor she might want to work with, might not be an opition, first of all with Smitherman's record, when he can't manage the Min of Health office, we all seen 1 billion dollars going out the window under his watch. How in god's green earth willl he manage Toronto. Plus by the looks of it, Ford is leading the votes and polls, so who ever is the next councillor might have to work with him.

The other thing we don't know which of the 12 Councillors might win, to early to tell. There is still many strong candidates out there like Kirk Russell who is coming up very strong in popularity. Joe Mcdonald another smart person. You just never know, Frank is also very popular in w18. Ken Wood he said himself he might not win, but at least he is keeping the other 11 candidates on their toes and giving them a good fight. J

as someone who looks forward

as someone who looks forward to checking into this site often to hear the word on the street, i find it somewhat amusing/frustrating/annoying that when certain posters post their opinions or thoughts, other certain posters completely over-react/throw stones/become entitled. i don't think this site was intended as a p***ing contest to see who's more in love with the neighbourhood, or who knows more about the issues that are affecting all of us. let's all be respectful of others opinions, even though they may directly conflict with your own. seriously, everyone is entitled to be here and express their thoughts without being jumped on, insulted or ridiculed. it's tiresome and boring.


Reminder: Code of Conduct

I hate deleting messages and having to remind people to abide by the Code of Conduct for this website, but here it is....

Let's keep things civil, on-topic, and refrain from name-calling. Also note that anonymous comments are subject to stronger scrutiny and moderation standards.

Chill out a bit, and have a good evening. :)

The Arts and the Economy

Here's a little article from CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/arts/story/2008/08/26/culture-sector.html

However, if YOU are really interested in understanding how arts and culture contribute to the economy and society as a whole, I suggest that rather then sit at your computer egging people on in an argument, perhaps you can do your own research.

There are also many stories where "poor" kids have had their talent recognized and end up with scholarships for music or visual arts and rise above their circumstances. Or how the arts have saved many at risk youth from going into the life of crime because writing poetry, performing spoken word poetry, music or painting gave them something else to do with their time.

You have computer, Google some searches. Some artists are too busy to argue with you online because they are working two jobs: a day job to pay the bills and at night working on their art, while some may also be raising families too.

I wish you all the best with your research.

Arts Means Jobs

John that was a major study and it really just confirmed what people in cultural industries already knew, that artistic and creative folk pump a lot of money into the economy and create a lot of jobs. Its hard to be unaware of the very large number of ward 18 residents who work in cultural industries from film to painting and theatre. I can think of at least 30 people in the TV business, 22 people who paint or sculpt, and about 10 in theatre, plus the 3 writers, who live within a block of my house.

You can see the revitalization of the Bloor and Lansdowne area due to new galleries; think of the thousands that turn out for Nuit Blanche all over the ward and city. You can see the impact of Arts on the south end of the ward which is spreading west. Toronto competes toe to toe with New York and London as a major Arts player and not understanding that is bad for business.

Arts and Culture also has a role to play in shaping our society as expressed the other day in this Star opinion written by Des McAnuff, one of Canada's greatest artistic producers.


In addition to the research that you need to do you should go find an artist and get to know them, it wont be hard, our ward is filled with them.

A word of advice

Dear Ken Wood,

You will never win this election, you're not even a serious contender. I do hate to break it to you but perhaps if you let go of that aggressive "convince me" attitude you'd stand a chance. Then again maybe not. You don't know how to play the political game, so just walk away sir.


Thanks for noticing, Scott. I'm not in it for the "political game". We've had enough gamesters here forwarding their own selfish agendas by just saying what they think the people want to hear. I tell it like I see it, change my mind when facts and arguments are presented and have the guts to take unpopular stands when I believe in something. I am still open to hearing from anyone what the arts do to reduce societal poeverty-hunger-homelessness and contribute to job growth for anyone except the artists. We all deserve a better quality of life.

Pay attention Ken

Pay attention Ken I have not posted a reply to you yet. Unlike a well known malcontent I always use my real name.


reply stands, just not directed at you Scott. Thanks :)

Artsvote Ranks candidates

Artsvote has issued its report card on candidates and the Arts.



No big surprise in Ward 18, the 4 candidates that are really involved in the community as a whole score the best rankings and the single issue or fringe candidates were not available; if you cant answer a question sheet one has to wonder how you could serve an entire community.

A reminder for the many Arts and Culture workers in our area (and there are a lot) the Mayors Art Debate will be at the AGO on September 29. Check out the Artsvote website for more details.

ArtsVote Debate Gets Good Crowds

Tonights Artsvote Mayors debate had 400 people at the AGO, 250 overflow at OCAD and a minimum of 1700 watching the feed live on computers. Those are pretty good numbers. For those that were watching the Rogers Ward 18 debate I am hoping that the Arts debate will be put online (like Rogers) to watch.

Artsvote Has No Meaning

Who exactly is arts vote? A lobby group wilth a single issue demand. I took the survey, which if you wanted to score 4 stars, all you had to do was answer the questions the very biased way they were phrased. Just because 4 candidates scored big means little except that they will say what you want to hear so they can get elected.

"I am an artist. I vote" is rather a strange statement to make. Everybody can vote. Are artists votes more important than anyone else's? Not so subtle intimidation.

Still waiting to be convinced tax money to artists best use to combat poverty-homelessness-hunger. So? Convince me - without the save the starving artist argument.

In the Star

In yesterday's Star their was an article about which wards to watch during the upcoming election. Ward 18 was one of them.

The Star Article

For those who are interested, here is the link to the Toronto Star article, titled "5 tight city council races to watch".

11 Candidates Again in Ward 18

"If you know of any links to other candidates' websites, please post them here."

Complete list of contacts, weblinks, photos, etc here:

Last chance to register or withdraw is 2pm TODAY Sept 10 at City Hall...

Make that an even DOZEN City Council candidates

12 City Councillor Candidates again includes me - Ken Wood.
Let the real race and debates begin ! http://davenportdemocracy.blogspot.com/2010/09/campaigning-moves-to-high...

You can also see links to information on the FORTY-ONE candidates for Mayor here:

Registrtation to run for city elections is now officially CLOSED (as of 2pm today Sept 10)

Mayor's Debate - Thursday in Ward 18

The Queen West BIA is hosting a Mayor's Debate this Thursday, September 9th at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen West). The event starts with a meet and greet at 5 p.m. followed by the candidates Question and Answers session at 6 p.m.

The event is being streamed online and has three media moderators participating in the event - Marcus Gee from the Globe and Mail, Julie King from CanadaOne.com and Rick Spence of the Financial Post. The participation of three journalists promises to bring some balance to the discussion of entrepreneurship, small and medium sized businesses. More info can be found at http://westqueenwest.ca/event/toronto-mayoral-candidates-small-business-...

Ward 18 Debate on Rogers

On September the 29th at 8:00 PM there will be a debate on Rogers television cable 10 for the candidates for councillor in Ward 18. Tune in to see what the candidates have to say.

Reminder: Crime and Safety Issues Still Exist Everywhere

Just walked half a block down to College/Lansdowne on a beautiful Saturday morning to find Police Forensic division investigating the scene in front of the Angolan Bar just next to the recently closed En Contro Portugese bar. There was a knife fight at 11:30pm last night and a 40 year old man was murdered. Scary as my bedroom is maybe 300 feet away and I was up working on my computer. Heard some vague yelling but nothing that twigged an alarm.

Here is the Star story: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/crime/article/853812--man-40-dies-from-s...

Meanwhile, shootings at at King and Dufferin (Parkdale) and in Lawreance Heights and in Kensington Market, and near Weston and Black Creek - all in past 3 days ! : http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/crime/article/853756--man-taken-to-hospi...

So wher are the ward 18 candidates and the mayoral candidates on this issue now?

Ken I don't mean to be rude


I don't mean to be rude but this website is for residents of Junction Triangle and was created to help give voice to a community that always seemed to be an afterthought to the surrounding communities.

I have read many of your posts on other blogs and read about you in the paper and I am not sure if your over the top pronouncements are helpful or for that matter accurate.

There is crime everywhere and it will always be that way. Every large city in the world experiences crime and in the case of murder most of that is committed by people who know each other. The point is Toronto and our area is pretty safe. If you live in Junction Triangle and Ward 18 then the good news is that crime overall and in EVERY category has been on a steady downward cycle for the last 15 years despite what some people seem to think. Many long term residents gush these days about how great the JT has become with people walking and cycling the streets and walking to the many new eateries in the area. If you had not dropped out of the race you would have been at an overflowing candidates saloon at Boo Radleys; something impossible 10 years ago.

How do I know that crime has gone down? I was given the complete statistics by the Metro Police Crime Analysis Unit and while crime has dropped all across the city, it has dropped even more in our area. This information is available to the public at no charge.

If you are going to post here please keep to topics that relate to JT and please present accurate information instead of fear mongering. Thank you.

Don't I have a Right to an Opinion Too?

Scott, I have seen your posts where you vociferously complain about other people's opions being out of place or having some ulterior motive. Yet, isn't the essence of an inclusive democratic community one where every individual has the right to free expression of opinion? In my experience, this site seems to suffer an inordinate amount of censorship of certain others' opinions. Okay if it's one person's blog or diatribe, but this site says "this is a community website, ideas and help are always welcome!" If you purport to represent a community, you need to let the community have input.

Feel free to question my accuracy... point taken that crime stats overall are down, but the lived experience of people is that they have fear for their safety. Example: Sun story says about the Lansdowne/College stabbing, "One woman, who gave her name as Leonna, said she doesn't feel safe. "I try not to walk alone at night," she said. "I just don't feel 100% safe here." When she can afford it she said she plans to move." Maybe over the top, but that's the press that people see. So to me it makes it a legitimate election issue.

You said "If you are going to post here please keep to topics that relate to JT"..., Fair enough, but election issues I submit ARE relevant. Vic himself asked for input about election issues.

Scott, I get that you not have voted for me anyways, but I am not one to curry favour by agreeing with things I do not support.


JT Posts Welcome, Rants not


I have been posting information directly relating to JT and JT issues in the most recent cases backed up by documented facts.

You have started posting here the same stuff that you have been posting for years on other sites. Giambrone is gone. Move on.

Since you are no longer a candidate in this Ward possibly you could continue to post your ideas on your blog for those that are interested or post on a Lansdowne Blog where your point have more interest to people and post here when it relates to the JT (such as an event or rally ). There is more than enough places for you to express your opinion elsewhere but it would be appreciated if it related to JT. I don't think that is too much to ask.

I Stand Admonished

Never let it be said I didn't listen to criticism. I shall do as you say and stay out of your community and hope we can form one of our own here. Too bad as I thought the Junction was doing a lot to forward the idea of much broader community. I shall respect your borders and wish you luck.

Divided We Fall ?

PS : Scott is in "a community that always seemed to be an afterthought to the surrounding communities"...

Well, so am I .

Isn't it interesting that to get elected to city council, any candidate can play off one area against another such that by satisfying..oh, say, 15-20% of the people in one defined geographic area, then subsequently just ignore the otrher 80% or so?

Also sad. It means we all become divided, potentially against each other, when we should ber uniting on the issues that bring us together.

Ken Wood, Meet Some Statistics, Again

Sorry to be the barer of facts again but if this some veiled Giambrone comment as part of your ongoing Giambrone crusade you can look up the results of the 2006 election (by polling station) and that would reveal that Giambrone won every single poll in the Ward BY A MILE. Nobody even came close. Hardly playing one area off another. Ward 18 voted for Adam overwhelming in every area. If anything the ward was united. Maybe not the reality you would like, but reality nonetheless. Sorry.

Again a theory of yours is proven not to be accurate.

Be Very Afraid!

What would you like them to do Ken?

What to Do? Here's some ideas, Anyone else have some?

1. More police presence! Police often at Tim Horton's on the corner on breaks but ignore traffic infringements, noise, rowdyism. Many of my neighbours, business owners and landlords say they call police often but get little response. Very rarely see photo radar here too.
2. Safety audit needed: Camera at intersection while it would not deter crime, would catch the many near misses, cars whizzing by open streetcar doors, and be a backup for incidents like this. We also need better roadway markings. Signs often in disrepair, hanging at angles, signage not clear to motorists. Has been TTC accidents here too.
3. This area is the forgotten core of ward 18, with no active residents association like at Dufferin Grove or Dyan Marie-arts-land (DigIn). We need active participation by residents, who unfortunately are still angry and feeling disenfranchised from Giambrone's non-consultative Lansdowne narrowing fiasco.
4. Whatever happened to the idea of Neighbourhood Watch? Lots of kids, families still in the area despite wrong-headed move to close West Toronto school. Will it be a community center? Or will city sellout to developers to erect eyesore condominiums?
5. Many residents whose first language is not English are out of the loop and unrepresented in local and city democracy. We need the city to communicate in residents own language: Portugese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, etc.
6. There has been no significant "traffic-calming" to Lansdowne Avenenue despite city spending a few million dollars. Cyclist, pedestrian accidents, traffic gridlock, etc. We need to fix what Adam destroyed here. We need more crosswalks, lower speed limit as excessive speeding off rush hours.
7. Graffiti eradication: Just a block from our city councillor's office there is ugly gang tag graffiti everywhere. Why isn't this addressed with arts projects that other areas get?
8. Abandoned prtoperties: Coffee Time at Dundas/Lansdowne closed for long period, marked by graffiti. Much like the Seven-Eleven that sat vacant for years. Businesses on College Street (even right beside Councillor's office) can't make a living. Are they ignored because there is no College Street BIA? City needs affordable housing, yet the property at 1005 (?) College near Havelock is an abandoned eyesore that's been that way a long time.
9. Any City Councillor should represent ALL areas of his or her ward, not just special interest lobby groups. Does such a creature exist?

2006 Election contributions

Scott D posted an interesting link over on the 370 Wallace (Former Glidden site) forum. The link goes to votetoronto.ca, which has been collecting and summarizing campaign contribution statistics from some previous municipal elections. Unfortunately, their site is somewhat disorganized, but you can find some interesting details in there, especially if you do some Google searching (e.g.: "Ward 18" site:votetoronto.ca)

For the 2006 municipal election, you can get all of the campaign contribution details from the city's website here:

Would be interesting to see 2010's numbers too, but apparently we have to wait until next year to see those.

Developer Money

One of the more interesting items is the money raised from developers.
Here are a couple interesting items: Ford got more money from unions than Miller (who funded 100% of his campaign with donations from individuals) For also got over three and a half times as much from developers than Giambrone. Gord Perks raised extremely little from developers.

Bailão: Past Donors Raise Questions For Me

In a lot of ways politics is about the friends you keep. It helps guide others in understanding where you are coming from and what your vision is. There are some serious questions about who exactly Ana Bailão wants to represent.

It is clear that in 2003 almost her entire campaign was funded by the construction industry or those within it without almost any donors actually listing addresses from Ward 18. In 2003 Ana Bailão raised almost TWICE the amount of the next candidate (Bailão 70024.54 Giambrone 42,00.70) Who exactly is paying for the Ana Bailão campaign this time?

Based on publicly available donor information from her 2003 campaign, there are serious questions unanswered about Ana Bailão and the company she keeps; questions that relate to issues going on right on my very street, issues that will impact what kind of community we will live in for the rest of our lives. Ana Bailão has done nothing wrong; but as a citizen of Ward 18 I have to question the company, or rather the companies she keeps.

Ana Bailão is quoted on page 6 and 7 of this summers edition of “New Voices” magazine: “Bailão also notes the difficulty of launching a campaign for candidates who lack a strong network of wealthy and influential contacts.” That may be true for some but she can’t possibly be referring to herself.

The Issue

Was Ana Bailão really running to serve the community in 2003? Her 2003 donor list (108 0f 112 Donors that could be identified) shows:

- Only 7 donors out of 108 had addresses listed within the ward accounting for a very very small % of her donations.

- The vast majority of donors listed addresses well outside the riding and at commercial construction businesses.

- The overwhelming majority of these commercial addresses were companies in the construction industry, especially concrete (such as Lee Rocca Concrete Forming in Oakville) even including St. Lawrence Concrete in Montreal Quebec! (St. Lawrence Cement is now called Holcim (Canada) Inc. and is a 1.3 billion dollar construction company). A large company outside of your province is donating to a Toronto councillor campaign?

- Many of the “individuals” names were actually the owners or presidents of the construction business (such as Pat Dipaolo , President of UCC Construction Group) listed at those addresses. Why not just just call it a business donation and list it as such? And if not a business donation then why not list a home address?

- Some of these individuals list addresses that are the HQ’s for very powerful construction industry lobby groups where they work or are involved (such as Michael O’Conner on Brundel Road Mississauga which is where he works at the Ontario Hot Mix (paving ) Association or what about Tony Carreira and John Meportin who both use the address of the Labourors union LiUNA local 183, or Scott Marus who lists the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association(IAFF Local 3888) at 39 Commissioners Road, or Manuel Valenti who is the director of Masonary Contractors Association of Toronto.) From contractor, to developer, to lobbyist---they are all in Ana Bailão’s donor list. All good people but shouldn’t some of these donations have been listed under unions, lobbyists, and company categories like the other candidates did so we have a better sense who whom is backing a candidate?

- Many of these companies including developers (Somerset Homes) who have or will at some time do work in our Ward and with the City. There is nothing wrong with that but shouldn’t citizens know this before they vote so people know who is bankrolling your campaign?

- The pattern of donations is so overwhelmingly consistent that you can only come to one conclusion. Ana Bailão was the 2003 construction/developer industry candidate in Ward 18 by a mile. How might that effect her votes at Council? Shouldn’t voters have known? If you did not take the time to actually look up the addresses you wouldn’t have.

Googlemap of 2003 Ana Bailão Donors


Lets Put Everything In The Open

One has to ask, is Ana Bailão running to represent the citizens of Ward 18 or running to represent the development and construction industry? In 2003 she had almost zero financial support from Ward 18 business and residents and could not have run a campaign without the backing of the construction industry.

How would her winning then or now effect the development, rezoning, and future land use in our area? One of her donors, Somerset Homes told me yesterday that they are sitting on the property a block from my house until council changes the “employment lands” zoning now in effect on that property. When that vote comes up at Council who will be more important to Ana Bailão: the West End residents who want to protect Railpath that runs along the property and have developments that fit in with the existing community, or the construction/development industry who doesn’t have to live here and gets to leave when the money is made?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the construction industry candidate, if Ana Bailão wants to be that. The construction industry helped build this great city and have provided lots of good jobs over the years. But the reality is that all industry has motives and agendas that will favour themselves first and there can be no mistake about that. That’s the way it works. But the theory behind local politics is that resident seek a representative that will honour and forward THEIR agenda; to level the playing field between Junction Triangle and the Holcim (Canada) Inc. Conglomerate, UCC Group with revenues of 50 million, or even SC Construction of Woodbridge with 5 million in revenues: all Bailão donors in 2003.

As a resident of Ward 18 I want to know that votes on zoning and development will be based on what is best for the Ward and not what is best for one industry special interest group.

Where Does This Information Come From?

From Ana Bailão herself. Everything I am concerned about stems from Ana Bailão 2003 “Financial Statement and Auditors Report” signed by Ana Bailão on June 30 2004 and available from:
Toronto Elections office website ( http://www.toronto.ca/elections/contribution-info.htm)
Vote Toronto website ( http://www.votetoronto.ca/financial/wards/2003T/Ward18_2003T.htm)

or in person as I got copies quite a few years ago. Every single name, address, person, company, or detail is publicly available to anyone who wishes to look it up.

Some of the companies and donors have changed addresses since that campaign and I tried to call each and every one of them to confirm. I corrected some mistakes of addresses that were innocent and I probably have made an honest error in an address or two myself but the pattern is unmistakable.

Ana Bailão has NOT done anything illegal nor has anybody who donated to her campaign. That is NOT what concerns me so lets not disrespect people. Every single person on her donor list is a verifiable and reputable person as far as I am concerned and by donating to her campaign has performed a valuable public service. I come from from a union construction family where hard work was respected as was making your voice heard at election time and getting to the bottom of things.

Bailao, the Candidate from Woodbridge?

Campaign money coming almost exclusively from developers and construction companies is a real concern with so much land in the Junction Triangle prime for development. Equally concerning is that only seven of the 108 donors identified live in the Ward. Who will come first when tough choices have to be made, residents or outsiders with commercial interests?

Local Development

I respect the work that you've done in researching your position to ensure it's an informed one. It's commendable that you put so much effort into being engaged in the local community.

I write now because as a BOW purchaser I have often read about your stance on development in the area. Unfortunately, I feel as though my young family isn't exactly welcome in the area because we bought into a new development that you and others were/are opposed to (for varying reasons). I find it difficult to understand how a new residential development, mostly bought by young couples and families, is a bad thing considering the previous use of the property?

If Somerset Homes develops on that parcel of land and respects the spirit of the area related to appearance and functionality, as well as traffic flow and access, how can it be worse than what the land-use was, or is now?

While I understand your position on candidate funding and their actual agenda if elected, the development issue smacks of NIMBYism. Your neighbourhood is changing, you don't feel like you've had adequate input in the process and neither is acceptable to you. In my opinion, developments like BOW do nothing but remove heavy industry from a residential area, improve property values, increase local school catchment and create a greater sense of community. My hope is that when BOW buyers do move in that we are welcomed warmly and not viewed as the people who ruined the neighbourhood.

Concerns About Local Development Is Not NIMBYism

Jamie, it is great that you and your young family are moving into the neighbourhood. You are part of a trend in the area with lots of young families choosing to live in the Junction Triangle because it is one of the few (relatively) affordable areas in West Toronto.
I think it is unfortunate that you confuse Scott's criticisms of the "Brownstone Builder" and his legacy of questionable developments with the mistaken idea that he doesn't want to see new residential projects here. We all want to see good things happen here, but given the track record of Mr. Falus and the litany of complaints by many of his customers, it is clear that the neighbourhood needs to actively engage and review all of his building plans carefully. Perhaps if there were a few more people like Scott around ten years ago, the extremely lame Standard Lofts would be a nicer place rather than the cost effective and unimaginative place it is today.
Regarding the election of the next councillor, the donor list of Ana Bailao raises questions that need to be addressed - will she be representing the intersts of her constituents or those developers who funded her campaign in the past? Will she clear the air and reveal her donor list for her current campaign before the election or hide it until the vote is over? With so much land in the Junction Triangle coming on-line for development in the next few years, do we really want a councillor who was/is fully funded by developers?

Good Development Is Always Welcome Everywhere

Hi Jamie

Thanks for your kind words. Of course you are welcome. But I do suggest that calling people names who you have never met or spent any time with is not very nice. Especially since it was myself and many locals who fought hard to make the building you bought into a nicer place. The added green, the better sightlines, the added trees, better outside finishing, more street friendly layouts, the more secure parking garage, and the link to Railpath were the result of so called NIMBY's in your new area. We even tried to have one less building for more green but the developer would not go for it. We all spent a lot of hours with the developer, the police, the Councillor and the Planning department over about 3 years BEFORE the units went on sale and I was even having friendly discussions with the developers representative only 3 months ago about an outstanding item.So thank you, you are welcome. For the record I don't recall anybody ever saying in our area that un-used land should not be developed.In fact the issue has always been an to make any development match the area and add rather than detract. One area of work has been investigating home work studios for employment lands. A few developers have also helped out with community projects so any attempts to call people anti-development will just get you laughed at. So I am sorry but you don't have any context or knowledge about the area or any of the people who live here. That comes with time. I think you are confusing aversion to cookie cutter terrible development, such as what went on during the Mario Silva days, with some kind of aversion to development in general. It's just not the case.

If you knew me or read other posts here besides ones that relate to you then you would know that I was a very big supporter of the highrise Giraffe building that was canceled by actual NIMBYs and even suggested that it would be welcome in our area on Bloor. Hardly anti-development if you ask me. You might also notice my keen support for the redevelopment of the Church NEXT TO MY HOUSE into lofts. Hardly anti-development.

I also think that you greatly simplify the planning and zoning process that is involved in these kinds of projects. In the case of your building the developer unleashed a team of lobbyists and experts at every community meeting vs. one lone City planner fresh out of school. It was residents who said this development can be better and made it happen. Its part of the process, otherwise you get crap; developing is a for profit business as you know. Good development just doesn't happen because people want it to, it requires monitoring, posting on blogs, and sometimes protesting. I suspect that once you have a place of your own you will not be so quick to judge those that want a say in what is built in their community. Especially since their are upcoming zoning issues all around you that will have a significant impact on your property.

In terms of Ana Bailao, her record speaks for itself and as a person living in an area with a lot of unused land one has to wonder how a councillor, supported in the past almost 100% by the construction industry or those in it will vote on issues about zoning, density, and everything else that goes with it. Ana needs to prove that she will vote for the ward and not for an industry.Remember, I didn't create her donation form, she did.

I am on about 5 committees in our area and there are others and new ones starting. When you move here join in, learn about the area, and leave your mark.

Blog TO: Development Becomes Issue

Blog TO features last nights event and Ana Bailao's donor past start to get attention.


2003 Donor List can teach us many things too

As I said on the Wallace section...

The bottom line is are you representing the residents (which includes business) or are you supporting other interests that while perfectly legal, are potentially at odds with the residents of a ward. I think people would be surprised by some of the publicly available information about that. It would certainly concern me if a councillor had a lot of ties to developers and related companies doing business in my ward, on my street. Wouldn't it concern you? I'll be posting some more interesting publicly available information about this very soon.

Ward 18 Polls

I put up a poll for Ward 18 earlier this month and encouraged people to place a vote.


I am going to conduct more polls throughout the election.


Polls Bad, Information Good

I've always thought polls did a great disservice to democracy.

They tend to trivialize what should be a well thought out and complex choice of who would best serve a community's needs. They are in effect a juvenile sort of popularity contest, much like a beauty pageant that looks only skin deep, attempting to reduce substance to the level of "appearance" of skill.

Lazy voters often vote on just recognizing a name, with no other information.
(Then again, the laziest voters simply don't vote and placate themselves by saying "ah they're all the same - crooks - why bother")
Polls give the lazy voter the opportunity to jump on a perceived bandwagon and feel their forced choice must be right becauase some percentage of others seem to agree.

It would serve democracy better if public polls were banned for 6 months prior to elections. The voter should do the work of informing themselves and asking questions. In a democracy that is the voters job, not some media or polling company.

Funny how you only brought it

Funny how you only brought it to attention after closing the poll. You certainly didn't encourage anyone on this site to vote. If I were Ana I'd be distancing myself from these kinds of sleazy tactics. I don't think the paper poll at the meet & greet is appropriate either.

What's the Point of It All

I don't understand the point of your informal polls and why would you continue to keep conducting one "throughout the election"? Unless it's an Angus Reid poll, I really don't get it?

Must be a Tory

After the long-form census debacle, I wonder if this guy is a Tory because they are the only people who think self-selecting survey respondents produce valid/useful information.

Your poll is quite

Your poll is quite unscientific. : )

Back down to 11 candidates

According to the City's website, Ken Wood has withdrawn from the Ward 18 race.

Confirmed - Wow, You are Fast!

Yes. Just returned from City Hall where I withdrew at 12:48 PM today
(Guess this means that not only city hall but also vic is surprisingly efficient)

I just got on to post my withdrawal with a brief explanation:

Four Reasons:

1. I live in a centrally forgotten area of the ward with extremely cynical (non) voters. I know this as I worked in the election and saw the voter apathy here. There is very little desire in my local neighbourhood to become politically active over the long term. While other areas bloom with increasingly powerful lobby groups, BIA's and residents' associations, all around me my neighbours just don't engage in that way. I have no name recognition and cannot afford to buy it, and there is little support for political campaigns here. So, I can't even get off the starting blocks.

2. Money. I am poor and my neighbours are struggling (over a third of the ward earns less than $30,000 and many low incomers are in my immediate area). Although the city made some great strides in forbidding big corporate or union donations to political campaigns they still have the glaring loophole whereby partisan parties can loan out paid volunteers to campaigns. Ana Bailao and Kevin Beaulieu are both certainly benefitting from this (Liberal, NDP). Elections are still an uneven playing field.

3. I originally entered the race to challenge Adam Giambrone and offer an alternative. Like many residents, I grew sick of the lack of consultation, his poor judgement and felt I could do better. Now Adam is out for reasons we all know and there are many challengers - with so much "filler" as vic loves to say. Davenport has many choices.

4. I am rather economically disadvantaged, being on ODSP (disability), and finding myself short of food for myself - and worse - for my cats. Here I thought that since city hall required the $100 fee in cash when I registered February 1st, I might have it returned in kind. No such luck. 'The cheque will be in the mail'.

I thank the people in my community who engaged in the political process by coming out to candidate meetings and particularly those who organized such events. I am saddened I cannot continue to run, but realities must be faced.
Ken Wood (the tree guy)

It's inaccurate to call it a

It's inaccurate to call it a $120K job. The salary is $99K. Yes there are benefits too - but you don't usually roll those in with salary when discussing what a person earns.

There's enough political grandstanding about councillor salaries out there already - I don't understand why a candidate would deliberately try to misinform people.

City Councillors Make Good Money Plus Perks

City Councillor : $ 99,535 plus $ 21, 246 benefits = $ 120,781
plus a $53,100 office expenses budget that they can pretty much do what they want with
plus expenses paid for travel and trips to conferences around the world (see this link for examples: http://www.680news.com/news/local/article/41555--giambrone-tops-list-of-... )

What people also forget is

What people also forget is that even an average councilor sits on additional committees at City Hall plus sits in on many boards in their community and attend events and meetings every night of the week. Being a councilor can be a 24 365 commitment, more so than MP's and MPP's. I would love to serve my community and have considered running (when I was in Parkdale) but having worked with councilors directly i realized that I would have no time for family or other interests and for that the salary was too low (Toronto's Council salaries, like our taxes are actually lower than most of the GTA). Salaries of elected officials are always an easy target for populist grand standers but if they were in the private sector they would be paid twice as much for the hours they put in.

Don't buy the heavy workload argument

I have been following city council for at least a decade now, even watching city council and committee meetings in person or via rogers. Yes a hard core of councillors are there for every meeting and are active in their wards, but the majority are frequently missing in action, skipping regular meetings or ducking out on key votes. Often committee meetings miss members or don't get quorum or are just postponed to next regular meetings.

scottd says: " Salaries of elected officials are always an easy target for populist grand standers but if they were in the private sector they would be paid twice as much for the hours they put in."

This is always the argument incumbents use to say they need to attract the best skills and is a fallacious argument on many grounds:

1. If they were in the private sector, they are subject to much more tangible penalties and rewards. Don't perform and you are fired - immediately. Exceed goals and you get bonuses. Neither of those systems are in the public sector for politicians. Apples and oranges comparison.
2. Politicians have no on site 'boss' per se. They use their time however they see fit, whether that be attending baseball games, dinner parties or meeting constituents. They are not held to accountr during their term of office except to themselves.
3. Salaries for elected politicians are often benchmarked to other levels of government and other geographies and positions. Different places, different times, different budgets. Still a lot of apples and oranges comparisons.
4. An argument made is often that elected politicians can suddenly find themselves out of a job come election time (happens infrequently if you look at history). Even if they do lose in an election, they are not out on the street like in a normal job. They have built up name recognition and networks and insider information that gives them fallback positions to run in other elections or to be on boards of corprations or be lobbyists.

Don't be taken in by the politician who claims 'it's hard' and I could do better in private industry. If money is what you want go there. If you want to serve the public - that's what voters should look for.

Odd Political Discussion

It drives me nuts that a candidate for public office is telling me what I should be looking for in an elected official. I can think for myself and make up my own mind just like everyone else in the Junction Triangle. How about telling us what you are going to do Ken and stop telling us how we should think and act? Can we expect that you will give up the salary should you become the next councillor, or will you be keeping all the money?

Giving Up Some Money

As I stated in last two candidates' debates, I pledged to give up $20,000 of salary to be put towards developing better communication tools to reach ward 18 residents in their ow language. Didn't see any other candidate offer up that.

Why so much "filler" in ward 18 race? (as vic refers to it)

When there are no incumbents with name recognition running, some may feel they have an equal chance. Is getting elected just a lottery chance?

I discovered this great analysis on the blog site by Kris Scheuer here:
"But the absence of incumbents, doesn’t mean newcomers will have an easier time getting elected. In fact, they may have to fight just as hard.
Name recognition can still be a factor in races with no incumbent, says University of Toronto political science professor Larry LeDuc.
“More candidates are attracted by the appeal of an ‘open’ seat, so the number of candidates ought to increase. And lesser known candidates will think they stand a better chance,” he wrote in an email. “But, somewhat perversely, the larger number of candidates may also confer an advantage on some whose names are better known to voters, even though they are not incumbents.”
One way to stand out in the pack is to run a serious campaign with a well thought out platform, says York University political science professor Robert MacDermid.
“The problem with 12 candidates is how do you sort out each person,” he says. “How do you tell who the serious candidates are?
“Many of these candidates aren’t serious. They want to appear at all candidates debates and talk about their one favourite issue,” says MacDermid. “If they are not serious candidates, so some voters get frustrated.”

At a bottom line cost of $100 to run for a $120,000+ a year job.... are we just seeing speculators and gamblers in the "filler" ???? ...hmmm

Another in Ward 18: Elmi, Abdirazak

So we're now up to 12 candidates in Ward 18. Abdirazak Elmi registered on July 14th. Don't know anything about him, except that apparently he was running in Ward 7 (where Mammoliti has returned to run again after quitting his mayoral aspirations).

It has been a crowded race for a while now...but in my opinion, less than half of the candidates are contributing anything even remotely positive/interesting to this campaign. Lots of filler here.

Fall Election

Inside Toronto (i.e., The Villager) has a good summary of Ward 18 riding and its candidates at http://www.insidetorontovotes.ca/wards/bloor-west-parkdale/ward-18-daven... Nice to see the Junction Triangle featured in the Google map as the centre of the ward.

Mayoral Topics for Consideration

I think its important to make sure the topics/questions selected do not just allow the candidates to parrot their platforms but are varied, diverse and simple so we really do get some answers.

Some suggestions:

1. POVERTY and HUNGER in the city are often overlooked in city elections. Over 30% of children in Toronto live in poverty (below Statistics Canada Low Income Cutoff). Daily Bread recently reported a 15% increase in food bank demand over the last year while the economy was supposedly strong.
What specific steps will you take to address poverty and hunger concerns in Toronto?

2, AFFORDABLE HOUSING and HOMELESSNESS continues to be a problem in Toronto. Expensive condominium developments have been booming and densities are increasing. Many wards are seeing 'gentrification' which generally means pushing out older generational family homes and upscaling. Despite the last administration's "Streets to Homes" program citizens can plainly see homeless people everywhere.
What specfic programs would you advocate to increase choice in affordable housing and to reduce homelessness?

3. Transportation as a topic seems to gravitate to specifics of TTC, car gridlock or cyclists. Yet, there have been many incidences of pedestrian injury caused by traffic accidents, some where people have needlessly lost their lives.
What specific steps would you take to increase PEDESTRIAN safety and security on our city streets?

These are just 3 areas that I think keep getting missed in election campaigns and I really wish they would be brought up more.


Good questions

Those are good questions, Ken. I do wish that the first two issues were addressed from a provincial and federal level though. At least from the cost perspective.

And you're absolutely right about pedestrian issues often being overlooked. I don't think I've heard any of the mayoral candidates speak up about it yet.

Poverty-Hunger-Affordable Housing issues

Yes, I too wish that the provincial and federal governments would do more about this.

The reality is that governments of all political stripes have been able to ignore or deflect concerns about poverty, hunger and homelessness for many decades, both in good or bad economic times. Yet it is at the local, city level that most of the progress has been made, perhaps because cities are face to face with the situation, often charged at least with the administration of programs in this regard.

In my opinion, it is important that all candidates for political office be asked their stance on these issues

Can't we just all get along?

I don't think name calling or personal attacks are a good thing in any forum, so I hope people will just cool down a bit.

As to the choice of Sue-Ann Levy, the positives I see is that it will garner more attention for the debate and the ward as, like it or not, she has name recognition and will attract media stories.

On the negative side, I am personally one who cannot subscribe to much of her views and yes she is very partisan. (However, once in a while she uncovers or ferrets out corruption at city hall). She says, "You will get an honest, hard-hitting debate--maybe you'll even get some answers to some tough questions, not Pablum" Well, possibly as she is not easily intimidated and the mayoral candidates are heavy hitters.

As to inviting only the top 6, I invite you to reconsider and perhaps add 2 more with names drawn from a hat. The debate where Rocco Achampong and Keith Cole were there from all accounts enlivened the debate.

Just my thoughts.

..and now it's 11

As of today, there are now officially 11 candidates running in Ward 18. Mohammad Muhit is the latest addition.

Only Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale, has more candidates running (13).

Posting up Names of Possible Debate Moderators

I have a suggestion, could the organizers please post up the list of moderators, they have compiled, for everyone to look over? If the organizers are truly open to changes in their process, perhaps an open discussion as to who the other possible moderators are, can be helpful for transparency's sake.

There is only one organizer

There is only one organizer and he has no list.

Let's keep this conversation civil

It's heating up in here again. Let's try to keep this conversation on-topic, civil, and constructive.

It sounds like the mayoral debate organizers are open to suggestions right now (and have been in the past), so let's try to work towards actually making the event better. Bringing up past grievances and tangential arguments isn't helping to move things forward.

Send suggestions for other moderators and debate topics/questions to the organizers, or post them here.

I hear crickets chirping

The issue revolves around YOU again because you are NOT forthcoming with your answers. Who are the other moderators that are on the list you claim to have put together? Where are the others in your so-called small group of helpers and why are they not on this web site adding their opinion to this discussion about choosing a new moderator?

The deafening silence from the small group of helpers you claim to have is making others suspicious that it IS ONLY YOU who is choosing the moderator. Once again Jack Fava is proving that he doesn't play by the same rules he bullies others into doing by rumour mongering, misinformation through:
- posting up comments on various community web sites, easily viewed through an internet search
- the suspicious signage residents see on hydro poles, that spout out the same things you've been documented to say online

Perhaps, others should all perform the same tactics for a more honest discussion about choosing a debate moderator?