2010 Municipal Election

EDIT: This thread is now closed. Post-election discussion can be found here.

The October 25 2010 municipal election is less than a month away. Let's use this forum to discuss any issues, especially local ones, that might come up in the election.

With incumbent mayor David Miller stepping aside, the mayoral race should be interesting. Our current councillor, Adam Giambrone, is not running again. This leaves the local Ward 18 Davenport seat up for grabs.

The final list of candidates for Ward 18 (As of September 10 2010) consists of:

The official up-to-date list is maintained on the City's website:

If you know of any links to other candidates' websites, please post them here.

What are your thoughts?

Ward 18 Election Events, etc.:

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If you were at the meeting you would of known, PLUS

Who's calling the kettle black. The person that doesn't use there name, coward. You can say all you want it doesn't bug me, you should know this by now.

Yes I do have a list of past moderators and others possible moderator. Like I said, if you were listening there still 3 months before the debate, which you won't attend like the last one you boycotted. Right now I am receiving emails with concerns from residents, who want their concerns put forth to the Mayoral Candidates. The organizing team has decided to change the way we are going to choose the 4 questions. I need to talk to Donna and Richard from dig-in first. JF

This debate is a community

This debate is a community event. The next Mayor (as you well know) will affect the quality of life for ALL residents. There should be a process in place that lets the community have input. A process should be inclusive and fair. So far it's none of those things. That is disrespectful to the community. To behave in this fashion reveals that you do not value the opinions of the people in the community. The same goes for the secret food program for school kids. Who are you to think you can feed our children without any consultation with the parents?

Who on Earth??

I may be a bit behind on this forum with regard to who will be moderating the event. I would like to know one thing ... who on Earth suggested Sue-Anne Levy for this and how did her name get this far in the process????? This woman is the antithisis of objective and would really make a mockery of the debate. How did it get this far. It is however sometimes good to know what the enemy is up to no?

RE Sue-Ann Levy

Like I told Vic, before I told everyone else about the debate and who the moderator was. I mentioned it to the Mayoral Candidates. None of the 6 candidates had any objections or concern, which was important for the debate to continue. I also let many others in the ward know and it seems that it's only about 10 or so people, all in JT who were oposed to Sue-Ann Levy been the moderator. I am not sure if this is about Sue-Ann Levy or something else. I also been hearing this been compared to FB incident, you cannot compare the two.

Remember all the questions been put forward to the candidates are coming from the residents.

I also heard concerns about the other debate I organized, about the moderator. It wasn't perfect, but it worked. Beside Vic and Katie the same people who have concerns did not show or boycotted he first debate I organized.

Eli Malinsky is doing a debate. I didn't hear any complaints towards him, nor do I believe that he need to ask for permission to do a debate.

The other thing I said to Vic since he was the one who brought this concern up, there is still a few months left. I will sit on this for a bit. I did let Sue-Ann Levy know and her response who be pasted at the end of this email.

I have already started to received some questions from residents and others who have concerbs and questions they would like to see put forward to the Mayoral Candidates. Few from CTC and also from others. None expressed any objection about Sue-ann Levy

I want to finish off by saying that this ward is big enough to do more debates and I encourage others to do that. There is nothing to gain by doing this debate. Other then to get the residents a chance to voice there concerns and put ward18 up in the map.

The hours, the flyers, posters, calling and emailing candidates and getting a venue is all volunteer and money coming from me. I don't have sponsors and many people to help out other then a few.

I have a list of people that I called to be a moderator. People who are in media or journalism. I was looking for a outsider a complete stranger to do something big like this.. Will keep you posted.

Please see Sue-Ann Levy response:

I'm offering my services -- for free.
You will get an honest, hard-hitting debate--maybe you'll even get some answers to some tough questions, not Pablum.
All the best,

Sue-Ann Levy
City Hall Columnist
Toronto Sun

ten to one

Jack, when you say, "it seems that it's only about 10 or so people, all in JT who were oposed to Sue-Ann Levy been the moderator" are you using the comments on this site to crunch your numbers? In that case, only ONE person is FOR Sue-Ann Levy.

Ouch. : )

Ouch. : )

choosing a moderator

If your concern is putting on a good debate and doing something for the community, what is the problem with choosing a more acceptable moderator? If not one of the names put forward, someone else from the list of those you have considered?

No Carpetbagers

Look up some of Sue-Ann Levy's columns, she hates everything ward 18 is trying to do in terms of making the ward a greener, community focused, more livable place.

She calls people "socialists" and "anti-car-zealots" and then says she is a journalist. How about all of her recent columns about how great Rob Ford is and how great privatizing everything in the city will be. Or all of her stories criticizing George Smitherman and Joe Pantelone?

This doesn't sound like an unbiased moderator to me. She sounds like a member of Rob Fords Campaign team. In fact her paper, of which she is obliged to tow the editorial slant of, has been a non-stop backer of Councils right wing for years and this April featured a full front page story about how great Rob Ford was.

I don't care really what Sue-Ann Levy thinks, that's her business, but her values don't represent what I think the values of this ward are, and I remind you that this ward does not elect conservative anything members---we vote Liberal Left. I want somebody moderating who reflects our values and knows our issues; isnt an involved ward 18 resident good enough to moderate?

RE: Carpetbagers

Scottd said:
"I remind you that this ward does not elect conservative anything members---we vote Liberal Left"

I didn't realize we do it that way in this ward. I must of missed that memo. Scott I think you done some good work in the hood and people respect you, but where do you get off telling people how to vote. You have critized all the candidates, I don't see you running. Here is a challenge, why don't you run?? It's not to late. I'm sorry I wouldn't be able to vote for you because I don't vote Liberal Left. I like the green party personally. JF

Ward 18 Deserves Its Own Voice

The "memo" is called election results over the last 20 years lets say. I think you talked about people having a say and they have.The majority of people in this riding vote Liberal left and NDP left. You cannot argue with the votes cast in the election. So it is clear that the majority of people in this Ward, and I have lived in other parts of this ward, have concerns and issues that would not be of interest to a moderator who writes for a right wing newspaper and has publicly come out in support of a right wing candidate. Sue Ann Levy and her viewpoint couldnt get elected in this ward but somehow she has been chosen to represent us? I don't know how much clearer I can be.

In terms of running its you Jack that is always full of accusations about politicians but never run yourself. I dont think there is a person in JT who has been challenged more to put their money where their mouth is and run more than you but you never do. For the record all I have said about candidates is that the field is weak.

Not to get too off course but the Green Party in Canada is not the same as the one in Europe and in fact is pro business and somewhat libertarian-look it up. There have been quite a few battles between the older lefty Greens and some of the more recent Green leadership. To imply that the Green Party of Canada is left is not currently accurate; they are somewhat all over the map.

Green? Funny, I saw a blue

Green? Funny, I saw a blue Conservative sign on your house in the last election. And don't you work for a conservative Trustee? I guess we can't trust anything you say.

RE: Clarification on Jeffs comment

Before I clarify Jeffs posting regarding my signs. I want to say how spooky it is for someone to not only remember someone's else signs from 3 yrs ago, but for someone that's does not live close by. I don't even remember my next door neighbours. Anyhow, I spoke with Wayne Scott from the Green Party who ran for MP for Davenport. He is also well known in the community. He also spent 6 years at City Hall as the longest serving member of the TORONTO PEDESTRIAN COMMITTEE.

Wayne wrote the Following.
"I will be happy to tell any and all concerned that I did, in fact, erect a GREEN Party sign during the last federal campaign at YOUR request, in front of YOUR house at 105 Symington Ave. I will also be happy to tell them that I am about as far away from the "Harper Party" in my thinking, as anyone could possibly be"
Wayne Scott
DavenportGPC Candidate

I know what is spooky

I don't think that remembering what signs are posted on the lawn of somebody who lives a block away is spooky especially when that person is somewhat infamous in the community. What I do find spooky is threatening unsigned posters plastered all over the community in a cowardly fashion every time one or two malcontents wants to stop something . That's spooky, just like the unsigned threats last year at Perth Public. With the Police paying more attention people who post unsigned posters are the ones that should be spooked.

In terms of the Green Party that would be the Green Party whose leader worked for Brian Mulroney? That be the same Green Party who previous leader hired Mike Harris cronies to run the party? I dont want to get too off topic but the Green Party of Canada leadership currently is Libertarian which is on the right of the spectrum. We will see how long that lasts as the grassroots is very unhappy with this shift. There are countless stories and editorials online about this seeming contradiction.

Jack Fava likes Lberals too :)

Apparently Jack doesn't vote Liberal but it didn't stop him from holding a press conference in 2009 in JT to support Liberal MPP Mike Colle's private members bill. And then Jack was promoting was the rally against guns sponsored by Tony "Diesel" Ruprecht another Liberal MPP.


I guess Jack did get that lefty memo. : )

Nice picture of me, Thanks

Just to Clarify ScottD and Jeff 's posting, Both Mike and Tony know that I don't support liberals, Tony has approached me on the same issue many times. I centered them both at one of the meet and greet one time.

Yes Mike did come down To JT as a request from me. I supported the Bill, not the MPP. I think it was a good Bill. I also requested it to be ammended which included to take not only their driver's Lic away, but also to inpound there car. It went to the 1st & 2nd reading, not sure if it was past, you can ask Cheri Dinovo.

Now Jeff regarding the signs, yes I had a Conservative sign and also a Green Party sign. I know and respect Theresa R. She is a good friend and would of made a good MP for Davenport, so would of the Green Party Candidate made a good MP. They both did well last election. JF



There was no Green Party sign. Theresa R came in a distant third.

No Excuses

It doesn't matter that all the candidates are o.k. with Sue-Ann Levy -- NONE of those candidates have been elected to represent Ward 18. Yes this becomes about YOU again because you stick your nose into everyone's business and yet expect your projects to only be about the issue.

RE: "I also let many others in the ward know and it seems that it's only about 10 or so people, all in JT who were oposed to Sue-Ann Levy..."

To be fair about the FB process, and it's documented online that only you and Virginia were the most viciously vocal about that project. How do YOU KNOW that all the other 10 people opposed to Sue-Ann Levy were not getting feedback from others in the community, questioning her as moderator? You make plenty of excuses when the spotlight is on you. You bully others to live by what YOU THINK is the ONLY way to do produce a community event then find many excuses why the same rules don't apply to you and why you think you are above from others.

RE: "The hours, the flyers, posters, calling and emailing candidates and getting a venue is all volunteer and money coming from me. I don't have sponsors and many people to help out other then a few. "

That's no excuse for your past behaviour towards other community groups' projects, not just FB, but everything anybody else does that you don't initiate. EVERYONE spends plenty of volunteer time working on their individual projects and the main opposition ALWAYS come from YOU. Why is it that you don't have many people helping you out? Why? Is it because NO ONE really wants to work with someone who can't compromise and forces his methods on others? You can ask for sponsorship yourself, but be prepared to live by the same scrutiny you have thrown on so many others in this community. YOU are NOT ABOVE it all.

Also it's not ALL the

Also it's not ALL the candidates, only 6. Which 6? Who will choose? Again this is not democratic and there has been no consultation.

You'll have to talk with Jack

You'll have to talk with Jack Fava about that. There was no process. No consultation, no democracy. Of course Jack demands it from everyone else when they want to do something, but those requirements don't apply to him it seems.

addressing residents' concerns

Let's not let this spiral into another ugly community argument. The fact is the choice for moderator is extremely unpopular. Jack, you mention above "I am looking for feed back and input from individuals and groups with-in the ward" and here you have it! Time to choose a new moderator and move on to what will hopefully be yet another successful event. I know from my Fuzzy Boundaries involvement that it is difficult to back track, but when we heard from residents that they wanted a community vote rather than a panel analyzing votes of the first round, we changed the process to address the residents' concerns.

Why Sue-Ann Levy?

Writing provocative editorials might be good for newspaper sales, but it would make a debate such a mockery that I would be surprised if any of the candidates would agree to come.
What was the reasoning behind this choice? Why was there no discussion about finding an appropriate moderator?

Hardly an objective moderator

I understand it can be challenging to find a skilled and high-profile moderator, but Sue-Ann Levy is far from objective. I don't think anyone who makes their living making up childish names for elected officials is an appropriate choice for moderator. Perhaps if the organization of these events wasn't a one-man show some of these issues would be identified before the wheels were set in motion.

Eli Malinsky would be a

Eli Malinsky would be a better a choice, he lives in the ward, know many of the pressing issues, and has experience as a moderator.

I agree

Eli would be great and I also think Donna Cowan or Richard Mongiat would make good moderators too. They do a great job at DigIn.

new moderator

Seems like an overwhelming response that the moderator is the wrong choice. There's still time to come up with someone who will help make the event a success rather than steer it in the wrong direction.

Call The Candidates

Somebody should call the candidates and make sure they know that this partisan who has raked a few of them over the coals in the paper is the "moderator".

Donna or Richard are another 2 excellent choices who know the issues.

Mayoral Deabte in Ward18/Davenport

Posting this for Jack Fava:

Hello All, Last week I sent out an email informing everyone about a possible Mayoral Debate in Ward18 on Monday, September 13, 2010 between 7:00PM - 9:00PM . I also mention that I am looking for feed back and input from individuals and groups with-in the ward. Well last night at the Dig In meeting I had a chance to speak about the debate and mentioned who the moderator would be. It was also suggested that we would only allow the 6 main mayoral contenders to debate, unless we have a mayoral candidate who is running in the Ward18 then we would allow he or she to participate. I also went ahead and asked the moderator Sue-Ann Levy what style of debate would she like or feel comfortable doing and so she responded, see her response in blue, scroll below.

So between now and September I will be looking for your responses as to what issues we should be putting forward to the candidates. You can email this to my email address at favagj@hotmail.com I will then pass this on to the moderator and then select four questions to present to the candidates for debate. Following that we will then open up the floor for Q&A.

Lastly, once we have confirmation from the permits department at TDSB and with the help of the Trustee Maria Rodrigues on the venue either at Kent or Bloor School we will then ask that you post the debate on your website and mention to others. This will help with the cost of posters and flyers, keeping in mind that this is all volunteer work with 0 dollars. Any money spent is coming from volunteers pocket.

I like to finish by saying how importnat it is to have ward18 in the fore front. This community is going through many changes and issues e.g. development, bike lanes vs no bikes lanes, parking, small business, crime and the new rails and electric train issue and so on. So we need to bring this issues out and in the open. Thank Jack Fava

"I prefer the question format rather than a free-for-all.
I would recommend starting with four questions on the same number of priority issues, then move to a general debate"

Sue-Ann Levy
City Hall Columnist
Toronto Sun

Poor choice of moderator

I'm sure that this mayoral debate will be overall well-run, much like the Ward 18 all-candidates' debate.

However, in my opinion, I think that choosing Sue-Ann Levy as the moderator is an extremely poor choice.

A debate moderator should have a somewhat neutral and fair position, or at the very least hide it well. :) Instead we have someone who has been writing recent newspaper columns bashing certain mayoral candidates, and promoting others. She has a very long history of partisan politics, and even ran in the St. Paul's riding provincial by-election last year. The newspaper that she works for is most certainly backing one particular candidate.

And now it sounds like this extremely biased columnist will not only moderate our local debate, but also be involved in choosing the top four questions?

This sounds like way too much of an opportunity for a non- Ward 18 resident to influence how our local mayoral debate will run.

Sue-Ann Levy is not acceptable as Moderator

I don't want to resort to name calling (that's Sue-Ann Levy's job) but Sue-Ann Levy as a moderator is a terrible choice because she is one of the most partisan right wingers in the City. I honestly don't know how the candidates would feel with her as a moderator but I cannot imagine they would be happy having a Rob Ford supporter as the moderator. I am surprised that she was even considered.

We need somebody who comes to the table with a cleaner slate and somebody who actually knows the issues in Ward 18. In fact if you read anything about Sue-Ann Levy she is opposed to most things that are popular in Ward 18. You cant call for inclusion and fairness and then have somebody like her be a moderator.

I call for a Ward 18 person who knows the issues and is un-biased (at least compared to Sue-Ann Levy) to be chosen instead.

10 Candidates in Ward 18

So, we're up to 10 candidates now, with Joe MacDonald being the latest one to be added to the official list.

I'm inclined to say, "Enough already!"

Personally, I think we actually have a few good choices on the roster now, and plenty of filler.

At the risk of offending

At the risk of offending friends our candidate list for ward 18 is pretty mediocre considering all the talented people in the ward. Half of them are retreads and those that have a compulsion to run every time. I was hoping that somebody with a higher profile and broader vision would emerge. Not likely.

Democracy Cafe: The Price of Democracy

Start Time: Tomorrow, May 31 at 6:30pm
End Time: Tomorrow, May 31 at 8:30pm
Where: Koffler House,569 Spadina Avenue, RoomKP108

I don't know if anyone would be interested. These are the people who were involved in the 'Prorogue' discussions. The message I got was sent yesterday, so it's a last minute organizing job, but it might be an interesting conversation.

Another one in Ward 18

Our ward is getting crowded with candidates. Now nine in total, with Doug Carroll being the latest to jump into the fray.

Only Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale has more candidates (13), and Ward 19, Trinity-Spadina also has 9.

Should be interesting to see how this goes...although I imagine the debates / meetings will be a bit more difficult to keep focused and interesting.

Two more for Ward 18

Kevin Beaulieu is now officially registered, and another name showed up on the list today: Kirk Russell.

Eight candidates. Getting crowded!

Frank de Jong now running in Ward 18

Just checked the official list again today and noticed that Frank de Jong is now registered to run in Ward 18.

Vic, do you need an updated flyer or can you add him on your end

Hey Vic, Thanks for the update. I just spoke with Frank. Funny, I was calling frank and he was just going to call me. Do you need me to resend you a revised flyer or can you just add him yourself on your end.

FYI, I have made some progress with Interpreters from different associations. Jack

Flyer updated


I just added the name myself and updated the flyer/site.



That's great, Jack. It is always better to include as many people as possible. Thanks for the update.

The blessing and curse of running to replace Adam Giambrone

In today's Globe & Mail:

Monday, April 19, 2010 12:43 PM
The blessing and curse of running to replace Adam Giambrone
Kelly Grant

It hasn’t exactly been a smooth start to the campaign for Kevin Beaulieu, loyal lieutenant to TTC chair Adam Giambrone and now candidate for Ward 18 Davenport.

Complete article on The Globe's website.

Tentative date for All Candidates Debate for Ward18/Davenport

A date to keep in mind. All Candidates Debate for Tuesday, May 18, 2010 from 7:00PM-9:00PM. This is only a tentative date, waiting to hear back from candidates Jack Triolo and now Kevin Beaulieu. Already heard back from Ana, Hema, Ken and Nha, they all confirmed. I also would like to do a Mayor Candidates Debate in the hood. Have been in contact with 6 of the Mayor Candidates. Trying to coordinate a date. Will send flyer out once I hear back from Jack and kevin. JF

Torontoist interviews with Beaulieu and Bailão

Torontoist just posted an interview with Kevin Beaulieu:

Apparently they will also have an interview with Ana Bailão soon too.

Ana Bailão interview

...and here is Torontoist's interview with Ana Bailão:

Chris Gallop

Chris Gallop

Chris Gallop [ cgallop@toronto.ca ]
Special Assistant: Works, Development and Constituency Matters
Chris joined the Giambrone team in 2005 after completing his studies in politics, sociology, and philosophy at the University of Toronto. He is a fluent French speaker. A lifelong downtown Toronto resident, Chris is very familiar with the city and the issues downtown residents face. He is particularly interested in environmental issues and finding creative solutions to the challenge posed by climate change and other environmental problems. He participates regularly in many community groups and community building activities in Ward 18 and elsewhere in the city.

Not much I can find on Kevin Beaulieu, this is from 2007 (bit of irony in there - lol):


Chris Gallop is not only a

Chris Gallop is not only a handsome man but a hard working caring guy who certainly done a lot of legwork in JT. I hope he stays in the picture regardless of what happens. Kevin was involved in JT during Adams first term and Anna...Anna...? I think the last time I saw her in JT was 7 years ago.


Hey Ranajit,

Perhaps you can convince Chris is run for our Councilor or start a petition asking him to run. :-)

I'll ask him

I'll ask him directly "why not you?"
Does he lack the experience? I'd like to know.

Only thing I know is that he is a face which im use to seeing in Community meetings. Last time I saw Gibroney, was like in 05' or 06'. Thats no good, we need better.

Its bad enuff that Tony Rup.... is invisible. We dont need the same from our City councilor. We deserve better!

Chris: Im sending you this thread bud. Think about us dude!


Chris Gallop would be the better choice, IMO

I've never seen or personally met Kevin B. See what happens come this fall. Whoever it is - I just want them to be present and involved in Ward 18 issues.


Future Councilor

I agree with you Ranajit, in terms of having a councilor that is "present and involved". I would like to add, I hope we elect a person that is also fair minded and not cow-towed by the loudest voices, but is willing to hear both sides of any given issue and can decide what is best for the majority in long term NOT short term. Moreover, I would hope this person is knowledgeable about the changing philosophies and research of urban living in the 21st century.

Kevin Beaulieu to run in Ward 18?

The Star is reporting that Kevin Beaulieu, Adam Giambrone's executive assistant, may be gearing up to run for council in Ward 18. Adam Giambrone is apparently (though not surprisingly) taking a break from politics.

Details here:

Ward 18 Candidates' websites

I updated the first post in this thread with links to all of the ward 18 candidates that I can find so far. If you know of any others, please post here.

Election rumours

I have a feeling that the run up to this year's election will be a hot one at all levels, from mayor, to councillor, and right down to trustee.

Last night there was an unsigned rumour posted here about someone running for trustee, which spawned some responses from that perspective candidate. It turned nasty rather quickly.

Let's keep in mind that rumours are rumours. If you have information to share, make sure it's verifiable, especially when it concerns a person. Keep responses civil too.

Here's a reminder to read the Code of Conduct before posting.

Couch for sale!

I hear there's one going really cheap at city hall.

Knowing Jack he would rather

Knowing Jack he would rather do what he is doing and keep polititions honest then run for office. He has been ask many times and he always has said "NO". What signs or poster are you talking about?

Giambrone is out. Who's next?

Well, now it's official as Adam Giambrone filed his papers to run for mayor today.

That means we'll have a new councillor in Ward 18. Who will it be?

So far, there are three people registered to run in this ward:

  • Bailão, Ana
  • Le, Nha
  • Wood, Ken

Any comments?

Peter Feriera ? Although he

Peter Feriera ? Although he doesnt live in the area.

Giambrone to announce he's running for mayor?

In today's 24 Hours, Thien Nuynh has an article / interview with Adam Giambrone. Here's a quote from the end of the article:

I try to catch him off guard: "Will you run for mayor?"

"I've made my decision and I'm putting together my campaign team. I expect to make a formal announcement in the next few weeks."

You can read the 24 Hours paper online in a very annoying full-page view format. This article is on page 4.

Not to Gossip but...

Anyone else have any further information on Giambrone's "indiscression"?

You can get all the gossip

You can get all the gossip from the Star in this article......Bad timing for poor Adam


Giambrone to announce on Feb 1st.

According to Torontoist, Adam Giambrone will announce he's running for mayor on February 1st. The invitation doesn't specifically say he's running for mayor, but that's where all the recent speculation seems to point to.

blogTO Interview with Giambrone

BlogTO has a short but interesting interview with Councillor Giambrone today http://www.blogto.com/people/2009/10/toronto_through_the_eyes_of_adam_gi.... He makes it clear that he is considering a run for Mayor. It would be a shame to loose him as a councillor in what will almost certainly be a tough race for Mayor.