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Noise from the Rail Grade Separation Project (Part II)

We have reported on the GO Transit rail grade separation project in the past, but in the last few days it seems that members of the Junction community and their local politicians have been making their complaints known in a stronger way.

On the afternoon of Friday March 27th there was a rally on Hook Ave., where residents along with Parkdale - High Park MPP Cherie DiNovo demonstrated against the excessive noise of the pile driving.

The CBC and the Toronto Star both reported on the rally and the noise issues, as did the Junctioneer blog.

This morning, Monday March 30th, CityNews featured this story on Breakfast Television and broadcast the construction noise on live TV.

The ongoing noise from the pile driving, which may take up to 16 months, affects people on "our side of the tracks" as much as it does the people in The Junction. However, I haven't heard as many complaints from residents here, or action from any levels of government. In Parkdale - High Park, MP Gerrard Kennedy, MPP Cheri DiNovo and Councillor Gord Perks have all sent around information about this project and tried to get the noise issues resolved.

Residents of Hook Ave. have started a discussion list about the piling noise. This is probably the best place to get the most recent updates on the issue.

Rally: Rail Construction Noise

This is very short notice, but I just read about this upcoming rally over on the Junctioneer blog:

Rally for noise and shutter happening with the West Toronto Diamond construction

Noise from the Rail Grade Separation Project

There's a good chance that you have noticed all of the construction happening at the West Toronto Diamond (where the major railway corridors intersect), especially if you live in the north-west corner of our neighbourhood. The pile driving can occasionally be heard as far away as Symington and Bloor.

The Junctioneer Blog has posted about this project, and included some good links to more documentation about it.

The following message was posted to Councillor Gord Perks' blog:

Go Transit grade separation project in CN/CP rail corridors

Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the construction noise and vibrations at the West Toronto Diamond Rail Yard.

Please be advised that the City of Toronto’s Noise By-law is not applicable when the noise is generated as a result of activities on either provincial or federal lands.

I have received several complaints about the noise emanating from the site. In response to those complaints, I have asked staff to contact GO Transit who are responsible for overseeing the construction activities. I understand that GO is well aware that some of the noise and vibration as a result of the pile driving activities may be of concern to some of the area residents. Staff kindly asked them to attempt to resolve the neighbourhood’s concerns. I understand that City staff were advised that all construction work is occurring during the hours our Noise By-law would normally permit, however our Noise By-law is not applicable in this case.

The City’s GO contact has provided me with telephone numbers and contact information for the public to call to address any concerns they have about the on-going work. As of February 23, 2009, the public can contact McCormack Rankin, the contract administrator, at 416-604-9582.

You may also want to contact the office of MP Gerard Kennedy at 416-769-5072 or by email at KenneG1@parl.gc.ca should your complaints not be resolved in a timely manner.

Thank you.

GO Train at Bloor Station

GO Train at Bloor Station

A southbound GO Train on the Georgetown line at Bloor Station.

Photo by Vic Gedris, 2008-07-15.

Open House: GO Transit Georgetown and Airport Rail Link

GO Train at Bloor StationGO Train at Bloor Station

Metrolix has announced a series of public open house meetings regarding changes on the GO Transit Georgetown South corridor and Pearson Airport rail link. These proposed changes will have a direct impact on our neighbourhood as there will be increased frequency of trains servicing the Bloor station on GO Transit's Georgetown line, in addition to the new airport rail service.

Please feel free to discuss these developments by posting comments below. You can also contact us if you would like the SJTRA to pass any comments on to Metrolinx for you.

Details for our local meeting:

When: Tuesday February 3 2009, 11:00am to 8:30pm
Where: Lithuanian House, 1573 Bloor St. W. (map)

More information can be found at the Metrolinx website here: http://www.metrolinx.com/gsse/default.aspx

See below for the Metrolinx press release from January 21, 2009:

West Bend CA Meeting: GO Transit/TTC Link

The West Bend Community Association, which covers the neighbourhood immediately to the west of us on the other side of Dundas St., is having their June meeting this Wednesday. The main topic of this meeting is the proposed tunnel linking GO Transit's Bloor Station to the TTC's Dundas West subway station, as well as the West Toronto Diamond grade separation project. See below for the details about the meeting.

The West Bend Community Association - June Meeting
18 June 2008, 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Indian Road Crescent School 2nd floor staff room
285 Indian Road Crescent (map)

Guest Speaker: Imants Hausmanis, P.Eng., GO-Transit

Mr Hausmanis will describe the plans for a proposed underground connection between GO-Transit's Bloor Station and the TTC's Dundas West Station. In addition, he will provide an update on the West Toronto Diamond Grade Separation Project (the "big dig" between Dupont and St. Clair, starting soon).

Other business: Negotiations begin for 1540 Bloor Street (Joe Mercury site)

Jane's Walk - Rail Path north of Queen St.

Jane's Walk - Rail Path north of Queen St.

Jane's Walk along the West Toronto Rail Path. On Future Railpath north of Queen, with a GO Train in the background.
Photo by Scott Dobson, May 4 2008.

Staffed ticket booth at GO's Bloor Station closes

According to Transit Toronto, GO Transit's Bloor Station no longer has a ticket agent on duty.

Starting Monday, April 7, you’ll have to use the automated ticket machine at the station if you want to buy single-ride tickets and day passes at Bloor. The machine only accepts credit and debit cards.

After today, you won’t be able to buy two-ride tickets, 10-ride tickets, and monthly passes at Bloor Station. You can buy these from ticket sales booths at all other train stations on the Georgetown line, including Union Station during regular hours.

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