Bending the Rails: Documentary screening at Revue Cinema

Details from the Facebook event page:

Bending the Rails: documentary about the diesel trains

Time: Tuesday, August 30 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Revue Cinema

More Info: Free screening at the Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles) Tuesday August 30 @ 7:00PM. MP Andrew Cash, Councillor Ana Bailão, MPP Cheri DiNovo, filmmaker Jeff Winch and Paul Gorczynski from the office of Peggy Nash will be in attendance. Q&A after screening (running time 45 mins)

The Junction Triangle in Toronto is surrounded by railway lines. Very soon those rails will bring excessive toxic diesel pollution to the neighbourhood, courtesy of the Ontario Government.

Citizens all along the rail corridor want clean electric trains, but Premier Dalton McGuinty isn’t listening.

With government sorely letting it down, the scrappy Junction Triangle fights on.

But the diesel trains are coming closer and time is running out

For more info, contact jw@jeffwinch.com.

Local man charged with cruelty to animals for attacking raccoons

The mural removal incident isn't the only local story all over the news this week. On Wednesday morning, a resident of Rankin Cres. was charged with cruelty to animals and possessing a dangerous weapon after allegedly beating a family of raccoons in his backyard. Details from the Police and media follow:

From the CP24 story:

Toronto police said officers were called to a home on Rankin Crescent, near Lansdowne Avenue and Bloor Street, shortly before 6 a.m.

At least one neighbour called 911 to report a man striking small raccoons with "a shovel-type" garden tool in his yard while a mother raccoon attempted to rescue her offspring, police said.

The neighbour told CP24 that he was startled by wild animals' shrieks, so he looked outside to find the suspect beating the raccoons with a red-coloured spade.

"The screaming from the first baby was horrific, it was loud," said the neighbour, who confronted the man.

Clean Train Coalition Update - April 19

Dear Friends of Clean Trains,

Many residents along the Georgetown Corridor, specifically between Liberty Village and Weston, are under the impression that we have won the battle on electrification - that they are planning to immediately start electrifying the GO system, starting with the Air Rail Link (ARL) and the Georgetown Corridor - and that we don't need to fight for it anymore. This is completely false and we are taking this opportunity to "debunk the myth."

What Metrolinx is NOT advertising is that their claimed earliest date for ARL electrification is at least 7 to 9 years in the future. Or it could be longer. In real terms, it means that there is NO CHANGE to their plans to build the ARL with diesel engines for the start of service in 2015! Electrification of the line is NOT a given and we still need to press for it to happen. The Pan Am Games, a 2-week event, is just not enough of a reason to go ahead and build a line that will end up costing us more financially and with our health.

Under intense pressure from the Clean Train Coalition and others, Metrolinx has finally acknowledged that electric trains are not only superior in many ways but are also less expensive than diesels. Despite this, the provincial government is still insisting that we need to rush to build a diesel-powered service prior to the Pan Am Games in 2015! They say they will electrify the line later, but there are no firm promises nor dates given. And electrifying later will result in a $400-million-plus penalty to taxpayers!

This is a waste of time and money. We continue to insist that they should build smart regional rail RIGHT the first time. Build the ARL as electric from the start or wait until it can be built right the first time!

2011 Community Cleanup Day

2010 Community Cleanup: Edwin Ave. cleanup.  Photo by Craig Charnock2010 Community Cleanup: Edwin Ave. cleanup. Photo by Craig Charnock
On Saturday April 16th 2011 the annual Community Clean-up Day happens in neighbourhoods all across Toronto.

Several local cleanups are being organized again this year. If you would like to organize or participate in a cleanup event on Saturday April 16th or any other day, please get in touch or post a comment below. You should also register your cleanup events with the City so that they can pick up the litter that you collect.

Here is a list of local cleanup events:

  • South Perth and Sterling Rd.: Meet at 9:00am. Snacks and beverages are being provided by Castlepoint. Garbage bags, brooms and gloves are provided by Rio Tinto Alcan. Please confirm attendance by emailing Philip at toward18@yahoo.com or leave a voicemail at 416-516-4583
  • St. Luigi's / Perth Public School grounds cleanup, with Councillor Ana Bailão: Meet at 10:00am. "I welcome everyone to join me in a Ward 18 Clean Up on April 16th. We will be meeting at St. Luigi's School and cleaning some of the more neglected green spaces we have in the ward."

South Perth / Sterling Cleanup: Volunteers Wanted

South Perth and Sterling Cleanup: October 2008South Perth and Sterling Cleanup: October 2008
Philip from the South Perth and Sterling Rd. Residents Association writes:

April 16th is Spring Cleanup day (Saturday from 9am-1pm)

This year we are looking for:

  • 5 to 7 Captains to manage the pivotal points in the neighborhood cleanup

Plus as many Volunteers for each of the following areas:

  • The Laneway South of Bloor between Perth and Sterling Road
  • Perth Avenue South of Bloor to the bottom of the street where the Chimney stack used to be.
  • Sterling Road from Bloor South to the old Moloney Lot.
  • The old Moloney parking Lot and adjoining Grassy/Weed lands.
  • 221-227 Sterling along the East Side where all the garbage piles up against the curb
  • South Side of the street all along the old Tower property.

And if we can have some of the kids to volunteer for the refreshment stand Castlepoint is offering to provide refreshments, but only if we can have a table manned for this.

Recycling items can be separated & Garden Waste must be put into the large paper bags and trash in heavy duty green bags (all bags will be provided courtesy of Rio-Tinto Alcan).

Separate arrangements will be made for a toxic taxi pick-up for disposing of paint and oil and various other items that were to be kept from the regular garbage but can be place out on that day by the Gray Postal box across from 213 Sterling Road.

If you are interested please drop Philip a line with contact info to:



Clean Train Rally @ Metrolinx HQ

Clean Train Coalition rally, Friday February 18, 8:30am, in front of Metrolinx headquarters at 20 Bay St.

Stop Diesel Trains: Postcards from the Edge

We are at an important juncture in the fight for electric trains. We need to keep the pressure on the Ontario Government, so that they follow through on the recommendations of their own 4 million dollar study to electrify the Georgetown Rail Corridor and do not purchase diesel trains in February 2011. This issue could easily get lost among the political priorities, somewhere between suburban transportation needs and the Pan Am Games. The best way to keep the pressure on is through letters, emails, phone calls and other communications. With an election on the horizon, voters’ words have power. To this end, our friends at Stop Diesel Trains have created postcards that can be mailed to Premier McGuinty. The cards have a simple but clear message:

Demonstration: Stop dirty diesel trains, Go Electric

Members of the Junction Triangle Rail Committee, Clean Train Coalition, Stop Dirty Diesel Trains, and other community groups are holding a demonstration on Wednesday January 26, 8:30am, demanding that Metrolinx NOT purchase diesel trains for the air-rail link to Pearson Airport.

Details are in the Clean Train Coalition's flyer below.


We demand that Metrolinx NOT purchase diesel trains for the air-rail link to Pearson Airport.
Wednesday, January 26 at 8:30 a.m.
Central YMCA, 20 Grosvenor St
2 blocks north of College St, west of Yonge St
VOLUNTEER: send your name to info@cleantrain.ca to help deliver flyers in your area.

Clean Train Demonstration at Metrolinx's offices

Join the Clean Train Demonstration at Metrolinx's offices, Tuesday November 16 at 9:00am, 20 Bay Street at Queen's Quay.

The Metrolinx Board is meeting to make recommendations to the provincial government regarding rail transit priorities. This is a crucial time for us to demonstrate to Metrolinx and the Provincial government that we are not willing to accept any increased pollution in our neighbourhods.

Clean Train Coalition's "Go Electric" music event

The following event announcement comes from the Clean Train Coalition:

Pressure mounts on Premier McGuinty to GO ELECTRIC!!

You are cordially invited to attend the Clean Train Coalition's GO ELECTRIC music event on Sunday, September 26th in Sorauren Park, from 1:00pm - 5:00pm. Local musicians will perform throughout the afternoon, with keynote speakers taking the stage at 3:00pm.

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