2010 Community Cleanup

2010 Community Cleanup

South Perth and Sterling Rd. cleanup. Photo courtesy Philip Share and Rio Tinto Alcan.

2010 Community Cleanup

2010 Community Cleanup

South Perth and Sterling Rd. cleanup. Photo courtesy Philip Share and Rio Tinto Alcan.

Video: Railpath walking tour, with Scott Torrance

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On Saturday February 21 2010, Scott Torrance, the landscape architect behind the design and implementation of the West Toronto Railpath led a walking tour of this wonderful new public space. The walking tour was hosted by the Lost Rivers Committee, Toronto Field Naturalists and the Toronto Green Community.

During this walking tour, Scott Torrance described various aspects of the history, design, and implementation of the Railpath. He provided a great insight into some of the choices made about how the path was landscaped, the materials used, the plant life, and more. I didn't attend this walk, but fortunately someone brought a video camera!

The first video posted here (above) is the short 3-minute summary. If you want to see the whole thing, it's broken up into 3 parts below.

There's more info about Scott Torrance's work on his website, and you can also watch these video on his Youtube channel.

Interested in another walking tour of the Railpath? This Saturday, May 1, there will be a Jane's Walk on the Railpath. It's not hosted by Scott Torrence, but rather by some knowledgeable locals. Check it out if you want to learn more about the current state of the Railpath, and plans for future south/east expansion.

Wallace Bridge: Looking into the Junction Triangle

Wallace Ave. Bridge: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-04-16Wallace Ave. Bridge: Photo by Vic Gedris, 2010-04-16

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words".

I was walking home from the Dundas West subway station on Friday evening and decided to take this photo from the Dundas St. side of the Wallace Ave. pedestrian bridge. I always enjoy the view from here, especially since it contains two of our neighbourhood's most iconic sights: The bridge itself, and the old G.E. Water Tower near Lansdowne Ave.

When I came home and took a closer look at the photo, it struck me that there are many things going on within the frame of this picture. Little bits of history, neighbourhood icons, and changes that are happening rapidly. Here's what I spotted. Maybe there are some things I missed?

2010 Community Cleanup day

Railpath Litter Cleanup: September 2009Railpath Litter Cleanup: September 2009

On Saturday April 24th 2010 the annual Community Clean-up Day happens in neighbourhoods all across Toronto.

Past cleanup events in our neighbourhood made a positive impact (Campbell Park 2008, Perth-Sterling Autumn 2008, Perth-Sterling 2009, Railpath Autumn 2009).

Several local cleanups are being organized again this year. If you would like to organize or participate in a cleanup event on Saturday April 24th or any other day, please get in touch or post a comment below. You should also register your cleanup events with the City so that they can pick up the litter that you collect.

Here is a list of local cleanup events:

"Rail of Light" at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

The Junction Triangle will be hosting an art exhibit titled "Rail of Light" during the annual all-night Scotiabank Nuit Blanche art festival, on the night of October 2 2010. Here's a brief description from the Rail of Light website:

Jane's Walk: Clean Train Coalition - Walk the Line

Started in 2007, Jane's Walk is an annual event honouring the late urban thinker, activist, and writer Jane Jacobs. On May 1 and 2 2010, free walking tours will take place in cities all over Canada, the USA, and other countries around the world.

The Clean Train Coalition has organized a walk along the Georgetown rail corridor on Saturday May 1, 2010, at 2:00pm, starting in Sorauren Park and heading north through the Junction Triangle along the West Toronto Railpath. All Jane's Walks are free, and this one does not require registration, but you can sign up for an email reminder on the Jane's Walk website.

Join the Clean Train Coalition, a grassroots group demanding the province "Go Electric!" Walk with us on a tour along part of the corridor, join us in conversation about the proposed walls, the effect of diesel pollution on children’s health, and the impact diesel trains will have on local parks and neighbourhoods near the rail line and to the city as a whole. Hear why electric rail is the right way to go and find out how you can help us to make that solution a reality.

We will start from Sorauren Park, a well-loved neighbourhood recreation area, head west and then north to explore the newly opened section of the West Toronto Railpath.

Clean Train Student Coalition calls for student action

The following press release was sent by the Clean Train Student Coalition.

Clean Train Student Coalition
3199 Lakeshore Blvd. W.
Toronto, Ontario
M8V 1K8

Attention: News Editor

Caterina Ventrella
Media Relations Officer

April 9, 2010


TORONTO – The Clean Train Student Coalition is seeking support from students and student groups in the Greater Toronto Area to electrify the proposed diesel train expansion in Toronto. The CTSC is asking people to sign the petition at www.cleantrain.ca/petition to protest the use of diesel-powered locomotives in the project.

Get on board with the Junction Triangle Rail Committee

A new residents’ group has formed in the neighbourhood. The Junction Triangle Rail Committee will focus on the merits of electrification - what increased diesel traffic means for our community - and the construction of the Davenport Diamond overpass/separation on the Eastern side of the neighbourhood. As a group, we are all for more trains – but we strongly feel electrification is long overdue and Metrolinx must consider the impact of their expansion plans on residents in this neighbourhood. GO Transit and the Government of Ontario have been talking about electrifying the lines since the 1960s, but each decade the plan gets dismissed for being too costly. And each decade, the costs increase. But what about the long-term costs of diesel exhaust? Surrounded by rails, the Junction Triangle stands right at the centre of this controversy and deserves a voice. If you’re interested in joining the push for electrification right here in your own neighbourhood and want Metrolinx to practise responsible construction methods that won't drive people from their homes, please contact us by emailing rail@junctiontriangle.ca or through the online contact form.

Irmina Ayuyao
Bruce Gavin Ward
Scott Dobson
Vic Gedris
Kristen den Hartog
Kevin Putnam
Jeff Winch

The Junction Triangle Rail Committee is on the web at: www.junctiontriangle.ca/rail

Lansdowne Ave. Bike Lanes Consultation

The following notice comes from the City of Toronto, regarding the installation of bicycle lanes on Lansdowne Ave. between Bloor St. and Davenport Rd.

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