Brownstones on Bloor

The Brownstones on Bloor townhouse development on Bloor St., east of Symington Ave., is currently being built. Use this forum to discuss this development site.

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Hi - I have a greenwich end unit at BOW that I am looking to sell privately. Everytime I have been there I have not heard noise from other units and certainly not a loud noise from the train if the windows are closed. If you would like more information on the unit, please contact me at

When will BOB be registered?

When will BOB be registered?



I live in one of the units facing bloor and i never hear the trains, I think we are far enough away from the tracks (west of us) that the trains won't be that much of an issue.


Thanks for your responses. Sorry I wasn't clearer, re. BOB I wanted to know what the traffic, street noise was like, I would expect you can't hear the trains there. So that noise and the noise between units is what I'm concerned about with BOB. Can you comment on that? Thanks

anyone looking to sell a lower unit?

I'm interested in buying a lower unit in this complex. Does anyone know if any are available still, or is anyone looking to sell theirs?


We are interested in selling our unit #107, which is a lower unit. If your interested, please contact Rose at 905-399-1297.

for sale

There are usually Open Houses on Sunday from 2pm - 4pm.
You can see the signs outside the units for sale.

Hey there, there is for sure

Hey there, there is for sure one with a real estate sign in the window on the south side of the development, pretty sure it is unit 104.

enbridge gas bills

Hi I am disputing my first gas bill with enbridge since it seems waaaaay higher than it should be for 16 days of use. they have an estimated reading that they say they will adjust. does anyone have a actual amount for either march or april based on a real as opposed to estimated reading? I would like to get a sense of what a comparable amount should be. thanks!

Since, BOW is now registered.

Since, BOW is now registered. Has anyone heard the status or timeline for BOB?


I gave Enbridge my actual gas consumption for the April 11- May 10 period. My actual consumption using the PEF adjustment was 46.26 cubic metres. Using this Endbridge can go back to March 11 ( my occupancy) and properly estimate my consumption for the March 11- April 10 period by comparing degree days ( a cold measuring factor that they use) to the degree days for the April 11 to May 10 period. For example if it was 10 % colder then my consumption for my first month would be approx 51.0 cubic metres.

My estimate is that my bill for the March11- April 10 period should be about $ 45 plus HST. ( The $ 45 includes all delivery,customer charges etc.)

As an aside the meters were installed on August 20, 2010. The units were heated all winter so that construction could continue. I think Enbridge overlooked this when they came up with their initial estimate.

Thanks! That was what i had


That was what i had figured, which is why the $250 plus bill seemed way to high.

Don't forget, new customers

Don't forget, new customers to Enbridge have to pay a $200 security deposit. Take a closer look at your bill.

yup that amount does exclude

yup that amount does exclude the deposit. i think 250 plus for a half month is way more than normal.

Enbridge Security Deposit

If you were an enbridge customer prior to moving in then you should be able to have the security deposit waived. (I assuming your prior account was in good standing). In any event the security deposit is a request. If you think you have to pay it then call Enbridge first and ask them to remove the deposit at year end and have the deposit amount credited to your account. By then your credit with them should be established and you are no longer a "new customer".

Security deposit and overcharges

Another way to avoid security deposit is to sign up for pre-authorized debit. If you'll have any concerns in the future, you can cancel it at any time.

For overcharges simply contact Enbridge. I also spoke with Robert about the issue, he agreed that any pre-moving consumption should be charged to the builder.

Parking for rent

Parking spot # 148 for rent June 1st. $70.00 a month.

Bloor Street

Anyone facing bloor st? If we hear noise between our neighbours, what about the units facing the noise on bloor? How is that working for you?

I live along bloor and we

I live along bloor and we don't hear any noise, our neighbour hasn't moved in yet so not sure how that noise will be. Bloor is pretty quiet at night, you do hear some yelling once ina while though lol

We face bloor street and one

We face bloor street and one of our neighbours have moved in (who has kids) and we don't hear noise from their units.

Anyone else's car get broken into last night in the garage? This has been an issue with the Brownstones on Wallace as I have been tracking their thread too, but I was hoping it wasn't going to be an issue with us but our van was broken into last night and it looks like someone's else trunk too as it was wide open this morning... So frustrated right now!!

My car wasnt broken into

Crap, I have noticed the thread at BOW about garage breakins but was thinking we were lucky it wasnt happening here. Have the police and property mgmt been contacted?


Welcome to the club. That must be your tinted glass on the floor I saw today. Based on my personal tracking record your car is third, may be fourth at BoB (mine, I think, was the first). Did you report it to police and to Peter from Taft Management? If not, please do so.

Though the property management company is useless in the case. They sound very concerned when takling to them but have done nothing so far to deal with the issue. I think we should get together and collectively fire them.

Since it happened over and over again in the course of the last few weeks, the thieves must be feeling pretty comfortable coming back when they feel like it.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to stop the actions other than installing the security cameras? Given the trend it could be just a matter of time until your car gets broken into. And, of course, DO NOT leave any valuables in the car.

As you've probably read,

As you've probably read, we've had similar issues at BoW. Until you register, elect a condo board, and move forward installing security cameras, the best thing you can do is just keep an eye out for suspicious activity and not leave anything in your car. As more people move into your development, it'll be more eyes and more people around to deter thieves.

I agree with the reception of these issues from Peter at Taft Forward. I know they are limited in what they can do but I feel like they've thrown us to the wolves during this pre-registration period.

Enbridge Gas Bills

I just received my first bill from Enbridge and quickly realized that they made an error. I called and they are in the process of making an adjustment. Apparently they estimated the meter reading when I first occupied my unit. This estimate was incorrect which lead to a huge initial bill. I would call Enbridge if you have an excessively large initial bill from them.


How large was your bill? Mine was $407

I haven't received anything

I haven't received anything yet. What mistake did they make? I had the reliance bill and they were charging from Feb 11th, instead of March 11th, they fixed that.

enbridge gas bill

Enbridge took an actual reading on April 11th. That had an estimated reading for March 11th. The estimated reading was very low which resulted in a very high consumption amount for the March to April period. ( April reading less March estimate). My bill was over $ 400 for this period. The bill should have been in the $40 range.


Has anyone heard anything about mail delivery yet? I can't get to the post station as they are only open to the public btw 9 and 12. this is crazy


We have mail delivery to our boxes now.

closing date

Anyone has any update on the expected closing date? - Hope it can be closed before the summer ends.

Are all the blocks occupied?

Are all the blocks occupied? They can begin the process once 75% is occupied.

I beleive all the blocks are

I beleive all the blocks are "occupied" even though not every unit has someone living in it. There are probably a bunch of investor lots that will be sold off at some point.

I'm assuming registration process has already started but there are many components of that process that must be met before the complex is registered. Hopefully they go relatively quickly for you. It did for the Davenport project.

Overall Quality

I have to say, I am a little disappointed with the quality of the work done on my unit.

It is clear that the workers were in a BIG hurry to get it done - there is paint on everything (floors, trim, tiles, light fixtures, doorstops), the clothes bars in some of the closets are not placed correctly so that the the clothing is sticking out and always hit by the door, there are broken lights in some of the sockets, and so many of the doors between rooms stick because they are not lined up well. It is little things like this that show the developer does not take care in their work.

I haven't begun to notice the noise between units - mostly because I'm not sure if there is anyone living next door yet. But I'm sure it will come up soon. I would seriously caution anyone considering purchasing future developments from this group.

Have you had your PDI yet to

Have you had your PDI yet to have any of these issues fixed? We bought a unit at Brownstones on Wallace and toured several units as a few were on the market. Some had PDIs done and were in great shape... the units that had not had their PDI completed did have some paint splatters around. I assume those issues were fixed later on.

I'm not sure what the purpose of posting your grievances on here is... you can tell people not to buy a future development from the builder but you're only hurting yourself by posting this. If you or anyone else decides to sell their unit in the future and a potential buyer Googles 'Brownstones on Bloor', they might read this post and have second thoughts about buying a unit there. Ultimately, a bunch of complaints about the development will hurt you as much or more so than it hurts the builder.

In the long term, that is

In the long term, that is true. In the short term, comments like this put pressure on the builder to resolve complaints / fix issues. Updates can always be posted stating that the builder actually fixed the problem. There are very few of these.

I had to get a replacment tub

I had to get a replacment tub and its in already, just getting tiling done today. The quality isn't 5 star but i think it's very good for the price we paid. All builders have problems, just go ask anyone else that has a condo. it's nothing new.

I think it's stupid to post

I think it's stupid to post things like "the build quality of my townhouse sucks" anonymously online. At the end of the day, it's your townhouse and your investment. Writing how much you dislike it on a public forum certainly won't help your resale value.

When you Google "Brownstones on Bloor" this page is the first result. Anyone seriously considering buying one of these places could possibly be turned off after reading a bunch of anonymous complaints. I know I would be. There's a lot of other townhouses in the area (like the ones on Rankin Crescent or Dekoven Mews) that don't bring you to a website full of complaints.

Most townhouse and condo residents have private Facebook or Yahoo groups where they can discuss issues privately. I suggest you keep your complaints on a private forum. If you want to put pressure on the builder, speak with your neighbours and collectively approach him to solve the problems. This anonymous "payback" is only hurting you and your neighbours in the long run.

I compeletely agree. I intend

I compeletely agree. I intend to sell my unit eventually and would like people to stop complaining here, as it is hurting all of us.

Is anyone interested in

Is anyone interested in joining a Facebook page that way we can meet our neighbours and once the condo is registered it may be easier to contact each other?
Let me know I am more than willing to start that up. It would be great to really start open communication between eveyone living in BOB. I want to enjoy living here and that includes meeting and getting to know my neighbours.

ya do it!!

ya do it!!


Sorry for the replication, the site is acting strange.

Yahoo Listserv vs: Facebook

I would like a private site, but not everyone likes Facebook. What about a Yahoo Listserv like Bebloor has.

Yahoo Listserv vs: Facebook

I would like a private site, but not everyone likes Facebook. What about a Yahoo Listserv like Bebloor has.

Does it mean we need to have

Does it mean we need to have a yahoo account to access it? If not I am up for it. If there are a few more people that are interested that would be great. Any ideas on how to recruit more owners/tenants?

I would join this, just let

I would join this, just let me know how. maybe we could drop notes off at the occupied units to spread the word?

Yahoo Listserv vs: Facebook

I would like a private site, but not everyone likes Facebook. What about a Yahoo Listserv like Bebloor has.

I kinda see your point but if

I kinda see your point but if you really want to put pressure on the builder get on the phone and get on their case. Keep in mind the builder does have 120 Days after your 30 day form to resolve your issues. But you have serious issues... get on them to resolve them sooner. Hope you have good luck!

noise btw units

Hi, I have recently moved into my unit and overall am quite happy with my new home. The only major issue is the noise btw units. there isnt really an issue with the unit below me, but i can hear my neighbours running water in their bathroom, and coughing etc. Does anyone know what can be done? I am assuming that the units were constructed within code.

It is a common issue not only

It is a common issue not only for this site. The apartment I rented I could hear the running water from the unit above me from my bedroom..i.e. I could tell if someone was flushing toilet or was taking a shower.

There's not really much you

There's not really much you can do without it being a large and costly project. You might be hearing some of it through the bathroom vents or pipes. The concrete walls between the units aren't the best for soundproofing either.

It's something you just have to live with.




The mailboxes now have the unit numbers on them.

great, and sometime in 2012

great, and sometime in 2012 they'll have mail in them :)

Nice Try BOB Service! 2012

Nice Try BOB Service! 2012 really means 2013!

Looking for a parking spot and locker to rent

I'm interested in any parking spots that might be available to rent in BOB as well as any lockers in BOB or the condo tower. Let me know at .

Storage Locker

I know some of the neighboring developments have storage lockers and some of the residence visit this forum. If anyone has a storage locker that they would like to rent out I am interested in finding out what you are hoping to charge and where the locker is located. If someone has a locker that they are looking to rent out, please contact me:


Wrong Parking Spot

Hello all,
There is a vehicle that has been parked underground for over a week now that is in the wrong spot. If you are the owner or know the owner of a dusty black Chevrolet Chevelle with the license plate number AWHF 004 please contact customer service to confirm which spot is yours.
Thank you

gas fitter

Hi does anyone know a gas fitter or has used one they can recommend to install a NG pipe on the deck? let me know.

Licensed Gas Fitter living on-site

We actually have a licensed gas fitter living in our BOB complex.

He will be hooking up my bbq this coming weekend (weather permits).

You should be able to strike a deal with him and he won't charge you for travel either.

Other obvious benefit of him being a neighbour is that should we have any complain, he's within a reach every day. He'd better guarantee the result. :)

Name: Sergey
Phone: 647-707-3693
Available: every day after 3:30 pm and on weekends.

He's also a friend of mine ;)

Gas Fitter


I used this Gas Fitter for my BBQ last week. Excellent & fast service. I highly recommend him

Reconfigured the gas shut-off valve, connected gas BBQ and tested system for leaks

Cost: $100.00 + $25.00 travel
Phone: 416-879-2812
Contact: George

Information & online reviews from HomeStars website


I'll be sure to contact him soon!

Is anyone renting out their parking space?

Hey there,
I will be moving into my unit in the BOB this weekend and am looking for a parking space to rent. If anyone is wanting to make some extra money and rent out their space can you please email me and let me know? Or if you have leads on any of our neighbours that might be willing to rent.


New to the Hood, what a great way to meet the Neighbours

April 16th is the up and coming 13th annual Neighbourhood/Street Clean-up, Starting at 9am till 1 pm.
This year we are looking for volunteers to participate..bags and gloves will be provided by Rio-Tinto Alcan, snacks and refreshments are being donated by Castlepoint Developments, this is a great way to meet neighbours, find out some interesting goings on in the hood and have some face time with local developers and the Councillor.

If you plan to attend, or are interested in taking a Lead role, Let me know..drop me a email at


[Edited by Vic to correct email address]

Hi Philip, We would like to

Hi Philip,

We would like to help however we cannot get e-mail through to the Can you please check if that is the correct e-mail address.

Thank you.


the correct email should be as

My apologies, I didn't notice that the email was missing the full address which is


Still no Mail Delivery...

Anyone have any updates? The builder is not answering.

I heard that they're putting

I heard that they're putting the numbers up today. After this it should happen anyway.

Closing Date

Does anyone know the closing date?


I was wondering the same thing. Any idea when it will be registered so we can stop paying occupancy fees?

Mid-late April for

Mid-late April for registration is what Ive heard and no word on mail delivery, they are replying to taht question anymore...

The registration will happen

The registration will happen 20 days after we are officailly notified. Based on the delays at BOB, I would anticipate your still a few months away from registration. BOW was occupied before BOB and rumor has it registration will happen late May for BOW.

I was told another 3-6 months

I was told another 3-6 months until registration.

The builder told me they

The builder told me they would be surprised if it's not registered in April.

I spoke with Claudia and she

I spoke with Claudia and she explain that the registration will be in October

How did she know?

What evidence did she mention about an October closing date.

Fixed rates just went up .35% today.

It's true

Nadia has no idea I talked to her yesterday and she said that she has no idea when the builder will register. I'd like to know where all the sources for these rumors are coming from too.

I sold mine and when my real

I sold mine and when my real estate agent was working with the builder, Robert said he would be shocked if it wasn't registered by the end of April. With this project though, that could mean April 2012.

My unit is at Davenport

My unit is at Davenport Village and RBC told me that end of April will be our anticipated registration but noted that BOB and BOW will very unlikely close same time as BOP. Much later date. Nothing is official of course until we receive notification from the builder. But RBC has been calling in people from BOP. I was asked to come in last week.

If the bank is calling on

If the bank is calling on people something must be in progress for DOP. Probably fewer site specific issues needed to be sorted out for registration at that location.

They were also surprised that

They were also surprised that the units were not finished by September 2008.


The city planner would have a

The city planner would have a better idea than the builder...I would think. Anyone one know who the city planner is for BOB?

city planner

Assigned staff: Weick, Alex
Title: Building Specialist
District/Section: Toronto and East York - Inspections
Location: 95 The Esplanade, Gr. Floor, Elevated Floor
Phone#: (416) 338-5773
Fax#: (416) 392-0677

Anybody call him?

Anybody call him?

I left a message for Robert

I left a message for Robert yesterday since the city planner knew nothing. Robert in return left me a voicemail this morning stating all the paper work has been filed and they are hoping it will be registered in 2-3 weeks and closing will take 20 days later.


If all the paperwork has been filed, why does the city planner know nothing of it?

Is it still the city planner

Is it still the city planner or is it now up to the Land Registry?

Tankless water heaters

Has anyone spoken to Reliance (the company that we all rent our hot water heaters) regarding switching to a tankless water heater? Just wondering if anyone has looked into making the switch. What are the logisitics, fees, etc?

Can't do anything until we

Can't do anything until we incorporate the condo development.

Alarm System

Hi, is anyone using an alarm system. I had the wires installed by the original company. I forget their name now. I've been trying to find reputable ones that do it for the internet as we won't be using a home phone. Anyone have a cheap way to to have the alarm system installed?


Have you received a manual

Have you received a manual for the alarm system, in terms of changing the code or setting the alarm? My alarm is there, but I'm not sure how to set it.