Brownstones on Bloor

The Brownstones on Bloor townhouse development on Bloor St., east of Symington Ave., is currently being built. Use this forum to discuss this development site.

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This is ridiculous, the speed

This is ridiculous, the speed of this developement has slowed to a crawl...they have been bricking that middle row for about 4 weeks now, and they are just starting on the inside of the south row, at this rate we'll be lucky to be moving in before the end of the year...i dont' understand what has happened, they were so speedy on the construction for a while there.

Too few workers

Friend of ours who lives nearby and who is in contruction business says these guys have too few people working on site given the size of the project. We can only wonder why they wouldn't bring in more stuff to have it completed rather sooner...

Delay notice

I received my delay notice today as well. While I appreciate the letter I can't help but voice my frustration with the situation. I've reviewed the BOW board which is also very informative since we are both in the same situation. However, While some have had great success with communication with Mr. R. Falus, I have been trying since colour selection in Sept to get a response from him regarding obtaining consent to assign my unit (get out of this and move on with my life). I handed the letter to him in person and faxed it twice more after that when he misplaced it and made a follow-up phone call after each letter, I have a lawyer and they sent 2 letters as well with no response. Needless to day that I'll be following-up with my lawyer Monday morning regarding this current letter. I'm glad to have this forum for information, to commiserate and vent; we're all in the same boat. My life has been on hold for 3 years... will this mess ever end?

Delayed Occupancy
See page 14 of PDF, in particular;
Note: Should you agree to extend your confirmed
Occupancy Date by way of an amendment to your
purchase agreement, you may not be eligible
for compensation.

I got my letter

I got my letter today..September 30 is the new date. The letter itself makes no sense i don't even understand it, they anticiapate that it will be ready July 26th, but there is a "chance" that the city won't approve, so basically it's still a big question mark - and what if we extend our places now until September 30th and then it is ready July 26 - then we'll be paying two places rent for two months.
As an FYI to everyone, if there is a major delay (which is 15 days or more) the builder is required to give us 65 days notice, which they failed doing this time, this is grounds to submit a claim to Tarion for Delayed occupancy compensation once we actually move in.

if you have a chance view the

if you have a chance view the Brownstones on Wallace blog - it sounds like everyone has different ideas about what the letter actually means.....

On my letter, I don't have an

On my letter, I don't have an option.



I believe if you agree to the

I believe if you agree to the new September occupancy date with the builder and the place is ready and city approved on July 26, you would not be required to pay for your townhouse until you move in in September.

I believe a major delay is upto 120 days and 65 day notice is required. I minor delay is upto 15 days with 35 days notice required before your entitled to compensation.

BOB delay to November

Hi everyone,

I got my letter for BOB via email and the new occupancy date is November 30th. It says they might be able to finish early but who knows.

For my block along Bloor

For my block along Bloor street

Hi, I didn't receive a letter


I didn't receive a letter yet. Are you referring to the Brown stones on Bloor?
Also, for the dates you are referring to, do you mean July 26th for occupancy, september30th closing?


Anything happening at the site?

My Assumption......expect a

My Assumption......expect a delay letter. BOW purchasers started getting theirs today for new September and October closing dates.

Where is the community meeting room going to be

Hi does anyone one know where this community meeting room is going too be in the complex

Meeting room

It's suppose to be the three(3) ground level units in the
North block at the east end. You can see it on the survey
plan, schedule C, at back of your Purchase agreement.

I don't have a Schedule C on

I don't have a Schedule C on my contract & don't know anything about a community / meeting room. What units would this be below? Looking at the site map (last page of disclosure book) I assume you mean that it will be in units 65-67 ?

I guess schedule C is too

I guess schedule C is too formal, someone had just written it on my Draft plan.
Anyway, the centre would be the combined lower units of # 42, 43, 44.

3rd building

what is the 3rd building for?

The third building is where

The third building is where the larger units are.

Update on construction

They have starting bricking the south building and seem to have completed most of the south face and are starting the west side. There may? be some work being done on the interior, stairs are in etc.

The insulation is up for most of the middle building, but no brickwork.

The north building (the one fronting Bloor) has not even been started. They seem to have the support structures in place with the plumbing layed out but not even the concrete frame has been constructed. There has not been any work done in this area of the site in weeks. This is the point they were at with the back two buildings around last December.

So needless to say it looks like they are trying to complete the back/south building to honour some of the occupancy dates, but if you have bought in the front/north building there is no hope of occupancy by July/August.

Just to add a bit to the last

Just to add a bit to the last point...

There has been very little activity on the 3rd (North row along Bloor) for the last few weeks. But..... I noticed over the last two days they have started putting the metal bars that will support the ground floor. I'm guessing the pouring of concrete for the first floor should be happening soon.

They are doing work in the interiors of the other two buildings. I have seen stairs and the metal studs for the interior walls but no drywall yet. Probably won't happen until each building is completely bricked.

Approx 1/2 of the south building is bricked. They will most likely start bricking the middle building right after the south building id done.

How all of this will play out in terms of occupancy. It would be great if the builder would provide some sort of update so that people can plan accordingly.

FYI - they started pouring

FYI - they started pouring the concrete for the first levels floors for the third building. They should start going up soon!!!!

thats good news. hopefully

thats good news. hopefully the weather is very good and doesn't slow them down


sorry i meant starting by the way

brownstone on bloor update

I past by the site and just want to let you know that they are finally stsring to put the brink up on the east side, this is progress


How many more legal delays do they have? They must be reaching their max extensions soon?! Obviously most of us are frustrated with the ongoing delays and lack of progress. I certainly am upset that BOW is being built faster than BOB and we were sold first. They should focus their work in chronological order. Anyway... any ideas on the delays... when can I actually get out of this mess?

Fairly sure that they only have one more 15 day + 5 day grace

Forgive me if I get this wrong, but from what I read in my contract:

We got a letter for Final Occupancy date of March 28th

The extensions are:
March 28th 2010 + 120 days extension from final occupancy date - > July 26th
July 26th + 15 days -> August 10th (I should have written it down, but I think the contract states 35 days notice)

The contract also notes upto 5 grace period days... -> August 15th.


My letter didn't say FINAL occupancy date, it just said occupancy date.

I'm pretty sure there's a big difference between those two terms.

Does this mean there were two separate letters?


It might be the distinction that the letter was worded as occupancy date, not tentative occupancy date as in previous letters?

Still no progress on row of homes on Bloor

Will it take 3 months and 2 weeks to build and finish. If they could do it that fast then why all the delays.

Can we honestly think that

Can we honestly think that they can finish EVERYTHING in the next 3 months and two weeks, considering how long it has taken them to get to the point they are at? i am not confident they will finish in time.

Thank you Anonymous for your

Thank you Anonymous for your update this morning on the progress. Reading it, i was beyond disappointed as your description is exactly what i saw a full month and a half ago..i thought in that time so much would have been done. I am now definitely waiting for the new letter to come by the 26th of this month (90 days notice) telling us that yet again it has been delayed. i'm been reading the BOW site and it sounds like they are soooo much further ahead, and they were sold after us. I feel like this development is never going to be finished.

90 Days Notice?

They have to give this much notice?


has any one been by the BOB site recently? is there much progress?!

I live next to the BOB site

I live next to the BOB site so I see it everyday. There is progress but it but not as fast as i anticipated. There are many workers there during the week and i see some workers there on the weekends. Two of the three blocks are up (concrete portions) and they are installing the exterior walls, windows, doors and blue insulation. They are also installing the interior steps. They started storing the exterior bricks on site so i assume they will be bricking the first two blocks soon. They started the third block a couple of weeks ago but they are still at ground level. Not certain why they are still only there but there seems to be a lot of ground work happening for the third block.... Just not building it up yet. Is this where the community centre will be? Does anyone know if the town homes that are directly on bloor are stacked? I thought they were building the lower levels but then they filled them in with sand?



the community centre is along bloor and they are stacked townhomes. Hopefully they speed up on that row. Thanks for the update.

Just for clarity, what

Just for clarity, what exactly is this "Community Centre"? I have heard people talk about it but have never seen any documentation.

There will be a city run

There will be a city run community centre part of the complex along bloor. the city hasn't decided what it will be yet. I wonder what it could possibly be. It will be on the first floor and on top of it will by 3 or 4 homes.

Not a Community Centre

Just before too many people get excited about this discussion, as part of the builder's agreement with the City, they are building a community meeting room in the complex. The City will be letting a Immigrant Women's group (can't find their name in my notes) use the space.
This "community centre" is really just one room and the space has already been determined.

Thats what I thought. We

Thats what I thought. We should stop calling it a CC and use the name of the group otherwise people will start getting rosy visions.

the pool?

i thought the pool was part of this so-called community centre.

Pool is for BeBloor/BOB

I thought the contract stated that the pool would be shared between BOB/BeBloor, and is not part of the city leased meeting room.

That's right, the pool is in

That's right, the pool is in BeBloor and shared with BOB.

What or who is BeBloor?

What or who is BeBloor?


BeBloor is the Condo building next door to the BOB site. Both built by Tom Falus & Co.

BeBloor is Phase II of the development
BOB is Phase III.


BeBloor = the condo tower next door to BoB:

Hi, does anyone know if the

Hi, does anyone know if the builder will have to pay the buyer if the occupancy date goes beyond July 26th?

I'll have to check my contract, but I don't think so.

I think they have another 14 or 15 day extension that they can tack on to the July 26th date... then they have to start paying.

But they have to give adequate notice for the last delay.

I cannot recall the contract

I cannot recall the contract as well but according to Tarion - Once a Firm Occupancy Date has been set, if your builder extends occupancy by setting a Delayed Occupancy Date, delayed occupancy compensation is payable to you.

I know my contract has the March 31, 2010 but not the July 26 so is this the firm occupancy date? If so then we will be compensated.

Brownstones On Wallace on UT has a Pic of BOB

See bottom. Someone posted a pic from last week.

Delays, delays

I feel for all of you who have been playing the delay game with the Falus Group. All I can say is that you are moving into one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in the GTA and when you finally do get to take possesion of you new homes, you will be glad you chose the Junction Triangle. Also after a bit of research found that the average wait for new condo, townhome purchasers is about 25 to 30 months with an average of 2 or 3 delays. Looking forward to having ALL of you take possesion ASAP!!
Michael & Shelley
Boo Radley's
p.s Jack, throwing around accusations of bribe taking might get you in trouble.

Pulled an article from the Star, regarding developers $$$$

Michael I attached an article for you, regarding what I commented about developers giving money to communities. I just don't know where our money went into???

THE STAR WROTE: "The money is from contributions developers paid under Section 37 of Ontario's Planning Act, meant to subsidize neighbourhood improvements such as community centres".

Railpath Benefitted

On that site there was no direct money from the developer as far as I know. Instead the developer agreed to provide an entrance point to Railpath from the west side of his property. These details are listed in a previous post.


We walked by today and their hasn't been much changes to the site over the last month or so... Is it realistic to think that we will be moving in July 2010? I'm so frustrated. We originally bought the unit when it was just hubby and myself and hadn't upgraded our current apartment as we believed it was only going to be delayed by a couple of months. A couple of months has now turned into 3 years next month and 2 babies later and I don't know how much more I can take of this "delay" game... What ever happened to just being honest and providing customers with the appropriate expectations.... Sorry needed to vent! Is there nothing we can do??

Honesty is not a strong suit

Honesty is not a strong suit with these particular developers. I have seen what they have been doing in the area for the last ten years and have nothing positive to say of their projects. I feel sorry for any of you who have put a down payment on anything. you're not the only ones being strung along for years.
Be careful of contamination issues as a lot of the construction around is being done without any remediation, just capping with concrete. this is fine for some chemicals and not so good for others that are more volatile. many of the old buildings are being spared because of the high cost of cleaning soil - a legal requirement when you want to dig for a new foundation- not for love of heritage architecture.

Honesty is not a strong suit. You make a good point

Anonymous, you make some good points. I wish people would start to use their real names. The builders are building institution types looking buildings; there is no character or life, just bricks. The only one's who is benefiting from this is the councillor’s office, who get a little bit of money from the builders that go towards projects in the community???? From there who knows??? The new site on Wallace near the bridge looks like the extension of Westpark hospital or the City homes on Perth and Randolph (I use to live at the town homes, market rent years ago). Yes, it looks better then a hole in the ground. We need to tell builders what to do in our community, not the reverse

Bloor & Wallace

Went by the Bloor site the other day.
They were onto the 5th floor of the middle block.
There are still no walls between the back-to-back units.(Soho etc.)
Anyone have any idea what kind of walls there will be?
Please till me it won’t be drywall.

I have a feeling

I have a feeling that it is going to be drywall, since there is "buffer" space on almost all of the floors (bathrooms, walk in closets, etc..) between all of the "living" space (bedrooms, main room).

There has to be quite a bit of separation between the two units (at least 18"?) as all of the plumbing/electrical/ventilation is going to be run through that middle wall. I'm hoping that there is going to be a big wack of sound insulating foam or something similar installed.

Rob Falus has commented a few times on this board, maybe if he reads this, he'll chime in?

Concrete brick... not drywall

I just wanted to update on the previous post.

I was by the site and noticed they are using concrete bricks to build the back walls between the units. I'm guessing this will make people happy. Probably muck better than drywall


I appreciate the update. This does make me happy!

They also started

They also started construction on the front row of townhomes on Bloor .....on the west side of the project

Finally, I've been wondering

Finally, I've been wondering when they were starting those. 4 months to go.

I checked daily and it was

I checked daily and it was quick when they started to build, even people working one nights and weekends. Until around Christmas everything suddenly slowed down. The builder could use snow or winter for the reason but this winter it is mild with little snow. I sensed they just gave it up because there was no way the front row facing Bloor would be ready.

The crane settled in the middle row - anybody knows how do they get it out after the building will be completed? Very limited spaces there.

Btw, the forum I just found it out several days ago.

delayed again

I received the delay letter for BOB after I had sold my condo - well not too happy about that because I could've waited for a better deal if there was no rush on the sale to meet March 30/10.

Did you even drive by the condo before selling?

If you had, you would have noticed that there was no way that it would be ready by march 30th.

Also, several comments in this thread predicted the additional delay.

GST correction

Correction, some of BOW may be entitled to 1% GST rebate provided they
bought before Oct. 30, 2007.


We are protected from the HST since we bought before Gov.
even started talking about it. In fact we should get a rebate of 1% on the GST,
(this is incorporated into the price which we do have to pay). It was 6% at the time of
purchase then was reduced to 5%. So provided one is qualified and applies for it!! This
applies to both BOB and BOW.

The delay

So I just got the latest delay notice in the mail. Lovely, it will be nearly three and a half years since my purchase date with a new occupancy of July 26th! what the hell???? does anyone know what the implications for the HST are for us. I know that all the units were under $400,000 but i am not sure if there is still some impact on us.

keep hoping for nice weather

As long as the weather holds up they can work. The south side buildings have one more level to go and then the roof. The middle units foundation is beginning. There were even people wokring o nthe saturday. 2010 is upon us and in 6 more months we can move in.

contact info

Would you be able to share Mr. Rob Falus's email address? I've sent numerous faxes and left messagse without reply.

delays again...

Hey All

I bought in BOW but this likely applies to you. I've posted the same info over on that forum as well.

I emailed Rob Falus to get an update with dates and such as I read in the contract about a possible further extension. I asked "In the contract there is indication of a possible 3rd and 4th extension of an additional 135 days… have these already been taken into consideration with the March 30, 2010 date or could this date go to July 2010?"

I got back: "Yes there could be one more delay to the end of July 31, 2010. I will have a better idea of this in January"

Not the best update, but an update nonetheless.


Brownstones on Bloor Community Centre

Has anyone come across the reference to the Community Centre in their
Disclosure Statement? I can’t find it. The only reference I have seen is on the
draft plan in the back of the book. In the letter we received confirming
occupancy date it stated the landlord must be the condominium corporation.
Does this mean we the owners will own the Community Centre and will it entail
financing the cost of it? In other words, are the owners on the hook for more money?

Community Centre

The community is part of the cost of the building. they won't be getting more money from us. The city will be renting it from the landlord from what i know. Do you guys know what the centre could possibly be?

Brownstones on Bloor

Went by the site last week. They have started on the third level of the south block.

If by 3rd level you mean...

They've started the 2nd floor walls (2nd of 5 floors in the condos) on the south end row of condos.
They've nearly finished the parking garage roof (guess we are going in through the BeBloor entrance to the garage?)

If I manage to get over there before it is dark sometime this week, I'll take some pictures.

I've always assumed that was

I've always assumed that was how we would get to our parking spots. Doesn't make sense to have a separate entrance.

I have another question, have any of you looked at the reciprocal agreement? it says something aobut the use of the pool. Would BOB owners be allowed to use the BeBloor pool?


The pool has been there since day one of BeBloor (concrete forming)....... but, would not be finished until phase 3 is completed (Now BOB).

It is my understanding the pool will be shared

Brownstones on Bloor

Anyone has any updates on the developments on Brownstones Bloor....are things moving forward. Haven't had a chance to go by and see for myself...did call the office and they confirmed all on course for Spring 2010.

Brownstones - Lansdowne and Davenport

I have been following this forum since I bought a town for the Phase 3 for the above location. I hope owners of Wallace and Bloor will continue this forum even after they have moved in so that I could get a feedback of the end product. Ours tentative occupancy date is October 2010 and very hopeful that delay will be nowhere near the Wallace and Bloor timelines.

Good luck to you all that your final occupancy date be by Spring 2010 !!!

Brownstones on the Park

I just put a down payment on the Brownstones on the Park at Lansdowne/Davenport (PHASE IV) and I'm alarmed at what I've just read... more like mortified! I was assured that the new Tarion policy of 13 months closing would be fully enforced and if past that 13 month threshold then we can terminate the contract with no issues. However, I definitely don't want a rushed job that will lack quality and craftsmanship especially after purchasing a $400k townhome.

I'm going to discuss this situation with the sales staff (as useless as everyone claims them to be) and see if they can bamboozle their way out of divulging intimate details of Mr. Falus' previous projects. I've got 8 more days to decide whether or not to terminate the contract and would really appreciate if anyone can discuss positive or constructive things that might have me continue with my purchase. I just bought one of the more expensive units and would prefer to put this money to a better location if these projects truly are a sh*t show... Robert Falus, your input would be greatly appreciated since I was told by your sales staff that you don't talk to the potential clients directly. Perhaps this is the reason why? Might be useful for me to go around and speak to the neighbours of the first few phases for their input. Hopefully things have settled down now??

Greatly appreciated and good work for all the residents for keeping up this forum for so long. Anyone know if there's one for the other location I'm referring to or should I just create one like this forum?

EDIT: I created a forum for Brownstones on the Park. --Vic

New BOTP Forum

Thanks Vic! Ppl may not even know this exists but was very thoughtful... thank u!

Does anyone have any updates

Does anyone have any updates on BOB?

Nothing to update, they are

Nothing to update, they are working very slow. I'm guessing it will be delayed more.

I wouldn't say that

The site is going as fast as I would expect. They've started forming the walls of the first level on top of the parking garage in places, as well as started on the footings of the row of towns directly on bloor.

Yes, they probably will delay, but from what I understand, it takes at least a week per level of concrete forming, slower if there is a lot of rain (as we have going). I expect to see all 5 levels formed by the end of the year and the whole thing bricked in by the end of january.

then it's a crap shoot to see if they can finish the interiors by the end of march.

That's good news then. I just

That's good news then. I just don't want to get my hopes up yet. I should go check out the site this week then.


Moving quickly

Because I live very close I can tell you they had extra people there today to pour the roof of the garage and overall the site has never been busier. Maybe the lack of rain has something to do with it. I cant wait for the dust to end and people to move in.

Hi Scott, thanks for the

Hi Scott, thanks for the update.

About 1/2 of the parking floor has been poured

At this rate, the cement parking floor should be done by next week, and I expect the parking garage ceiling to be started the week after that.

Alarm Systems...

I suggest you call your insurance company and ask what discount they offer if you do install the alarm. Ours gives us a cheaper monthly rate if the unit has additional security. I think the cost was 400 to have it hooked up but not linked to the police station so basically that is your only cost to the investment. Depending on how long you will be there it may save you that much in insurance and be a bonus when it comes to selling as well....