Brownstones on Bloor

The Brownstones on Bloor townhouse development on Bloor St., east of Symington Ave., is currently being built. Use this forum to discuss this development site.

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You think the jazz is bad.

You think the jazz is bad. Wait 'til the warm weather when that building goes alfresco 24/7.........

from what I see on MLS #112

from what I see on MLS #112 is listed so the music may be shortlived....better be for our own good...'wonder if its a marketing gimmick' for the unit on sale...?

It is not our unit 112 - he

It is not our unit 112 - he is talking about the rental unit across merchant lane.

They are talking about the

They are talking about the mixed-use residential commercial building across the street from the Brownstones development. I've lived in the neighbourhood for years and there are always parties happening at that place.

To those who have moved in on Block C

Hello, I am wondering where is everyone parking for now as the garage is not ready. Is there overnight parking available around the units?? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I have recently moved into

I have recently moved into the area and was told to display a temporary parking pass on my dashboard. I was directed to park in the Sterling complex, which I believe is the parking lot before turning left towards Block C. I was given the temporary pass along with my keys from the sales office. Hopefully that helps!


can anyone see if the sidewalks have been poured btw blocks A and B? I think this is the major issue remaining (aside from the interiors being finished) to our getting occupancy.


I went by the site today. The sidewalk between A and B is done but unfortunately
this doesn’t mean anything as the sidewalk between B and C has been done for quite
awhile. See for latest non up-date.
Obviously even if the city okays occupancy, we (B block) will not know until the new year.


Not poured. Looks like a lot of work is still needing to be done (drywall, wiring, plumbing, etc.).


Did somebody file the Delayed Closing/Occupancy Form with Tarion?
Are you going to do that or not?
We should be compensated for waiting so long....
Please share with us your experience and advise about Tarion.
Thank you.

To my knowledge you get

To my knowledge you get compensated upto 5k for specific reasons towards cost incurred due to the delay...the Tarion website / office will have the exact details.

Row B - more PDI's??

Has anyone in row C received their keys and moved in? What about Row B - have north facing units received their PDI yet?

No for Row B North facing

No for Row B North facing since the road between Row A and Row B has not been poured yet from my last visit. No letters either to notify us. Well, guess they figured we can all find this out by ourselves now - No meaning to call or ask....I will just wait until they contact me, for sure in 2011.

No, we havent recevied any

No, we havent recevied any letters for Row A


there is an update today.

What about the middle block

What about the middle block "b" units?


Are they supposed to clean the units? I saw a lot of mud on the hardwood floors when I walked past on Saturday.

Not only mud but cement dust.

Not only mud but cement dust. One can only hope the wood floors are not damaged underneath the debris.
Yes they should clean them!!!

Your Lawyers

Has anyone’s lawyers had communication from the builders lawyers? I just found out from my lawyer that typically the builder's will give your lawyer a 30 day heads up on occupancy so they can get all of the paper work ready for you to be given occupancy. Just because the builder/city grants occupancy, there are a bunch of steps you and your lawyer have to take in conjunction with the builders lawyers before you will receive your keys. Maybe this is naivety on my part, but I was unaware that the lawyer's played a role until the actual closing. My lawyer was shocked that I told him the builder was so close to granting occupancy. He said it sounded very unrealistic. I am just trying to get all of my facts straight, if anyone knows anything more, please share.

Some people at the wallace

Some people at the wallace project went through the same experience. PDI done, but no clarity for occupancy until the city granted occupancy.

Once occupancy is granted, people will not be able to access their units until the lawyers are involved. Once the site is approved, the builder's lawyers will send occupancy documentation to your lawyer. You will go in to your lawyer's office, sign a bunch of documents and provide a void check (for hydro), a pro-rated bank draft for the 1st month of occupancy and 6 post-dated interim occupancy personal cheques. This will get sent to the builders lawyers. Once the builder gets confirmation from their laywers, you will be able to pick up your keys.

This only took a few days for some people in this situation. Hpe things go smoothly from here!

Any idea what counts as first

Any idea what counts as first month? December, which we won't be in till next week at least, or January? Do we pay full occupancy fees for only 1/2 a month?

The first month will be from

The first month will be from the day you take occupancy, to the end of the month. The amount you pay will be pro-rated amount based on the number of days left in that month. This will need to be a bank draft or certified cheque. the rest of the payments will be for the full month and can be made with personal cheques.

Waiting on the City

Hi All, I put a call and an email into Councillor Ana Bailao in regards to pushing along the paper work for occupancy granted by the city for this property. I strongly encourage everyone else to make a quick call as well. The more pressure we can put on the situation, the faster the results will take place.

Ana Bailao
Phone: 416-392-7012

Made the call

So just spoke to the main guy at the counselor’s office, Michael, and he has been chasing this permit for us like crazy. He got an answer back this morning and he said that all the units look good (in Block C) the only issue has to do with the entrance for us. Basically long story short, he said that the City's inspector quoted the following “the permit should be issued by tomorrow day’s end at the latest.”

...Lets hope we can get in there by this weekend!

I Just received that call

I Just received that call too! soo exciting.

I spoke to one of the city

I spoke to one of the city inspectors assigned to our development this morning. There are still problems with the H Vac, the entrance, and plumbing. I was told inspectors are going to the site today to ensure that the necessary changes have been made to block c before granting occupancy. Hopefully, the builder did come through and fix the deficiencies from the last inspection. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed!!

Inspector's name/e-mail

Could you tell me the name of the Inspector? I would like to ask him/her a question.

Did you hear anything? Did

Did you hear anything? Did the inspector have any further issues after yesterdays inspection?

No news... Hoping to hear

No news... Hoping to hear back by the end of the day.

I spoke with Ana Bailao's

I spoke with Ana Bailao's office this morning and they are still waiting on word from the Inspector as well.

Know your TARION Rights

This ordeal has been very trying for all of us and I wanted you all to know that we do have some recourse – although a very small monetary one, it is something.
Below is a paragraph taken from the website. “Tarion Warranty Corporation is a private corporation that was established in 1976 to protect the rights of new home buyers and regulate new home builders.”

“Under the Delayed Closing Warranty, the builder guarantees that the home will be ready by the closing date specified in the purchase agreement or by a date that has been properly extended. If the closing date is delayed beyond the original closing date or properly extended date (as described below), then compensation may be payable for such delay.”

If the homeowner submits a Delayed Closing/Occupancy Form together with all receipts, he/she may be able to claim up to $100 per day in living expenses (such as temporary accommodation costs), plus other direct costs caused by the delay (such as extra moving and storage costs), up to a maximum of $5,000.” ( website).

We fall under the old Tarion rules which means we purchased before June 30th 2008. In order to obtain the forms to fill out you must contact Tarion and they will email you the appropriate documents so you can at least have the builder pay for any rent, mail forwarding, phone forwarding, extra km to work if you had to move someplace else because you sold or your lease ran out, cost to move you once, cost to rent a storage locker, etc. I would strongly recommend you contact Tarion asap so that you have the form filled out. On the day you take possession issue your Claim to the Builder. At that time, you must register your claim with Tarion. If the Builder does not pay your claim within a certain time frame, inform Tarion so that Tarion can pay you directly and then Tarion will go after the builder. It’s time the Builder be responsible for their lack of Construction management and be accountable for our continued inconvenience.

I also wanted to mention, I read in a blog a while ago, that the size of their unit was 1’-6” shorter than the plans. Legally, they are allowed a 2% discrepancy in the sq. foot size of the unit Vs. the purchase agreement. If there is more, I again would strongly recommend you call Tarion to see what your rights are.

The dimensions for sq. foot calculation are taken from the center line of the party (concrete) wall. So let’s assume it a 6” thick wall + ½” of drywall you must add 3-1/2” on both ends of your dimension. So, if you measure 12’ from wall to wall, you will add 3-1/2” + 3-1/2” + 12’ = 12’-7”. Measure your living/dining room floor and multiply it by the number of floors, and be sure to include the stairs and the entry landing. All mechanical shafts are included in the area of your unit. If the size is less than 2% of your purchase agreement, there’s a problem.

Know your rights and make sure the Builder is aware that you know. Get your well deserved $ compensation. It’s your right.

Good luck


What about the metal studs, they have to be included also.
Do you know what the standard measurement of them would be?


On the perimeter wall (Party Wall), 1/2" drywall is typically laminated to the poured concrete wall (6"-8" thick) or concrete blocks (4"-6" thick). The interior partitions are 1-5/8" steel studs with 1/2" drywall on both sides most likely.


Had my PDI , mostly cosmetic problems except water pressure is poor.
The builder is hoping for Occupancy on the 15th but not at all certain.

what row are you in?

what row are you in?


B block, south

Frustration has set in.

I have tried my best to be patient with the ongoing delays with my unit in Block C.

I have been told March 30th, then June (or July?) 26th, September 15th, then December 1st at my PDI.

It is December 2nd. I am so pessimistic that I severely doubt that we will be moving in before the new year.

I moved out of my apartment and I'm living in a short term rental. I'm sick of living out of boxes.

I'm at the point where I'm just Angry. This really, really sucks.

I hear you. My lease is up at

I hear you. My lease is up at the end of the month and I have no where to go after that. It's y understanding that we are just waiting for the city to sign off on this. Does anyone know how long that normally takes?

Same Situation

I can understand your frustration because I'm in the same situation. I moved out of my rental over the weekend and am living with family right now. During my PDI it seemed as though they were pretty confident in meeting the Dec 1 move in date. Maybe there's another letter coming out soon with news we don't want to hear.

ust curious, Has anyone in

ust curious, Has anyone in row C spoken with Robert this week to find out what the situation is?

Sent e-mail

I did, not verbally. I sent him an e-mail on Tuesday (Nov.30th) to see if I was going to get my unit the next day. No response to my e-mail yet.

The response I received when

The response I received when I emailed the builder was that they have no idea as to when the city will approve block c for occupancy. The hold up is the city inspector who needs his colleagues to sign off on paperwork (whatever that means)... So, block c could be moving in... well, who knows? Maybe next week, next month, February? Don't expect an answer from the builder because they can't/ won't give us anything firm! It's really encouraging news when the builder doesn't even know what is going on regarding our move in date.

could help

Hey Everyone, Since it's the city we are waiting on, yesterday I wrote to the ward councillor Ana Bailao. I figured it couldn't hurt! I just told her the situation, how extremely frustrated i am, and that is it just the city we are waiting for and asked for her herlp. I haven't received a response yet, but maybe if more of us reach out to her, she will help us.
Ana Bailao
100 Queen Street West, Suite C42
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
Phone: 416-392-7012
Fax: 416-392-7957

It does involve a whole bunch

It does involve a whole bunch of brand new voters moving into her ward!

Make the Call

I will be making a call today for sure. See if there is something that she can do to expedite the process. Dealing with permits all the time, its a matter of who you know or can talk to in order to push things like this along. Thanks for the contact info

Does anyone know if they will

Does anyone know if they will be ready on December first
If you are in block a

C Block is the furthest

C Block is the furthest along, we were told Tentatively December 1st, but I don't think anyone in C is getting their unit today. And we haven't been told a new date yet either.

Rogers freebie

I had no problem getting through to Delia 416- 441-4491
for the 3 month freebie from Rogers. I asked her about the
year long freebie someone mentioned, but she said this is usually
given by the builder which of course is not our case.
My PDI for Block B is scheduled first week of December, happy days!

I reached Dalia, after

I reached Dalia, after connecting through rogers because that number is wrong, and her direct line is: 416-441-4494


you're right, I checked my automatic dialer and
voilà it was 94, sorry for the confusion.

Yippee!!!! First week of

Yippee!!!! First week of December meaning the end of this week or not till the week of the 6th? Are you an end or middle unit? Thanks!


It's the end of this week and I'm a middle unit.

really? Facing South / north

really? Facing South / north of your unit? Mine is facing phone call to me yet.

Facing South , maybe next

Facing South , maybe next week for you.

Parking Spot available December 1st $80

Hi folks,

I live at 1369 Bloor Street West and have a parking spot for rent beginning December 1st ($80 per month) and apparently our underground parking areas are shared, meaning your homes can be accessed using the underground network. Anyway, if anyone is interested, please send me an email to discuss:

I've also got a locker available as well...thanks.


Row B - PDI's

Anyone is row B receive their call to book their PDI yet?

updates on Row B - PDI's

Has any one from Row B received the calls to schedule the PDI's....thanks.

same as what I posted on Nov.

same as what I posted on Nov. 23 - no, will update here if I ever

not yet

not yet

Rogers cable deal?

Does anyone have the contact information for the Rogers cable rep for the three-month free service deal? I contacted the BoW customer service and they just gave me Rogers 1-800 which of course they no nothing about this deal.


Delia is the person who call

Delia is the person who call me 416-4414491

Rogers Cable

I received a call from Delia 416- 441-4491
for the three month freebie.

This number doesn't seem to

This number doesn't seem to be correct. No Delia at this number, any ideas?

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!

Rogers Services

I spoke to a Roger's rep in my current area and he said that customers such as us who are moving into a brand new development usually get one year free of cable (with HD box) and internet. He said to call and get more than 3 three months.

Had my PDI

So I had my PDI this past weekend!

A few things to let you guys know (I have an upper unit in block C):
- The unit looks in pretty good shape, there seems to be minor things that need to be either painted or replaced. Other than cosmetic deficiencies I was pretty happy with the way it looked.
- To answer everyone's question, the city has NOT granted occupancy/approval yet for the site. The builder however is trying to get it as we speak. My tentative move in date is Dec 1.
- One big deficiency I noted was my unit is 1.5ft SHORTER than what was shown on the floor plan. I took a high powered measuring device and realized that I got jipped on square footage, what can you do...
- The patio seemed shorter in width, however the length was longer than I imagined.
- The rooms seemed decent size and the living room was pretty spacious.

Can't wait to finally move in.

When are you moving in?

When are you moving in?

I am hoping within the first

I am hoping within the first week of December, but all depends on when the City grants occupancy.

That's good news, it's

That's good news, it's finally happening. I'm supposed to be moving in Block A by January 31st. The letter says to give our landlord the notice so the date seems pretty firm.

Hi everyone, i went by the

Hi everyone, i went by the site yesterday. Things are looking good, there were even some little plants in the flower beds for the lower units on row C! They are currently working on the insides of row B.
But, it still really looks like a construction site, i'm not sure how quickly the city will be able to grant occupany :(


Looking to purchase a 2 bedroom upper unit...if anyone is selling please let me know!

From the letter I received

From the letter I received (Block B) I got the impression our block has not been approved for occupancy by the city.

Move in Date

Seems as though nobody is providing information relating to move in date, especially those that say they've had their PDI's already. I have mine scheduled for this weekend. I will make sure to post any relevant information I get.

Photos please!

Also if anyone can post photos of their units so we can see how the insides are shaping up that would be great!

Move in date

Would appreciate it. Could you also say something about
whether it comes up to expectations? thanks

One question someone should

One question someone should ask is has the site been approved by the city for occupancy. If not, when do they anticipate it to be approved. No one will be able to move in until the site, or specific blocks within the site are approved for occupancy. Unfortunately, this is not directly related to the PDI. Hope everything goes smoothly from here for everyone!!!!

Great Question to Ask

That's a great question to ask. I've added that to my list of things to check/ask. Other inquiries are welcome.


Two bedroom lower unit in the midlle row (block "B") is for sale.
Location: Brownstones on Bloor.
Contact: 647-884-4035


any news on a move-in date for those who have had their PDI?

Parking Spot for Rent

Hi folks,

Sorry to solicit on this space, but I live at 1369 Bloor Street West and have a parking spot for rent beginning December 1st and apparently our underground parking areas are shared, meaning your homes can be accessed using the underground network. Anyway, if anyone is interested, please send me an email to discuss:

I've also got a locker available as well...thanks.



That's great. I didn't think this day was ever going to come.
So, what do you think of it? Does it measure up?


I doubt anyone has carried out a PDI as of yet.

I had my PDI on Sat.

I had my PDI on Sat.


A question for those of you that have completed your PDI's. Reactions? Thoughts on the quaility of the units, the layouts? Are the measurements close to the orginial floor plans?

Michael - Rogers Cable phone number

Michael left a message regarding Rogers cable and interner including three-month free service in our complex but I did not write his phone number. Please place his phone number. Thanks !

Good News

Some good News!! Follow the link.


Hi there, i've been following this post for some time now...we're thinking of purchasing a unit in the building....a) is anyone looking to sell their assignment, b) may sound like a dumb question, but when is it planned for occupany?



SB - I'm selling my unit

Hi SB,

If you are still looking to buy a unit, please leave your email and I'll get in touch with you. My unit will be ready Dec 1st. I had my PDI last week.

Hey, you can contact me at

Hey, you can contact me at