Brownstones on Bloor

The Brownstones on Bloor townhouse development on Bloor St., east of Symington Ave., is currently being built. Use this forum to discuss this development site.

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Alarm system

I'm planning on getting the wiring done at least. It would be good for resale. I don't want to sign up for monitoring and paying more when I don't know if/when I'll ever more in there. And yes, the colour selection experience was pathetic. I was brought in, given the explanation and left to my own devices. the sales lady was busy trying to close a sale with someone else and I got NO help. the only person who approached me was the alarm guy. the sales lady was actually rude once she did come over. I wanted to see the colour of the kitchen cabinets better since they were on the wall in the dark back corner with no light on them and she thought I was nuts. anyway...colours picked, not after being almost yelled at for filling out my form wrong (after following their instructions). Rob Falus was there and he still said March. I overheard them tell the new buyers October for the next development (Davenport) but I didn't' hear the year on that one .... guess were still waiting and will see what happens. when I was over at the site a week or so ago, the crane was up as previously mentioned and looked like footings were being done but no foundations per say yet... I hope the winter is kind...Alas my venting is over...

Colour Selection

The colour selection may suck, but at least we are getting basic "Upgrades" for free (Stainless Steel Appl. Granite, prefinished oak floors, etc.) are pretty good.

But considering that they are using the same materials in about 400 units, which are almost all exactly the same (Bloor,Wallace,Davenport) as well as the electric city buildings (something like 7 towers planned?) they must be getting one hell of a discount.

Alarm system


has anyone purchased an alarm system via the deal they are offering when you go in and pick your colours? Not sure if its worth it or not, or if it will add any real value to the unit. I have purchased an upper unit. thanks!

alarm system

they give you the option to buy a monitored alarm system, an un-monitored alarm system
or to just have the wiring installed for a future alarm system. I think at the minimum having the
wiring installed during construction is a good idea.

No one gets back to me

I bought a BOW property years ago - i keep on calling the main line . no one gets back to me the letter for colour selection ...still no one gets back to me ... this is getting frustrating . Does any one have the sales office number since no one is gettig back to me at the main line

The sales office number is in

The sales office number is in the letter you received for colour selection, first paragragh, second line.
Here's the number 416-531-7760. Make sure you look at the times they're open.

Just go up to the Sales

Just go up to the Sales office at Lansdowne and Dupont ( right in behind he foundry lofts) and ask the girls in the office about your issues. That's where you have to go to choose the colours anyway. Be warned, you may possibly get zero information out of anyone up there. It's a common theme here..nobody knows anything least of all the lady going over the colour choices, as nice as she is......don't expect ANY upgrades. I must add, I worked in construction in the design dept dealing with clients who purchased condos and helping them choose colours etc. My experience with Brownstones on Bloor was nothing short of pathetic. Customers mean nothing to this crowd. We all know by now that they are going to throw this project together with least amount of finishes possible nevermind upgrades. Lets hope they just get a bloody move on with it!...still the positive here is is that we will have decent Townhouses ( they were a great deal after all) in a hot part of town..that's city living for ya!

My friend bought at BOW and

My friend bought at BOW and he told me the line is already on the patio. I'll have to check the info tonight.

No Upgrades

No Upgrades are available thru the builder (i.e. Natural Gas Stove, natural gas line to patio,etc.) . Color selection only.

We'll have to work on a group rate for getting natural gas lines fitted for patio BBQ's once we move in.

got my colour selection paper from bob

i have to make colour selection this week for my bob purchase i will take picsa of the site....
stay tuned

Crane Erected

The Crane is UP!

The pace of work seems to be speeding up, as when I checked the site at around 5pm yesterday, there were still workers onsite directing a load of gravel for delivery.

Brownstones on Bloor

Went by the Bloor site today, one of the worker’s said they’re pouring a concrete
pad to seat the crane on. Then they will bring in pieces of the crane and build it up.
Perhaps this means they will actually start to build some houses by the end of august.
I just hope when the final product is built, they are of good quality and not just some
rushed job crap.

Craine Footing poured

When I drove by on Saturday, the construction craine pad had been poured and the first vertical link of the craine was sticking out of the concrete.

I second the "no rush job crap" hope.

It shouldn't take that long

It shouldn't take that long to build. BOB only has 80 units compared to BOW that has 144 units. Although it will be tight.

Bloor and Wallace

The video done of Wallace is great but
what about BOB !!

Bloor site

I went by the Bloor site today and there is very little activity.
There is just a big hole with some concrete debris.
Has anyone any news on when they are actually going to start building?

Underground work

I live next to the Brownstones on Bloor (BOB) site. The last week or so it looks like there has been some activity related to the underground parking which was already partially built when the condo was constructed. That's probably where the concrete debris you see is coming from.

Someone told me that the Brownstones on Bloor project will be ready in Fall 2010. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm how accurate that information is.

Giant Hole!

Looks like the excavation is nearing completion. There is now a great big pit for the parking garage to be poured.

Excavator has Arrived!

Good news - the excavator arrived this morning. The asphalt is currently being dug up & removed by a dump truck. Hopefully the dirt pit will be gone soon too!

Re: updates

I am assuming they are waiting for the crane at the wallace site to start at bloor. As someone mentioned before i think they will be using a lot of the materials from wallace to bloor.

Still no Construction. Any Updates?

See Subject line.

Bloor Street Update

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in updating but there has not been much to report. The situation is as follows: there will be more site activity starting on Monday June 1st, 2009. We will be partioning the previous phases from this phase and prepare for some demolition that has to take place with respect to a portion of the site to the east as well as along the roadway to the south. This work will not impact any of the exisiting owners of the projects that already exist.

While the demolition is underway, excavation will commence as well. Please keep in mind that a good portion of the underground garage has already been built which help with respect to time required to finish the project. This part of the underground is not visible at street level.

I have read and heard rumors of reusing material from our site on Wallace this is not the case - when the forming contractor comes on site he will have his own materials including a crane for this job.

With respect to the water issue raised, that does not affect this job.

As always - please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 416-483-1066 ext. 108.

Robert Falus

Thank You

Thanks for your update Robert.

Brownstone's @ Lansdowne and Davonport

I'm looking at buying a pre-construction home at the Lansdowne and Davonport area, I hope the delays won't be as long as the Bloor location!

Water Slowing Wallace

Yes the water is slowing Wallace which may be slowing Bloor.

My guess

My guess is that there is a good chance that they will be re-using the equipment/supplies from Wallace wherever possible, instead of renting/leasing/hiring two sets of whatever.

So if Wallace gets held up, I'm assuming that Bloor gets held up as a result.

Wallace Progress

I took a run by the site yesterday.

They are nearly finished pouring the walls / roof of the first row of stacked towns on the west side of the site.

Anyone know if they are going to erect a crane at the Bloor site as well?

Also, will the walls at the bloor site be concrete, or will they be wooden frames?

I'm hoping concrete. Anybody know for sure?

Bloor site

Went by the Bloor site on Friday, absolutely no activity on site and
no evidence of flooding even after rain on Thursday. The flooding must
be on the Wallace site.
Mr Falus when are you going to start digging? It is now seven weeks since the
permit was issued and into the third week since you stated "a week or so"
to start moving fill.

slowed by water

i wonder where the water is coming from.

At least there is a site office there and a portapody, lol.

slowed by water

I have heard that flooding of the site has been holding them up as it has made it harder to do the underpinnings. This is not an unusual thing but it slows the process.

Site Construction

We are currently undergoing site preparation to prepare for excavation. I would imagine that we will start hauling fill within the next week or so. Keep in mind just because there is no site activity does not mean that things are not happening in the background which are necessary to commence with construction.



Any other construction updates?

Has there been any other progress?


Community Centre

The only information I have on the community centre is that which I provided. I am not sure which group will be using the community centre - but I shall provide more information once I know more details.


Hi Robert, Do you have any

Hi Robert,

Do you have any updates on when the construction will begin in earnest?


Community Centre

Hi Robert Falus,

Do you know what the community centre will be?


update letter for Bloor

Has anyone received the updelay.. I mean update letter the Falus group said was being sent out
early last week?

I got my letter

March 30th 2010 for Brownstones on Bloor as well.

Also, the letter states that the condo corporation will be the landlord for the leased community centre to the city.

I'm assuming we will learn more about this as the development is built.

I went for a run past the development yesterday:
The site is mostly cleaned up.
There is a porta potty on site.
A trench has been dug at the back of the site to uncover the sidewalk foundation bordering the driveway for the station/bebloor condos.

I'm looking forward to seeing the footings poured, as I'm still trying to imagine how they'll fit all the units onto such a small site.

Construction Brownstones On Bloor

Good Day All,

As many of you are aware, we have received the permit to commence work at the site - over the course of the next week or two you shall start to see site activity from the delivery of a site office to excavation.

We shall be sending out an update letter early next week. I will also start posting photos to the secure site once construction starts.

As always should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 416-483-1066 ext. 108.


Robert Falus

Bloor Brownstones

Hallelujah, finally the city has issued a partial permit for Bloor.
Now we just have to wait on the builder.

Any construction updates?

Permits are great! Anyone see any activity there yet?

Falus = waiting...

If you want anything from Robert Falus, prepare to wait.


Yes, I got it by snail mail. Nothing on the site besides a welcome letter though. Apparently there are workers at the wallace site. We can only be hopeful. Interest rates are at an all time low, at least something good :).

Web site log-in for Bloor or Wallace

Has anyone received a username and/or password to log onto Brownstones
website for either Bloor or Wallace? If so, was it by mail or e-mail?


I saw that as well. Also in yesterday's toronto star paper was an article about the new development they are offering. if you get laid off from now until it's built they will give you your deposit plus interest back. Has no relation to us but about the father and son team.

So called "Brownstones" in Star

Here is the link to this odd PR piece in the Star.

Funny that there is no mention of the projects of his that have been sitting for years waiting to be completed. I cant figure out what the subtext to this story really is.

Brownstones web site

Noticed they have re-designed the web site with a
purchaser's log-in. Presumably we will be receiving a password from them.

Website Closed.

Well... what was the point of this website anyway? Updates?

Doesn't matter now. It has been closed for some time now.

I dont know why but that

I dont know why but that Facebook site with nothing on it made me laugh as in theory it is supposed to be about communication. The Falus Group basically owns every piece of land in our area. I think they own the land on Kingsley too.


As a completely random search just being curious Rob Falus has started a group on Facebook "Brownstones On Bloor".

Check it out...

nothing there either...

Falus & Co.

As a purchaser of a Falus don't walk away from this father and son team of idiots.

This is quite the delay but

This is quite the delay but we must look at the positives even though the value is probably down, interest rates are low and more time to save more for a downpayment.

Does anyone know what the community centre would be? I'm right on top of it in unit 44.

Bloor permits again

The info in the email sent to me apparently was not correct. The builder has the Ministry of Environment assessment already. The delay is with the issue of the "Community benefits agreement with the developer". You may remember that there is a Community centre on the Brownstones on Bloor site.
Quoting, "Negotiations are still ongoing with the developer on issues such as the final physical layout for this space as well as the possible terms for the long-term lease of this space to the city. I'm told that the developer can not obtain further building permits at this location until the site plan is finalized. Planning staff estimate this work will be completed sometime this winter, although this timeline depends on the successful completion of the community benefits negotiations with the developer"
So hopefully this will be resolved soon. Debra

Bloor permits

I finally received the following e-mail in response to an enquiry I made last November regarding Brownstones on Bloor.

Dear Debra

Thank you for your email. Councillor Giambrone has read it and asked me to reply.

I am sorry for not getting back to you with more information on this development. I have confirmed today that the builders were awaiting a Ministry of the Environment report which delayed their permits quite a bit. However, the report is expected to be released with all building permits to follow by the end of March 2009. Construction should then proceed this spring.

I hope this information is useful. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at or 416-392-7012.


Amanda O'Brien

Office of Councillor Giambrone
Ward 18 - Davenport
(t) 416-392-7012
(f) 416-392-7957

Brownstones on Bloor

A friend of mine who bought one of these townhomes received a letter today from Robert Falus indicating that the project was still a go and that the rumours of financing issues were just rumours. He indicated that they are still waiting for the city to issue the building permit. No mention was made of a start date. (So he wrote what he had said to me on the phone Monday and what Debra wrote above - thanks for that info!)
I noticed yesterday that 2 men and a bobcat were at the site cleaning it up. They also took down the signs from the fencing.

City Permits

I got a voicemail from the city planner today regarding 1379 bloor:
-The city should have their end of the permits cleaned up this week or next.
-There is still a delay on the provinces part of the site cleanup permit. This is aparently between the Falus Group and the province.

I don't have the faintest clue who to contact in the provincial burocracy to try to get any info on this.

The For Lease signs are

The For Lease signs are gone.

Brownstones on Bloor

Spoke with Robert Falus today. Financing is in place, always has been since Bloor sold out in first week-end
of sales. The For-Lease signs are on the fence (I saw them myself), but he says they shouldn't be there and will be cut down. I gave him the phone number and web address off the signs to deal with.
Also he said they were formulating an up-date letter to send out. According to him the delay is on the City
Planner's side.
It does'nt make any sense to me, both Wallace and Bloor's building permits were submitted on the same
day but Wallace has a partial permit a good three months before Bloor.
I also sent an e-mail to the City Councillor Giambrone back in November, but surprise, no answer.

brownstones on Wallace

They are calling them Brownstones on Wallace as well and they are the same developer hence the confusion. Falus also has other land waiting in the area that guess makes it more confusing.

Brownstones on Bloor

I just spoke to Robert Falus who told me that they are still waiting for the city to issue the permit. There is no problem with financing. He expects the shovels to hit the ground this year. (I'm looking forward to losing the dirt pit next door to where I live!)

Brownstones On Bloor

Thanks for your effort Janet.
I'll try to follow up with the City Planner responsible for the permits this week.

351 is the Wallace Project

So we still don't know from Falus & co. if the Brownstones on Bloor are still a go....I will try to call them Monday.

From the Falus Rep

This from the Falus rep:


Construction started on 351 prior to Christmas. Work stopped due to the Christmas holidays and the weather. Work will commence again , weather permitting in January.

There is no truth to any rumour that this project will be not be going forward.

Thank you for your interest.

Ross McKerron"

I don't see eye to eye with Ross on everything but I have found him to be accurate on this kind of stuff.

To clarify, 351 is the

To clarify, 351 is the Wallace project, right, not the Brownstones on Bloor?

What Listserv is this?

It is a listserv used by my condo building - the building beside the townhomes to be. If I get a chance next week I want to call Robert Falus and find out if this is true. Have any purchasers heard anything?

Brownstones on Bloor

On another listserv I belong to, someone wrote that the townhomes are currently on hold since the financial situation has changed for the builders. I don't know if it is true.
The lease signs are also posted at 225 Sterling where Display Arts used to be.

What Listserv is this?

Could you please post where you got this information?

Brownstones on Bloor land for lease?

There's a sign on this land, saying "For Lease". Anyone have any idea what is going on?

Brownstones on Wallace

Brownstones on Bloor

Spoke with Robert Falus (416-483-1066 ext 108) today.
He states almost there for obtaining building permit, another week
or so. (Hope this is the case, I'm getting antsy) A letter
will be sent out as soon as permit obtained. Bloor and Wallace
will be built at same time. They will also be calling about
colour selection as soon as it's a go.
Debra PS, Mr Falus said to phone anytime

Toronto City Planner For Brownstones

I've been in contact with Toronto City Planning over the Brownstones On Bloor
They may have a permit for pouring the footings, and they nearly have the rest of the permit process completed. (Aparently).

The new city planner on this project is Jamaica Hewston , 416-392-0758.

I can't seem to get anything out of the Falus group about when they are starting.

Whoever has an interest in these projects (Brownstones on Bloor/Wallace) call the Falus group to keep the pressure on them to actually build the projects already.

Brownstones On Bloor

Anybody have any updates?

Cleared Weeds... sounds promising

I was told by the Falus group that they would start construction on the Brownstones a month ago... glad to see something is finally happening.

I see there are two workers

I see there are two workers there today clearing the weeds from the site and sidewalk. No idea what that means.

Brownstones on Bloor

I've committed to purchasing one of the Brownstones on Bloor units... do you know when they will finally start?