Brownstones on Bloor

The Brownstones on Bloor townhouse development on Bloor St., east of Symington Ave., is currently being built. Use this forum to discuss this development site.

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Move in Date

Hi there,

Sorry but I couldn't help to read your post regarding your unit being ready for Dec. 1st. So you had your PDI this past weekend and did they tell you at the PDI that your unit for sure will be ready for move in on Dec 1st? What block is your unit located within?


I have one unit. Please e-mail me at

Hi tried to email you but it

Hi tried to email you but it bounced back....

Incorrect e-mail

The e-mail you have posted is incorrect.

I know of an upper unit that

I know of an upper unit that is for sale right now. Let me know if you are interested.



I'm interested in buying a unit. Can you please send me the details.

N, def interested, can you

N, def interested, can you email me the contact?
Much appreciated!

Great - will send some

Great - will send some information to you tonight.


check MLS there is one

check MLS there is one assignment posted for sell...lower floor's



Has anyone received any kind

Has anyone received any kind of update at all?

Yep. Concrete Pour is delayed again.

Maybe PDI's might happen late next week now?

Hello.. Just an FYI They

Hello.. Just an FYI

They started pouring the conrete for the sidewalks on what I believe is called "Merchant Lane" this am

Is this in between the actual

Is this in between the actual rows of townhouses or where you drive along?

No... The sidewalks that have

No... The sidewalks that have been pour so far are along merchant lane. They haven't poured between the other blocks yet.... But they have started to prep work to do so.

Community Centre

There is a posting about the Centre back on Apr.15 2010.
It's not to be a gym, only a meeting centre.

Community Centre

Does anyone know about what this community center will have? Its located right beside block A, facing Bloor Street. Is there a gym in this facility? I just noticed it on the site plan

time4play is likely to add a gym

The facility at 213 Sterling is likely planning on adding a gym to the mix, the community centre will likely turn into a neighbourhood hub for meeting events.

What is this facility you are

What is this facility you are talking about? What is at 213 Sterling right now?


213 Sterling: Just4Fun Sporting Club

It's a new sports facility in the former Moloney Electric building.

Check the thread here:

Am I understanding the above

Am I understanding the above message correctly? Robert you claimed next week the sidewalk would be poured and not until then you would not conduct any inspection while Mr. Kwon said last week he had the inspection already. These two messages are conflicting with each other. Anyway I have not received any call for PDI yet and mine is at the second row (block B). Anybody who's from the same row has booked PDI appointment? Any info shared will be much appreciated.

I recently met a Mr. Kwon....

I recently met a Mr. Kwon.... I believe his response was related to the Brownstones on Wallace project. I simply believe he posted in the wrong forum.

Wow, cool ! Thanks an awful lot, Robert !

I finished PDI last week. Thank you so much, Robert and all people who worked so hard so far. My unit is so lovely and I very much like stainless appliances. I want to buy another unit of a different project of the same company because I always have great confidence in Robert and his company. Thank you again, Robert ! Mr. Kwon


To All:

Please be advised that we will be posting updates with respect to PDIs and Occupancy for Brownstones on Bloor at

We are working as quickly as possible to complete the project without compromising the finished product and the safety of those involved on the site.

We have been hampered by a number of issues which unfortunately have led to the delays we are currently experiencing. Should the weather hold up, we hope to have the sidewalks poured by Thursday next week which will allow for safe access to the site. We will not conduct any inspections until homeowners can safely get to their units.

Please be advised that should you have a PDI booked, you will be required to wear safety shoes, and hard hats we will have a selection of foot wear onsite for the inspection as well as hard hats. You will not be permitted to carry out an inspection without wearing the proper attire/protective gear.

We will send out updates via email and post with respect to occupancy by end of next week.

As always I am available to answer any questions at 416-483-1066 ext. 108 or

I am so frustrated...

...seriously another delay...another Christmas not in our own homes... this is ridiculous. Do they truly not care about us owners? Why do they hide from providing open and honest communication with owners. I was also disappointed to not see them in the 2010 Condo Yearbook... Could this be a sign that they are not considered a reputable builder any longer? I'm worried! Anyone else?

P.S. my bank's rep just called to follow up on my mortgage and mentioned his friend purchased a townhouse at davenport & lansdowne and it wasn't registered for a year after they moved in. Is it seriously going to be that long?

What do you mean another

What do you mean another Christmas missed in our new homes? What new update were you given?

He's probably in the block

He's probably in the block along Bloor Street, which has a target date of December... a delay for him means January.

Delay letters

The last delay letter I received was dated September 15th.
After that, delay information was on the web site.


I thought once they went past the March 30th date it was past what was allowed in the contract. I think the best bet is to speak with your lawyer to get a sense of what the deal with compensation is.


Has anyone received a formal letter regarding the delayed occupancy? I have not My PDI will be in the next few weeks, but the last official letter I have still states the september 30th occupancy.

I haven't spoken with my lawyer about compensation I was wondering if anyone else plans to seek some for the delays and if you wouldn't mind offering some suggestions. What can we realistically expect? If anything. This whole project has been a ridiculous nightmare.


I went by Bloor on Friday afternoon, as yet no sidewalks were in or
in progress of being put in. Perhaps next week!! They are over half done bricking
Block A.

no brick

They still haven't fully bricked the ones along bloor, I will be hard to finish by xmas.

Another Delay


Hi, has anyone gotten a PDI date yet?

Has no one in block C had a

Has no one in block C had a PDI scheduled yet???

Mine is scheduled for next

Mine is scheduled for next week... we'll see if it happens.

Have you had your inspection

Have you had your inspection this week?

it was pushed back till next

it was pushed back till next week. (Not surprised).

Thanks for the update, please

Thanks for the update, please let us know how it goes.


I think the sidewalks are key. can anyone see if they have been poured?

Private social group

A posting from Dec. 2008 mentions a Listserv for Bebloor, which was phase 1
of our development. If you do a search for Bebloor you will find the listserv on Yahoo.
You cannot read the messages but you can see how it was set up. Only a suggestion.

Any social network would be a

Any social network would be a fantastic tool to get to know your neighbours and yes, issues to discuss ... hopefully all good issues, that is ...

Anyone in Block A receive

Anyone in Block A receive their phone call yet to set up their PDI?

As per the letter Block A

As per the letter Block A won't get a call until end of November. It will be Block C, then Block B, then A.

Sorry i did mean Block C -

Sorry i did mean Block C - anyone yet?

Not yet.

I haven't.

Facebook or Listserv

Facebook or Yahoo Listserv for owners sounds good.

Occupancy for Bloor
Follow this link for an update.

Crane is down!!!

Just an FYI........the building crane came down today. One step closer now

great news

I remember the days of waiting endlessly for it to go up. The Crane gone is one key step towards occupancy. I think we should start a facebook group for the new owners so we can discuss issues once people have moved in and to get to know one and other.

What..... your anticipating

What..... your anticipating issues?????


On the phone with Robert

We got through to Robert miraculously on Monday and he said there will be a letter coming out to us this week regarding the delayed occupancy claims. I am personally going to be homeless as of October 1st unless some sort of housing solution gets arranged.

Unit for selling

We are thinking about selling our unit after the registration. Prior to that is available for rent. It is in the midlle row and it is lower unit (brownsones on bloor).

For more info please call 647-884-4035

Bloor and Wallace

Went by Bloor site today, brick is going up on the north block. Hardwood floors are going in the south block. Still alot of work to be done, certainly there are not enough people working the site They still have to parge all the cement work and fill in between the blocks and make sidewalks, and as long as the crane is up I doubt if any PDIs will be done.
I also went by the Wallace site. Spoke with someone who had just moved in. They were pleased so far. I think it looks really nice with all the greenery. One drawback is you can see the back wall of the salvage yard with graffiti on it as you walk further into the site. Hopefully a wall will be put up to screen it or trees maybe. I was eventually kicked out, politely of course, as it is still considered a construction site.
Getting back to Bloor, I can’t visualize it as being any where near as nice as Wallace. There isn’t anywhere for green stuff to go, it looks like there will only be a sidewalk between the blocks. Except for the buildings Bloor won’t look anything like Wallace or in fact like the brochure we were given. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like an after-thought.

After-thought for sure! We

After-thought for sure!
We bought our units before Wallace went on sale and they are already starting to get occupancy while we might as well prepare ourselves for another delay letter!

We need to do something! What

We need to do something! What i'm not sure, but something needs to be done!!! how is it that we are still waiting? Or the fact that we should be moving in in 3 weeks and we all know that's not happening and yet they have still not informed us with another delay letter. How is this fair??

I completely agree with you.

I completely agree with you. I would talk to your lawyer about a potential delayed occupancy claim. You may be able to get some compensation from that avenue.... due to the lack of notice.

Sept 30/10

Mine is one of the middle row. So far no any notice for further delay - Jennifer


They have been delivering appliances to some of the lower units on the south block this week. This, along with what I think was some cabinetry last week.
They are also putting patio dividers between the lower units which are slotted wood fences as opposed to the concrete walls they used to divide patios in the 'Phase 1' townhouses.
Still unsure if they will really be able to meet their Sept occupancy date - it's only 3 weeks away if you factor in the long weekend, and the area is still a full-on construction site!
Anyone heard anything formal about further delays??

Appliance finish?

Are the appliances white/black or Stainless?

stainless by contract

stainless by contract


The contract says Stainless or black or white based on availability.

October 5th is my guess.

I've heard nothing formal. I'm in constant contact with Rob and he doesn't ever speculate on the construction.

We are within the 35 day notice period for the 15 day delay, but remember that there are 5 grace days that the developer can use without notice.

I'd expect for the units to be ready October 5th. (Sept 30th + 5 days).

What is the occupancy for

What is the occupancy for those two blocks. Mine which is along bloor is November 30th, 2010

September 26th

I am having doubts about that date though...


Anyone hear anything about PDI's yet?

I doubt there will be any

I doubt there will be any PDI's for the next little while. I noticed they started putting the kitchen cabinets in the lower level units of the block that is furthest ahead (South Block) but clearly, the finishes will still need to be done. I can't see what is happening with the upper level units of the same block

There has been alot of activity on the site, but there is still alot of work to do.

In my opinion a good sign will be when the crane comes down

Anyone selling their brownstone lower?

Anyone selling their brownstone on bloor-lower?

I bought at BOW and dont

I bought at BOW and dont believe a word that comes out of Falus's mouth, he tells you one thing and others something different.

Lots of comments about Brownstones...

Hi everyone,

I hope you don't take offense to this, but we're getting a little overwhelmed with comments about Brownstones on Wallace, Brownstones on Bloor, and to a lesser extent the Brownstones on the Park. The conversations and info sharing are good to have, but it's drowning out the other topics.

But...don't go away yet. :) I don't mind if you keep posting, but I'm just going to filter which comments appear in the "Recent Comments" sidebar on this website. You can still keep up-to-date with the comments on these threads in the following ways:

  • Periodically reload this site (don't sit there hitting "reload" all day long, please)
  • Create an account on this site, and then you can subscribe to get email updates about comments on ANY news item, forum topic, etc.
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  • Check the complete list of recent comments here.

Anyway, I hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience to anyone, but I think it will help keep some of the other local topics from falling off the page every day.

If there's ever any major news about any of these developments, I will post it to the main page.

Comments and feedback about this are welcome.


Hey everybody, I bought a 2

Hey everybody,

I bought a 2 bedroom/ground floor - Phase 4! I went by last weekend to take a peak at phase 3 (to try and get an idea of what they look like ect..) When is your occupancy date? how many delays have you had? does anybody know if phase 3 and phase 4 are the same? trying to get an idea of the size. ground floor 2 bedroom looks small, that's what I bought, a little nervous now, I know sometimes it can look bigger after everything is installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch. May go back up next weekend, will let you know progress.

Anyone near the job site

Anyone near the job site during the week? Any workers?

Lots of activity

Kitchen cabinets are being delivered to the southern most block of townhomes. The rooftop patios are being waterproofed in the northern most townhomes. They are also working at filling in the area around the entry to the underground parking and the southern and middle townhomes.

yeah that sounds hopeful!

yeah that sounds hopeful! Thanks for the good news for once :)

Hope the walls are better for sound

I lived on Merchant lane and the walls were so thin but up to code. I could hear my neighbors music. I could hear people downstairs slamming doors. let me tell you if it isn't separated by cement sound travels. You should have the option to put in quiet rock sound proofing before it's built! Ask Falus for that option.

I know someone who lives in

I know someone who lives in the merchant lane town homes. They complain about the same things you mentioned. Fortunately, the BOB is not the same type of construction. Merchant lane is wood construction and BOB & BOW are poured concrete like a typical condo building. Not that they'll be completely soundproof ..... but it should be much better than merchant lane town homes.

little was done

I was on the site today and there is no noticeable change comparing to 2 weeks ago. The speed is very slow and I just do not understand why Roberts doesn't hire more people to do the job and finish the timeline promised at their fourth delay. Anybody know if we can file a common case together? If so how..

Filing a lawsuit

I don't know how but filing a lawsuit must definetely be the first thing, we as a community, should be proceeding with upon moving in and meeting each other in person.

If I'm not mistaken, we also have a year after closing date to file a complain with Tarion. My only question is whether the builder's actions in this case qualify for a complain in accordance with Tarion standards.

Any lawyers or seasoned real estate buyers who could comment?

There has been less people on

There has been less people on the jobsite this week.

Development Ongoing

Hi Everyone - I live in the BeBloor building overlooking the 3 new brownstones going in. The building closest to bloor street appears to have almost all of the concrete poured, and the brownstones furthest in definitely has drywalling/painting etc. going on inside.
THought that because I'm looking at it daily (with mr.Crane right outside my window) I may also turn my misery of living with construction outside my window for the past year into some productive news for others!

Thank you!

I wish your misery of overlooking a construction site and our misery of indefinite waiting for our condos ended ASAP

I still don't understand how

I still don't understand how we bought these places at BOB way before BOW - yet magically BOW is moving in before us..doesn't make much sense does it!

I spoke with Falus last week

I spoke with Falus last week and he told me not to give my 60 days notice...looks like we're being delayed yet again to end of October...let's see if they can even meet that date....

Anyone heard anything?

I'm mulling over not giving 60 days notice on my apartment yet, as it's looking like it is going to be longer than September 30th before BOB is finished.

Has anyone heard anything from Falus?

I know nothing official but

I know nothing official but from looking at the worksite no interiors have gone in yet. They MAY have done some drywalling but certainly no counter tops, showers, toilets etc.
I really no nothing about construction but my feeling is that they'd be hard pressed to get that done before September. Plus the rest of the site is a full fledged construction zone so who knows if the city will even let them let anyone move in.
So...I'd hold off until you you get more word. Don't they have to give you a written notice at 60 days??

Brownstones on Bloor

Anyone have any up-dates for Bloor.

interest on our deposits

I heard that we can apply to receive the interest that Lorbeth has made off of our deposits over all of these years. Does anyone know about this?

The interest on our deposits

The interest on our deposits are all part of the closing process and is reflected as an adjustment during closing. Since interest rates have been very low the % of interest on deposits will be small also. Since we all put between 20,000 - 30,000 we'll get some interest money... but don't expect a windfall. Kinda like a basic savings account.


any construction update?

They are on the 5th level of

They are on the 5th level of the block along Bloor. They are finsihing up on the bricking of the middle block and they are working on interior framing and drywall for the south block.