Brownstones on Bloor

The Brownstones on Bloor townhouse development on Bloor St., east of Symington Ave., is currently being built. Use this forum to discuss this development site.

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I signed up with Alarmis

I signed up with Alarmis System which the builder had on site. I wasn't aware that there is such a thing as an alarm system service hooked up to internet only. My husband and I only have mobile phones and after almost 15 years with no landline, I had to get one strictly for the alarm system.

Protectron has a wireless

Protectron has a wireless sytem that you can arm/disarm via your smart phone. Is is about $350 to have installed and $40/month for monitoring. The system is totally wireless so unfortunately the "pre wiring" many of us paid for is totally useless (a bit of a scam as apparently any alarm compay will wire your home for free when you purchase their alarm - Robert Falus is a part of the company, go figure).

The system looks really cool, but we are still debating as the cost is a little steep.

I also had artis alarms

I also had artis alarms prewired during contruction but then cancelled it because i have mobile phone. I went with Alarm force which is wireless, installation was only $110 approx.

Hi, We are also looking into


We are also looking into an alarm system but didn't want to keep our house phone. With Alarm force, do you not have a home phone? How much is it per month for the alarm with no house line?




How did everyone's PDI go? Just wondering what you thought of the workmanship, any major issues?

No major issues but the

No major issues but the quantity of manor issues makes it major. Poor quality of workmanship and apparent usage of cheapest materials left a negative impression through the PDI. Having friends who live in the beBloor high-rise also built by Falus & Co we had some level of expectation. The built quality of the unit turned out to be below our worst expectations. What a shame.

We had a Roger's technician

We had a Roger's technician come to fix out cable issue yesterday and he mentioned that even the connectors used for the units were the lowest quality he had ever seen. He also mentioned that more than 50% of the people in our development had this same problem because of cheap material use. Guess it wasn't worth the wait.

I've been having problems

I've been having problems wioth my cable since I moved in. Rogers sid its the cable wires and poor quality of installation.

Our unit had a number of

Our unit had a number of clean up items ( paint spatters) . There was a dent on our microwave, the top to our vanity in a bathroom was missing, one of the windows needs to be replaced. All in all the work that needs to be done before we move in is manageable. The real test will be whether this work will have been done before we move in.

Probably not, mine wasn't

Probably not, mine wasn't from my PDI. Sill waiting on many things.

Will we get the keys on

Will we get the keys on Friday, that is the test

35 elsie lane

I moved in on November and have yet to find out where the mail is delivered? Claudia gave me 2 small keys. I have since found the mail boxes by the visitor's parking but my key will not open. Is our mailbox number the same as our unit number?

Delayed Occupancy Likely for Block A

We write with respect to the occupancy date for your unit at our development at 21 Ruttan Street (formerly 1379 Bloor Street West). We were advised today that the earliest date that we would receive notice from the City for occupancy for your unit would be on this Friday, February 25. Noting that this is the earliest date that we will receive this information we feel that we must extend the occupancy date for your unit until March 11, 2011.

In the event that we receive authorization for occupancy this Friday for February 28th then you may choose to occupy prior to March 11th on a date of your choosing. If that is the case have your solicitor contact our solicitor to make those arrangements.

We recognize that this delay and lack of certainty is an inconvenience to you. We deeply regret this delay and uncertainty and apologize that we must extend the date of occupancy. We also recognize that you may have given notice with respect to your current accommodation and may not have flexibility with respect to accommodations. If that is the case kindly contact me at 416-483-1066 ext. 108, so that we can discuss what arrangements we may be able to make on an interim basis to assist you as a result of this delay.

We hope that you will understand that we are just as anxious as you are to achieve occupancy and provide you with the keys to your new home as expeditiously as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Robert Falus at 416-483-1066 ext. 108.

Soundproofing Sucks

As the drywall is drilled directly into the concrete on the interior walls, there is no sound insulation in between units. If your neighbor has a big sound system or likes to party (Especially if the speakers are mounted directly to the walls, as the sound will vibrate directly into the concrete behind), the bass and sound is going to translate through the concrete very easily. Why in the world did the developer not give people the option of building up the interior walls a couple of inches with some proper soundproofing?

Soundproofing does suck!

I am with you! my neighbous on one side have a baby and the other have a loud piano player! It's awesome, I hear EVERYTHING.



Is this confirmed?

Is this confirmed?

PDI's for Block A

Hi, has anyone in Block A been called yet for their PDI?

Yes, they are starting next

Yes, they are starting next week. Only a matter of time now.

We're in Block A and have a

We're in Block A and have a PDI scheduled for this coming weekend. Anyone else have their PDI's scheduled?


any one know anything about a no pets policy

Don't know how it's possible

Don't know how it's possible to have a no pets policy....

Condo Pets

Condos aren't covered by the Residential Tenancies Act (2006). As such, the Condo Board can enact rules disallowing pets, governing what window coverings you can use, and all kinds of additional ridiculousness.

Occupancy fee

Just want to plan out my budget - anyone occupied the unit if you willing to share how much per sq. ft. that you pay for occupancy fee per month? thanks

Im in Unit 218 and am paying

Im in Unit 218 and am paying just a bit over 1000.00 inclusive.

If you have a 855 square foot

If you have a 855 square foot apprxomiately it will be around $1000.

Just call Claudia, she'll

Just call Claudia, she'll tell you what your unit is exactly.



Looking for highly

Looking for highly recommended home inspector. If you know of anybody or used one yourself for your new units, please provide contact info. Thank you.


Anyone hear from Falus about BOB, I called and emailed him and no reply. Original date Jan 31st? i guess we'll be getting some compensation. Everyone in block C move in? what about block B?

Delayed Occupancy Letter

Got my letter in the mail today. Just to clarify the wording doesn't actually say Feb 28th. It says "the end of February at the earliest "

For those of you planning living accomodations for the next while, I suspect that by the time legal stuff is finalized it will probably be mid to end of March before you can move in.

Actually i just checked my

Actually i just checked my email and the letter came. Block A is Feb 28th now. Block B and C has been granted occupancy.


3 Bedroom 2 Washroom, 1221 sq ft, rooftop terrace available.

Contact Nikku Sharma for details at 647-208-9428 or

Nikku Sharma
Sutton Platinum Realty Inc. Brokerage


hi, i was reviewing the details sheet for BOB and confirmed that it states that gas is included in the maintenance fees. I don't think that is the case for BOW and just wondered if anyone else can confirm that?

That's what I thought

As far as I know, the only utility we'd have to pay for (aside from phone/cable/Internet) is hydro. The rest (gas/water) is a part of the mtce fees. I wonder how much would be the mtce since the amounts in the contract were only effective either till the end of 2008 or for the first year after moving in (can't recall the contract specifics now but have a fear that they may go up substantially).

Don't think there is any gas on site.

I think everything is electric... I don't think Natural Gas is used anywhere onsite..


I"m pretty sure the heat is supplied by gas and upper units like mine will have a gas line installed for a bbq hookup.

You'd think so but...

The hot water heater is what heats the air in the Max Air unit (notice the pipes going from the Heater to the blower). Also, there is no external "Gas" pipe coming from anywhere.

I really, really doubt that you'll have an NG hookup on the Balcony. Where was that in the contract?

Gas hookups

I do believe the upper units at BOB have gas hookups

At BOW, the upper units

At BOW, the upper units included the gas line to the Balcony.... but not for the lower units. It wasn't written anywhere in the contract either but was a happy surprise when the PDI was done.

Someone who moved in shoud be able to confirm this for BOB..... if their lower or upper units have a gas line for the BBQ's?

my understanding the heater

my understanding the heater is gas supplied and the gas is included in maintenance fee - the same set up as phase 2 the high building aside.

So there's no incentive to

So there's no incentive to keep your gas usage down, as it gets averaged across all the units. Great.

I used to live in the high

I used to live in the high building phase two, and was told although the heat you will not pay as a single meter attached to your unit but the fans to get the heat or A/C to your unit will be electricity cost for you. The more you put up the temperature in winter or vice versa lower in summer, your hydro bill will be increased for using more of the fans.

The fees will hit you back

If that's going to be an approach of majority, everyone will eventually feel the burden of higher maintenance fees.


Please anyone who can help me with contact details of your insurer, the one who has insured your unit specifically only, easier dealing with someone who knows the details would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I went through the same

I went through the same people who do my car insurance. Its about $30/month.

mortgage insurance is scam and more expensive

don't buy mortgage insuranc its a scam see THIS

you can apply directly to TD

you can apply directly to TD insurance through their website and you get it in like 10 need tenant insurance only until the building is registered. If you want an insurance broker i can reccommend Gail Knecht (416) 862-1750 ext. 239. Expect to pay anywhere from $30-45 per month.

I have just finished my PDI

I have just finished my PDI and strongly suspect the unit is smaller than what was provided on the plan (I did not bring anything with me for measurement so there is no real figures). I know there was a post that discussed this a while back. Is there anything we can do about this? ie once we move in and measure, if it is really smaller in s.f.

Take a look at your contract.

Take a look at your contract. Please note that there are no dimensions on the Floorplan. I think that the place is smaller than stated, but of course the agreement of assignment to purchase doesn't guarantee anything.

so does your comment mean

so does your comment mean there is nothing we can do about with it?

I did not mean that it's

I did not mean that it's impossible. But, any claim that the unit is smaller than stated is an uphill battle.

I suspected the same thing

I suspected the same thing for my unit, but there may not be much you can do about it. The floor plan in the drawing may not be up to scale (my "loft" space certainly wasn't - looked like a square in the picture and it ended up being a rectangle). Also, the measurements as generally provided by builders do not measure internal dimensions, but rather external (so you get extra length because they're counting the wall on both sides).

Units are Smaller

Hi Guys,

I took a high powered measuring devise during my PDI (my unit is in Block 'C') and found that the north-south measurements are 1 ft shorter than what was promised on the floor plan. This discrepancy is carried throughout all three floors. Not sure if the same mistake happened with blocks 'B' and 'A.' Too much of a hassle to go after any reimbursement, just going to live with it.

The "media" room in our unit

The "media" room in our unit in Block B is literally half the size compared to the floor plan... you can tell because the space changed from a square to a rectangle. I may have to volunteer our unit to a home reno show.

Looking to Buy or Sell your home?

I am a Sales Representative and have purchased a unit for myself within the Brownstones Developments. I have already moved into my unit and am currently residing within the community. I am very familiar with the area and surrounding neighborhoods. If anyone is interested in purchasing or selling a unit, I would be pleased to help.

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to assist you in answering them. I can be reached at 647-208-9428 or you can e-mail me at

N. Sharma
Sutton Platinum Realty Inc. Brokerage

Looking to Buy

Hi There,

I am looking to purchase a unit within the development. After reading some of the posts it seems like there are a lot of delays/problems with the project. Would it be best to call or e-mail you? to find out details about the units. I have been following this post for quite some time and want someone that is familiar with whats really going on to give me advise.




I'm selling my 2bdr lower unit. If you are intrested please leave your email and we can discuss.


Looking to Buy

Hello, I have just taken possession of my unit, corner upper unit approx. 1200 sq. ft. (2+1 bedroom, 2 bath, rooftop deck) and am looking to sell. I am meeting with an agent later this week, but if you are interested, I am asking $375,000. Please email me back if you're interested in doing a private deal, otherwise it will be on MLS by next week. Thanks.

MLS listing

Hi there,

Were you able to get the permission from the builder to list? As far as i knew we are not allowed to list with his permission?

thank you.

I meant to say without the

I meant to say without the builder's permission.


I do not remember if in the

I do not remember if in the purchase agreement we are not allowed to sell during assignment I assume we can sell. Why would we need the builder's approval?

It's clearly stated in the

It's clearly stated in the agreement that we can't sell or rent without the builder's permission because in fact we don't "own" the units until after closing.

I was told by my lawyer that

I was told by my lawyer that we are not allowed to list it on MLS unless we have permission from the builder. The builder mentioned that we would be risking our deposit if we listed on MLS so I am confused because there are new listings everyday even though the builder has said we cannot list on MLS.

Brokers or investors it is

Brokers or investors it is common they can pay a premium (ie. $1,000 to $5,000) to the builder to waive this condition to allow selling assignment, usually after the initial purchase and during the 10 days waiting period from the finalized purchase agreement.

looks like we have 2 interested parties

give us more details

You can email me at

You can email me at It is unit 214, Block C. Greenwich end unit, 1145 sq. ft..

Pls may I have your email id,

Pls may I have your email id, which block / unit no please? Thanks.

Unit 214, Block C. Greenwich

Unit 214, Block C. Greenwich end unit 1145 sq ft. You can email me at

please email me the details

Better still, please email me the details of the unit no/block and the best way to reach you. Thanks.

I'd sell mine (btroadway) private sale

the sale of my Broadway unit. (private sale)

the junction is coming along so nicely too

Broadway unit 1221 SF three bedrooms+loft 2 bath

reply is ok

It would be best to discuss

It would be best to discuss these issues over the phone or if you have some time this weekend I can meet with you. Let me know what works best for you.



Block A new closing date mid-Feb

I am just off the phone with Robert. He indivcated that they are two weeks behind the schedule for the block A. Thus, the new target closing date for the block is mid-Feb. His expectation is to have it approved by the city by that time.

People who rent may want to extend the moving date into Feb. Maybe even till the end of the month if you want to play safe, as legal process takes some time too. The builder will have to reimburse living expenses past Jan 31 as per Tarion rules (extended rent costs inclusive), given receipts have been provided. Robert confirmed on the phone that he would.

Seriously! That's just


That's just brutal.
The last official communication we got from these guys was that we'd have our PDI's 3 weeks ago and occupancy this week.

I've heard nothing.


How about communicating that to the rest of us in Block A, seriously wtf. these are people's lives!

We have not moved in yet. I

We have not moved in yet. I am a first time homebuyer and don't know how it works regarding utilities. Do we have to contact Toronto Hydro and Enbridge before moving in?

There is a form in your

There is a form in your occupancy closing documents requiring a void cheque so that payments for electricity can be taken directly from your bank account.


I don't think so. The utilities would have been hooked-up already. You will have to paid for them before you move in.


Hi I spoke to customer service and still no sense of when we will be called for our PDI's for Block A. Its almost the 15th of the month, anyone else starting to doubt if we will in fact be able to move in by the end of the month???

B Block

B Block had their PDI's last month and still no occupancy.
Do Not expect to be in this month.

Block B

Has anyone heard anything about occupancy for Block B?



PDI's for block b

Hi I am in Block A and was told that we would be in by the end of the month but still nothing in terms of booking a PDI. Have the those of you on the north side of Block B had your PDI's already?

yes - PDI supposed for this

yes - PDI supposed for this week but I postponed mine to next weekend.

Did you just receive your

Did you just receive your phone call this week to book your PDI? Are you in one of the North facing units in block B?



List price for EMPIRE model 857 sq ft

Does any know the current list price for the Empire model 857 sq ft. Please let me know if you have an idea.

the unit 112 is asking for

the unit 112 is asking for $329K - 855 sq. so appox. the same as what you described.

Price for the Empire

Thanks for the info

Block C - I Hope You Like "Jazz" Music

Unit 112 at 227 Sterling is a live music venue most nights. No alcohol, but the screeching sounds of struggling horn players and bashing of untalented drummers awaits you. It bounces off the walls in on the corridor of between the buildings and seems even more amplified.