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  • George Chuvalo - Local boxing champ   1 year 35 weeks ago

    Robert lives in my home in milton on

  • 100 in 1 Day: Buzz on the Bridge   1 year 45 weeks ago

    Please don't vandalize the sidewalk this year, and maybe clean up the trash (bridge streamers, posters). Thanks.

  • George Chuvalo - Local boxing champ   1 year 46 weeks ago

    I knew the "Pretty Boy" Felstein at Toronto Athletic Club in the late 60s. In 1969 I went to Lansdowne and I don't think he was there. Chuvalo was, trained then by Max Kadin. The amateur star at that time was Bob Bozic. I had to spar with him and it was terrifying. I liked Felstein a lot. Does anyone know what happened to him?

  • 436-38-40 Perth Avenue, 1944   1 year 52 weeks ago

    Do you have any photos of the neighbourhood at that time?

  • Andrew Huang ft. Side Pony Nation - Ma Bicyclette (local music video)   2 years 1 week ago

    Heh... There's now a PopSpot Video version (with silly background annotations):

  • Old rail underpass by Paton Road.   2 years 2 weeks ago

    Been a while. I think there is more then gators down there. Few of us were trying to get the attention from Public Health and others levels of government regarding the un-used under path. Many residents close to the under path complained about seeing rats coming from the path. Not to mention a good breeding ground for West Nile virus.. Been dark and wet. The should fill the hole and do an enclosed over path above the rails to the other side, like Wallace bridge. Leaving it like that can be dangerous to the public as it is not sealed properly as water gets into the opening, not a good idea.

    I remember when it first open it was been well used, then you seen a change. More criminal acts were happening, lights were been broken, tagging, very dark, unsafe. People stealing cars then letting go down the stairs, assaults. Never remember and sexual assault been reported. However I do remember people been robbed, many going unreported.

  • George Chuvalo - Local boxing champ   2 years 3 weeks ago

    Hey my name is Bill. I was 11 years old when i went to the beaches boxing club. That would have been 1975. The first person i met Travis there was jerry Bates who became my trainer. Will always remember jerry. White shirt, black tie and black dress pants. He was such a great tranier. Started sparing with a kid named Kenny shaw and another kid named john Robinson.

    Eventually the gym died down so I ended up at queen city boxing club. thats were i met guys like nicky furlano, eddie melo, tray Travis kenny Cleveland and Clyde gray. I started sparing there with a kid named Robert Cumberland who was a slick boxer . i also met mark leduc there. Actually it was mark who gave
    Me my first pair of boxing trunks. Lots of good fights in those days. Joey melo would always fight killer saunders. Had a few good bouts thete myself.

    After a couple years there i ended up at landsdown boxibg club. I met leo marsh and use to spare with his brother metric. Some long ago memories ill tell ya

  • Old rail underpass by Paton Road.   2 years 3 weeks ago

    watch out! there be gators and crocks lurking in those parts

  • 436-38-40 Perth Avenue, 1944   2 years 3 weeks ago

    My family (Martinkowski) lived at 436 Perth (the one on the left) from 1939 to Apr. 1945. The house on the right (440) was demolished to make way for a driveway into a new development. The Simic (spelling a guess) family lived at 438 along with thr Bell family and the Gevalla (spelling a guess) family lived at 440.

  • Old rail underpass by Paton Road.   2 years 4 weeks ago

    Hey - does anyone know the history of this underpass - why it was sealed off? How about opening it again? Great way to get to Propeller - or the Subway at Lansdowne!

  • Rose's Antiques   2 years 5 weeks ago

    JR's Auction House:

    Here is a pic of the place I took a couple of days ago while walking my dog:

    : )

  • Rose's Antiques   2 years 8 weeks ago

    Got a flyer today- on Thursdays there will be live auctions held there.
    Took a glance inside- some pretty interesting finds.

  • Large Lot Between Wallace Ave & Paton Rd on Lansdowne   2 years 8 weeks ago

    As many of you are aware, the TTC owned land at 640 Lansdowne Avenue was contaminated by previous industrial uses from the surrounding area. Following a lengthy legal battle between General Electric and the TTC over this contamination, an agreement was finally reached earlier this year.

    As a result of my efforts and for the City and TTC to do its due diligence in facilitating the eventual transfer of this land, work is presently underway to complete the environmental testing process on the site to determine the current situation and next steps. This will include a Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Assessment and a Remedial Action Plan. These steps are necessary to ensure that something actually takes place on the land.

    I have been informed that this work has started yesterday, meaning that action is taking place after many long years of this site sitting vacant and nothing happening.

    This site has also been identified as a potential site for affordable housing through the City's Open Door Program. I would like to caution that everything is still very much in the preliminary stages and I will be updating the community as this issue progresses and the picture becomes clearer.

  • 1439 Bloor West @ Perth (Former U-Haul)   2 years 10 weeks ago


    Please call me at (647) 703-5318

    Best regards.

    Tamara Didenko
    Commercial Focus Realty Brokerage Inc.

    35 The Links Rd. #202,

    Toronto M2P 1T7

    Office: 416 972-9220 x 316

    Mobile: 647 703 5318

  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation   2 years 11 weeks ago

    The provincial Minister of the Environment Glenn Murray has responded today to requests to delay the environmental assessment for the Davenport Diamond grade separation project with a NO. You can find his letter and a cover note from MPP Cristina Martins by visiting our Facebook page Junction Triangle Rail Committee

  • Corner of Symmington/Dupont - Vacant Lot   2 years 12 weeks ago

    oh lovely! haha. Hopefully they can get rid of the contamination at some point to build something in that area - it's not pretty to look at!

  • Corner of Symmington/Dupont - Vacant Lot   2 years 12 weeks ago

    Years ago this was a gas station and the land is contaminated. Every couple of months there are vacuum trucks pumping out water and when they are there there is a strong smell of gasoline around them.

  • 1439 Bloor West @ Perth (Former U-Haul)   2 years 13 weeks ago

    The planner for this site is now Aviva Pelt. The construction is for a sales centre for the 26 Ernest Avenue property.

  • Large Lot Between Wallace Ave & Paton Rd on Lansdowne   2 years 13 weeks ago

    Not so fast. First they have to determine what kind of remediation is needed.That outcome could greatly effect the process.

  • Large Lot Between Wallace Ave & Paton Rd on Lansdowne   2 years 13 weeks ago

    According to Ana Bailao's office the litigation surrounding the land has now been sorted out and the TTC will be selling the land soon. Likely it will go to a developer for mid-rise development. That would mean 5-8 stories with retail at the base and residences of some sort above. We'll have to wait and see who buys it.

  • 1439 Bloor West @ Perth (Former U-Haul)   2 years 14 weeks ago

    I am wondering if anyone knows what this development is going to be? Has the plan changed in the past 5.5 years since the last post here? There is construction and excavation but no signs with public information.

  • George Chuvalo - Local boxing champ   2 years 15 weeks ago

    i was taught,how to box and trained their early seventies never fought but what an inspiration standing alongside George ,Clyde and Stewart grey pretty boy felstein the fellow who trained me was very well known canadian boxer Gus rubicon I great man as they all were.bertie and the boys.great memories

  • 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk   2 years 15 weeks ago

    Hi Wallace Walk Owner,

    I am a fellow unit owner. Please request that this comment is removed from the junction triangle website.

    Posting these comments publicly does nothing to help resolve your issues and only highlights issues to those who may be wishing to move into our condo development.

    There is a Wallace Walk facebook group (closed group) where the community discusses these issues privately.

    Fellow Wallace Walk Owner

  • 299 Campbell development & expansion of the Perth-Dupont Library   2 years 18 weeks ago

    Good news to report. City Council has just given their final approval for plans to build a new library in the Junction Triangle! The fully funded plan will see the new 10,000 square foot library built at 299 Campbell Avenue at Dupont (about three blocks east of its present location).
    The current location will remain open until the new branch is complete. Opening day is probably two years away (or more). Construction details and updates will follow.

  • 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk   2 years 19 weeks ago

    We purchased a unit and had a Pre-Delivery Inspection. We found the situation to be very unprofessional on the part of the developer and the experience was extremely frustrating. The unit was only 50% completed one week before the occupancy date, and the builder had the audacity to call this a PDI. I have purchased 3 previous newly built homes and everything was completed! On these 3 previous occasions I found and noted down the flaws as required by Tarion. In the case of Wallace, the PDI made absolutely no sense as the interior was incomplete, plumbing did not work, light fixtures were missing and very few lights worked and the terrace area was a dangerous mess of construction debris! Also there were no banisters on the stairwells, the so-called "inspection" took place in this darkened unit and the entire unit contained safety issues. We were not at all impressed and quite disgusted as numerous issues had to be noted down. in actuality a PDI exits to check and note down flaws. This is impossible when a unit is not even completely constructed! In any case the buyer has little recourse as our Agreement of Purchase allows the builder to make any changes.