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  • 158 Sterling Rd. - Castlepoint - Former Tower Automotive site   2 years 43 weeks ago

    Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is Moving to Junction Triangle,
    Article here:

  • Big Boozy Rumour (LCBO @ Dundas/Bloor)   2 years 43 weeks ago

    June 17 2015 (8:23pm)

    Looking for a man we met at the Loblaws at Bloor and Dundas West in the month of May 2015 and before, he speaks German, and got in a check out line and left,

    Need to speak to you

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   2 years 43 weeks ago

    The services the Needs of Families in the GTA - this event is on from 7-11pm at the area across from the 158 Sterling Tower.
    Tonight and Wednesday.

    Tickets are $100.00 and some of the city's top chefs are providing food at this event.

    $100 all you can eat and drink! Sold out!



    Ticket info

    The Stop's Night Market

    Sold out!

    A fundraiser by The Stop community food centre


    Feed yourself more, feed everyone more

    Chefs’ creations.
    Your favourite libations.
    With a new location.
    And more room for you
    and your friends!

    All funds support The
    Stop’s critical programs
    that fight hunger, build
    hope, and inspire change.

    About The Stop's Night Market

    The Stop’s Night Market is a teeming feast for the eyes, belly, and heart. This annual fundraising event is a captivating mash-up of the best of Toronto’s street food, art, music, and offers Torontonians a unique chance to experience an iconic space like they’ve never seen it before. Inspired by night markets from around the world, The Stop’s Night Market transforms a public space into a tantalizing feast for the senses over two summer nights in June, featuring over 60 chefs, 20 local beverage vendors, and 35 one-of-a-kind food carts created by local designers.

    Held for the first time in 2012, Toronto Life named The Stop’s Night Market as Reason No. 5 in their Reason’s to Love Toronto 2013 edition. BlogTO has called it “quite possibly the nicest, best catered summer soiree in the city.” In 2014, the event SOLD OUT in under an hour and raised over $149,000 for The Stop Community Food Centre’s critical anti-hunger and anti-poverty programs.

  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation   2 years 44 weeks ago

    What will make the Davenport Diamond Super Bridge project better? Political leadership by local Liberals. Only Liberals can fix this plan that offers no benefits to our neighbourhood.
    The newly nominated federal Liberal candidate in Davenport has agreed to meet with area residents to discuss the bridge proposal on Wednesday, June 24 at 7 p.m. at the Perth Avenue Housing Co-op (120 Perth just north of Bloor). If you would like to meet Julie and express your concerns, please RSVP by sending an e-mail to

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   2 years 44 weeks ago

    last night there was a fighting occurring in front of This Month Only Bar (1540 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6P 4G7). It stated on Perth and Dupont and moved to Perth Ave. and Hugo Ave. There were 10-20 People involved. It was taking place from about 1:00AM untill 3:00AM. Residents that live around those streets you were up and worried about their families.

    There is an open file on This Month Only Bar at License Enforcement of Alcohol Commission
    please call Jade Lead : 416-432-1226, and tell her about your concerns.
    Your call will make a difference.


  • Bloor Improvement Group AGM   2 years 44 weeks ago

    BIG ON Bloor - Call for Volunteers

    The heart of what makes our community such a friendly place is the countless volunteers and volunteer hours that make our neighbourhoods so vibrant and vital. Where would our schools, places of worship, parks, playgrounds, cultural, community and political organizations be without the countless hours freely given by our neighbours.

    BIG Festival is one of those organizations. Nine years ago, more than 60 neighbourhood organizations, business, and individuals set out to bring a positive experience to our neighbourhood. Last year more than 140 volunteers put in approximately 4000 hours over six months to make this event possible for our community. Reflecting the spirit of our community, at its heart the BIG Festival is a volunteer organization.

    Join BIG’s Festival Team, whether you are a student looking for community hours, just moved into the neighbourhood and want to meet your neighbours, or a family looking for a great joint activity. You can sign in at the link below. Let’s join together and help make the festival this year even more memorable than last.

    The festival takes place in Bloordale, on Bloor Street between Dufferin and Lansdowne, this year, on August 22 and 23.

    Next BIG meetings: Wednesday July 8, 7 pm, and Wednesday August 8, 7pm, at New Horizons Tower, 1140 Bloor St W.


  • Baguette and Co.   2 years 44 weeks ago

    Great writeup about Baguette & Co. on BlogTO today:

  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation   2 years 44 weeks ago

    Thanks to everyone who reached out to Julie Dzerowicz! She has requested a meeting with concerned residents on Wednesday, June 24 at 7 p.m. Meeting location and details will follow soon.

  • Bloor Dundas Condo - Giraffe Living (Tas Design)   2 years 44 weeks ago

    Hey Nick,

    Did you happen to hear who they sold it to?

    I'm also curious about what will happen there. That building just continues to fall into further disrepair.


  • Bloor Dundas Condo - Giraffe Living (Tas Design)   2 years 44 weeks ago

    Apparently the site has been sold by TAS (their Giraffe project was rejected).

    Would be great to know what's next...


  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation   2 years 44 weeks ago

    What will make the Davenport Diamond Super Bridge project better for area residents? Political leadership on the part of area Liberals.
    Past experiences (and a lot of work) by the Clean Train Coalition and the Junction Triangle Rail Committee have shown that Metrolinx only pays lip service to the views of area residents along the rail corridors. If the situation is going to improve, it will only happen when local Liberals like MPP Cristina Martins and federal candidate Julie Dzerowicz start standing up for their residents.
    The October 19 federal election will be the first opportunity locals will have to pass judgement on the Liberals' Super Bridge plan. Click the link below and send Julie a message, "We will thank the candidate on election day who helps us."

  • Kids and Cargo Bikes   2 years 45 weeks ago

    Thanks to all who showed up.

    If anyone left a pink hoodie at the ride, let me or Vic know

  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation   2 years 45 weeks ago

    The UP Express starts service tomorrow (June 6) at 5:30 a.m. Anyone getting up for that? The half built noise walls stretching along the West Toronto Railpath come with a promise from Metrolinx to keep them clean. How's that working out? A group of area residents (and Junction Triangle Rail Committee members) met last night for the first time to discuss how to make the Davenport Diamond Super Bridge better. You can find all the details and pictures too on our Facebook site. Come and check it out!

  • (Old) Weston Rd. Bridge   2 years 45 weeks ago

    This seems suspiciously similar to another off-topic message posted a couple of years ago. I'll leave a similar response here as I did the last time.

    Please stay on-topic.

    This message forum is specifically about the Old Weston Rd. bridge. If you have information to contribute about this bridge and related matters, please do so.

    If you have general *factual* information about pollution in the neighbourhood, please feel free to start a new message forum.

    Off-topic posting and baseless fearmongering is not welcome here. Please read the Code of Conduct before further posting.

    Further off-topic posts here will be deleted.

  • (Old) Weston Rd. Bridge   2 years 45 weeks ago

    It is irresponsible to make posts like this. They only cause unnecessary fear and unsubstantiated gossip.To compare our area to Love Canal is ridiculous and a disservice to the community. If you have any specific facts or information then you should contact the MOE and start a file. Thats what a responsible person would do.

    For the City does not test soil because this being a city, there are very few places in the old City that dont have some kind of pollution on them.

  • (Old) Weston Rd. Bridge   2 years 45 weeks ago

    Hi Paul,
    I feel for you especially in having to deal with deaths in your family that have come from a disease that affects us all, cancer. However, I don't think this is the proper forum to make such a blanket statement as the one you have made here. I went to an elementary school in the city that was the home to a former steel plant. When I was there, they made claims that the building was laced with asbestos. The fear had us being bused into another school for part of the year and in the end the claims were unfounded. The media snapped up the story and came in to interview kids from the sidewalks of our school as we played at recess. Kids! Asking us questions like "did we ever get nosebleeds or had headaches"? Which kid doesn't? But it was spun that it was because of where our school was! Great reporting eh? Using vulnerable kids wanting to be on the local news as their source! Then they reported on the teachers on staff who had suffered from cancer. Which school isn't affected by a disease like that especially when at the time we had a population of 500 students with a staff of at least 20! To boot, they even looked at the mortality rates in the area and claimed they were higher than normal. What they failed to mention was that we had a nursing home and a retirement home down the street from us. News flash: older people die, and often and quicker.
    I'm not suggesting that what you have stated here isn't based in something, however, in this day and age my friend, our environmental footprint is wreaking havoc on your body right now, from the foods you eat, to the air you breathe to untested things like wifi, not to mention the cell phone you use to make your calls. So before you come here to fear monger, please think before. Families were affected because those companies also were not regulated and workers were working in unsafe facilities without any regards to their own protection. Again, it's sad to hear, but my grandfather worked in a paint factory with no protection to the fumes he was exposed to, and he smoked since he was 10 years old. He died at 92 because of his dementia but otherwise was healthy as an ox. So unfortunately, sometimes, it is is the luck of the draw and what is planned for us. Not to say we shouldn't be vigilant about putting industry in check, but posting here does nothing than fear monger.

  • (Old) Weston Rd. Bridge   2 years 45 weeks ago

    My family lived in the junction, near the plating company which is now part
    Of the playground of st. Rita's on Edwin. Every member of my immediate family has lung cancer or has died of the dease. That area is so contaminated with lead and other chemicals, that it would put the love canal to shame. So all you people who live in the junction and its immediate area, have your soil tested. Good luck

  • Kids and Cargo Bikes   2 years 45 weeks ago

    Both Sweet Pete's and Curbside will be there with bikes. In addition, I will have my Bike Friday Haul a Day, and my Family Tandem as well. Lot's of options for people to look at when they try to decide how to move beyond the kid in a trailer stage.

  • Potential Salon Opening   2 years 46 weeks ago

    I would go. Ely's at Wallace and Lansdowne just closed and I'm looking for a new place and would absolutely go there. I love close! There's nothing else in the area.

  • Man succumbs to injuries in hospital after Junction Triangle shooting   2 years 47 weeks ago

    Despite this tragedy I am comforted in knowing that we live among upstanding citizens that are willing to help out. I heard/saw many neighbours coming forward to help the police as witnesses. It is important to stand together and help out to make the neighbourhood feel safe again.

    I hope they catch the person that did this and that in the long run we don't lose our collective sense of security in the neighbourhood. I truly love living in the Junction Triangle.

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   2 years 48 weeks ago

    There is an open file at Alcohol and Gaming Commission for This Month Only Bar.

    My family have been negatively affected by the This Month Only bar and its patrons for years now. This might sound extreme but drug trafficking, impaired drivers and verbal insults coming from bar patrons are daily occurrences. My partner does not feel safe walking past the establishment even during day.

    I have approached bar/building owners Tim and Emily many times to make them aware of the issues. I pointed out my concerns to them and offered my help if they needed any community input. The owners argued that people who deal/use drugs in front of their bar are not their patrons. They denied overserving to their clients who drive.
    I continue to text the bar owners when I see impaired patrons getting into cars or on motorcycles. I record licence plates of folks that look impaired, most of them are bar regulars. I talked to the owners about positive changes in neighborhood and that they could benefit from it.

    After 3 years of communicating with the bar owners there is not a change in the way they operate their business. Year 2014 was the worst in terms of level of delinquency from TMOB. Overserving and drug trafficking that happens around this licensed business should be addressed for the sake of the public and Junction Triangle.

    I recently contacted Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario who is responsible for administering the Liquor Licence Act, they opened a file on This Month Only Bar about two weeks ago.

    If you are concerned about any of above mentioned issues regarding This Month Only Bar please contact
    Jade Lead (License Enforcement of Alcohol Commission): 416-432-1226. Jade seems very reasonable.
    Your call will make a difference.

  • CP Rail construction near Osler crossing   2 years 48 weeks ago

    We heard the sirens responding last night but were not sure what had happened. So tragic!

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   2 years 48 weeks ago

    Well, considering that the owner is a young guy with a family...One could only hope that he cared but I he does not...he use to live above the bar with his wife and after they had a child they moved he knows this is not a good place otherwise he would still be living there with his family. He applied for a patio license a few years ago, he had a petition with signatures from his customers who's addresses were not from the neighbourhood.
    Ana Bailao's office is aware of this place, according to them, his license is up for renewal this month. I was told that they are fighting to get his liquor license revoked or at least his hours of operation shortened. Maybe if he gets hit in the pocket, then he will care.
    I was also informed by Ana Bailao's office that the Coffee Time on Landowne and Dupont is no longer 24hrs, they now close at 10pm. They were able to do this, not because of police reports, because there were none, although everyone knows about this place, non of the neighbours ever called the police. They were able to get it due to the number of accidents that occurred as people were trying to get out of there as fast as they could after their transaction.

  • Wallace Bridge: Looking into the Junction Triangle   2 years 49 weeks ago

    Great article. Strictly speaking this area is adjacent the Junction but still definitely relevant (the train corridor etc).
    This neighbourhood must have its own name.

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   2 years 49 weeks ago

    I thought the neighbourhood was and is great.

    I think it is important to be informed. When I first heard this story I was shocked and thought it was just an exaggeration by my friend, especially since it was not in the news. This was actually the only place I could corroborate the event.

    Is there anything that can be done about getting "This Month Only" to care more about their serving practices?