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  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   2 years 29 weeks ago

    We live close to TMO and there is some unfortunate friction (with us and certain "neighbours")... We feel like we are blamed, when we speak out about our concerns - as if deciding to live on a main street (etc) means we need to accept that people will be doing all sorts of things in our front yard... On top of that we have to deal with how this makes our family feel - we try to find alternative resolutions... we realize there are issues in the neighbourhood and it goes beyond an establishment...

  • Big Boozy Rumour (LCBO @ Dundas/Bloor)   2 years 29 weeks ago

    September 21 2015 (7;31pm)

    Ok, you can reach me at Google Plus under Michelle Shelly Eckert Mikiver, on the following URL find the comments, click on the picture of the beautiful girl in the beige with the tank top, on the post stating ... what good is a calendar ...

    Wanted man ... again he is still wanted... left him at a grocery store ... he drove in the direction of my building ?

  • Dead man found in front of Bank of Montreal   2 years 29 weeks ago

    Hi There,

    Yes the elderly man that was found unconscious at the corner of DuPont & symington was later pronounced dead in hospital. He had substantial head trauma caused by blunt force trauma to his head. He was a patriot of This Month Only but was at the DuPont Chicken Churrisquiera located at Perth & DuPont right before he got attacked. Investigation into his murder is still ongoing. If residents think of this neighbourhood think that This Month Only is the reason for the down bringing of this neighbourhood you're are wrong. There is good & bad in every neighbourhood. Who's to say that the residents of the neighbourhood enjoy the company of the newly opened bars/establishments. Gaivota Bar which is located across the street from TMOB in the plaza is the exact same but because it's not located at the corner is harder to observe. There is gambling that happens, patriots from this bar get extremely drunk & drive away without anyone noticing. The block both entrances to the plaza with there cars & work trucks making it difficult to attend the other establishments such as Thai Lime. Closing TMOB won't solve anything as these patriots/ residents will just find another bar/establishment to go to. They're not going to move out of their neighbourhood which the majority of them have been living in longer than most of the new residents who have just recently moved into the neighbourhood. Things happen everyday that doesn't make it to the news. Perth avenue, Wallace avenue, symington avenue, DuPont street, Campbell avenue, Edwin avenue & all the rest of there conjoining streets have always had trouble & issues even way before the murder of little Holly Jones and Before the bomb & murder threats at Perth Public School & before all the murders, attempted murders & stabbings that have occurred on all these streets. I've lived in this neighbourhood for over 30 years and have seen & heard everything. If you want trouble you have to be asking for it don't look for trouble and nobody will bother you. I feel so safe in this neighbourhood & know everybody except the newbies who no offence are really stuck up and snobby and can't even say hi or wave hello as a friendly Neighbourhood gesture. Most of you especially those with children should be more worried about allowing your children roam around the neighbourhood without adult supervision considering there are more than 250+ pedophiles living within this area which includes the junction. Don't forget to smile you might enlighten someone's day & not even know it.

  • 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk   2 years 31 weeks ago

    yes these are the doors that will remain....I am an owner and this was discussed at the information session. They indicated the doors needed to be 'fire doors' and that while they are not overly attractive...they are safe ....

  • Tuck Shop?   2 years 31 weeks ago

    Wonder if this is from the same owners as this place that is now closed...

  • Tuck Shop?   2 years 31 weeks ago

    Stopped by earlier this afternoon. They sell sandwiches served with side salads and assorted beverages. They'll also be selling groceries. A bit like Mattachioni across the street.

  • Tuck Shop?   2 years 31 weeks ago

    I was wondering that too!

  • Mother Of All Trading Co - Musical Instruments & Vintage Media Store   2 years 32 weeks ago


    I live close to your store.
    I have a few rectifier and preamp tubes - would like to test them.
    As long as you have a manual, I probably would do it myself.

    If it can be done, how much?

    thanks and cheers

  • 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk   2 years 32 weeks ago

    Can anyone comment on the front doors of the wallace walk units? Are these the doors that will remain upon move in?? I really hope not :S they are very basic ...... For the units that face wallace that were supposed to move in last week, I still see these temporary looking front doors in place

  • 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk   2 years 32 weeks ago

    Some of you were to move in on Aug 14th, I believe this is the first block and this date was moved to Aug 28th. Wallace blamed the city for not knowing about a water valve or something. Simply put, they couldn't turn on the water and the valve seized. Way to test out the water 3 weeks before moving in. Next, they moved it to Aug 28th to fix the water valve, but 3 days prior to August 28th they sent an urgent mail saying there was now a gas issue, again not their fault. Way to test out the gas 1 week before moving in. The date was moved now to "sept 4" which is now the earliest. So far they have moved the firm occupancy date twice. Tarion allows this but there needs to be compensation. Second, garage doors were not up, glass railing weren't up on some of the first suites to move in. It's hard to believe that Wallace was ready on the 14th or the 28th regardless of any "water" & "gas" issues. Unsure if this Sept 4th date will stick. Good luck to all those moving in to Wallace, numerous issues I've heard with suites not being up to even close to par for inspection by owners.

  • Exploring the Tower Automotive building on Sterling Rd.   2 years 34 weeks ago

    Thanks for these pictures. The space will certainly change over the coming years.

    One history ends and another begins.

    MOCCA will make us proud

  • BIG on Bloor Festival   2 years 34 weeks ago

    It's a community celebration and we start each year by recognizing the outstanding contributions to the area made by individuals, organizations and institutions. Their names have been announced ( and winners will receive their BIG Awards on the Bloordale Main Stage (1141 Bloor Street West) on Saturday at 1:00 PM. to open the 8th Annual BIG on Bloor Festival.

  • Starbucks?   2 years 34 weeks ago

    I ate lunch there a few times, and the food was actually quite good and nicely presented. The owners, though, seemed to have no idea how to launch a restaurant opening. The second time I went in there, everyone (cook, owner, sidekick) just looked surprised (and suspicious) that someone had come in for food. Weird vibe! Too bad for them. A business that resonates with the locals will do very well there. The neighbourhood is starting to hop! I totally agree, though, that we need fewer restaurant/bars and more things like a green grocer -- but who the hell is going to try to make a living off of that in this economy?

  • this month only bar   2 years 34 weeks ago

    Its been for sale for a long time. I looked at it as a rental property and it was a WRECK inside. By that i mean major water damage from the leaky roof. I hope whoever buys it has a lot of money.
    I also hope they end the lease with the bar downstairs... give it a coat of paint, clean the tables, charge more then 2 bucks a beer and hopefully all the D-Bags will move on.

  • BIG on Bloor Festival   2 years 34 weeks ago

    It's a two-day festival with two stages. You can find all the info about what's happening this weekend on our BIG on Bloor Festival web site.

  • Galleria Mall   2 years 35 weeks ago

    Im aware that it is part of Sobey's my point was it doesn't have Sobey's prices!

  • Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MoCCA) - Sterling Rd.   2 years 35 weeks ago

    If you need a parking spot for the end of November .Please let me knoe by emailing me at This location is at Elsie Lane. Thks

  • Galleria Mall   2 years 35 weeks ago

    Freshco is owned by Sobey's. There aren't many independent grocery stores, even the Independent Grocers are owned by Loblaws. Urban Acorn Market is on on Dupont very soon though.

  • Galleria Mall   2 years 35 weeks ago

    Does anyone know the extent of the development? I just hope they are not going to overpopulate that space with an urban jungle of towers. It seems weird though. Rexall put in some money to fix up their space along with FreshCo. Why would they have done that if this was in the works? I'm not a fan of the fact that if they get rid of FreshCo, Metro will have a monopoly over our grocery needs and quite frankly those who are in need of a more affordable option, won't have that if you live along Dupont. Yes, there is NoFrills but that's further south and anything along Dupont now is ripe with the big giants in Sobey's, Loblaws and Metro. To boot, we don't even have a solid fruit and veggie stand along this strip.

  • Galleria Mall   2 years 35 weeks ago

    Its official. The Galleria Mall has been sold to Freed Development. Nothing will get underway for about three years but the deal is done.

  • Starbucks?   2 years 35 weeks ago

    I always wondered about that place. Walked by it many times but never did go in. Looked like from the outside a lot of work was done. Here's hoping that corner will be re-claimed and something sustainable will go there.

  • Starbucks?   2 years 35 weeks ago

    Something about that Dupont cafe ain't right. I have concrete words claiming various and many unpaid wages.
    Quick open and shuts ain't good for the hood. Bad business ain't welcome.

  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation   2 years 36 weeks ago

    Not bizarre at all. Metrolinx knew that this monstrosity would be unpopular so they have to pretended there is no station. When enough people complain they "give in" and say we can have a station and of course they get to build a Gardiner Expressway in the sky like they wanted to all along. Remember this plan is about doing building on the cheap regardless of how it impacts the community.

  • Davenport Diamond Grade Separation   2 years 37 weeks ago

    The community should be demanding that a GO stop be built at Bloor. The Kitchener GO train and UP Express both stop at Bloor. Regional transit should not be allowed to cross other major transit lines (in this case, the subway) without stopping, because that denies commuters the flexibility of connecting to the other line. it's bizarre that this was not in Metrolinx's proposal.

  • this month only bar   2 years 37 weeks ago

    So this is what the M stands for...exciting...been away from the hood most of this month so haven't been...any thoughts?