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  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 25 weeks ago

    I know a family on Perth that has an Uddin sign mysteriously appear on their lawn. They promptly removed it.

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 25 weeks ago

    Mohammed Uddin's campaign team placed two signs on our fence without permission.

    they have also placed signs where other candidates signs are placed on private property.

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 25 weeks ago

    If the impaired driving conviction was part of a pattern of questionable behavior, then there would be a reason to pursue this issue. Should voters be aware of it, yes. But they should also know that Ana admitted her wrong, pleaded guilty and took her punishment. Her office continued to function, she never disappeared on a leave of absence or blamed anyone else for her behavior. She has demonstrated a strength of character through all of the media attention and public scrutiny and still delivered tangible results. That's an admirable kind of resilience. She's no pushover and that's the kind of person I want as my elected representative.

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 25 weeks ago

    The issue of drunk driving is highly relevant. Drunk driving is a criminal offense, one, which as a society we consider to be so offensive that upon suspicion we suspend the drivers license of the person without need of due course. Once convicted further punishment is both immediate and harsh. We should not so easily dismiss the actions of a person who perpetrates such an offense simply due to their status, or because we otherwise like them. We expect elected officials to both lead by example and show significant judgement in the carrying out of their duties, being guilty of such an offense shows a significant failing of the required judgement; moreover while we have ostracised Rob Ford (whom I do NOT support) for his actions while being drunk in public, none of those actions resulted in charges let alone conviction. We should hold every elected official to the same standard.

  • NOW Magazine covers the Glidden Paint cleanup   3 years 26 weeks ago

    its so sad how many employees died because of glidden paints, my father was one of them. would love to get everyone who had family members that past away because of the chemicals from glidden paints and sue that company.

  • Junction Triangle T-Shirt Logo Contest   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Hi Frank,
    Thanks for bringing this up. I want to clarify that this is strictly a community building activity that I am volunteering to coordinate. I am an individual, not affiliated with any group, just looking for something fun to do on my maternity leave and get to know people in the 'hood. Children and all community members have been invited to participate to foster community spirit. There will be no profit for anyone, including myself. The t-shirts will be offered at cost and I will be asking people to order t-shirts because I do not want to lose any of my own money purchasing the shirts.

  • Junction Triangle T-Shirt Logo Contest   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Tshirts aren't selling for a profit. Just to cover costs so JTers can walk about showing their pride in their neighbourhood :)

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Hi there!

    For your consideration...

    I'd like to share the latest video from the Alex Mazer Campaign with you called "Ward 18 Matters."

    Have a great day,


  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 26 weeks ago

    Here the group TTC Riders rates the Mayoral candidates on transit:

    And here they rate our councilors by their voting record:

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 26 weeks ago

    The Toronto Star has written an early endorsement of several candidates, including Alex Mazer for ward 18.

  • Junction Triangle T-Shirt Logo Contest   3 years 27 weeks ago

    If you are selling the design for profit, why don't you pay for a designer to make something that you as a client are looking for. Getting free work and making money from it is not cool and shows you have no respect for people's craft.

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Nobody condones drunk driving. But cheap shots by cowards lowers the debate. Lets talk about issues instead.

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Although criticism of drunk driving is valid, I'd prefer if people didn't post anonymously, especially attacks / criticisms of any particular candidate. In general, I think if you have something to say, you should be able to put your name on it, except in rare cases of confidentiality etc.

    Are there any good candidates? Yes there are. Let's hear about who they are and why.

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 27 weeks ago

    If you missed last night's meeting, candidate Paul Alves made an audio recording and posted it to his website:

  • Junction Triangle Boys' & Girls' Club controversy   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Thankyou Tony , It was fun growing up at the Club, I never did believe all the crap they were saying, and really disappointed in management, (directors).
    it's absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    late 50's, 60's and 70's were great years....
    Howard Glaze, Lou, Nick, etc....

    Joe V.

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 27 weeks ago

    Are there any good candidates this year's election... ones that don't get charged for drunk driving?

  • Fuse Condos - Lansdowne & Dupont   3 years 28 weeks ago

    The post from Fuse Condos Team, can that be confirmed as being legit? I have to say even a casual observer would worry it is taking a bit too long for the towers and the commercial space to be up. So whether it is the developer of the Fuse team, give us numbers. When will everything be done?

  • Fuse Condos - Lansdowne & Dupont   3 years 28 weeks ago

    Hi Junction Triangle!

    Hope you are well.

    We love your blog, very informative and supportive of the junction neighbourhood!

    It's simply not true, our developer has confirmed that it's just a rumour!

    You heard it here first!

    All the best,
    Fuse Condos Team

  • Fuse Condos - Lansdowne & Dupont   3 years 28 weeks ago

    Just heard a rumour today that the Metro has pulled out of this development. Can anyone confirm this? Their website has no mention of it and photos have been altered to not show the Metro signage on the front of the building anymore.

  • Exploring the Tower Automotive building on Sterling Rd.   3 years 28 weeks ago

    My dad was General Plant Manager of Algoods, Sterling Road, Toronto in the 1950's. I remember riding in the service elevator when my dad gave me a tour of the plant. All the factory workers spoke with him. They called each other by name. I remember the company Christmas parties in the factory and the company picnics in Muskoka. I vividly remember the great sweeping pillars with lines of sheet metal (aluminium) presses in between.

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 30 weeks ago

    Coffee with the Candidate. This Saturday morning (Sept.20) from 10 a.m. until Noon Public School Board candidate Marjolein Winterink will be at the Caldense Bakery on Symington. If you have questions or concerns about your child's school, this is a great time to chat in a relaxed environment over coffee. Marjolein is interested to here what parents want in their schools and will be ready to share her ideas with you. Please join us! More info about Marjolein can be found at

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 32 weeks ago

    i only know one, Jacqueline McKenzie:

    EDIT: it's on the link from the original post - here it is though (currently):

    Dean Eyford
    Liz Jackson
    Jacqueline McKenzie
    Marit Stiles
    Marjolein Winterink

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 32 weeks ago

    Does anyone know how I can find out who the tdsb candidates are? I have searched the internet and found only 1 person. Thanks

  • 26 Ernest Ave (Former Solways scrap / metal sales site): Townhouses   3 years 35 weeks ago

    Solways had a documented history of licensing problems and was forced by the city to change its operations many times. In fact a licensing tribunal clearly stated "The Tribunal is cognizant of, and concerned about, the impact felt by the neighbourhood from the operations of the scrap yard". On file at City are hundreds of complaints going back to 1983 when M&S took over the site.

    Also on file are the complaints from residents who had their bikes, BBQs and other metal stolen from their property by scrap hunters. If there was no thieving going on then how come it was the number one area complaint to Councillor Giambrone? And why did Solways agree to stop accepting BBQ's as scrap? Knock on some doors on Perth and see what they have to say about stolen property. As metal prices went up the theft of metal made the news worldwide so why would it be different here?

    If the community actually had any power to close Solways it would have happened in the 1990's when Francis Labelle organized the community or in 2003 when residents again appealed to the City for relief. 2003 was the year there were 3 fires in one week at Solways.

    But the reality is that because of a grandfathered zoning clause, which the City came to regret, the only way for Solways to close was if the owner Howard Bettel decided to. And he did. He alone is responsible.

    While it is sad that many people, including locals, lost their jobs, most people were happy to see it go. Your last line is a sad cheap shot that reflects the "screw the community" attitude that Solways and its customers sometimes exhibited. If Solways had actually tried to work with the community proactively maybe things would have worked out differently. If you think a community caring about itself is a bad thing then we are guilty as charged.

  • Sterling Social (Bloor and Sterling)   3 years 35 weeks ago

    This place has been getting some good writeups...