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  • 26 Ernest Ave (Former Solways scrap / metal sales site): Townhouses   3 years 39 weeks ago

    There will never be another place like Solway Metal. I enjoyed shopping and browsing around for over 30 years and always found treasures. Even my Wife enjoyed coming along.
    i will miss this place in the future. It is a shame that most people have no interest and hobbies and need for Metal treasures.

  • 26 Ernest Ave (Former Solways scrap / metal sales site): Townhouses   3 years 39 weeks ago

    Elsie Lane will be extended through the site creating a new road that will almost link up with the road through the Wallace development. Eventually when the land on the south side of Ernest gets developed the road will continue down to Randolf. The JT traffic committee has looked into this future and has suggested some ideas to keep traffic at a safe speed and to stop cut through traffic.

    I would point out that the one house one car theory doesnt take into account visitors and the fact that sadly some people make many trips a day. The City of Toronto's traffic projections for new developments have proven to be inaccurate and based on the 1950's idea that people make only one trip out in the morning and one trip home in the evening. Looking out onto Perth I see the same cars and trucks sometimes 4 or 5 times a day.

    Hopefully with Railpath expansion in 2016 and the mobility hub in 2015 at Dundas people will only drive when they have to.

  • 26 Ernest Ave (Former Solways scrap / metal sales site): Townhouses   3 years 39 weeks ago

    There will have to be a traffic study done for this proposal before it gets approved.

    I wouldn't expect the impact to be tooooo bad though. 72 units, 1 car each. And like many households around here, probably zero cars. And even those with cars would undoubtedly use transit, or walk/cycle frequently. ...And they all wouldn't be driving in/out at the same time. It's a pretty amazingly ideal location for bike/transit car-free living, especially once the Railpath expansion happens.

    Building new residential units in places with poor bike/walk/transit options does far worse for traffic.

  • 26 Ernest Ave (Former Solways scrap / metal sales site): Townhouses   3 years 39 weeks ago

    I can't even imagine what driving would be like in the J Triangle two years from now. Good luck to everyone living there - hope you never own a car!!

  • Letter to Dalton McGuinty - Invitation to Meet Re: Diesel Train Service Expansion   3 years 41 weeks ago

    I am excited to see the result of the public meeting to address the concerns of Junction Triangle residents. I think they need to drop this assessment. Diesel engine will consume lot of energy and also causes environmental pollution. Keep updating. stress balls

  • Nitta Gelatin factory emissions increasing?   3 years 42 weeks ago

    The smell from the Nitta plant was as bad as it has ever been over the weekend.
    I tried calling that number below (supervisor's) to see what's going on. Not much luck getting a hold of them, nor via email.
    This is really unacceptable in a residential neighbourhood. It'd be nice not to have to rely on wind direction to hang out in the backyard!

  • Railpath Expansion Meeting   3 years 42 weeks ago

    Come out tonight. Railpath expansion will open our community up to so many new possibilities. Have your say and be heard. Consider what Railpath expansion with a bridge to Wabash could mean. Lets keep Railpath expansion going and ask Metrolinx to prove they support more than just trains as transit solutions. The City will expand Railpath and Metrolinx has the money and mandate to build a bridge and take it to the next level. Show up and show it matters to you.

  • Nitta Gelatin factory emissions increasing?   3 years 42 weeks ago

    It's mid - June and the filters must not be working.
    Today the smell is terrible??!!

  • 2014 Municipal Election   3 years 42 weeks ago
  • New Eateries!   3 years 43 weeks ago

    Sad news that Zocalo is closing. They posted this message earlier today on their Facebook page:

    After 4 amazing years, Zocalo has made the decision to close our doors. Time to move on to new and exciting adventures. We have loved sharing our restaurant and our lives with you all, and thank all of our clientele and neighbors for making our restaurant a very special place indeed! We are open for regular hours and service until Saturday June 28th! Come on out and help us make our last days great ones!
    With Much Love,
    Zocalo xo

    [I updated to their corrected June 28th closing date]

  • Sharing Boundaries (Green Alternatives to Metrolinx Noise Wall)   3 years 43 weeks ago


    If you are looking for reasons why Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals have won re-election with a majority government, Davenport is clearly one of them. Voters returned to the Liberal fold with the election of Cristina Martins.

    While we wish Cristina well, the Junction Triangle Rail Committee is sure the Premier must be looking for ways of saying thank you Davenport. We have written to Kathleen Wynne asking when she will honour her promise to electrify the rail corridor and if she will consider re-examining the need for noise walls with electric trains.

    You can see the letter along with a bunch of other related news on our Facebook page Please join us!

    Kevin Putnam
    Junction Triangle Rail Committee

  • Free Veggie Seedlings + Gardener & Tech Savvy Artist for Hire!   3 years 43 weeks ago


  • 299 Campbell Ave. at Dupont - 18 Story Mixed Tower?   3 years 44 weeks ago

    The meeting had presentations from the City Planner, the developer and Councillor Bailao.

    There was not a lot of new information since the previous meeting. The people who attended asked questions and made suggestions. The people who spoke were positive towards the plan and there was a lot of support for a new library and bringing that strip of Dupont to life.

    Documentation from the city about the site if found here

  • 299 Campbell Ave. at Dupont - 18 Story Mixed Tower?   3 years 44 weeks ago

    Did anyone attend the recent meeting on 299 Campbell ?

    I'm curious to know what was the general opinion of plan


  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 44 weeks ago

    I like the green platform on transit, in theory, but it is skimpy on detail. They don't mention tolls. I emailed the local candidate, Daniel Stein, and asked him if his party had a strategy for the TTC, and if so, what was the strategy. He didn't respond. I thought they might have been more concerned about transit. Green Orange Red and Blue all look pretty drab this time.

  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 44 weeks ago

    Could the World Cup impact the outcome of Thursday's election in Davenport?

  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 44 weeks ago

    I think the Green Party has the best platform. The NDP has the worst (too many un-costed platitudes. By the way "Costed" doesnt mean you just make up a dollar amount, it means you show where money comes from and where it goes. Oddly the PC platform was the best costed even though they made a huge math error. They reason the error was found was because they provided all the data to show how they reached their conclusions.)

    In terms of transit here is the Green Party platform:

    I like that they are courageous enough to say that transit costs money and we need tolls and other revenues to pay for it. I am tired of politicians claiming transit mega projects that can be built with no money (Rob Fords I am talking about you.) The other thing I like about their platform is their call to stop paying for 2 school systems. It amazes me that people go on about waste and finding efficiencies but have no problem with 1.6 billion dollars of duplication of services. Even Quebec merged its school systems.

    Overall, I cant say I am that impressed with the choices.

  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 45 weeks ago

    For those of you who use the TTC regularly here's an independent survey by a citizen group. Have a look at three of the parties and their commitment to public transit. Unfortunately it does not include the Green Party.

  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 45 weeks ago

    I too remember when Kathleen Wynne became Minister of Transport during those awful pile-driving days. She said she had gone to the area and found the noise wasn't too bad. And something about her grandchildren would never forgive her if didn't get transit so they could ride from the suburbs.
    Meanwhile, our grandchildren were being pummelled daily from the pile-driving.
    We lost any respect for her at that time.
    But Hudak? Good lord no.

  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 45 weeks ago

    I have a short story to relate about the Liberal leader that I think is revealing. The Junction Triangle Rail committee contacted Ms. Wynne's office in 2010 when she was the new Minister of Transportation. We wanted to talk with her about diesel vs. electric trains which will negatively impact the health of our neighbourhood. Her stipulation was that we needed to meet with Metrolinx to be "briefed" on the issue before she would meet with us. So like good little citizens off we went, about 5 or 6 people from the Junction Triangle with our MP at the time, Mario Silva, and spent about 4 hours at Metrolinx one evening talking with some middle and upper management representatives. We jumped through Ms Wynne's hoop, but then, lo and behold, she never met with us. No plausible explanation was given.
    I would appreciate a tiny bit of respect from an elected official. If Ms. Wynne didn't want to meet with us (or couldn't) then why didn't she say so? Why set pre-conditions for meetings you have no intention of keeping? That's beyond disrespect - it's contempt.

    Jeff Winch

  • Event on Wallace Ave bridge, Saturday, June 7th 10-5   3 years 45 weeks ago

    We'll be out for that!

  • Is there a Facebook group for people in the community?   3 years 45 weeks ago

    Hi Erika,

    There's no general purpose Facebook group for the Junction Triangle, though there are groups for specific things like Perth Park, Carlton Park, the Junction Triangle Library Project, Junction Triangle Rail Committee, etc... The most active is Junction Triangle parents.

    There's a Junction Triangle "page" but it's more for just posting stuff that comes up on this site. Not as useful as a group that can be a bit more interactive.

    If you're north of the tracks, you may also want to look for stuff related to Carlton Village, but I don't think there's as much online presence.

    Hope this helps a bit.


  • 26 Ernest Ave (Former Solways scrap / metal sales site): Townhouses   3 years 45 weeks ago

    Tom Falus may be testing the market but dont expect any building any time soon. There are often reasons why a developer puts in an application and sets up signs that have nothing to do with a start date. From past experience Falus can take his time.

    As part of this Elsie Lane will be extended south to Ernest Avenue (and eventually to Randolf).

  • 26 Ernest Ave (Former Solways scrap / metal sales site): Townhouses   3 years 45 weeks ago

    I noticed this morning that there are structures being built on the Solways property that look like the kind that hold promo/advertising material. Anyone know if they have plans in the works?

    Link to poor-quality photo of sign structure:


  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 46 weeks ago

    this is stupid. none of these candidates reflect the community. to hell with this and eventually to hell with davenport.