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  • Brownstones on Wallace Community Spring Yard Sale   3 years 46 weeks ago

    Hi Neighbours,

    Just wanted to remind all that the yard sale is tomorrow, May 31st. Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

  • NOW Magazine covers the Glidden Paint cleanup   3 years 46 weeks ago

    My husband Frank mixed paint at Glidden for 16 years. His funeral is tomorrow. He died of pancreatic cancer.

  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 46 weeks ago

    I just went to a the candidates debate although the speaker for the communist party was young it was still refreshing.
    It's too bad folks think they have to vote for 3 major parties there are alternatives.

  • 158 Sterling Rd. - Castlepoint - Former Tower Automotive site   3 years 46 weeks ago

    Finally some common sense has surfaced,

    I think everyone knew mixed-use was the best option for that land,
    Trying to preserve a decades old designation that has proven it doesn't work was foolish,

    I'm happy an agreement has been struck


  • Event on Wallace Ave bridge, Saturday, June 7th 10-5   3 years 46 weeks ago

    Cool idea! I would gladly help promote via the web (here), Twitter, Facebook, etc. I may not be able to make it though, so I can't commit much more.

    Should I add this to the site calendar yet, or do you want to waituntil details are sorted out?


  • 158 Sterling Rd. - Castlepoint - Former Tower Automotive site   3 years 46 weeks ago

    great news! thanks for posting the link, looking forward to seeing Sterling Road revitalized in months and years ahead.

  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 46 weeks ago

    Dan Stein the Green Party candidate is one of the few candidates that clearly understands all the missed opportunities and potential cancellations in regards to the Airport link. In the process he somewhat makes a case for voting Liberal to stop Hudak from cancelling everything but his take is far clearer than most Toronto media "Tranpsortation Reporters" who basically just reprint press releases. Obviously he read and understood the 2010 Metrolinx study that showed they were on the wrong path. In his opinion the NDP abandoned the community on this issue; an idea that will find many backers I suspect.

    Read his posting here.

    If you think the map of proposed stations on an electrified line look like a are right and should mention it at candidates meetings for provincial and city elections.

  • George Chuvalo - Local boxing champ   3 years 46 weeks ago

    Great to hear from someone back in the day from the club. I fought out of beaches club during that era. My manager was Ken Cleveland. I used to train with bobby dynamite Defoe, the dobbins brothers...ect ect. I actually fought at maple leaf gardens on a pre card before a clyde grey fight. We were on a wind mill team fighting against oshawa. We won....
    If you know anyone from back in the day let me know. I used to be on city tv fight night every Friday..

  • 158 Sterling Rd. - Castlepoint - Former Tower Automotive site   3 years 47 weeks ago

    There is an agreement finally for the Castlepoint development.(The city Planning Department needs to get over its fixation with 1950's "employment lands" and Nestle needs to show up at public meetings like everybody else.) Now after some needless delay hopefully Sterling will now be revitalized. The agreement link is below and may take a few moments to load as it is a big document.

  • New stop signs (Paton/Campbell) are not stopping traffic   3 years 47 weeks ago

    Actually when I drive by that intersection I find it useful to look at the sidewalks and school bus stop for children trying to cross but if you prefer I start paying attention to objects 10 feet in the air on the opposite start of the street I'll do my best.

  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 48 weeks ago

    Judging by the signs around the neighbourhood, people might be left wondering if the Liberals are actually fielding a candidate in this year's provincial election. Just saw the first lawn sign for the Liberal candidate today on Perth Avenue more than a full week after the election campaign officially started. The NDP have had signs up almost from day one. Hope the Liberals are not taking the riding for granted.

  • 2014 Ontario Provincial Election   3 years 48 weeks ago

    I decided to check the "Freedom Party" and looked at their budget documents to see if there was anything that impacts Ward 18. There really wasnt but I was surprised that they are convinced of a plot by the Liberals, NDP, and Conservatives to use living wills to force doctors to give lethal injections into old people so that they die and the government saves money. Yup. Its one of the first items in their document on page 4. (They say that this is not a real solution to saving money and that is open to debate but their initial premise is.). This is the worst kind of deliberate misinformation and worthy of a few words.

    They claim this is all supposedly revealed in the Drummond Report on reducing government expenses. Yes living wills can reduce health care costs but when it comes to claims of killing people the Freedom Party should be called the Palin Party.

    As anybody who has already dealt with elderly relatives or their parents the idea of getting a living will is a really good idea so that A) the end of life wishes of the person are known and followed and B) it removes decision making stress and potential arguments from the stressed family. The whole idea of living will is to create respect and dignity for those that may be near the end of their life. Having gone through this myself I can say that honouring a living will creates a great feeling of have respected the wishes of one you love. One side effect of living wills is that it stops the situations where patients who cannot speak for themselves are subjected to extreme measures to keep them alive because a family cant decide what to do or when to say enough. As people have tended to live longer and we have so many ways to prolong some semblance of life it is hard for families to agree when there is nothing more that can be done.

    Living wills obviously save the system money, frees up beds faster, and directs staff to those who may be able to be helped. The Drummond report is clear about this and says we need to create conversation on this topic as a way of convincing people that living wills benefit the family, other families, and society. Nowhere in the Drummond Report does it suggest in any way that doctors provide lethal injections to kill people.

    The Freedom Party overlooks the fact that living wills are as different as the people they serve. Different people will have different yardsticks of what they wish to endure in terms of pain, how they might wish to die, where they might wish to die (78% of people say they want to die at home). As well living wills are not just for the old, they are a great idea in case one is involved in an accident.Regardless, these are the wishes of the individual, made when they are mentally competent and in no way directed by governments trying to save money. The Freedom Party says that the government will force doctors to coerce individuals to chose to be injected to die sooner but not only is there zero evidence of this, most living wills are done with a legal expert who specializes in these issues, they are not done in doctors offices. (Never mind that the OMA would be against this practice.)

    The Freedom Party talk about forced lethal injections is farcical because they are trying to confuse the issue of euthanasia with living wills. Living wills are about quality of care, pain relief, sedatives, do not resuscitate orders and palliative care choices and legal passive consensual euthanasia (when life support is removed by directive of a living will or family choice). Euthanasia/assisted suicide is in legal flux right now and there will be changes and probably Supreme Court challenges and the results could impact what legally can be put into a living will; but again it will still be the decision of the individual to decide. The government cant force you to have a regular will or a power of the idea of forcing people to have living wills and to chose the outcomes is ludicrous.

    There are a lot of good reasons for using living wills and saving the health care system money is one of them. But coercing citizens to end their lives? Sorry thats tin foil hat talk. I have a hard time taking a party seriously that needlessly creates fear among older citizens and discredits and politicizes the use of living wills; a document that brings a lot of calm and dignity to stressful situations. I have a living will and it brings me great comfort knowing that my wishes will be respected and that I will have control should I no longer be able to speak (or write long web posts) and its kind of a gift to my loved ones knowing that they will never be burdened should something happen to me or when my days draw to a close.

  • French Immersion starting at Perth Ave P.S. in Sept 2014   3 years 49 weeks ago

    Awesome, I'm in my last year at Harbord, I wish this happened 14 years ago haha

  • Starbucks?   3 years 49 weeks ago

    The building permit records say Zoya Bar & Grill as well.
    "Proposal for interior alterations to the basement and ground floor of existing mixed use building for a restaurant with 28 seats. "Zora Bar and Grill". "
    I hope its more grill than bar.

  • Starbucks?   3 years 49 weeks ago

    That corner has greatly improved over the last few years.

    The attraction for Metro will be the hundreds of new units that will rise above it plus all the existing town homes to the north and the Chelsea lofts across the street. The trend is now to have more grocery stores in denser areas. With Boo Radleys and a new library 2 blocks west plus other new businesses brining Dupont to life Metro will do fine there.

    Sadly the Galleria Mall seems stuck in internal squabbles and will sit there deteriorating until somebody in their ownership group comes to their senses.

  • New stop signs (Paton/Campbell) are not stopping traffic   3 years 49 weeks ago

    So you are saying that if you drive on the same street everyday you stop looking around? Given that there is a school right there that kind of scares me. Almost as much as the people who never stop at Perth Wallace.

    By the way I was pretty sure that the 4 "new sign" signs went up at the same time and you can see the new stop signs as clear as a bell from a block away. The pylon has nothing to do with the stop signs.

  • Bloor St. W. Bridge Rehabilitation Work - Spring 2014 to Early 2015   3 years 49 weeks ago


    I suspect that Perth will become congested at all times as it is narrow and what would be considered light traffic on Bloor would be a lot on Perth.I think it will be 24 hours a day. I can recall that over the years transport trucks have tried to go around accidents on Bloor and then get stuck on our streets. Sadly for those on Symington it is the widest street in the community and will take the brunt.

    Like most city changes they take time (and require polling which is underway in the community now). The advance green eastbound on Bloor at Symington and left turn restrictions onto Perth and a new crossing guard at Wallace and Perth are working their way through the system. I dont go a few days without getting a call from neighbours wanting this stuff done.

    I did call Metrolinx about this because as it stands there is the real possibility that this traffic will jam the entire community, inhibit police and fire, and pose a risk to kids walking to school. This project could create traffic jams for a year so I am hoping that it is revealed before May 15 that there is some coherent plan that will control traffic levels. I was talking to some Perth folk yesterday and they are already annoyed with the cut through traffic up Perth so this could turn out to become a big issue.

  • Bloor St. W. Bridge Rehabilitation Work - Spring 2014 to Early 2015   3 years 50 weeks ago

    This will push more traffic up Symington & likely down Perth (namely during congestion times), for drivers trying to get around the construction.

    It would be a good idea to increase child safety measures in our area ASAP, and in anticipation of the summer break.

    I'm thinking more crossing guards, police presence at stop signs, speed limit enforcement, etc

    Scott D, this might be the time to push through those traffic management planning measures the city has been looking at for our area.
    Because these lane restrictions on Bloor, plus the EB/WB traffic moving more & more north from the Gardiner lane reductions (traffic creeping up to King>Queen>Dundas etc), could make for the prefect storm (sic)

    This might be worth a discussion & call the Ana Bailao office.....


  • New stop signs (Paton/Campbell) are not stopping traffic   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I didn't stop the first time at the Ruskin avenue location. There was no notification that new signs were put up and a pylon in the middle of the road. I would bet anyone not stopping is someone like myself who has gone through that intersection multiple times per day and wasn't expecting one.

  • Rent a shared office space in the junction   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I hope that you have found the place that you were looking for. If you want to now get a larger or different space you can try the local tab of Google+
    Virtual Offices

  • Starbucks?   3 years 50 weeks ago

    The buildings near the Coffee Time have gotten a lot better in recent years.
    The Star wrote about them about 18 months ago.

  • Starbucks?   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I did ask Sobeys if they would consider opening one in the vacant lot on the corner they said they would look into it and this was last year August 2013. More and more I seriously doubt this Metro will ever materialize at Lansdowne and Dupont I mean what's the attraction? unless they get rid of the twin towers and the Coffee Time this area will never improve or attract developers not seriously. The riff raff from the towers opposite are a scary bunch who hang outside all day not an attractive scene for anyone living or shopping around there unless you can ignore them. I don't even want to get off the bus on that street let alone that. So my idea of a Sobey's preferred over Metro is better than a tiny greengrocers as the Galleria Mall is a no way zone for me.

  • New stop signs (Paton/Campbell) are not stopping traffic   3 years 50 weeks ago

    There are also new stop sings on Ruskin Avenue where it meets with Edwin & Franklin Streets. They are all-way stops.

  • 158 Sterling Rd. - Castlepoint - Former Tower Automotive site   3 years 50 weeks ago

    The developer, Nestle, the City, the Residents Association and the OMB are in mediation to resolve issues. There should be an update on where things stand by the end of May.

    It is extremely rare that residents and the developer are on the same side so lets home this can be resolved and bring new jobs, residents, improvements to the area.

  • 158 Sterling Rd. - Castlepoint - Former Tower Automotive site   3 years 50 weeks ago

    I believe this is the development in question.