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  • Nitta Gelatin factory emissions increasing?   3 years 51 weeks ago

    Hi Folks,
    As of the meeting the other week Nitta is has been in place a technology to correct the smells. I have not smelled anything since last week, when it was installed so fingers are crossed that we might be at the end of this problem. I was the one who first started this thread (Aug 11, 2012) so I am hopeful that it over (but will update when more info is available). Robert

  • Jane's Walk: Murals and Public Art in the Junction Triangle   3 years 51 weeks ago

    just amazed with the perfection the color tone selected to complete the work. Street art is one form in which the innocence and the simplicity of the life is evident. Thanks for the beautiful share.

  • House - siding   3 years 52 weeks ago

    Hey there,

    I'm a neighbourhood contractor happy to swing by and give an estimate, go through some options and choices. Send me an email when you can.

    All the best

  • 158 Sterling Rd. - Castlepoint - Former Tower Automotive site   3 years 52 weeks ago

    Hi, wondering if anyone has any information with regards to the sterling road development? I know Castlepoint was appealing to the OMB, and there appears to some activity on the site recently. I think it would be great for the community for that land to be redeveloped.

  • 2376 Dundas St. West (North of Crossways): Tower Development   4 years 2 days ago

    I would bet squatters are living there now with inactivity for so many years and this is better than having a working building there squabbling over how many floors and the shape is ridiculous. If Giraffe isn't going to do anything with it why not someone else like TCHC or Housing Connections. As none of us on the waiting list need parking or 29 floors or anything fancy. They could do it in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity and train up persons on OW or EI or students from construction programs. We don't need another condo especially not with one being west of it near Keele. With little affordable housing available you could help so many people especially the disabled like myself languishing waiting for TCHC or Housing Connections to get off their proverbial and stop spending on lavish offices for themselves. They sold 10 properties in Riverdale to fix currents repairs where does that leave the rest of us? So many of what is on offer through these two organizations are in unsafe neighborhoods and personally I could give a toss that it is near a subway. It is space being held up by stupidity and Perks big ideas meanwhile though saying he is a family person is happy as long as it is a pricey condo that no one but the idle rich can afford. Habitat is doing over condos alongside other properties so they have the know how a little cooperation and shadow training and we would already have at least a 10 or 5 storey building there. I remember what this place was as I went there for my first drink and the rubbish watering hole that it was. I for one would think it would do better to make it affordable housing and not just for families either to make it fair for everyone. The Sylvan Apartments is another site with the same hold and abandonment but that is near the dufferin mall area but that is not a Junction thing and there are old buildings in the Junction area used to commercial properties that could be converted but as long as our local MP sit on their hands and say no to this and that how is anything to be done. Stop sitting in your cushy chairs at your offices and do something productive.

  • Farmer's Daughter - 1588 Dupont St.   4 years 4 days ago

    I live on this block and am delighted to hear this - sounds like a perfect addition to the neighbourhood. Hope it will spark even more good things along Dupont.

  • JT the next Lac-Mégantic disaster?   4 years 1 week ago

    Safe Rail Communities Update

    We've been very busy the last few weeks and are pleased to provide this update on the Safe Rail Communities initiative:

    Safe Rail Communities (SRC) is a community-based initiative, advocating for greater transparency and safeguards with respect to the transportation of hazardous materials along rail lines throughout Canada. Come out to learn more and sign our federal petition at the Junction Commons Town Hall on Wednesday, April 16 (7pm- 9pm) at the Masonic Temple, 151 Annette Street. For more information visit: (still in the works)
    twitter @safe_rail
    Our on-line petition to the city of Toronto is also up and running;

    Thank you
    Safe Rail Communities

  • Farmer's Daughter - 1588 Dupont St.   4 years 1 week ago

    The Grid has posted a brief preview:

    The new spot will be, as MacDonell says, “more urban, more modern, and more feminine.” It will also have chef Leonie Lilla (previously of Daisho and the Libertine) helming the kitchen.
    MacDonell doesn’t want to “pigeonhole the menu too early on” but says that “as much as Farmhouse Tavern is meat-heavy, [Farmer's Daughter] will be a little bit lighter, with more seafood influence.”

  • JT the next Lac-Mégantic disaster?   4 years 1 week ago

    Safe Rail Communities (SRC) is a community-based initiative, started in March 2014 by neighbours in Toronto’s West end.

    Responding to the alarming increase in DOT-111 rail tanks carrying crude oil and other hazardous materials on the Canadian Pacific rail line that runs through mid-town Toronto, SRC advocates for greater transparency and safeguards with respect to the transportation of crude oil and other hazardous materials along rail lines throughout Canada.

    SRC is committed to raising awareness at local, provincial, and national levels. SRC seeks to unite rail communities across Canada around this pressing issue.

    Currently, SRC is actively pursuing the attention of all levels of government. SRC is calling for more openness and discussion between government, railway companies, and communities around the transportation of crude oil and other hazardous materials along rail lines throughout Canada.

    Peggy Nash has already brought to the House of Commons a petition for us on this issue. If you would like to learn about this petition and more, please contact SRC at

  • 299 Campbell development & expansion of the Perth-Dupont Library   4 years 3 weeks ago

    The latest news about plans to build a new neighbourhood library, plus details about activities and events at the Perth/Dupont Library can be now found on the Facebook group Junction Triangle Library. It's a new forum for library lovers to stay up-to-date on constructions news and share their experiences and views about this great community resource.

    If you like the library with plans to grow, please join us!

  • 2376 Dundas St. West (North of Crossways): Tower Development   4 years 3 weeks ago

    Mote info in this article at The Bloor West Villager / Inside Toronto:

    "The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has granted a developer’s appeal to build an eight-storey street-side building with a 23-storey tower just north of Dundas Street West and Bloor Street West.

    In its decision regarding 2376 Dundas St. W., the site just north of the Crossways, issued Wednesday, March 19, the OMB granted the appeal in part because the property is situated immediately adjacent to multiple transit services and a provincially designated ‘Mobility Hub.’

    The OMB’s approval of Dun West Properties Ltd.’s application for a zoning bylaw amendment permits the developer to proceed with its proposal for a mixed-use residential tower."

  • Starbucks?   4 years 3 weeks ago

    Yes, I have been hearing the same things. In fact, my source(someone who is in the restaurant industry) claims that the Farmhouse people are taking over the spot on the south side of Franklin(which I speculated initially was to be a Starbucks) and making that into a bar/resto. And the Dupont Bistro is to be a trattoria with pizza and Italian fare...Dupont Bistro's owners also bought the spot on the south side of Franklin and went in to do work. It's a small space and would be better suited for a bar. Me thinks that's the one the Farmhouse people would covet as a spill over to their space and hold their guests there with drinks and small menu. We'll see but definitely exciting.

  • Starbucks?   4 years 4 weeks ago

    I am hearing that the Farmhouse folks are taking over the Dupont Bistro place at Franklin. This would be welcome in my mind. Looks like Dupont is finally coming to life. Now if somebody would open a fruit and vegetable store.

  • Starbucks?   4 years 4 weeks ago

    The liquor license application in the window says Zorra Bar and Grill. Does anyone know more?

  • The Star: GO rail construction for Union Pearson Express keeps residents awake   4 years 4 weeks ago

    I do not know whether it's just me or if
    everyone else experiencing issues with your website.
    It appears as though some of the text in your posts are running off the screen.
    Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them
    too? This may be a problem with my internet browser because I've had this happen before.
    Many thanks

  • French Immersion starting at Perth Ave P.S. in Sept 2014   4 years 6 weeks ago

    It won't be for a few years but I now know where my kids will be walking to school

  • George Chuvalo - Local boxing champ   4 years 7 weeks ago

    What a great addition to the neighbourhood that would be - let's make it happen!

  • George Chuvalo - Local boxing champ   4 years 7 weeks ago

    That would be a great idea as he is from the neighbourhood he lived on Franklin ave as a kid and his mother worked for Royce DuPont Poultry Packers right there on the north east corner of Symington ave and DuPont ave once called Royce ave when he lived in the area he went to school at st Cecilia's my late aunt used to babysit him

  • French immersion schools with approx 1.6km walking distance   4 years 7 weeks ago

    Here is some news sure to make parents in the Junction Triangle happy. French Immersion is coming to Perth Public School starting this September! The program will be offered to children starting in Senior Kindergarden. Kudos to School Board Trustee Maria Rodrigues her tenacity in bringing this long sought after program to our neighbourhood. A formal announcement and more details are coming soon.

  • NOW Magazine covers the Glidden Paint cleanup   4 years 8 weeks ago

    looking for any glidden employes or family member

  • 362 / 370 Wallace Ave. (Former Glidden site) - Wallace Walk   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I think they're starting to put up the crane. The base of it anyway, as of this morning.

    Should be a busy year on this site.


  • Rail construction access from Sterling Rd. across Railpath   4 years 9 weeks ago

    There will be a complete Railpath closure sometime in April for a few weeks to facilitate environmental soil work at the Castlepoint lands. An inconvenience but in the long term a good thing.There will be more info about this coming in a few weeks.

  • Rail construction access from Sterling Rd. across Railpath   4 years 9 weeks ago
  • French immersion schools with approx 1.6km walking distance   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I think you may be confusing Maria Rodrigues (school trustee) with Theresa Rodrigues (Davenport federal Conservative candidate). I'm pretty sure Maria is an NDP'er, at least going by who some of her supporters were in the last election.


  • French immersion schools with approx 1.6km walking distance   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I have also sent emails to this school trustee in the past and received no response. It is as though she is enjoying the cushy position without any of the work. She is also solidly rooted in the Conservative Party which does not promote much of the public good, so I am not anticipating any groundbreaking support from her. The Regal Road are and Roncesvalles areas are both affluent areas; it would be nice to have the Junction Triangle also have more options and opportunities for our kids within the community.