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  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    I think you both should read the article to understand what the child meant plus to get a better understanding what is or isn't going on in the community. It isn't right to tell another to read the article to get the understanding and that you have no intention on doing so. How do you expect to be completely informed?

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    To Whatchamacallit, try using your real names, I know you live on campbell ave. I'm sorry I have never read the left wing news paper the Now Mag, so I can't answer you about what they wrote, because I haven't read the article and don't have intention to reading it. As far as what the kids wrote about hating veggies, I guess you would have to ask the parent about what the child meant, but I guess the child was mad because they were going to take all the park away, instead of sharing, like kids are taught to do. About feeding the hungry with the community garden, we were told this was for personnal use only. I won't get into all the details, the majority of the residents spoke up, they didn't want the garden. Now Adam has future plans for some gardens and he would have to consult with the general community, speacilly for those who live close to the gardens. I hope I answered some of your questions, you can write and say whatever you like, this does not bug me or make me feel bad, people are judged by there action, people know me and they can make there own conclussions about me.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    I'm replying to everything thing that has been getting posted of late for the most part. I know what I did could be considered an attack earlier but I see everyone has been attacking each other too much. I don't think it matters how long one person has lived in the area over another. They should each have equal footing/say in the community. There should be no bullying. Someone new could offer some thing that the old residents may not even of considered. Should not shut them down or out. I want to add more to this but don't want to make this too long. I'm sure people will get what I'm trying to get at.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    "Right now you are green around the gills and think you know everything." You mean that he is ill and thinks he knows everything?

    I think you mean "Wet behind the ears".

    I am not sure who you are referring to but once again your comments say more about your own arrogance than anything else.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    Thanks Virginia for showing us all how you think you are better than everybody else and should have special rights because you have lived here longer. You sound xenophobic.

    I started work in this area in 1978 at Follis Auto on Geary Avenue and then at Wallace Studios in 1981 so in my case I think I have some bragging rights too. But for the record your highness how long does one have to live here to be a "real" resident like you. Come on we all want to know. You have our attention so I dare you to answer that question. And will it be you granting us citizenship?

    Let me also help you with your fuzzy memory as there were many many people involved in the area in the 1980's regarding pollution not just you so please give credit where it is due.

    Your deluded comments of self grandeur may impress your cronies but but like all communities things change and people come and go and nobody "owns" an area. You don't speak for the community, you don't speak for anybody I know nor I, and your tone about how long people have lived here is offensive to ALL residents.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    I woun't play your stupid game. When you have lived in the community as long as I have then you can have bragging righs. Right now you are green around the gills and think you know everything. Think before you speak.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    "Okay contestant number one, tell us all about yourself, and then we will guess your all-knowing name. I'll get things started, Do you wear a red suit and live in the North?"

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    I don't think that my energy should be spent on renaming of a community. Juntion Triangle has alway been here. The fact that we have 3 sets of railway tracks signifies our name. I am sure all those who want the name changed are those who have just moved into the community. So tell me once you have changed the name are you then going to move to the Annex and change that name because it doesn't suit you? Embrace the neighbourhood you live in and stop trying to change history to suit your taste. As for the GO/APL rail line it is going ahead. It's called progress. We have trains coming and going all day long and we are doing just fine thank you. I tell you what, why don't you do something like help the needy in the community. Your heart will feel much better for doing it.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    I have always believed in giving back to the community. I have lived in the Tunction Triangle all my life, never moved. The community knows of Jack and myself quite well We will quite often have someone approach us from the community to help them because all else has failed....and we do. The garbage strick was one of them. Many of our community members are elderly and afraid to voice their oppion. I was told by someone who works in managment at City Hall, that the exposure that Jack, Connie and I had regarding Campbell was getting the Mayor nervious as well as Adam J. And this individual believes that the presure we were doing resulted in both the union and the City to come together and end this strick. Jack and I have succesfully challanged both of them many times in the past.
    I have served this community for over 32 years. How many of you can say that? You can thank me for the clean air that you breath today. Up to 1980 we had hudge pollution problems in this community. Myself and another resident fought long and hard to clean up this area. We replaced industry with a Co-op apartment, homes, and a park. I have sat on many committies along with the city to make this a good place for you to live. Jack has worked tiredlessly on many issues, and yes social issues are a major factor in this community. We both care about the children who live and play here. That has always been our goal to help the needy. And if we are in the news media, that's the way we get our message across. We have many people who help Jack and I. We are not a ONE man show. Jack and I have won many awards for our hard work. Can you say that? So the next time you want to slam someone's hard work then my suggestion to you is get off your ass and join the movement. We could always use more hands.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    I don't understand why you are referring to things going on in the neighbourhood as yours and mine. Aren't things like the bike path there for the whole community to use? Again I will repeat myself and say if we work together more issues can get resolved.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones:,4,2007
    These Kids Hate Their Veggies
    Now Magazine

    "Fava claims that Giambrone's garden plot has further lowered opinion of him in a neighbourhood he claims feels ignored in favour of "WASPs" and the "bio-toilet" crowd."

    "The controversy escalated into nasty arguments when Fava set up white boards at the garden and encouraged local kids to "express themselves." "

    "He maintains the kids "knew what went down" and no one coerced children into writing "Gardens are for loser's [sic] so be cool!" or "I hate veggies! Yuck." ",5,2007
    Letter from Jonathan Libralesso to Now Magazine about the article “These Kids Hate Their Veggies”
    Foodshare Garden Controversy in Erwin Krickahahn Park

    What great long lasting improvements have occurred since squelching a food garden that would helped feed many people with low income? There is more to improvement than calling in the police for crack bags. Perhaps other residents have wonderful ideas but fear their projects will be sabotaged through mis-truths and rumours.

    You can't have things both ways, portray yourself as the champion of the downtrodden with such public eye vigor and then feel harassed when some of your less then stellar actions are questioned.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    This is really getting boring. It was the mother of two who suggested to the father of one, also a parent, to get a bin. It wasn't me who said negative things, go back to your past blogs. Just because people don't conform like some of you or believe in your ideology, dosen't mean it's bad. This neighbourhood is made of different people, ideas and ways. I never said anything bad about, your murals on bridges, bike paths or whatever else you said it your past blogs, but many have critized those residents who protested???

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago


    Tora, tora, tora is not the way to build community unity. Attacking moms with young children ranks even lower. Any chance you can tone down the over-heated rhetoric and have a discussion?

    Perhaps Mother of Two didn't require a separate bin because she went with the seniors and the majority of neighbourhood residents and used the temporary dump site.

    Mother of Two is calmly raising a bigger issue about the protest effort, beyond your strong objections about using the outdoor hockey rink, what different measures would you have implemented? Should Mother of Two kept the garbage, the kitchen waste and the disposable diapers in the backyard play area? Would it be better to have all this garbage festering in homes with children in a thousand spots around the neighbourhood or would is it better to manage the risk of insects and rodents in a limited number of focused areas like unused hockey rinks and parking lots? That was clearly the opinion of the Chief Medical Officer of Health and his officials. Is there some reason to suspect their judgement?

    Did the police really threaten members of your group with arrest if you didn't stop blocking neighbourhood residents from disposing of their garbage in the sanctioned spot at Campbell Park?

    Was it really worth all that effort and manufactured rage just to get on a local news cable channel with the Mayor or are there other ways taxpayers and residents can (and do) let him know their views?

    In retrospect, was all the negative neighbourhood media coverage
    generated by your group with talk about the sky falling really warranted? Are there actually enough tangible results from all the negative publicity to justify the arbitrary actions of a few but impact everyone in the neighbourhood?

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 35 weeks ago

    Mother of two. I helped put more garbage bags on the pickup truck for seniors, then you can imagine. We don't have BIA to get a bin, if you were so interested in getting a bin, why didn't you come forward and done it. The other thing is, if you seen so many crack bags at Rankin Park, why have you not reported this??? First time I heard this!!!

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 36 weeks ago

    I am a mother of two and was angry that Campbell Park was being used for a dump due to the proximity of the play structure and the fact that the Early Years Centre was using Campbell for their summer programming but I refused to come out to protest once I saw Mr. Fava yelling at the neighbours on the news. At the beginning of the dump being used the media were showing elderly neighbours walking their garbage to the dump in their shopping carts. If Mr. Fava was so concerned about the other interest groups that were affected by the strike he could have helped out by planning for a bin to be set up for these citizens to use. It was done in the Dundas West BIA area. People with low incomes have no access to a vehicle to transport their waste. I agree with Virginia when she said in the Villager that the dump should be cleaned up correctly the first time but what I disagreed with is her use of the word "Pristine". Since when have any park in this area been pristine? I refuse to take my kids to the park on Rankin due to the many crack bags I was finding in the sand.

    I would also like to address the comment about dividing the community. I have attended several meetings where Jack has done just that. Calling people names and not allowing the other side to be heard. I really do not know why there is such a divide between the newer neighbours and the longer time residents. This area is a perfect example of what works. The mix of incomes and ethnicities creates a beautiful community that I am proud to raise my children in. I would love to see us coming together more to deal with the issues instead of yelling and having the media focus on that. Things can be solved if we are willing to work together.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 36 weeks ago

    Jack you are a public figure in this here parts. You're often quoted in The Villager and are on local news television. You have been active with Virgina for a very long time. You've been involved with many groups. Therefore, many people know you or OF you. Your reputation precedes your presence. More people know of you than you would know of them. Your attitude sets the pace for how others outside your usual network see you too. That's just the reality of being a public figure.

    There is truth to the comment by lkajflkasjlkfaj, from others who have worked around you. Pot calling the kettle black.

    You make your views KNOWN many times and it does seem you place your causes as more important than others. Social issues are very important and you trot those out as though you and Virgina are the ONLY ones doing the big important work around here and everyone else are just frivolous bourgeoisie.

    Let's try to give each group credit that all are working towards the same end, including all your causes.
    WE are all trying to do something better for our community. All are just as important as the other.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 36 weeks ago

    Waaaaa! I like to criticize and comment about others plus let them know my likes and dislikes but heaven forbid that they should do such a thing back to me. It is not a allowed. What I hear is your concerns are more important than others.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 36 weeks ago

    Kevin, I will respond, but I won't continue to go back and forth with this. I can say the same to you, What do you think you are going to accompishing by wanting to change the name of the Junction Triangle???

    Let me start with the facts. Toronto Eagles didn't play at Campbell when the strike began. They stopped playing at Christie and Campbell and had to play eles where. We kept in contact with each other. They were mad at the fact that they had to pay $12,000 of there own money for irrigation at campbell. Also some of the coaches were involved in the protest.
    What did we accomplish, of all the 21 dump sites, Campbell was the most active, we kepted the pressure and sent a strong message to the City and Provincal Government to resolve this strike and to not use parks as dumps. Telling them they shouldn't dump in parks. The strike should not of happened to begin with. We even went live from campbell park to CP24 with the Mayor, like I said the garbage strike was just part of the strike and the reason why we were protesting, people didn't have proper health care, many of the welfare office closed, city dental office, rec centres, pool and so on. This protest got people out of their homes and the residents were able to speak out against something they were not in favour off, dumping of garbage that was to close to their homes and the children play ground. I had many strangers come to me or email me, thanking us about speaking out and protesting. The other two things I want to respond to was. About kids/people using other parks, yes there are other parks, but why should they go elsewhere, when they have a park across the street or close to them. The other is the evidence about poisoning the park. We don't know what PERMETHRIN long or short term effect this pesticide had on people, wildlife or pets, but I don't think any long term use of pesticide is good for the environment. Specially when it's band for use in Toronto homes. Lastly using our energy, it's no ones business, where we use our energy on. We wanted to express our frustration as a tax payer and resident and we did just that, this is a democratic society were one is able to express themselves and we did just that. So if you want to direct your energy of something go ahead, but don't dicdate to people what they should or shouldn't do.

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 36 weeks ago

    Jack, I agree with at least two things you have written here; you can't forces others to get involved and residents have and always pick stuff that is interesting to them. No denying that!

    I am curious to know what you think the protest effort accomplished? Did the strike end one second earlier because of your initiative? Did the community agree with you and stop using the park as a dump site? How many people are actually using the hockey rink in the summer (because the park itself was not closed and it was still used for soccer and cricket during the strike)? Why is this park so important when there are four other parks less than a five minute walk from Campbell Park (including the new West Toronto Railpath that stretches for more than two kilometres)? Where is the scientific evidence to indicate the city was poisoning the environment or are your claims just a feeling?

    I don't think Scott is attmepting to divide the community, but instead expressing frustration about all that effort and energy that could be better utilized without making claims about how the sky is falling.

    I look forward to reply (and let's keep it civil and avoid the name-calling).

  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 36 weeks ago

    Dr Phil, I was one of the protesters that was out for for just over ten days. This was not about been on TV and yes taken our park away from kids to dump garbage was an issue. Not to mention spraying pesticide, near homes and the children play ground was an issue. This strike was not only about the garbage strike. There are 3 vulnerable groups who were affected by this strike, the poor, children and the seniors. Closing welfare offices and public health office and not providing the services, shame on them. As a tax payer I wanted to voice my opinion and this is how we done it. I have been active in the community for over 10 yrs and also Virginia for over 30 yrs, involved in Environmental issues. So before you make a comment about people, know the facts. What you are doing is dividing the community. Saying one issues is more Important then the other. There are lots of issues in this community and residents have and always pick stuff that is interesting to them, you can't forces others to get involved.

  • Any comments about the website?   8 years 36 weeks ago

    Thanks Scott. Those are good suggestions.

    Photo-stories and "musings by locals" would be great. The forums are a good start to this, but I would also welcome more "formal" postings right to the main part of the site, especially if the photo-stories and musings are about current topics.

    History section is definitely one of my long-term goals. It's also the most work. :) We already have quite a few photos collected from the archives... We could start the History section with a few short articles about some of the basics of the neighbourhood's history, and then just expand from there. But it's a matter of finding contributing writers. I would also REALLY like to see more photos of the neighbourhood that are NOT from the City of Toronto Archives.

    Schedules etc... Yes, I occasionally browse through other community sites to look for events to post to our calendar. I would also like other community groups to start regularly sending event listings too.

    The "association" has been inactive for well over a year now. I will probably remove the "association" references soon. I would be happy to post things here from any other community group / residents association that may rise up in the future.

    But main goal for this site is to truly be a *community* project, so contributions from everyone are welcome.

  • Metrolinx: Georgetown South Service Expansion   8 years 36 weeks ago

    Here is some evidence that the Metrolinx 1890's transit plan is starting to worry people.

  • Any comments about the website?   8 years 36 weeks ago

    You should be congratulated for the time you have spent.

    I would like to see photo sections, or more photos with stories.

    Possibly some columns that are musings by locals.

    A History section?

    Have schedules for skating and pools etc directly linked into the calendar.

    A page with more City links for services.

    Probably it should change its name or remove "association" as that group fell apart pretty quick and this is probably the only good thing that ever came of it. Maybe it can still have a group that oversees it so that it has a true community aspect.

  • Any comments about the website?   8 years 36 weeks ago

    Hi everyone,

    I'm glad to see that many people are showing interest in this website and using it to discuss local issues. Thanks for dropping in!

    Although the Residents Association itself has been very quiet, this community website continues to move forward. Some people have been offering suggestions to me about what they would like to see on this site. Here are a few that will hopefully materialize soon:

    • A "Parenting" section with focus on raising kids in our neighbourhood
    • Links to websites about people in our neighbourhood
    • A local business directory
    • More photo galleries
    • etc...etc...

    What other ideas do you have? What would you like to see on a local community website?

    I am also open to having more people contribute to this site. Being a community website, it would be great to get more of the community involved with it. Contributions can be done on many different levels:

    • Tell your friends and neighbours about this site
    • Post messages in the focums and respond to news items.
    • Send us any upcoming local event you want listed on the calendar.
    • Send us news events or stories from around the neighbourhood.
    • If you're really ambitious, you can get involved with posting news / blog entries here yourself.
    • Etc....

    Hope you're enjoying this website. It would be great to hear any suggestions, and also contributions of any kind.


  • Campbell Park dump cleaned up.....almost   8 years 36 weeks ago

    I agree. It's easy to get people riled up and angry for one day or a few short days.

    It's more difficult to sustain long term, positive change and keep a large group of busy people motivated and involved when the effort requires commitment that goes beyond a few hours for one day or perhaps a couple of days -- when perhaps some of the work needed isn't about a burst of public display full of drama but done quietly without individual glory.