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I guess dependin who you talk to you get a different story, because I went to the sales office saturday and I was told that they have the packages but those packages are for the Fuse condos and they still have not been told if those are the packages for the townhouses. She said that they might be but still not sure that she didnt have confirmation from the buidler and ofcouse never said anything about letters being send out or any arrangement to pick up finishes because she said they are not sure if those finishes will be used for the townhouses as well as the condos, anyway I had a look at the condo finishes and they are good, with nice seleciton so I am hoping that they will let us pick out of that selection....

I went to the office today

I went to the office today and they do not have the samples ready. She said it will probably be a couple of months, however, there is someone currently working on them. The two rows facing the park now have some bricks on the bottom and windows and doors installed. The builder told her they should be ready by June, but she predicts it will be a bit later. She thinks it will all be done by the fall. We are lucky because the winter has been warm so they are constantly working.

When I purchased last week I

When I purchased last week I was shown those finishings as what townhouse owners will be selecting from. I sure hope I wasn't flat out lied to.

If you don't mind me asking,

If you don't mind me asking, which unit (lower or upper) did you purchase and what are the prices now? I know they are charging a premium for the lots facing the park. Thanks.

They have the starting price

They have the starting price on the website now...

I hope so too. I do like

I hope so too. I do like those finishes so I hope our selection is the same as the condos...but she did say they didn't get confirmation from the builder yet

The packages have yet to be

The packages have yet to be selected. There will be four options based on what was in that room. As per confirmation from Rob Falus this afternoon.

why dont they give us the

why dont they give us the same selection as the Fuse condos? or at least a choice to upgrade if we want...why four choices for the townhouses and 6 or 7 choices for the condos? it doesnt make any sense to me...

I think Fuse will be getting

I think Fuse will be getting better options as I believe the condo units are priced higher per sq ft compared to the townhouses.

For Phase 3, upper units were given nicer washer/dryer than lower. So my guess is because the upper had a higher price point therefore they got the better model.

Phase 3 had the ugliest towel and tissue holders with ceramic brackets and clear plastic rods which is glued on so it will be hard to remove without damaging the drywall. My suggestion, make sure you tell the developer NOT to install those and install something else you will be buying on your own. Take my word for it if you are picky that way. Also, some Phase 3 owners demanded that carpet not be installed (of course you will not get a discount by not getting them to install it) because they want to intall themselves laminate/hardwood floorings for the upper floors.

I agree 100%. We live in

I agree 100%. We live in Phase 2 and when we did our PDI the ceramic towel and toilet roll holders were in the bathrooms but not installed yet. We said "Please don't install them".... and they didn't. We purchased a much nicer set. Trying to change them after they are installed or after the non-retractable plastic rod eventully breaks is much more expensive.

Doubt the condos will have

Doubt the condos will have six or seven selections. I have a feeling they were set up in the loft showroom to narrow down the options on the builders side. That did seem like A LOT of option for a development of only 120 something units. I doubt those will end up being the finishes for the condos. Colour ways and finishes go out of production etc.

I went by the Sales office

I went by the Sales office and the Asian Secretary there seemed quite irritated when I told her I heard that the design samples were out and ready for view. She asked if I heard it from "the website" and told me that "whatever was posted was wrong information" and she was getting "quite tired for giving out wrong information and I should talk to Aggie". Aggie said there is absolutely nothing available to review and whatever was in the Sales office was and still the only thing they had. No letters have gone out and there are no samples to view.

Also, when asked if the houses will be done by August she said, "possibly but she's not counting on it." She also said that the builder suggested it will be done by June but Aggie who has so far been quite forthcoming with dates and deadlines said there's abslutely no way they can be done in June with or without a mild winter. There's just too much to do. August for the first string of houses (which I'm a part of) that has a possibly of being released on time but the rest wont be too much further after, quoting the development progress of the last phase. She said there was 2-3 months difference from the first set of units being released to the others being released and then some months to hand it over.

The samples are in the back

The samples are in the back but they are for the Fuse condos and sales stuff has not yet received confirmation that the same samples will be used for the townhouses and they didnt want to tell you so.

As for the completion dates, phase 3 was a much much smaller phase, so I think the first two rows will be done for August but the rest will be done between November and next year March. Which means a year and a half for delay for most of us...

Hi there, I bought a new

Hi there,

I bought a new build a few years ago and I know that they usually call you about 6 months prior to finishing. If they are on schedule and plan to be done by August then I would assume we should get a call around March?

parking ticket


I live on Turntable Crescent. Yesterday I was parked in front of my unit and received a parking ticket from the city of Toronto. Under type of infraction, it says "Park Vehicle on private property without consent". I don't understand though... when I moved in, I called the property mgmt company and asked about parking permits - she said that there are no permits, and that I just had to call the security company # and give my license plate # if I was parking overnight. What's the deal? Do I really need to pay this $30 ticket?

The outside parking is for

The outside parking is for visitors, you need to call in the license plate any time of the day...even if your guest is only staying an hour. When you call in the plates, the permit lasts for 24hrs. That's why you got a ticket.

Ok, thanks for explaining. I

Ok, thanks for explaining. I wish that Pamela at the property management office had explained that when I specifically asked her.... I've been living here for 8 months and I guess I've just been lucky so far when parking outside.

How does the city know which license plates have been called in though? Do they get a list from the security company? Or does the security company write tickets for the city?

phase 4

I went to see the progress of the construction of phase 4. They are building the second floor!! great progress, but it looks like its one row of townhouses which really puzzles me because I thought phase 4 consists of 4 rows of townhouses, has anyone been to have a look? maybe you can answer my question?


I actually kinda snuck in a

I actually kinda snuck in a couple weeks ago. They are currently working on two rows of Townhouses. Pretty sure there are 5 all together. I would assume they work on a few at a time... they won't all be ready at the exact same time. All the parking is completed. If the weather continues to stay mild then they will be built much quicker.

construction phase 4

thanks for the reply, I am pretty sure they are 5 rows also. I am just wondering if they are working on the last row where the entrance to the garage is located, but it doesnt look like it because that row was modified. If you look at the plans that row was divided so there are two townhouses facing east and two facing west and they are back to back like a semi detach. This is really puzzling becasue I cannot tell which rows are being build and do they still have the excavate for the rest? so weird!!!

the two rows closest to the

the two rows closest to the park are the one being built now. the other i guess 4 since one was split in two haven't begun. but they are ready to build, the parking lot is completed. excavation is completely done since the garage is done.

Thank you for your reply, I

Thank you for your reply, I couldnt figure out which rows were building first, this really breaks my heart since my place will be in the row that was split in half which is the most south row. I have a tentative closing date of august 31/12, and I guess its not going to happen especially for the last row. The park seems to be bigger than I imagine it to be which is great! it will be a good space for all of us..

I've been in phase one, first

I've been in phase one, first owner and bought in phase 4. So I see the progress everyday. I'll be in the southern buildings as well. I am thinking they are framing the first two rows and once they complete that they will move on to the other buildings while new trades work on the insides of the first two rows.
The upside of our section being done last is...occupancy fee. I am assuming we will have less months to pay since we'll be the last ones in. Which I look at as a bonus if the condo is registered quickly!!

I've bought in the row

I've bought in the row closest to the road (east) facing north south. I drove by today and it looks like they are just starting to work on that row now. The first two closest to the park looked almost complete (the frame). Do you think they will register the entire thing at once? For phase 3 did they register both rows at the same time?

I think the whole Phase gets

I think the whole Phase gets registered at the same time, at least Phase 3 did...anyway it will be a bonus to have a shorter occupancy fee, thought we have all waited for sooooooo long!! personaly I cant wait to see it build because everything has changed in my townhouse, the lot bumber the way the house will face, the square footage, even doors and windows have changed so much so that I dont know what to expect anymore so I want to see it go up...

I think the whole Phase gets

I think the whole Phase gets registered at the same time, at least Phase 3 did...anyway it will be a bonus to have a shorter occupancy fee, thought we have all waited for sooooooo long!! personaly I cant wait to see it build because everything has changed in my townhouse, the lot bumber the way the house will face, the square footage, even doors and windows have changed so much so that I dont know what to expect anymore so I want to see it go up...

where can you see the revised

where can you see the revised plans?

where can you see the revised

where can you see the revised plans?

you could see them on their

you could see them on their website but I just realized that they dont show them anymore, so just in the office, the have the new plans on the board

monthly bills

hi everyone,
just wondering who bills what around here? From the posts below, it looks like rogers has the phone and internet/cable, enbridge has electricity and the water heater rental is separate. Am I missing any utilities? Thanks in advance!

You covered it all. Water is

You covered it all. Water is part of our maintenance fees.

The coffee time and building?????

Does anyone know if that coffee time and or building will be knocked down in the near future. To me in will make the neighbourhood alot better. It doesnt make any sense for it to stay there when the arae is improving and that nice metro going right across from the coffee time. Random but valid for many im sure :).

they recently just painted

they recently just painted that building. I don't think it is going anywhere anytime soon. Likely to see the Coffee Time change first.

For those with lower units,

For those with lower units, do you have issues with snow accumulation or water leaks?

Lower unit patios must have

Lower unit patios must have been built with some kind of heating system. Having gone through 2 winters, never had any snow accumulation at the entire patio grounds.

Lower Unit Leaks

I believe you could be talking about water leaks that just accumulate by the stairs even on a clear sunny day. I've seen it on the entire row of 25 Turntable. Where they come from, i have no clue exactly but my guess would be some plumbing failure coming from the unit above that's suppose to drain somewhere. But seeing as the stairs are concrete and there might be PVC pipes within, who knows. All I know is that this has been brought to the attention of the builders and they had funny way of dealing with it. Rather than trace the source of the water leak and fix it from there, they ended up painting the concrete floors of all the lower unit with some kind of water sealing paint. Guess what.. the paint is now bubling from underneath since the leak is still there. I'll try to post the photos.

Kindly immediately contact

Kindly immediately contact property management and send by e-mail the photos you have to their office. The performance audit will be taking place in the coming months and it is very important that these deficiencies are included. Of course, the engineers will see those for themselves in which turn they will have it as part of their report which will be given to the builder to fix. Seems like the builder is just not bothering to do anything until the performance audit report is submitted to Tarion and then they will have do comply within the prescribed deadline to fix.

Do the builders plan on

Do the builders plan on actually fixing it or just reapply the paint?

I've been in a lower level

I've been in a lower level unit for 5yeas(1stphase) I have no issues.

2011 tax bill

I have a question for owners about a new tax bill that arrived late in 2011 for omitted 2010 and 2011 property taxes. Do owners owe all of these taxes for does the builder owe a share? Technically we did not own the property until the sale closed in April so I'm wondering about the taxes for the occupancy period. Perhaps the builder had an estimate of the taxes in the occupancy fee but how would we confirm what that portion was and if we are on the hook for the entire increase in missed taxes?

No. If you are, I hope you

No. If you are, I hope you contacted the builder.

No I always wondered about

No I always wondered about that with lower units since it's (partially) below ground level. Like if your front door gets buried when there's several cm of snow.

Never had any issue about

Never had any issue about front door snow accumulation when we moved in January 2011. The upper unit exterior stairs acts as roof so unless the snow gets blown around, there will be no snow accumulation right infront of the door.

phone and internet

hi everyone,

what home phone and internet service providers service this area? I was going to transfer my bell home and internet but was told by bell that they don't service this area?


Ditto. However I have had 3

Ditto. However I have had 3 service techs try to come in all trying to access a box they know to be at 30 Turntable somehow but trying to get them access to it... you have better luck finding a needle in a haystack.

Using Teksavvy and VoIP for

Using Teksavvy and VoIP for internet and phone... (Teksavvy uses Rogers lines). Works perfectly and much cheaper than the big two. Had no idea Bell couldn't get in as I never tried.

An co-worker of mine

An co-worker of mine suggested the same. Is there anyone using Bell that managed to get Internet connected?


Don't even get me started on cable/internet/phone hook ups! The builder cut a deal with Rogers so when I tried to transfer my Bell account, they said they couldn't even get into my property for internet as the wires were Rogers. So I had to take my long standing account with Bell and cancel it. Oh, I'm in Phase 3 of the town homes(Brownstones in Davenport Village)

I still have my account. I

I still have my account. I had my Bell since 1994. When did you cancel your service and what did you go for?
Wasnt the exclusive contract with Rogers only until the registration of the units have been transferred to the "buyer" or have I been mislead there?

selling and registraition?

Hi there,

I am a Phase 4 owner and I was hoping to ask a phase 3 owner how long it took for the building to register? from my understanding you cannot sell until the building is completed and everyone has moved in (registered), am I correct? and if so how long after you moved in did it take prior to registration? Any info is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

sassy lassie

Phase 3 took possession in

Phase 3 took possession in December 2010 and January 2011. Registration was April 2011. From what I have heard, you can approach the builder and negotiate something so you could flip your unit. I think the builder will charge you something. Something like that. I know for a fact that some of the builder's "friends" purchased and sold prior to registration.

BOW experience

At Brownstones on Wallace, people took possession between Sept. 1, 2010 and Nov 1, 2010 (depending on the block). We registered in May 2011 and closed in June 2011.

Not everyone has to be physically moved into their units in order for registration to happen. I'm not sure exactly how it works or what needs to be done but I know the city has to inspect some things. All the PDIs need to be completed of course. We had a new road built (Elsie Lane), which may have delayed our registration.

You can sell your unit prior to registration by selling the assignment.

This website may give you some answers about that:

Surprisingly this builder

Surprisingly this builder turns over his developments quickly...I've heard horror stories of people paying years of ghost mortgages. For Phase 3 we only had about 4 months of ultimately paying "rent"

Phase 3 closing was

Phase 3 closing was exceptionally fast..... but the other final closings I'm aware of with this builder were about average (6-8 months after everyone has moved in). I know the final closings for one of the much earlier town home projects didn't go so well..... but for the most part, the builder has seemed to gotten their act together after that

It is usually in a builders best interest to close a project ASAP as thesis when they get paid.

To those in phase three...

To those in phase three... I'm planning on snapping up one of the remaining units in phase four once the sales office is open again. I'm leery about paying "rent" though. How does this work? If its too expensive it may kill the do-ability for me. Just wondering how this worked for phase three owners.

All info is greatly appreciated.

The "Rent" you are referring

The "Rent" you are referring to is the interim occupancy fee and it would apply to any new condo or condo / townhouse that you purchase. You are legally forced to pay this occupancy fee from the time you occupy the unit (determined by the builder) until final closing, which is about 3 weeks after the complex is officially registered with the city. This interim occupancy period will vary from project to project and there are various things that impact how long it will be. The average tends to be about 6-9 months after all of the units are occupied (or ready to be occupied). Phase 3 occupancy period was very short .... but that was relatively a small project. I believe phase 4 is at least double the size of phase 3 so I would expect the occupancy period to be longer... But you never know.

The interim occupancy fee is made up of three components

1. Maintenance fee
2. Estimated property tax fee
3. Interest on the outstanding amount of your purchase (purchase price less any deposits)

3. Would be the biggest component and would depend on your down payment. At interm occupancy, if you have the money, you may be able to put additional $$$ down which would go you reducing that part of the payment. You would be paying 1 & 2 if there was no interim occupancy period anyway.

But... People really need to look at the big picture here. All original purchasers for phases 1, 2, 3 ended up ahead of the game. Even though we all paid intermin occupancy fees, when the properties finally closed the value increases in the properties, we're much higher than the amounts paid in occupancy fees. Purchasing Pre and early construction is usually less expensive than purchasing Final Construction. Plus, the values of the properties increased substantially. People,who purchased the resale units similar to ours after final closing paid approx 85,000 more than we did. Our occupancy fees were about 7,000... But about 3,000 of that would be the property tax and maintenance fee that we would need to be paid anyway, even if there was no interm occupancy period.

I too wasn't crazy about the occupancy fee, but this is how it works for new condos. If you don't like it, you can avoid this by buying resale or a new house.

I hope this helps with your decision.

Good luck and Happy New Year!!!

Lower Unit Main Level Room and Floor Temperature

Anybody experiencing or experienced their main level being extremely cold. Last January, it was freezing all tthe time, that I hardly spent time downstairs even setting thermostat between 70-72 degrees. It's mid-December and inspite of having portable heater running as well which I turn on as soon as I come home in the evening and only turn off when I go to sleep. I am starting to feel that it is once again getting way too cold just like before. I keep the temperature at a steady 69 right now, 24-7.

Heating Improvement Suggestions?

I would check to see a few things. This is what our home inspector told us:

1. Do you have any cold air leaks? We had a few last year and the builder had to fix them. This helped a lot as it stopped cold air coming directly into the unit. I would recommend getting a temperature reader and check for cold spots in the corners and walls as there could be some poorly insulated areas that need attention by the builder. We got an infra-red scan done and all identified issues were fixed. I would recommend it. It typically costs about $250.00 and if your having issues, IMO.... Money well spent.

2. I have found cable and electrical outlets are often an entry point for cold air. You can purchase outlet insulators from Home Depot. Very easy to install and help reduce the cold air coming into the unit.

Is your heating system running constantly at the temperature settings you mentioned above? That is a sign that something isnt right also. If it is, it could be related to 1) and 2). Is your water heater at the highest temperature setting? Have you tried balancing the system by restricting vents in warmer rooms to allow more air to go to colder rooms?

The other thing to remember this in concrete construction. As it gets colder the concrete gets colder and transfers into the floors, hence the floor feels cooler around externally exposed walls.

Lastly, if your having these issues already they will likely get worse. The temperatures have been relatively mild so far but the colder temps will be coming.

Hopefully something here helps you out

I was actually going to look

I was actually going to look for a home inspector before I complete my 2-year Tarion form come first thing next year. If satisfied with the home inspector you used, could you please provide contact information.

Thank you.

Home Inspector

Here is the info on the Home Inspector we used for the Infra-Red Scan. He also does regular home inspections also. I highly recommend him (John G.).

You might want to double check how long certain items are under waranty. Waiting two years might be too late for some items (i.e. Workmanship). You might want to make sure.

Good Luck!

Greatly appreciate the info.

Greatly appreciate the info.

For those who have purchased

For those who have purchased in any of the phases...

I'm curious if anyone was able to negotiate credits for closing with the sales team? I know initially there was wiggle room with lockers and finishings but now there isn't. I know they haven't moved on price (developers very rarely do) but any info before I start negotiating with sales office would be helpful.

I may be selling if your

I may be selling if your interested? what are you looking for?

central park. I have spoken

central park. I have spoken to a few people who are thinking of selling. Not sure if we have already spoken. I am committed to working with an agent, so it may not be worth it for you.

In phase 3, I bought at the

In phase 3, I bought at the tail end. I did not commit on my initial visit. The second time I visited and advised that I will put in an offer, I was given a slightly lower figure than the listing price.

I bought at the beginning

I bought at the beginning when these units were being snatched up like hot cakes. I suppose its the supply and demand factor. At this piont in the game, the builder needs more money to continue with the project and may sell at a slightly lower price to finish selling off the units, hence, negotiating power. I don't think there was any "wiggle" whatsoever in the early sales of the units. With only a small percentage left, the builder may think selling slightly less for will not harm the overall project. If I was buying now, I would definitely try to haggle and come in more than once to try to negotiate.

In phase 2, I do not recall

In phase 2, I do not recall being any wiggle room during the initial purchase.... But if certains items were still available to purchase at final closing (i.e. additional parking spots) those were negotiable via an amendment to the purchase agreement.

You can definitely try negotiating... The worst they can say is NO.

I guess it really depends on how well sales are going also.


Just wondering how phase three owners are finding the utilities and the overall efficiency aspect of the 2 bedroom units (now that we are getting into winter). Coming from a building where all utilities were lumped in and I just was hoping for a ball park of what its costing per month.

Thanks very much!


Although nothing too serious, these places weren't built with high efficiency equipment... For a generally eco-friendly couple, we pay:
- $90/month: hydro
- $80/3 months: water heater rental
- $70/month: gas/heat

is that good?

is that good?

My monthly bills' average is

My monthly bills' average is $150.00 for hydro, gas/heat and water tank rental for a two-person household living in the lower unit. To me that is good considering that I turned on my A/C early on and never turned it off until summer was over. Same thing with our heater, I turned it on in October, set at a steady 69.

That's pretty good. Godd to

That's pretty good. Godd to know Thanks

Phase 4 purchasers, lots of

Phase 4 purchasers, lots of activity going on now. Foundation poured and they have started bullding first level frames.

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its about lets see if we they will be done by August 31st...I doubt it though...

Phase 3 took occupancy in

Phase 3 took occupancy in December 2010 and January 2011. Original initial occupancy date for those who bought in late 2009 were given October 2010. And I think the builder were also pretty much at the same time of the year at the same stage of construction as Phase 4 is right now. So August 2012 will probably a NO go. Maybe same as Phase 3, winter 2012/2013 ready to move in.

The thing to remember.... I

The thing to remember.... I believe phase 4 is much bigger than phase 3, so it will take longer to build... But that will depend on the resources the builder has. Also... It will likely take a few months to get everyone into the different blocks. Phase 1 took approx 6 months, phase 2 took approx 4 months.

I agree with you winter of

I agree with you winter of 2012/2013 is more like it....I am just glad the builder finaly called me to have the amentment papers sign so I will be glad when its finally done.

has anyone been by recently?

has anyone been by recently?

Toronto life where to buy now issue

brownstones on Wallace is mentioned as a hot neighbourhood to buy!

how much did you get your

how much did you get your unit for if you don't mind me asking? I went to the sales office and saw that pre-construction prices are $305,900 for a central park 2+1 up to $365,000 for 3+1 Stanley park.

29-31 foundry ave

does anyone know how much 29-31 foundry ended up selling for? I think it was a multiple bid situation. It originally listed for $367,000 for a three bedroom, two parking, and no locker.

Add on $20k for Parking and

Add on $20k for Parking and $5K for a locker (if available)

110-20 foundry - phase 3 lower unit facing the park sale

Does anybody know what 110-20 Foundry Ave sold for? really interested in case I decide to sell. Any info would be appreciated.

it sold for $350,000 with

it sold for $350,000 with parking and locker.

Good to know....although that

Good to know....although that unit looked like a lot was done to bathroom and kitchen don't look like that.

110-20 Foundry

Plus that one was an end unit.....I think that a premium was charged by the builder for those lots.

The end unit was not an extra

The end unit was not an extra charge, I considered it however, it was also close to the garbage and/or stairs to the underground (a lot of foot traffic) so, I opted out and took in the middle instead. Now I have a perfect view of the "new park".

I own #110 and assure you that I paid a Lot Premium

In part for the south view facing the Park and in part for the Corner Condition. The Garbage and Staircase you refer to are not next to the South Block.

It seemed like a hefty fee at the time, but I was very pleased with the end result.

Lot Premium

There was a premium for both the end lots as well as a premium for park views. I believe it may have been around 10k each. The west facing lots (facing the railway) were charged the park premium as well.

I was charged $15,000 total

50/50 split for the end/park view. Obviously it would have been great to pay less...but it depends on when you buy. Supply was next to nil in Phase 3 when I bought. Again though, I'm pleased with the Final product.