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The sales people are useless

The sales people are useless and I would not waste my time in asking them any questions. The building as well did not return any of my calls. I was one of the people affected by the change to phase 4, my Gorky park unit was changed to a central park. I called the builder several times to see if maybe I could sell my paper work since I did not want the new unit, there was no response. However, when I decided to give up the unit and get my deposit money back, they were able to get the builder to sign the release in an hour and to give them some credit, they did give me a cheque in less than a week so I could get another place. The building was all too happy to get my unit back and sell it for 30k for than what he would have got from me.
The old sales lady is stubborn and I am glad I do not have to deal with her anymore.

When I purchased the unit the tentative closing date was September 2011, wishful thinking on their part, hopefully all phase 4 owners will get their units in 2012.

Good luck.

What a terrible experience that must have been...

Thanks for your words and I hope you were able to find a place that suited you within a timeframe and budget to match.

Reading the posts from the people that had to lose their initial unit really put me off but then again there is no other stacked town being offered in this close proximity to the downtown core for these prices so I'm taking my chances.

I hope the delay (which I am anticipating will happen 100% due to previous experiences shared here and elsewhere by buyers) does not exceed 6 months, because I can do with not having to move in during the winter but if I miss another spring/summer I will be peeved!

Good luck to you as well friend.

Public Safety Alert Released by Toronto Police Service

Beware of a potential sex offender in the Lansdowne/Davenport area.

Man exposed himself on July 23, 2011 at 12:30 a.m. seen by two women. Man was looking into their ground-floor window. He exposed himself and then fled the scene.

Description of man: white, 35-45, heavy build with short, light brown hair. Last seen wearing blue shorts and no shirt.

For information, contact police at 416 808 1300, Crime Stoppers 416 222- TIPS (8477), online at or text TOR and your messages to to CRIMES (274637) or leave a tip on facebook.

Resale Values for Built DV homes

I like to look the current MLS sales listing for upper and lower units in Davenport Village as I've been interested in the area for awhile (pre & post construction). I've noticed that the already-built upper units for Phase 1/2 have increased in price ($350-399k depending on the model) but the lower units have dropped in price compared to just over a year ago (I know this because I was thinking of pulling the trigger on a lower unit back in March'10 when they were flying like hotcakes). Back then the price for a lower unit was selling at up to $329k...but now it looks like asking prices of $329k get re-listed and dropped to $309k...such a price drop!

Anyone have any ideas why? Do you think they will rise again with the new construction happening?

I sure hope they rise again

I just bought a lower unit in phase 4 for $289,900+$20,000 for parking, so I paid what the already built listing you are mentioning is going for...

I'm probably going to live in my unit for several (5-10) years so I'm sure that will be enough time for substantial appreciation but any quick boost in equity is always welcome!

The area has a lot of promise. It seems they are gutting and redeveloping all over.

Good luck with your hunt. Are you first timer as I am?

phase 4

I noticed you mentioned you paid $309,000 for a phase 4, I am a phase 4 owner, can I ask - did this price include the "park view"? There was a $15,000 premium to have the park view. thanks for replying.

I sure hope they rise again

I am very confident they will rise, and rise shortly, what we are seeing in a leveling off has more to do with high supply and quick changers increasing the supply outpacing the demand. I was an owner in the early days of Liberty Village, with similar stacks THomes, and this occurred as well.
As you said the area has a lot of potential and anyone coming then quickly exiting will not reap as well as those who stay 5+yrs, as you said you want to the reason is you want the new construction to slow when development & new units offered to decrease meaning the area is filling & maxing out, which brings a lot of attention from services & businesses (hopefully good amount of indie biz) as the area becomes more desirable as that happens it and "trendy" then the values start to shoot up because of the things locally around & the uniqueness of the build etc (ie good mix of density and several built form factors)

these increases / decreases of 10-20K are hiccups, the real equity starts when new building stops, we just need to be mindful of what else is coming up around us & make sure good amenities are built in, that is what drives the values

if you stick around as you said you'll reap equity and appreciation

all best

I am a Phase 3 owner and

I am a Phase 3 owner and resident of a lower unit. I am happy with the space. I will have to say that having a powder room on the main floor and not having the mostly popular long and narrow living/dining area which I am not a fan of, I truly appreciate my decision buying here. As a TTC rider working downtown, the location is good. Just a piece of information I wish I had when I decided to buy --- the HVAC system is a killer noisewise for lower units. Be prepared to deal with that should you choose to buy.

Glad you feel that way...

I love the layouts for phase 3 and 4 for the lower Central Park units...I walked into a couple of open houses for the older units and exactly as you said, they were long and narrow and had lots of unusable space - I'm glad I'm paying more for a more functional layout. And yes, close to the TTC and everything, I'm moving back to the city from Mississauga so I am super stoked about the location!

A lot of people have mentioned the noise regarding the HVAC unit, apparently it is adjustable? Maybe soundproofing the wall and getting the doors changed might be in order, I guess Ill have to just wait and see considering my unit wont be ready for at least another 18 months - sigh.

Another Underground Parking Car Break-in

This morning, we found our car window smashed. We had a few valuable items inside but where not taken. Only loose change went missing which would have been no more than $10 at the most.

Once the turnover of the board, we must put in place additional security for the underground parking.

By the way...

Are all these break-ins happening in the loft parking lot beside the sales office or the one underneath the phase 3 construction, or both?

Underground parking of Phase

Underground parking of Phase 3. Not aware of other phases in the Village.

So much for advancements in criminal forensics...

Have the police been able to tell you how they think these perps are able to get into a secured-by-lock-and-key parking facility? Are the locks THAT easy to pick? Do the garage doors take that long to shut once a car leaves/enters?

I am a phase 4 buyer and I got the parking spot to park my motorcycle with hope that nobody messes with it when its parked - these stories are scaring the motor oil out of me

Sorry about what happened to you car - we drove my brother's car up to Montreal for the Canada Day long weekend and it got keyed in a bad way - in my books there is nothing worse than somebody messing with your vehicle when you have left it parked somewhere, thinking its safe, waiting for you to come back to it - god what I would give to be in a room alone with that a****** (yes I'm a bit of a motorhead)

As previously posted, for

As previously posted, for now, until the turnover meeting where owners can address this break-in ongoing issue, the best way to combat the situation is for all car owners to not leave anything inside their cars. Nothing to steal, they'll eventually find the whole exercise of breaking in to a waste of their time. And then hopefully they will just not bother coming back.

And let's keep our eyes and

And let's keep our eyes and ears open....I think we've been here long enough now to know looks a little "shady".

I agree that additional

I agree that additional security measures should be implimented but what needs to be determined is what and how? Is there another condo board for the previous townhome development on the site? When the DOP board is in place they should meet with that board, they might be able to shed some light on how they have dealt with the issue.

Residents also need to do their part in keeping valueable items & money out of their vehicles. If there is nothing to steal, and they keep coming up empty handed it will help in dealing with the problem.

Indeed not a free lesson to

Indeed not a free lesson to learn for us. Everything were out of sight except for the few loose change as it was something we thought would be of little value being mere coffee money on the go.

RE: Indeed not a free lesson

Our vehicle was also broken into today. Nothing was in plain sight. They smashed one of the back windows (black glass), I guess they were hoping for a jackpot --- only to find shoes, sunglasses, lipgloss, toiletries and random, useless paper items (magazines etc). They did take a car charger for a cell phone and part of a bluetooth device. Not sure if something alarmed the thiefs -- they tried to rip off the trunk cover to see what's inside but didn't quite get it off (nothing inside of value anyway -snow scraper and clothes for goodwill). There might have been $3.00 in quarters or less. I know this for sure because earlier in the day I was digging in the console for Coffee money - not even a loonie or toonie to be found.

These guys are brazen and desperate -- seems like a lot of work breaking into vehicles for not much loot.

The #13 Division Police responded and a report was filed. Judging by the footprints (thankfully the garage is sandy) they circled several vehicles in the Garage.

can i ask around what time

can i ask around what time did they break in ur car?

By console, I mean one that

By console, I mean one that is covered between the driver and front passenger. They also took the top organizer tray?? That's why I'm thinking that they left in a hurry. Dumped the cosmetic items and mints from the tray on to the back seat.....and made off with the tray and their $3 loot.

Wow are these break-ins

Wow are these break-ins happening in the actually tenant parking lot? This is horrible. How are they getting into the parking lot that is supposed to have secures access? Something has to be done.

I think regardless of the

I think regardless of the amount stolen, there truly is a major problem with vandalism and theft and we need to find a solution. I was the Board President of my current Condo Corporation and had similar issues but there was no underground parking lot. The community spent money on extra lighting and had police intervention which helped solve the majority of the issues. I think the new Board must make this a prority item but in the interim, the residents should contact the police for a solution. They may have some suggestions on how to manage the problem until the Board turnover and by the sounds of it, the community definitely needs one.

Is there another Board for the previous phases or its just one consolidated Board? I've purchased in Phase 4 and hope these things get ironed out to reduce duplicated effort and increased security for all residents. We should also look for proactive Board members to ensure the work that needs to be done is tracked and met.

I agree that this is a major

I agree that this is a major problem.

I also noticed a graffiti tag on the wall on my way down to the garage the other day. So obviously people are accessing our garage and it's frightening to think that as we are making our way to our cars, that people may be lurking around the corner.

This needs to be a priority. Not sure if changing the all doors to be access doors would make a difference.

Phase 4???

Has anyone spoken to the sales office to find out when they might start construction on Phase 4???? This is getting ridiculous!!!

It took them 13 months to build Phase 3 AFTER they had dug the ground and Phase 4 is 2.5 times bigger! I feel like at this point early 2013 is more realistic and that is just crazy!!!

I signed for a lower unit this past weekend...

My tentative closing date was listed as October 31st, 2012.

my closing date is august

my closing date is august 31st 2012, 10 months delay from the original date of oct. 1st 2011, but to be honest I dont see us closing till march of 2013. They have not even put a hole in the ground yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a bright note

At least we wont have to move in bad weather then and can start bbq'ing right away!

I went to the sales office

I went to the sales office two weeks ago, they couldn't tell me when they are going to start digging and they didn't have the amendment papers for me to sign, I have a lot of patience and don't mind waiting but this delay it is ridiculous! It makes me feel a bit uneasy..why such a long delay? if the city is ok with he change of the south block and the fire route is in the plan then why cant they start? if they start building in the fall they will be building through the winter and only god knows what the weather will be like and how much delay we will have due to weather, anyway....I don't see us moving in till early 2013, this delay is simply unacceptable!

As I recall, they told me at

As I recall, they told me at the time of purchase that the new Tarion laws dictate only a 13 month delay, after which the Purchaser is able to back out of the deal with no repercussions to their deposit. Looks like it will be more than 13 months at this point given its already been extended 10 months.

I did talk to my laywer about

I did talk to my laywer about the delay but he said in the contract that we signed it says that the builder has the right to extent it up to 24 months, regardless... the townhouse has appreciated (according to builders prices) 40K since I bought, so I (personally) have to bite the bullet and wait.....

I agree. If we walked away

I agree. If we walked away now, they could re-sell for a lot more.
I believe I read something in the contract about them notifying us once they started digging so hopefully we hear soon.

I am definitely going to

I am definitely going to wait, it would be stupid not to! An upper on MLS is going now for 398,000 - 70K more than what I paid... I am patient too, I just want to know that they ARE going to build! I also feel a bit uneasy that they just won't build! I spoke with the sales office awhile ago about why the developer changes their name each time they start a new project and he said so IF something doesn't go through it doesn't affect the whole company... and THAT made me feel very uneasy!
*sigh... I guess we just have to continue waiting and see! I think they started digging for Phase 3 in September/October of 2009 so hopefully they will start ours by this Sept/Oct - making occupancy Early -Mid 2013 at the earliest!

Most if not all builders do

Most if not all builders do that. Smart to limit their financial risk. I wouldn't let that bother you. Standard practice.

I am definitely going to

I am definitely going to wait, it would be stupid not to! An upper on MLS is going now for 398,000 - 70K more than what I paid... I am patient too, I just want to know that they ARE going to build! I also feel a bit uneasy that they just won't build! I spoke with the sales office awhile ago about why the developer changes their name each time they start a new project and he said so IF something doesn't go through it doesn't affect the whole company... and THAT made me feel very uneasy!
*sigh... I guess we just have to continue waiting and see! I think they started digging for Phase 3 in September/October of 2009 so hopefully they will start ours by this Sept/Oct - making occupancy Early -Mid 2013 at the earliest!

Having purchased from Phase

Having purchased from Phase 3, once moved in, you do feel better putting the waiting game behind. The very thought that you live in Toronto and having a decent square footage for a good price makes up for the wait. Would I buy from the builder again? Likely not. Am I glad I bought from them because of the location and price. For sure.

Good luck Phase 4ers !!!

Don't worry.... they will be

Don't worry.... they will be built.... this is how they make money... just a question of when will they be completed??????

Phase 3 owner - air conditioner problems

I've just recently started to use the air-conditioner in my unit and similar to the other posts I've read it is also quite loud, but has anyone had any difficulty regulating the temperature? My unit is over 80 degrees and the air-conditioner is running constantly with little to no affect on the temperature. The fan is set to AUTO. The only way I have been able to cool the place is on days when there is a breeze outside. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

We are experiencing the same

We are experiencing the same thing. And it is super took us an entire day to cool our unit and the second we turned it off, the temperature started to rise again. Not sure what the solution is...

Try shutting the breaker off

Try shutting the breaker off and on just once (for me it is breaker 15). After doing this the unit started to blow much colder air. I have to do this like once a week (at least), whenver i notice that my unit is not getting cold....

Thanks for the tip. So I just

Thanks for the tip. So I just turn in off and on right before I turn the AC unit on? Is there anything to help our with the noise factor?

Thanks for the tip. So I just

Thanks for the tip. So I just turn in off and on right before I turn the AC unit on? Is there anything to help our with the noise factor?

Firstly, we never had to deal

Firstly, we never had to deal with our breaker since the first day we turned on our A/C so I just wonder if this is something that should be serviced if some of you need to deal with the breaker once a week or so. Regarding the noise, the technician that came in to our place since we could not move the levers of our vents downstairs told us that you could place a furniture about an inch or two away from the air exchange and that somewhat helps to muffle the sound. I will be looking for a piece a wine bar/cabinet which I will be placing infront of the air exchange and I also intend to buy a soundproofing board or similar to be installed on the back of the bar/cabinet which should further help damopen the noise.

Garbage/Recycle Pickers

Twice I have seen somebody going through our recycle bins by the parking ramp. Yet another issue we should bring up with property management. The only solution I can think of is to ensure that these bins are padlocked once taken to this area.

Also, I've noticed that our lower unit's concrete planter in the patio area seems to always be damp at the bottom even if we have had several dry days. I asked a waterproofer and he assessed that the builder should have had the inside of the concrete planter waterproofed as well. Our patio floors still need to be waterproofed and he said that once the floors are waterproofed but not the inside of the planter, long term, this will be an issue.

Please post if any of you on the lower units also have similar situation. Thank you.

I've lived in the

I've lived in the neighbourhood for several years and there are a few regular Garbage/Recycle Pickers who frequent the area and different neighbours have try to take action against them. A few of them (the pickers) have resorted to making their rounds in the early morning before the home owners wake and they have no qualms about entering individuals properties to access recycling/garbage bins left on porches. A padlock would be a deterrent but its also a security issue.

Padlock would deter and

Padlock would deter and hopefully take care of the security issue. The very point of the padlock.

Phase 3 - meeting

Please post the date for the rescheduled meeting - I was away on vacation but will definitely make the next date.

Side note - my patio was never fixed/cleaned up - there is tar, large drill holes, markings from the construction workers, etc. I noticed that some patios look fine but others are like mine. Does anyone know if these will be fixed? It was on my tarion form but never received info if they accepted to fix this up.

Phase 3 owners would have

Phase 3 owners would have received notice in the mail and reset date will also be mailed out once they pin down a date.

Contact customer service for your patio. Waterproofing our patio is still outstanding which they should be completing before fall since it requires good weather to complete such work. I guess at that time, any other unfinished/deficient work will be completed at the same time.

We also have patio issues.

We also have patio issues. Ours has large cement chunks in's lopsided and just all around looks unfinished. I have contacted customer service on a number of occasions but have yet to have the issue resolved. I also contacted the site office and nothing. The responses I did get were "we have to wait for the good weather to come". Well, looks like that has arrived, but still nothing. Who else can we contact?

I'm glad the meeting was rescheduled.....we were on vacation.

Phase 3 -- June 30th meeting

I was unable to attend the meeting -- did anyone from the forum attend who could let me know what items were discussed. Would greatly appreciate it... Thanks.

We were short of 5 out of 21

We were short of 5 out of 21 so the meeting has been adjourned to a date to be set down the road. I strongly urge everybody to show up or to have a proxy attend on their behalf if it is absolutly impossible to attend. For as long as we do not get enough people showing up, the turnover meeting will not take place.

I didn't know anything about

I didn't know anything about a meeting, can you post more information? when? where? and is the meeting for those who already have moved in or can the people who bought on Phase 4 attend?


The meeting is for turnover

The meeting is for turnover for Phase 3 only.

Thank-you for the update.

Thank-you for the update.

Phase 4 construction

Can anyone tell me if they have started digging for Phase 4? I haven't been down to the site in a while to look.

NO! nothing is happening! I

NO! nothing is happening! I went there yesterday and nothing is going on yet, I seriously doubt that we will have our units in 2012!!

I went down yesterday and saw

I went down yesterday and saw some huge piles of dirt. Not sure if that's a good sign?

not really....those piles of

not really....those piles of dirt have been there for a long time, every so often they move them idea why...

Phase 3 Lockers

Anyone looking to rent out their locker in Phase 3?

renting phase 3?

Anybody interested in renting their 2 bdrm? looking to rent till phase 4 is ready.

thanks. linda

renting phase 3?

Anybody interested in renting their 2 bdrm? looking to rent till phase 4 is ready.

thanks. linda

For Rent

I'm interested in renting out my upper unit. Please provide me a contact or email me and I'll get back to you

I checked MLS and don't see

I checked MLS and don't see any rentals however I know a friend of mine checked out 2 units more than a month ago and those units are still vacant. I believe the 2 units are upper and lower facing the future park.

Air Conditioner

Does everyone's air conditioner sound like a 747 is landing in there unit? We just turned ours on and it's super loud.

Yes, I contacted customer

Yes, I contacted customer service and they told me its standard for the system installed. We have our TV like most in the main level so I guess I will now need to learn lip reading when watching TV. The other alternative is as per energy saving tips of keeping temperature at 78 degrees which does not kick in too often. so there's longer periods of quiet time.

Anybody else with main level vents' levers too tight that you cannot close/open the vents?

Service Notice: Front Door Painting June 8 - 10

Anyone else received the notice about the door painting?



When was registration for

When was registration for phase 3? Exact date?

Can't remember the exact

Can't remember the exact closing date (old age fails my short term memory) but it would have been mid-April 2011. The unit above us closed I think about a week ahead of us. Our occupancy was mid-January 2011. Some units occupied December 2010 and don't know how much earlier they closed ahead of us.

Prospective buyer

I apologize in advance if my topic has already been discussed but you guys have a fantastic and quite extensive thread for this development and my laziness beat out my curiosity to read the whole thing...ha-ha

Has anybody bought into the phase 4 of this development who is also on this thread?

I was at the sales office this weekend and the lovely sales staff could not give me any accurate timeline for when this phase will be completed...although I am looking at their cheapest, Central Park unit, for which they are asking for a more expensive $289,900 (relative to the $249ish that I found they were advertising for that unit only 2 years ago!) they are also asking for a 15% deposit within 175days or so...which I think is absurd considering this builder has extensively delayed their previous phases - although I'm sure the property value will increase well, relative to market conditions, I personally cannot justify tying up that much money for an uncertain (some delays were 3 years long?!) period of time without any guarantee on investment (considering the trading market these days)- does anybody here from the phase 3 of this build have any perspective to share (in terms of how long it took for the phase to complete from start to finish)? Has anybody who has purchased into the phase 4 of this build know anything that I dont (any hints as to when you'll be expecting to move in)?

Thank you all for your time.

RE: Prospective Buyer

Is that price - $289,900 including the Parking Spot? If so, tnat's not drastically different from the original selling price.

I wish

It's $289,900 base + $20,000 parking + $3500 locker.

I am a Phase 4 buyer, I

I am a Phase 4 buyer, I bought my place the opening late october 2009, I was suppose to get it october of 2011 but got a letter for the builders lawyer and tentitive closing date is now august 31st 2012 that is a 10 month delay and since they have not started the project yet, I think it will be delayed again. I did give 15% down in, as you said, within 175 days of the signing of the contract. I was not too concerned about tying up the money for such a long time because the interest the banks pay is not worth much these days. The builders price has since gone up by 30 or 40 thousand dollars so its worth tying up the money, I look at it this way...if I had invested the 50 thousand that I gave them down I wouldnt have made 40 thousand return so I think its a good investment even if I have to wait an extra year to get it. The builder did very well with phase 3 but he run into trouble with phase 4 hence the delay. He had trouble getting certain permits and the southern block of townhouses had to be redesigned but I think at the end it will be better for the buyers.
Anyway its a good investment, you should give it a serious though

good luck|!

Thought I would let you know

I stopped by the sales office and signed the paperwork to purchase a lower, Central Park unit, with a tentative close of October 31st, 2012, which most likely will be delayed - as per all the discussion on this thread but we will be neighbours!

That’s an amazing return.

That is great insight; I thank you for your time and words friend. It sounds like the two of you (yourself and our other anonymous friend above you) really cashed in on a great investment, as it has appreciated significantly in such a small amount of time…I’m having a hard time digesting if that might be as good for me as it was for you; I understand that the type of real estate we are discussing and the location is not as heavily impacted by the plethora of surplus condo constructions all over our city and the implications its over saturation will have on market values over the next few years – I am falling in love with this development more so by the minute however, to the extent that if my girlfriend were aware she’d consider it some form of infidelity, lol. I have a lot of thinking to do over the next few days…

yes you do! in making a

yes you do! in making a decision, just remember that you have more options when you own real estate than if you dont, you can live in it, you can rent it out or you can sell it. If the builder delays the closing maybe you should look at it as a opportunity to save more money for a bigger downpayment and therefore less mortgage and smaller monthly payments. Anyhow you cannot go wrong by buying as long as you buy within your means, everyone needs a roof over their heads,...right?


Couldn't agree with you more. So now I'm going to tell you about my situation even though you didn't ask for it, lol...I was looking to do just that, purchase a place, let it build, save up aggressively, move in, save on CMHC fees and have a simple bi weekly payment. BUT. I am a 25er, I live at home with my family (mum, dad and brother) and they are all due to move to Montreal, my dad's company is relocating them to the head offices and I was told I have about 2 years until they move. 3 weeks ago that time frame got changed to 2 months, lol. So now I have to consider paying rent and supporting myself as that free living boat is going to sail very soon and everything that I have saved thus far is in very aggressive equities and I'd be a fool to liquidate them any sooner than Q2, fiscal year 2012 (dumb move on my part but hey, this recession has been great for aggressive investors with some disposable income). I am very picky, and I'll want to live in my first home for at least a little while - this community would be perfect (I hate condos) and with the uncertain build time, I'd be putting my cash flow situation in a real ever get that, where you want something REAL bad that you're almost prepared to kill yourself trying to get it? I'm in that place right now lol...hopefully I can come up with a quick solution as time is not on my side but I will NOT buy into a cheaper property and then hate living there for however long…sigh, come on Lottomax you know I’m due!

ooohh...that is a bummer!!!!

ooohh...that is a bummer!!!! I guess you have to think carefuly what to do, no matter what you decide to do though, there arent cheaper options in toronto anymore....unless you forget about buying right now and just simply rent till the time is right and you are ready to buy. I know what you mean about wanting something bad, got to make it happen somehow...

good luck

Thanks for the words friend,

Thanks for the words friend, I'm sure I'll end up doing what's in my best interest, eventually ha-ha...but good luck with your phase 4 unit, the area and build looks superb, I'm sure you will enjoy your investment and this seemingly wonderful community.

I am a Phase 3 unit owner who

I am a Phase 3 unit owner who bought in September 2009 with initial occupancy date of October 2010. Builder moved occupancy to December 2010 and final occupancy was mid-January 2011. I have a lower unit with listing purchase price of $252,000 + $20,000 parking and my bank advised me last week that my unit is assessed with value of $318,000.00. I planned my accomodation to be prepared to move as late as Spring 2011 based on builder's track record of delays so for me the January 2011 move did not impact me at all in any way negatively. Deciding to purchase in this area for me has met all my expectations. My standard of expectation was based on reading all entries on the threads of Brownstones on Bloor and Wallace. Also did some research on the future developments in the area. Keep yourself informed of the plus and minues buying here to avoid feeling you made the wrong decision.

Thought I would let you know

I stopped by the sales office and signed the paperwork to purchase a lower, Central Park unit, with a tentative close of October 31st, 2012, which most likely will be delayed - as per all the discussion on this thread but we will be neighbours!

It sounds like we will have the same unit, how did you like the end product after all - fit and finish wise... (a lot of newer posts mention unfinished work and long lists for Tarion to review - was this the case for you as well?)

That was fantastic insight,

That was fantastic insight, thank you kindly my anonymous friend. So that does not sound like that bad a delay at all – since my earliest post I have been reading many of the other posts here and it sounds like the more recent phases have been closer to the timeline than the previous ones. Being in the area this weekend, I got to walk through the development/surrounding area and I also looked at a lower Central Park unit that’s been built but yet to be sold/occupied and it looked to be perfect for a first time home buyer/bachelor, and your banks appraisal sounds on point, that’s a very good neighbourhood to establish some equity in – I wish you all the best in your new home and hopefully we can be neighbours one day :D

Thank you for your best

Thank you for your best wishes. Maybe you can find long lost relatives who have a self-contained apartment basement they can donate to you in the meantime so you can further save. Good luck. If you save even more aggresively, maybe you can buy one of the Fuse lofts. I checked it out this past weekend and was tempted to sell my unit and buy there instead.


Im on the hunt for these relatives and donations - it would be such a life saver, or to avoid shenanigans, I was deeply considering living out of Lucille (my 1999 Toyota Corolla) and just showering at my gym and doing laundry at my dry cleaner, hahaha -kidding. The Fuse Lofts eh? I haven't checked them out, I have a mind to stop by the area again this weekend and see what else is happening on the selling side of things, I saw a lot of "for sale" ads when I was there last weekend...and if any of you know of any similar development types please dont hesitate to let me know, I want a townhouse close to the TTC and I'm a happy camper :D

Car broken into... starting to sound familiar?

Well looks like our underground parking at phase 3 has been compromised again. This time my vehicle and at least on other car has been broken into. I'm going to start assuming that our maintenance fees as being focused on maintaining the woodchips in our flower beds and NOT security. So after the first break-in that targeted the visitor parking and a rash of bike thefts, NOTHING has been done. We will continue to experience these problems until management takes action. I've contacted TAFT and customer service. Does anyone have any other advice on how to get something done about this?

I brought this up @ the sales centre this past weekend...

They had nothing to say about it except ONLY owners should have access to the parking as its is protected by lock and key (bad implication on the people residing there :S but why would somebody do this to their own neighbour?!) and that kids will be kids... this was quite an unsettling response as there was no indication that the builder would take ownership of things like this when there is a monthly fee for parking maintenance....good luck to you all-the hiring a security guard is not a bad idea...personally I would pool some funds and bolt some fake security cameras to the cieling and get signs saying "These properties are monitored" or something along those lines

This kind of concerns me.

This kind of concerns me. There has to be something we can do. We all paid good money for these units. We have the right to be safe.

I highly recommend all unit

I highly recommend all unit owners attend the turnover meeting. This way, we can all raise our issues/concerns.

Has a condo board been

Has a condo board been established now that your development has registered? In our BoW Facebook group, a resident mentioned they had previously lived in a similar townhouse complex with parking garage issues. They mentioned hiring a security guard from 6pm-6am added $20/month to their maintenance fees.

What was Taft Forward's response? I found them polite yet unhelpful during the occupancy period.

Condo Board

TAFT sent out a notice May 19th that we will have a turnover meeting at the end of June (they don't have a firm date yet).

Still no reply from anyone

Me again... the most recent recipient of car damage... Just an update, I've left a few messages now for TAFT and have yet to receive a reply. I will keep you all posted as to any headway I make on this issue as I know it affects us all! ***WARNING TO ALL*** make sure you lock-up your GPS units don't just hide them... these guys were able to tell I had a GPS by looking for the suction mark on my windshield then the broke into and searched my car... My GPS was NOT left in plain sight so we all need to be extra careful!