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also if you own parking

also if you own parking and/or locker then the monthly fee is higher because they charge for the up keep of these also..

I just moved into the

I just moved into the brownstones and I pay $375 (2 parking spots and a locker). I think I take the cake.

you do! I think its a lot

you do! I think its a lot considering that its a townhouse with no fascilities to speak of, like gym, pool, party room...secutiry!!

Very helpful! Thank you :)

Very helpful! Thank you :)

Phase 4 will fall under its

Phase 4 will fall under its own condo corporation and the condo fees go up or down depending on how well the condo board manages the reserve fund, the price of some of the common contracts (ie. landscaping) and whether or not there are any major repairs required on the common elements.

I think Phase 4 is about $0.23 per square foot.

Before I bought in Phase 4 I looked seriously at a resale unit...I think it was in Phase 3 and got to see their condo docs which revealed that the reserve fund was in some trouble and the expenses were higher then anticipated so those fees would be increasing in the near future. That pushed me to purchase pre-construction in Phase 4.

and yes, I will be running for a position on the Phase 4 condo board!

I'm not quite sure which

I'm not quite sure which documents you were privy to but we operated on a surplus after year one and our fees were not increased after our first year...

Perhaps it's not a phase 3

Perhaps it's not a phase 3 unit, it was one of the units with a Foundry Ave address. Im not sure what phase that was. I got a copy of the financial review, and the reserve fund was in trouble due to some roof damage which needed repair and a few contracts (specifically the garbage collection) came in much higher than they had anticipated. They had not yet raised the condo fees but an increase was recommended in the report.

This might be a silly

This might be a silly question, but can the various phases work together to get better deals on contracts (like the garbage pickup)?

Sounds like someone's got his

Sounds like someone's got his priorities straight! Excellent!

Hopefully Phase 4 will get their own Board of Directors as I too will bring my 5 years of condo corp knowledge to help maintain our reserve fund, contractors, Property Managers and keep our condo fees at a reasonable fee by running for the Phase 4 Condo Board!

I mean his or her ;) Worked

I mean his or her ;) Worked with fantastic men and women who made the community I currently live in the best it could possibly be! Good luck to all those running and hopefully the Homeowners can be proactive in coming to AGMs, voting and being active in the community!


What is everyone doing about mortgages?
The mortgages don't kick in until FINAL closing meaning when the entire phase is registered. So that could be some time in 2013. I've been stressing about this because banks won't hold a mortgage rate for more than 120 days and there is no way rates are staying as low as they are for very long. By chance, I walked into a bank today and a mortgage specialist told me he could make an exception and hold a rate for 1 year for me. Anyone else getting this royal treatment?

I got 18 months from the RBC

I got 18 months from the RBC representative that was linked with the sales office

Not exactly a royal

Not exactly a royal treatment. Banks are holding rates for one year. I even extended mine past 12 months when I had a delay.

I have a rate hold for 24

I have a rate hold for 24 months (as of last June). The 2 year rate hold will probably be a little higher compared to the rate you get if they are holding for a few months.

Going to pick out my design

Going to pick out my design choices tomorrow!!! Any last advice on what to expect or what I should consider going in based on previous experience? I was fortunate to have been passed a link to a website to preview some of the colour designs but wasn't complete so will see the everything tomorrow afternoon =)


Just curious about the closing dates relation to picking your finishing options. I have a tentative closing date for phase 4 on the 31st of October this year. I have yet to recieve my letter for picking the finishing. Should I be concerned?

Thanks for any insight.

I don't think you should be

I don't think you should be concerned. The north rows are almost complete and those are the people who are likely chosing their interiors now. Not all of the south rows have started to go up yet. Our tentative date is the end of August and we have not received a letter yet but our house hasn't been started either.
When were you notified of the October 31 tentative closing? Most other people seem to have an August date. I am waiting till the end of May to see if we get a new date as they have to give us three months notice.

Closing date...

That closing date was given to me upon signing. I believed I picked up one of the last, non-park-facing lower units of phase 4. I signed in late July of yesteryear. Nothing was said thereafter about any other closing dates so I am assuming that is what I am on track for. I suppose if it changes I wont know until August based on the 3 months you speak of. Thanks for the update on the status of construction and your reassurance; I am car-less and currently residing in Mississauga, I really haven't had much oppourtunity to visit the site. I know I want to take pictures of the place before the walls go up to have a record of pipes/wires/etc for when I would want to do any work, so I'm assuming it'll be a while yet until I can do that.


You might want to contact the

You might want to contact the builder to see if you can get in before the walls go up. My guess is we won't see the inside of the houses till they are nearly complete (walls up) if not fully complete. I haven't heard of anyone being allowed inside yet. The fence is usually closed so you can't even get into the site but it was open a few weeks ago so my boyfriend took a quick peak and the southwest units had not been started yet. Although if people start moving in as early as June, I guess we will be able to check out the site a bit better.
I will say from the outside, the houses look great!

Just make sure you get

Just make sure you get written consent before entering the property. There's a clause you signed in your legal documents that says you will not try to attempt to access your unit without written consent from the builder. You don't want any conflicts before you get your unit from the builder.

Experience with Phase 3 is

Experience with Phase 3 is probably not that much different from Phase 4. Phase 3 had 3 group selection options. Your choice of hardwood will dictate the colour of your kitchen cabinets. We were not allowed to cross from group selection to group selection.

We had two or three choices per group selection options for kitchen backsplash and ceramic tiles. Whatever choice of ceramic tiles on floor would be installed on the floors of kitchen, foyer and powder room. The developer back then did not allow you to have different tiles on each of these areas. But then, the areas are so small that with open concept, the same flooring for foyer and kitchen is not exactly a bad thing.

Upstairs bathroom, I believe the white tiles was standard and no options. I just can't remember if we were given a choice to pick our tiles for the bathroom floor and countertop. Your standard bathroom vanity is, I believe, way nicer than Phase 3. But then bathroom vanity is easy to replace as DIY project.

Carpet on stairs and upper floors, we were given 3 colour group selection as well and each group you had 2 choices of type of carpet material.

As per previous comments here, do not let them install towel racks and toilet paper holders. Ours were not nice and they are glued so taking them off would not be a breeze to get done.

Other than that, there's not much there is to do the selection. I know that some owners paid extra to get their units painted to their specific choice but I think they went through the tradespeople directly. This is only heresay, though.

I can't remember regarding

I can't remember regarding the kitchen granite choices. I think we were given the option to pick granite colour freely. All I remember was that I wanted the darkest hardwood flooring and we also went for the black granite. However, we were defaulted to espresso coloured kitchen cabinets. If I had a choice, I would have preferred white cabinets though.

I will be changing some of the cabinet doors with insert frosted glass down the road.

Sounds like you were given

Sounds like you were given much more options in previous phases than in this one. In this phase you will have 4 packages to choose from, but they're baked-in. No additional choices on the colour of tile, granite, or backsplash that comes with your package, etc. There won't be any customization at all, so if you don't like the option given to you, your option will be to tear it out after the fact. For example, one option is dark wood cabinets, with dark hardwood floor, brown speckled granite, dark gray tile for the kitchen floor and medium/dark brown tiles for the backsplash. There are 3 other choices also, but same thing, what you see is what you get, without another option. Also, the carpet is a standard dark carpet throughout for everyone. I believe it's a smokey gray/brown colour.

Central Vac

I can't remember but is there a rough in for a central vac?

Not Phase 3 either. I find

Not Phase 3 either. I find that in reading entries here, owners seem to have the impression of being able to do a lot of changes to their interior and exclusive use common elements such as patios. We are not freehold. We are condo townhouses and there are restrictions. Read your declaration, rules, by-laws.

Well exterior I understand

Well exterior I understand but condo elements end at the exterior wall. I'm hard pressed to find any condo corps that speak to what you can and can't do to the interior, however, had a chance to review the declaration yet as I'm part of Phase 4.

Usually for Freehold and Condo scenarios, its the Common Elements that either end at the end of a driveway or the exterior wall of your home that make that delineation. The only difference is if your specific Declaration speaks to what you can and can't do on the interior. The Condo Act itself would address some issues but the Declaration specifically.

Can the person who posted above or any other Homeowners confirm if the Declaration speaks to ANYTHING on the inside of our homes? I've been a Condo President for my community for 4 years and never heard such things but each Declaration is different and can be ammended with enough votes. Just unusual as this is now the second time someone mentioned about what you can't do on the interior of your home, unless of course this is the same Homeowner posting another post?

I'm going to assume there IS

I'm going to assume there IS NO verbiage for the management of the interior of the units in this specific Declaration. So going forward, if anyone has any comments about these supposed limitations to what you can and can't do outside of the common elements, pertaining to the interior of our homes, can you please be so kind as to reference the Declaration rather than misquoting the Condo Act or Declaration. Its extremely confusing and misguiding when you tell people that they can't do things when really, they are fully within their rights!

As someone mentioned in earlier posts, people, for the sanity and comfort of our neighbours, if you have nothing nice to say, especially where you, the Board, the Property Managers, the Act nor the Declaration have no jurisdiction in other people's personal units, please keep these negative comments to yourselves. We will all be happier you did so :)

Not in Phase 2... Can't

Not in Phase 2... Can't comment on the newer phases.... but my gut feeling is no

Update on colour selection, floors etc.

You can request to not have the hardwood installed, however, the tiling in the kitchen and powder room are not an option. They must be installed and unfortunately there is no custom colour scheme. In my situation this means I will have to rip out the tiles as I do not want black tiles in my kitchen. There will be a credit for the hardwood, but it will probably be minimal. We haven't been told the amount yet. It's unfortunate that they aren't offering the custom option since this was offered in the letter. Apparently there is "not enough interest" in the custom option. I highly doubt this as there are quite a few people on this forum interested in a custom option... maybe if everyone requests it they will offer it again. Although I'm not too pleased about this custom option, I do feel moving day approaching quickly and am very excited to move in a meet all the neighbours!

Are the black tiles

Are the black tiles associated with the dark colour scheme? I'm not a big fan of black tiles either and not getting the hardwood installed but black tiles?? This is so 80's art deco not to mention seeing all the dirty :( I'm picking my design choices this weekend. I'm hoping they aren't as bad as they sound. Its too bad they don't have the custom option.

Black tiles for backsplash

Black tiles for backsplash are actually getting picked up by interior designers these days. I've seen high end looks using black backsplash and looks very forward with the design sense but for our limited choices, I'd say, all it's going to do is to make the kitchen look darker since there's no high contrast to go with it made available to us.

The black tiles are actually

The black tiles are actually the kitchen flooring not the backsplash. The backsplash for the white cabinets is also white.


Did anyone notice that the smokestack and the building to the south of Powerhouse has come down?

I thought the existing residents fought to have that smokestack preserved?

Move in woes?

Just curious about previous phases: is there any issues with moving funiture into your new units? I am a Phase 4 Homeowner and starting to look for furniture but I'm unsure if there is such a thing as "too big". For example, in my current home, I've purchased furniture from Liberty Village people who just couldn't get their couch sets past the first corner at the top of the stairwell. Has anyone else had this experience with Living Room or Bedroom sets? I'd like to get a King sized bed and also a fancy Lazy boy couch but if there's going to be complications then downgrades might be in order. Thanks!

You may have move-in woes

If you're wondering if you'll have move-in woes...yes and no. I ordered a new couch and the movers coud not get it through the front door, nor manoever up the front steps very easily (I'm in an upper in Phase 3). The rest of my furniture got assembled pretty much inside my unit. I had to stick with the sofa I already had (slim design, no arms, bought orignally for my previous loft). The stairs are not as narrow as many unit is Liberty Village and not as many turns either, but be prepared to patch some walls up if you ding them. I have seen some pretty big furniture in some units, but I have no idea how they got them in there. Good luck.

Yikes! I'm glad this topic

Yikes! I'm glad this topic was brought up. I had furniture prepared to purchase very soon but it doesn't look like this will be happening until we get a better idea of what we're dealing with. I just hope the access to the floor are not so cumbersome that we're having to sit on bean bag chairs lol

We are in an upper unit in

We are in an upper unit in Phase 2 and there were move in woes.

We had to return a couch we purchased before moving in. It was a one piece and just couldn't get it around one of the bends. Ended up getting a couch that could come apart.

In our unit, a king size would be to big. We barely got a queen mattress up the stairs..... Barely!!!!. A queen box spring... Forget it in our unit. There are two piece box springs that are available if you need a box spring. Highly recommend getting a bed with the drawers underneath. Replaces a dresser and helps makes the room more spacious.

For any big pieces, I would recommend waiting until you move in.... Or make sure the store has a return policy. Some stores have stock on hand and can get it to you in a few days. G&H on DuPont between Dufferin and Ossington was great. A lot a condo sized stuff with reasonable prices in my opinion.

Good luck!!!

Has anyone tried to bring up

Has anyone tried to bring up a flatscreet TV larger than 55" without any issues? I was planning on getting a 55" or 60" to my bedroom but its sounding quite challenging :(

A 55 inch TV should not be a

A 55 inch TV should not be a problem

That's if it is a 55 inch LCD

That's if it is a 55 inch LCD or Plasma... Not a rear projection.

From Phase 3- We could barely

From Phase 3- We could barely get our queen bed frame up the stairs in our lower unit. We actually damaged the bulk head at the foot of the stairs to get it up, and then just patched up the damage. Easy fix and looks good as new. There was no way we weren't getting that bed up there! LOL
You'll be surprised how many couches will be by the garbage on moving day; I'm assuming they were meant to be on the second or third floors in the upper units.

Phase 3 upper unit here. Had

Phase 3 upper unit here. Had the exact same problem with a Queen boxspring. Actually had to cut the boxspring frame in half and reinforce it once it was in the bedroom.
The mattress made it up, but not easily!

Bought a couch and couldn't get through the front door. Had to return and find a new one. One that could have it's legs removed.

Size of the couch I couldn't get through the door: 85x37x38 (I was dreaming, it was the long side of a sectional.)

I will have to look up the size of my sofa that did fit when I get back home.

If you are on an upper unit,

If you are on an upper unit, you will be very challenged to get through certain size of box springs and similar larger items which cannot be dismantled. I didn't bother buying any new furniture until I actually moved in. If you are a lower unit, obviously, living area furniture may be brought in through the patio doors. In order to accelerate getting settled in, I shopped around way ahead of occupancy and shortlisted items I intend to buy. As soon as I moved in, I did my measurements of rooms and corners and determined which ones of my shortlisted pieces would actually fit my place.

Happy furniture shopping.

This might be a ludicrus

This might be a ludicrus question, forgive me, but do you think it would be possible to haul anything up over the balacony for upper units like big screen TV's if it was secured properly? Sounds risky, I know but its sounding like there aren't many options at this point for bringing in larger items into the units. If not, I guess a good projecter would work just as good lol

Some people did this in some

Some people did this in some ofthe phases... but if the item is big and you need to bring it into the middle level.... you might have a problem.
Bottomline.. think condo size. I have seen some units with big furniture and IMO it just doesn't look right and feels cramped.
Of course this is all a personal preference.

Hope this helps

That is quite helpful, thank

That is quite helpful, thank you :)

Facebook group?

Great to hear! Anyone interested in creating a Facebook group for all the neighbours to meet and greet?

Whatever happened to the

Whatever happened to the Brownstones Village forum/site? Is that still being maintained? I'm not a fan of the privacy-suck that Facebook is, especially if we'd be talking about our home addresses (in any case, I "deleted" my account a while back).

Selection updates

Hi everyone,
So my fiancé and I went in for our colour selections early last week and we actually had a very good experience!

Robert Falus was actually there for our appointment so we were able to get some inside information as opposed to the "I am not sure" that I have experienced with the sales office the whole way through.

So there are four colour options, I thought that they did a pretty good job, basically one dark wood, light wood, white and a grey grain. I did not feel that it was worth any money to make any changes because the colour schemes were decent. The backsplash isn't great but that is not so difficult to change.

Some highlights from our meeting:
- the park WILL be complete by first week of July for sure as their is some long weekend party in the park
- occupancy for first 2 rows could be as early as June but they can't force us to move in until the date on their letter (mine is August 30)
- credit for finishes not installed are available, no exact amOunt was given to me but he indicated it is their COST (so really peanuts)
- made my request to not install soap dish, towel racks and toilet paper holders
- the 2 fuse towers will be built with cranes down (ie interior completion only) by 2014 or they lose their contract with shoppers and metro (that means they have to move fast!)
- parking will be assigned by builder and consideration will be given based on your block but no guarantees can be made about location

That was the jist of our meeting. We are looking forward to meeting all the neighbors soon! Nice to see some friendly comments!

I agree. It is nice to see

I agree. It is nice to see friendly comments.

Typically in online forums people tend to post more about negative things than good experiences. This was no different than the previous phase topics on this online forum.

Sounds like things are moving along well for this phase after a bumpy start. Eventually, you'll get in and you'll need to deal with the typical deficiency issues which are common in many new build projects. You'll have the warranty process and issues will likely get resolved within the legislated timeframes. Patience is key depending on the deficiency of course. My recommendation here is be friendly and fair to the trades people that will be working with you to resolve your issues. That approach has worked for us (Phase 2) and on a few occasions the builder's trades people have above the call of duty to help us deal with stuff.

We've just finished the one year warranty period and everything was eventually resolved. Yes, there were some customer service "concerns" at times but for the most part it was OK.... But don't expect stellar customer service.

When I think about this purchase (right from the start) and all of the stuff we had to endure (delays, deficiencies, service etc.) at the end of the day....we have a place we love, a great community, an improving neighborhood and a property that has increased substantially in value.

So my advise.... expect some bumps in the road but things should eventually work themselves out

Good luck!

Update on selections

Hi everyone, thought I'd give you all an update on how my colour selection appointment turned out today. There are indeed 4 colour packages to choose from. It's all about personal choice and preference of course, but I was severely disappointed with all the options available. I was fully prepared to pay the additional cost of mixing and matching selections, as the letter we were given stated we could do (for a cost of $1,500), but sadly, at the appointment, I was told that the builder decided to revoke that option at the very last minute. Your only option will be to select one of the 4 packages. I went away without answers, dodgy customer service and without selecting any finishes. It was quite an unfortunate experience.

I now have to negotiate with the builder to see if he'll reimburse me for any finishes not installed. Contrary to other posts that I've read here, my question on whether I could get credit for finishes not installed was met with an evasive answer of "that may be a possibility". Not quite the "yes" I was hoping for. I've bought new builds before and have never run into a builder that won't let you choose from their available selections. Quite odd. Obviously, this was my personal experience and I'm sure everyone will have a different experiences to pull from, and that some will love the available packages as they are. I must say, although today left me on a sour note, I am looking forward to moving into such a lovely, vibrant community! Good luck to everyone. :)


How many people here anticipating the playground? I'm wondering if we can attempt to do something similar to what other parks in the city have done and gather some nice toys (diggers/trucks, sand toys, etc.) to leave out for all the kids to play with. Anyone else interested?

Phase 3 here!

Hello all!

Friendly neighbour from phase 3 (facing the park) here! I was just talking to one of my neighbours last night about how great it will be to get new faces and life into the neighbourhood! We're all anxious for you all to move in. Obviously, we're able to watch day-by-day, and even still, it looks like it's all coming together nice and quick! The whole phase is looking great! Hope you're all able to sneak and take a look at some point... lol... we all did it too!

Jealous of your brick colour,

Friendly Neighbour on the Park.

This is great. The phase

This is great. The phase seems to be moving on at a great speed. Hopefully the first two rows will be ready for occupancy in the summer and the remaining in early fall.

I'm moving to the area from north of Toronto and wondering what people living in the area think of the neighbourhood? Is it a fairly safe area? I know there are a lot of patches in Toronto that are slowly being cleaned up and wondering overall people's thoughts on the safety / changes in this area of the city.

My family's liking it so far!

My family's liking it so far! Ward 17 is apparently one of the safest wards in the city, so no major issues on that front (The MPP's newsletter actually said it was /the/ safest). Our little area is only a few minutes walk to some nice shopping and a great community centre/gym (Piccinnini), a few more minutes to the Junction (more shopping!) and easy access to transit. it's good enough that we hardly need our car anymore!

It's obviously still an area in transition (a few little areas that I prefer to avoid, like Old Weston at night), but with the new Metro/Shopper's and Stockyards development (with Canada's premiere Target), things are changing quickly... now, the traffic might be another story, owch.


Thanks Phase 3 neighbour!

Thanks Phase 3 neighbour! This is a really nice gesture to welcome your new neighbours unlike some of the posts I've read with quarreling neighbours already in this forum. Hopefully you represent the majority of people in our community as we are growing to be a large one! Hoping to share the new playground area that separates us. Seems like one was highly anticipated and very much in order given the many children in the area. I'm going to sneak a peak this weekend and have a closer look at the progress and to finally see what colour the brick actually is! Been hearing a lot about the colour scheme of Phase 4. Only four months more and we'll be moved it!

Friendly neighbour here

Friendly neighbour here again! I think the majority of people in the community are fantastic and super friendly. It's especially wonderful in the summer when all the barbecues are out and people are on their patios. Everyone waves and says hello (in my experience). :) There are lots of children in the neighbourhood, but it doesn't seem like there's many on the parkside, which is a little odd. Could be because we are newer-- I remember talking to someone from an earlier phase who said that their row started out as a lot of serious/engaged/newly married couples, and now it's all married couples with babies/small children and dogs.

Enjoy picking your colour scheme... I loved that part of the process!

Nice find, thanks!

Nice find, thanks!


Those meeting in the early stages to select please send updates!!

I was at the site this weekend, we hoped a fence and walked around to the west facing units. The numbers are written on the walls of the units so you can see which one is actually yours. As for the end units the concrete pad is poured and thats about it. Looks like there is a three month delay between early occupancy and the last occupancy.

Hi everyone! Does anyone know

Hi everyone! Does anyone know if we tell them at colour selection about not installing soap dishes, towel racks and roilet paper holders? Or do we have to call someone else?

Thanks so much!

I contacted the builder last

I contacted the builder last week directly to make that change as well as not installing any flooring for which I'm getting a credit. I'm going to follow up at the Design selection appointment to ensure my request hsa been documented on all levels.

Hi there, Can you please

Hi there, Can you please provide who you called for the credit on the hardwood flooring. We are interested in doing the same. Thanks

What is the contact to

What is the contact to request the flooring to not be installed? We went for the colour selection and apparently a custom option does not exist... interesting since the letter clearly states this as an option. The lady at the colour selection also doesn't know anything...

did you actually pick all

did you actually pick all your finsihes? or did you just went to look, I was told that there will be a designer helping you with your selection...

We had an appointment to

We had an appointment to select the colours but didn't select anything yet. She wasn't exactly a designer there to help you, she showed you the four options and asks you to pick selection 1, 2, 3 or 4. We haven't picked anything yet ... The unfortunate part is that if you want the dark floor, you might not be able to get the counter top, kitchen tiles or cabinet colours. I was hoping for dark floors, black counter and white cabinets, but I can't have these options together. I'm thinking about requesting to not have the floors installed now since I'm not crazy about the colours. There are three colours for the counters and they only had two samples, hard to choose when you can't even see the samples.

I have lower unit in Phase 3.

I have lower unit in Phase 3. Picked dark flooring and black granite which defaulted in getting espresso cabinets. We intend to change up the cabinets to white and frosted glass on some doors. Backsplash is grey but we are still debating if we should change tiles to glass. My regret is not getting hardwood installed for the stairs and upper floor before moving in. We will still be installing but now it's a pain so I am procrastinating. Advice - if you are in a position to get all these changes done before moving in, just do it.

Looking forward to new neighbours.

how do you choose without

how do you choose without seeing the samples, 4 options that means they have one extra option, I think originally they had only 3 options, anyhow this is very disheartening for me as I was hoping for the same as you dark floors and white cabinets. so are you going back another time to make your selection?

Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the credit you were issued for the floors? Thanks

Haven't been told yet lol

Haven't been told yet lol Still waiting to hear but assured by the builder directly that this request can be 100% made.

The builder is probably

The builder is probably trying to figure out how much of a credit to give you... they probably still want their cut. :-)
Got my fingers crossed for you!

Ask them what to do at the

Ask them what to do at the colour selection. Follow what they say.

Selecting finishes

I just got a letter requesting I set up an appointment to select finishes. Appointments start April 9. Looks like there will be color packages to choose from and a custom colour option for a price.

Looks like the builder has put a lot more into phase 4 compared to previous phases. Namely, stainless steele appliances, upgraded bathroom features (the vessel basin!), and I am told this is the first phase where they are using concrete construction. Can anyone in the previous phases confirm whether stick frame construction was used in the past?

Good to hear that this phase

Good to hear that this phase is a step closer.

Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the "Brownstones" are concrete construction and have stainless steel appliances. The other earlier townhomes that are on the same sites are not concrete construction.

Planning to Purchase in Phase

Planning to Purchase in Phase 4

I am planning to purchase a unit in phase 4 if some one is willing to sell for some reason. Please you can contact on my e-mail at
I can talk to the builder and pay assignment clause fee and transfer the paper work.


Phase 4

What are you looking for? the ground floor 2 bedroom or, the upstairs -3 bedroom? I am planning on selling. Will be ready this summer, I am in the first block with park view.

hooray for all the good

hooray for all the good changes!!! great that we have a chance to have an upgrade option even if it is for a price. though I am in the most southern units so I will be one of the last people to make the selection and to move in....when the builder had all the trouble with the getting permits my unit got a complete revamp, the exposure changed so did the square footage, got additional windows, one additional sliding door with a juliene balcony, so I am pretty curious to see how this is going to end looking....anyway glad to hear that they are starting the selection...very glad... :)

I'm in the southend too and

I'm in the southend too and my unit was also changed but we went by this weekend and from the outside, the houses look great - the end units especially will get a lot of light with the extra windows. I think the brick is a great colour.

are they building the

are they building the southern units yet? I have the top unit of the block that has two units facing east and two facing west so that they look like a you know what I mean? anyway the last time I went by nothing was going on yet in those units...not sure where they are at right now...

We are in the same block.

We are in the same block. They had the gate open on Saturday so my boyfriend took a peak but couldn't really see - doesn't look like they have started. They are moving quickly though so maybe they really will be ready in August - as that block only has 8 units, it should be faster than the rest.

so we are neighbours that's

so we are neighbours that's great! I have the unit that is facing east on the north corner of the 8 unit block. where are you? You know I don't think ours will be done by sept 1st, no matter how fast they are working, I think ours will be done by Christmas if we are lucky....but that also mean that we don't have to wait too long for registration so that's ok...

I made a mistake, I think we

I made a mistake, I think we are in the block beside yours. (I think it has 12 units - its the one that got split from yours), the one closest to the train tracks. Both our blocks will probably go up at the same time though. I agree on the timing. We had been planning for around Christmas. I think they have to notify us by the end of May if they are extending the date so we should know soon either way.

ooohh...too bad, I was hoping

ooohh...too bad, I was hoping you are a neighbour..but close enough anyway!! our block will be done last and at the same time, I am sure...keep your fingers crossed for Nov/dec...

As long as we don't have to

As long as we don't have to move in a snowstorm :)

I'm in the first row of

I'm in the first row of houses which is now finished. I was incredibly surprised at the rate at which they worked and got them up. As you can see, they finished in March and moved onto other rows and all of it was done in Winter. I was anticipating another extension but clearly one wasn't required. I'm pretty confident they're going to get these next rows up in a jiffy since the people installing the design selections and the ones doing the basic construction are different crews. I'd keep a close eye on it because with my row of units, there were weekly changes.

I agree. The colour is much

I agree. The colour is much nicer and the end units have so many extra windows. Really wish they weren't sold out when I bought!

Phase 3 was also made of

Phase 3 was also made of Concrete. Think that was the 1st.

I meant to say four colour

I meant to say four colour packages to choose from.

I'm a first time home buyer

I'm a first time home buyer and wondering if anyone knows if an internet provider, such as roger or bell would offer discounts to everyone in the phase of the new build? I was at bell the other day an they offered me a really great deal, but I'm wondering if say Rogers would be at the site offering us deals. Any thoughts?

Confirm if Bell will be an option at your site

For Phase II, Rogers was the only provider allowed on site. Bell was not allowed by the builder. Confirm with the builder if Bell will be an option for your site. Perhaps someone from phase 3 knows better.
Rogers did give everyone in Phase II who signed up 3 months free