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Also, if I recall correctly,

Also, if I recall correctly, isn't there a later date in the contract that says occupancy can be pushed back to November? I can't remember exactly and don't have the contract in front of me. Might be an outside closing date?

I got a call for the PDI last

I got a call for the PDI last week and my occupancy date is August 1. But if you scroll through comments here you'll see there were phase three residents who had a PDI the day before they moved in. Feels to me likey're scrambling a bit this time around too! And apparently they do not have to deal with issues from PDI before you move in. But why not call Robert Falus and see what's up?

That is great advice. If you

That is great advice. If you can potentially become homeless on August 1st I would get on Robert's case.

The same thing happened to us for phase 2. The PDI was done the day before we're we're allowed to occupy our unit. Any PDI deficiencies that were not fixed within the first 30 days, we're added to the 30 day Tarion warranty form.

Also.. Don't be late in submitting any warranty forms. It can make things more complicated for you

Good Luck

did the builder actually get

did the builder actually get in touch with your lawyer? did they start the paper work? Let us know... my tentative date is August 31st and I have heard nothng from the builder, arent they suppose to give us 8 weeks notice if they think they wont finish the place on time? maybe they are anticipating that they will finish, my place is being bricked right now but that is not completed yet, can they actually finish the townhouse in suh a short time? somehow I dont see it....

you r not alone

our occupancy date is scheduled in 8 days - and lawyer hasn't heard anything... what about that??? sigh!!!

We were suppose to move in on

We were suppose to move in on July 3 but there were constant delays and was going day by day to see when we could actually get the keys. We didn't even get occupancy until July 10. I would expect everything will be very last minute.

Wow... Your unit is still

Wow... Your unit is still being bricked and you have an August 31 occupancy date. To finish that and all the interior work in just over a month may be big challenge for the builder. It took them about 3 months after our unit was bricked before were able to occupy. But this really depends on the resources. If you haven't already, I would recommend that you reach out to the builder to find out if he really thinks yor place will be ready for August 31.

If you have not received a delay notice by now, chances are you will might qualify for a delayed occupancy claim if they are late. Will depend on various notice periods you receive from the builder

Thank you so much, no I have

Thank you so much, no I have not been in touch with the builder, the notices I got was - one notice a long time ago changing my tentative date from oct. 1-2011 to august 31 this year, and a month ago I got an email asking me for my laywers info,. I think I will go by to have another look sometime this week and then get in touch with the builder I just simply need to know a more realistic move in date, plus I am worried that they will do louzy work finishing the unit because they are in hurry to finish it up, what is "delayed occupancy claim" and how does that work?


Essentially, if the builder

Essentially, if the builder fails to provide proper notice and is late on delivering your unit, you may be entitled to delayed occupancy compensation for expenses related to the delay (i.e. Temporary accommodations, temporary storage, 1 of 2 movings expenses, etc.)

The rules have changed since phase 2 and I believe you would follow under the new rules which I am not familiar with. You can get the detailed info from the Tarion website or have a discussion with your real estate lawyer.

It's ironic because most

It's ironic because most people that inhabit this village are pretty much new homeowners and really the builder is pretty new at this as well. Although yes there are some faults to the company(terrible communication skills) I've found that once you get in the residents and neighborhood itself is such a nice little pocket. But certainly I agree that they should get their act together-I think this is a case of biting off more than what they can chew...we couldn't believe how many blocks of townhomes were in this project! Something tells me that when it comes to the condo towers, there will be more speedier resolutions with the corporate partners on board.

Falus claims that his company

Falus claims that his company is not new to this business. That he comes from a family of building homes. Go through the internet to confirm what I have posted here.

If anything, he has a very good understanding how he could hold his unit owners hostage by delaying getting things done. He will only get things done at the very last minute to meet deadlines imposed under the warranty. He won't care that you are being inconvenienced by making numerous follow-ups and having to live day in, day out with whatever it is that you requested to get done. Sure, it will get done but after he has dragged his feet.

As posted many times here, customer service by any Falus projects will not provide satisfactory service.

I intend to sell and upgrade in the near future but one thing for sure, I will stay away from any projects by the Falus family.

Townhouses of phases 3 and 4

Townhouses of phases 3 and 4 are significantly wider than what most other builders offer. The living space is definitely more than 17 feet wide and deep (kitchen area inclued which is about 8 by 10, I think) but will be narrower for upper units. For that alone, it is a good buy. I guess for the poor workmanship of the finishings, that can all be fixed.

All in all, yes, Falus does not and likely never will provide satisfactory customer service but for as long as he will offer wider than average townhouses, his townhouses will always have the one big plus. You can improve on other items but you can't make your floor space any wider.

And I keep saying the same

And I keep saying the same thing...most builders nowadays don't deliver on craftsmanship....on top of that it's not as though we are buying units in the range of unfortunately, you get what you pay for...we have been very happy with the area, our neighbors and the from that standpoint, it is a great investment...there was a debate about this builder versus others in the area...when i saw the price tag for "Perth on the Park" I was like, yeah that makes sense as to why he's being compliant with the Railpath and almost half a milliion dollars for 40 or so townhomes you would have to make sure you don't piss off potential buyers and residents...the village is a different beast and attracts young professionals and families who are starting off...and let's face it when you see some of the units here going for 340k(lower units) to almost 400k(for upper) some people who bought off floor plans made anywhere from 50k-80k in a year and a half...that's why Falus doesn't care...he's making his money and he knows that the residents will too...not saying it's good practice but since when is business clean?

phase 4 move

Hi there,

Can anybody that has moved into phase 4 already tell me if there are any fee's we have to pay prior to occupany or, is all that done at the end (registration)?

thanks in advance

You'll need to pay for the

You'll need to pay for the month you move in and then provide 6 post dated cheques. You'll also need to provide Preauthorized payment information for the utility company but hasn't been withdrawn yet. Other than that, no other fees were required to pay at occupancy.

what is the cost of the first month for occupancy phase 4

what is occupancy fee,

Occupancy fee is calculated

Occupancy fee is calculated by adding up interest on the balance of the purchase price, an estimate for realty taxes and maintenance fees. It is also known as phantom mortgage. Since we are still not the owners of our units therefore we pay the builder this monthly amount. Once the titles of our units are transferred to our names (final closing as oppose to interim closing when we move in to our units) then that's when we get our mortgage.

Anybody still experiencing

Anybody still experiencing the issue of HVAC being too loud? I think we should all put this on our Tarion form for second year warranty. I have a lower unit and it is really difficult to enjoy your home when you need to wait every how many minutes for the system to quiet down. The more of us complaining about it, maybe Tarion will see that this is not just a matter of perception of what is loud but that the developer has provided us with a grossly inappropriate HVAC system for the layout of our unit and then Tarion will allow us to get new system or improving/adjusting the sytem.

Which phase are you in? Has

Which phase are you in? Has anyone moved into phase 4 had any issues with the HVAC system being too loud? I'm moving into phase 4 in September and this is a little concerning. Thanks

I'm in an upper unit and I

I'm in an upper unit and I don't even hear it at all when I sit in the room with the mechanical room. Even sitting on roof top patio I'm not bothered by the sound. The heat perhaps that eminate from it but sit comfortably without disrupting me or my guests whatsoever. The mechanical room however, is pretty loud but based on the comments in this forum, it seems like the actual A/C unit outside that everyone's referring to or am I mistaken?



Can you provide contact

Hi- can you provide the contact of who you liaised with> Thanks

Sorry can't remember the

Sorry can't remember the name...but it depends on which by-law officer is would be someone for the West end of the city...

Can you please give me the

Can you please give me the specific number to call the city regarding this complaint.

Thank you.

Can you please turn your caps

Can you please turn your caps off when you leave a post please? Thanks

Caps means the person is

Caps means the person is yelling right? Well, maybe he/she HAD to yell because his forced air unit was so loud.... (I know I have to when it's on).

The use of CAPS is impolite

The use of CAPS is impolite and since there doesn't seem to be any City of Toronto Bylaw Officers on here and are mostly Brownstones residents so I agree and think we should exercise some decorum as the last person had mentioned. Cap locks totally are unnecessary. I think we all get that people are angry but let's make things easy to read. Yelling on this forum doesn't make us hear HIM/HER any better ;)

First off, my apologies for

First off, my apologies for putting on my caps. It wasn't because I was angry or that my air conditioning unit was too loud. Rather, I've found that sometimes it was difficult to track what are new threads on this forum and was perhaps overanxious in answering the previous persons post. Again, apologies, there was no malice intended.
If you just call 311 they can direct you. I have the number of the bylaw officer that was assigned to come and measure for my unit. As is the case with the city, the appointment was re-scheduled. But I will call him directly tomorrow and see where it goes.
If more people contact the city and if indeed the system emits sound beyond the decibel level that is allowable for residential air conditioning units, then we have more of a case. In fact, the by-law officer would write a letter to the builder saying it is in violation. Again, if in fact there is a violation. Something tells me the builder would have known his rights and that the units are a decibel or two below what is acceptable. But it's a try as it was ignored on my year end form and others.
Again, sorry for the debate on the caps but let's get on the issue of what we can do about the noise.

We should tell the board of

We should tell the board of phase 3 about this approach so that they can tell let everybody affected to do the same as you did.

Absolutely, I've suggested it

Absolutely, I've suggested it to all of my neighbors...

I'm in phase 3. A neighbor

I'm in phase 3. A neighbor said his sister is now taking residence in phase 4 and their HVAC is not as loud as ours. But I can't confirm that. That's what he says.

Once they remove the guarded

Once they remove the guarded gate, we should compare notes with our new neighbours.

We are in Phase 3 and have

We are in Phase 3 and have been complaining about it since last summer. We also put it on our form but the builder seems to have ignored it. I actually called the city last week to have someone come and measure the decibel levels. Of course being the city no one has shown up in the 5 business day window period so I will call again. I believe the max you can have sound in a residential unit is 60 db. Or at least that's what I was told. If it measures that or higher, I think we have more ground to move on the issue, otherwise, we've been striking out since the first time we turned on the system a year ago.

Please let us know what it

Please let us know what it comes out to! I can't imagine the levels are great for my newborn's ears.

What else can we do to complain? Put it on the form for year 1, so will do it again for year 2.

If the builder ignores

If the builder ignores something on your warranty form you are able to request conciliation inspection during specific timeframes. The builder will not ignore a conciliation inspection. it will be very costly for them if they do. Unfortunately, it does come with a $250.00 ish fee. If the ignored item or any other non-fixed item on your list is covered under the Tarion warranty the the fee will be refunded. If ALL of the concilliation items are not covered.... no refund.
Out of curiosity, i downloaded a free app from iTunes that measures decibel levels.... I think there is an app for basically everything. It works pretty good and can help determine your current levels. If it a big issue get a professional opinion like you have been trying with the city. If they come see if they give you a report.

Good Luck!

Unfortunatetly here is no

Unfortunatetly here is no requirement the have PDI work done before you move in. The only thing that is required is that a PDI is done BEFORE you move in.
The builder is probably scrambling to get work completed so that the PDIs can be done so people can move into their units with the work to be done within require timelines. Have people moved in yet?.... Last I heard the were people who could move their contents in but they couldn't officially occupy.
The builder will eventually get to your PDI stuff and 30 day form stuff done, but they do have a few months to complete it. I would get on their case for more serious items looked at ASAP with the smaller items when the builder gets to them.
All of our work was done within the Tarion timeframe guidelines. Serious items were attended to quickly but that usually required communicating with Customer Service or the builder directly. The other items eventually got done.

Hopefully things go smooth. A word of advice. I found that if you are nice and fair to the trades that will be coming into your unit, they will typically go out of their way to assist you. That has been our experience.

Postal Code?

Hi everyone,

I'm at the point where I have to order furniture to be delivered and get services from Rogers, alarm companies, and home-owners insurance sorted. One of the posters below mentioned that the address is 16 Foundry Avenue, but is there a postal code that anyone's been given also? Every service (except for Rogers) needs a complete address, including postal code before I can subscribe to or order anything. Also, have you had any difficulty with delivery trucks getting through the gates? Since they're locked, and the street is essentially blocked unless you speak to a security guard, I'm afraid that some delivery vehicles will see the closed gates, bypass the complex, and turn back.

As for the posting below re: vessel sink. If there's no pop-up stopper installed, I know you can get one on e-bay/amazon for $9 (maybe less) to screw in. It's a pain to potentially have to get one separately, but still cheaper than buying yourself a new sink. :) It's a shame that the stopper wasn't something I really paid attention to during my own pdi.

I have early occupancy as of

I have early occupancy as of last week and other Homeowners who have moved in have simply told delivery trucks to call once outside the fenced gate so we can come out and walk them in. The Security Guards there are extremely helpful, friendly and understanding so simply arrange your deliveries with a cavaet that they must contact when they get on site. I've been using the 940 Lansdowne Avenue or 20 Foundry Avenue address but pointing out that its for the new buildings with the secured gate.

As for the postal code, we've already been given it but unsure if its registered yet. I'll post it when I get home. Also, I too have been trying to arrange a Rogers service call but still wasn't in their DBs. However, as soon as I got to the site after making the call, I ran into the Rogers technician who was finally registering our units. He told me last Tuesday that it was going to take a few days so I've opted to wait until this week to setup another service call so they can update their databases.

Hopefully we don't have to buy anything additional for our sinks. Its kind of silly to have a beautiful sink with no way to plug it without getting a third party stopper. However, if that be the case then getting a $9 stopper is better than nothing. Thanks for the update!

Postal code

I am pretty sure Falus has the postal codes, I don't why they haven't been emailed out-you should call him.

Postal Codes

14 Foundry Avenue is M6H 08A. I called and confrimed with the office yesterday. However the PC is not registered yet with Canada Post.

Probably actually M6H 0A8 to

Probably actually M6H 0A8 to follow standard postal code formatting :)

16 Foundry Avenue, Toronto,

16 Foundry Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6H 4K4

Is there a different address

Is there a different address depending on the block???

Main bathroom sink

For the new Phase 4 Homeowners: In my PDI, Mark (who conducted the PDI) and I couldn't figure out how to close the new style sinks (that look like a bowl). Seems a little unusual for such an elaborate sink not being able to be plugged with some mechanism like most sinks. This usually comes in handy when you want to soak something or fill up to wash your face. Maybe you can pitch the question to the person condcuting the PDI because I can't seem to figure it out and no one seems to want to give me an answer whether or not its even possible. If its not, its surely a waste of such a nice sink cuz I'm not planning on filling up my kitchen sink to wash me face :(

Also, I must add, I did my PDI back in June, however, absolutely nothing has been done since. Missing a lot of major things like bathroom mirrors and a plethora of unfinished work but they demanded occupancy with no confirmation when this stuff was even going to be done. Any previous owners experience long delays with PDI completions?

If at the time that you move

If at the time that you move in and there are still outstanding items to be completed and any deficiencies, you will have to complete and file your 30-Day Form with Tarion. The builder then has 120 days starting from the 31st day AFTER date of possession to complete the deficiencies. If the builder does NOT complete the deficiencies within the “builder repair period”, you will then have 30 days at the end of that period to contact Tarion and request a process called “conciliation”. Tarion then notifies your builder and schedules a “conciliation meeting”. The builder will then have no choice but to fix/complete everything on your Tarion 30-day form or else they face a hefty fine (and tarnished reputation) by Tarion if the meeting proceeds and any warranted items are found to be deficient.

Occupancy vs. possession?

The thing I will need to clarify with my lawyer is, when you say possession, does that mean the final closing as opposed to occupancy date? This condo has a staggared closing (done in two parts or stages) so how do Tarion dates work in that case? I think it's important we're clear on this, especially since it sounds like there are a lot of outstanding issues happening.

Early occupancy means BEFORE

Early occupancy means BEFORE final closing, while in the interim of units getting completed. I'm currently paying $1300/month for "rent" to the builder which does NOT go to my mortgage and still finding out if I can even claim it as "rent" for tax purposes. This $1300 includes, rent, condo fees but doesn't include utilties or any other services. This also doesn't include the use of the underground parking garage or lockers as of yet. Final closing is scheduled for January 2013 but would depend on the completion of the community and all the proper approvals by the city. Keep in mind, the gas line was delayed because of the city's approval so the final city approval, as I expect, will also be delayed so if they say Jan 2013, I'm anticipating Feb 2013 in the very least.

The PDI's are exercised the same way as if you get final occupancy as occupancy is occupancy. So I did my PDI before I moved in and will submit my 30 day to Tarion this week. I will also get my 1 and 2 year deficiency list from the time of occupancy which was last week. I imagine its this way because some things are assessed whether it was the builder or the Homeowner's fault for deficiencies. For example, if you didn't notice a huge scratch on your granite for your PDI, moved in and then submitted it on your 30 day or 1 year, it might be argued that it was the Homeowner that did it (this happened to a neighbour of mine in my current home).

So word of warning: you have exactly 1 HOUR to do your PDI. Don't waste your time on measuring. Turn things on and off, open and close, inspect every last detail as much as possible. Don't be distracted by conversations or small talk with the person conducting the PDI and get as many deficiencies listed as possible BEFORE getting occupancy. As someone mentioned in another post, whatever you measure and plan will fall by the wayside anyway so keep your PDI's strictly PDI related. If you have any other time available, then do your measurements OR do what I did and I did my PDI while my partner did the measurements in tandem. I got a lot of measurements but I ended up taking up a lot more time getting the measurements accurate and complete only AFTER I moved in.


Some great advice here. I

Some great advice here.

I just wanted to add something additional about the occupancy fee. It is based on three items.

1) some sort interest calculation based on the outstanding amount you owe on the property (purchase price less deposits)

2) Maintenance fees

3) Estimated property tax (will be on the very low side)

When we had our FINAL closing the builder credited us the amounts we paid for 3) estimated property tax during the interim occupancy period. I think they did it this way to deal with the property tax issues when the property tax bills start to come. You will be responsible for the full property tax amounts from "Occupancy".

Thanks! Thats good to know.

Thanks! Thats good to know.



Plan for Gas and Property Tax bills too!!!!

The same thing will likely happen to your gas bill too. It will take a few months. No one mentioned that we had to call the gas company. Our first bill was for 7 months.

The same thing will happen with property taxes also. It will likely take over a year for that to sort itself out but when the bill comes it will be for taxes from occupancy

As the previous poster suggested, plan for all of these expenses. If necessary, pretend your paying for them from day one (estimate) and put that money aside. It will help deal with the shock when the bills start rolling in.

Thank you, that's so helpful!

Thank you, that's so helpful! Where are you parking?

You're very welcome :) They

You're very welcome :)

They made a makeshift parking lot behind the security portable on the inside of the gates. Nothing glamourous but viewable from my unit and secured by the Guard.

Occupancy vs. possession?

The thing I will need to clarify with my lawyer is, when you say possession, does that mean the final closing as opposed to occupancy date? This condo has a staggared closing (done in two parts or stages) so how do Tarion dates work in that case? I think it's important we're clear on this, especially since it sounds like there are a lot of outstanding issues happening.

The Tarion warranty is based

The Tarion warranty is based on occupancy. It is the day the builder says you can move into your unit. If the builder delays your occupancy, make sure the correct date is used for our Tarion. If the builder allows you to take occupancy, but you delay your move in date, the possession date will be the date you "could" have moved in, not you actual move in date

Hope this helps.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Note that the builder has

Note that the builder has certain obligations under TARION to complete the work within certain timeframes.
I'm not 100% clear on the timeframes, but it might be something you want to look up.

If they don't complete the work in time, there are fines and also they get a black mark on their record with Tarion. They would not want to do that since they have many phases left to go and this affects their appeal to future potential buyers.


Have any phase 4 August occupants gone in to do their inspection and take measurements?

Specifically I am interested in the walk in closet, 2nd bedroom closet, under the stair storage (upper units) as we want to get custom closets and the measurements of the windows because we want to get shutters.

I'm finding it frustrating that we are supposed to move in in less than 3 weeks and I haven't heard anything! We would like to do some searching around for the best price, but would like to do the leg work before we move in so we aren't without blinds etc for a month!!

Speaking of... any shutter companies or closet companies that anyone has used and would recommend for good prices?


I confirm posting below re no

I confirm posting below re no time to measure during PDI. The developer's rep is there for the PDI. They allow you to take your time to closely inspect however, because there are specific appointments after yours. Best if you bring a second person to take measurements while the other attends to the PDI.

Same bloody issue

Same bloody issue here.
August 1st move in date. No call yet for pre inspection either. It would be ideal to get access just to get bloody measurements.
They sure are cutting it close with only a few weeks left.

Hey... We live in an earlier

Hey... We live in an earlier phase. We didn't have an opportunity to go into our unit before our PDI and we got occupancy the day afterwards. Also... If they allow it, not much time to take measurements during the PDI.. Especially if your focusing on looking for deficiencies .....and chances are there will be some.

If you can't get in there before you move in you can get some temporary paper blinds/shades to get some privacy until your permanent solution sorts it's self out.

Good Luck.. I hope everything goes smooth

Agreed. PDI is mainly for

Agreed. PDI is mainly for large issues which may in fact be the case for some. There won't be the kind of time you would need to start measuring for built ins. Plus, as a piece of advice, it's best to get in, live in it, and then determine what you want to do. As many in the previous phases would attest to, you have all these visions and until you really live in the space, some of them fall by the way side. I know I have re-arranged furniture dozens of times, and withheld(thank god) from buying pieces after living in the space. Worry about the main stuff-deficiencies first!

I'm in a previous phase and I

I'm in a previous phase and I agree with you 100%

The key for any inspections you do on your property is be thurough and try to identify all deficiencies. The sooner you identify them the sooner they will get resolved through the warranty process. If you miss things and a couple of years pass, the builder will not be responsible.

Also.... In terms of funriture.. think condo size for everything!!!!

main floor bathroom

Hi phase 4 occupants!

Does anyone have the measurements for the width of the main floor powder room?

Thanks so much!

Note that Phase 3 upper

Note that Phase 3 upper units' poweder room will be not as long as lower units since right beside the powder room is the coats closet. The coats closet has a standard door size so that's pretty much the width of the closet will be the width of the coats closet.

Phase 3 powder room will be

Phase 3 powder room will be pretty close to Phase 4's. My lower unit powder room is approximately 33 inches by 70 inches. Note that the builder's marketing materials floor plan measurement will vary from actual finished product.




Hi everyone,

Phase 4 owner, moving in Aug 1st. Just got a call to make appt for inspection next week------woohooo! Any advice on what I should be looking for other than the obvious? greatly appreciated, see ya all soon.

Early Occupancy Woes

I'm one of the 4 currently getting early EARLY occupancy.

The address is "16 Foundry Avenue" but doesn't have a registered postal code yet. Even the address has only been confirmed by Rob Falus but unfortunately doesn't seem to be registered anywhere like Canada Post, Rogers or the utility companies. This has been a bit of a challenge with Mortgage pre-approval applications, Rogers cable/Internet installation and deliveries for appliance and furniture. For those moving in on August 1, I would highly recommend that you do some homework before moving, especially if you're planning any of the aforementioned. You'll save a lot of headaches from trying to get yourself sorted now than whilst also trying to move and get settled in. Plan, plan, plan! Better to make the many phone calls I'm having to do than trying to do everything all at once.

There have also been some delays with the city not approving the gas which means yes to AC but no hot water; However, Rob's been gracious enough to let us have access during the day to move our belongings and work on the house from 7am - 9pm. The units are locked up every time we leave and the gate is run like a tight ship so you check in and check out. I'm feeling extremely confident that my home is secured even though I'm not staying there. Hopefully the city will approve next week and us 4 early occupancy units can finally stay in our homes 24 hours a day. Thankfully, Rob's not charged us for the delay despite having agreed on the earlier than signed occupancy.

I must say, I've dealt with builders before but Rob's been incredibly accommodating and despite having some challenges here and there, large and small, he's been extremely accommodating and has really gone above my expectations as a builder to meet at least my comfort and satisfaction. This experience so far has been better that I've had in the past and better than expected and absolutely love my home, the view and community. Let's hope this momentum keeps up so the next batch of units will share the same sentiments!

Thanks for the update. We

Thanks for the update. We opted to do the August 1 move in date.
Waiting for the PID, but I'm guessing they will be cutting it close.
Glad to see Rob has been so accommodating.
I'd like to know when we'll get our finalized address to start making arrangements for utilities and services.

When I moved in my Phase 3

When I moved in my Phase 3 unit last year, the first service I arranged a few weeks prior to occupancy was to call Rogers for internet service. I told them that it was a new development. I did not encounter any issues for Rogers to find my unit. I also was fine with mortgage pre-approval but then of course, I used RBC which the developer also uses. Other than home phone line, cable and internet, there's really nothing else to do. We do not need to do anything regarding utilities since these services do not get transferred until final closing. Regarding arranging to forward mail, we were given by the developer I think a post office box designation close by. For myself, I simply forwarded my mail to my sister which was more convenient for me.

Good luck to all Phase 4 residents. We will be sure to want to welcome you all face to face in the coming months.

Floor Plans

Hi Everyone,

I need to get my hands on floorplans for my unit and am not sure how to go about doing this. I have driven by the sales office numerous times and it's always closed. The plans I do have do not have the dimensions of my unit. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have also called Rob Falus...

It's the Central Park Unit-just in case anyone might have an electronic copy! :)

Thank you!


Hi Melissa, If you google

Hi Melissa,
If you google Brownstones on the park floor plans - there is a site called - it should be the second one listed and the floorplans are available on the site.
I tried including the link but was getting a spam message.

Melissa, I picked up a


I picked up a brochure some time ago and I think I still have it at home. I will look for it and will e-mail it to you. If you do not receive any e-mail by Monday evening, that means I do not have it.

Bear in mind that the brochure measurements is only a guideline and not precise. I cannot remember now what is legally allowed percentage wise for builders to deviate from the brochure measurements. And I think measurement is from outside wall to outside wall. At least, that was what I was told by the sales office a long time ago.

Hi Melissa, I believe the

Hi Melissa, I believe the office is only open of Saturdays now. If you do not get a copy before Saturday, you can go back to office then.


Estimated closing costs

I am moving to phase 4, does anyone have an idea of what type of closing costs we should expect? As well, does anyone heard any new news as to when phase 4 expects to be registered?

2 percent is for land

2 percent is for land transfer taxes for those of us that owned homes before, plus all sorts of other things to plus lawyers fees, so my estimated cost is about 13 to 14 thousand dollars, for someone who has not owned before it will be almost half of that...always play safe and over estimate...

I am interested to know as

I am interested to know as well so I can prepare. Please let me know if you find out. thanks

Rule of thumb is at least

Rule of thumb is at least 1.5% of purchase price but to be safer, set aside 2%.

Land Transfer Tax is the

Land Transfer Tax is the largest closing expense.
There is a calculator at the TREB website that can tell you exactly what you can expect to pay in land transfer tax:

Add on top of that 1.5-2% in other closing costs (legal fees, bank fees, adjustments to be paid to the builder, etc.).

Estimated closing costs

I am moving to phase 4, does anyone have an idea of what type of closing costs we should expect? As well, does anyone heard any new news as to when phase 4 expects to be registered?

Phase 4 Occupancy

Just curious..... Are people starting to move into their Phase 4 units this week?

I am curious about this as

I am curious about this as well.
I went to the site today and everything looks ready for the first block but the second block has no siding on the top floor or balcony rails for the master bedroom.

Any update from those who were supposed to move in July? Anyone go for their inspections yet???

I WAS also suppose to move in

I WAS also suppose to move in but you should've received a letter stating the city hasn't approved the gas lines yet so there's NO hot water. Apparently we can move our things and do anything we need to from 7am - 9pm but have to be opened and locked up by the Site Security. I'm planning deliveries and installations this week and needed access and it appears this is the only compromise. Also, we wont be charged for the delay until we get actual occupancy so if your lawyer has already done the legal documents, make sure you go back to get them amended with the correct dates and cheque amounts. Apparently there's only 4 of us this week so we may run into each other but next week will be permanent with abilities to stay overnight! VERY EXCITED!

FYI, my PDI's were done last

FYI, my PDI's were done last Wednesday and I was a little early watching them move all sorts of stuff out of my unit. A lot still had to be done but the deficiencies seemed minor. Hopefully everyone else's PDI's go as well as mine. Also, I would like to note that I cannot hear the A/C but that just might be because I'm on an upper unit. My house is quite cool and quiet in fact with a FANTASTIC view of the new park!

That is great news about the

That is great news about the A/C!
We are moving into an upper unit in the first block Aug 1. Does anyone have the address yet?

Furnace / AC Equipment for Phase 4... And Phase 3

I wonder if the builder installed a different furnace and AC units for Phase 4?

In phase 2, the furnace (in the utility closet) is called Tempmizer and the AC unit (outside) is called Quiet Breeze.

Can anyone confirm if different equipment is used for Phase 4... And Phase 3?.... Just curious if the builder changed equipment based on feedback from previous phases.

Facebook group

For those of you on Facebook who live in this neighbourhood (Foundry Lofts or any of the townhouse phases), there is also a Facebook group you can join:


Parking spot for rent


I am renting my parking spot for short-term (less than 1 month) and possibly montly rentals. It's located underground in the Phase 1 townhomes in Davenport Village. If interested email . Thanks!