Brownstones on the Park (Lansdowne/Davenport)

Although slightly outside of the neighbourhood normally covered on this website, you can use this forum for discussing the Brownstones on the Park townhouse development in the Lansdowne and Davenport area.



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hi,i just start with a new

i just start with a new cleaning lady that was refered to me by neighbours.
she works in the complex for some time now. if you need her contact pls mail me at dollardprod@free.Fr


I just interviewed someone

I just interviewed someone last week and she was great. She will start working at my place next week. I believe she still has days available. E-mail me with your contact info and I will forward it off to her.

unassuming building on Lansdowne Ave
anyone heard about the building on 1025 lansdowne avenue is actually a nuclear facility licensed to produce nearly 2,000 tonnes of radioactive uranium dioxide pellets ?????

GE Plant

Info and events have been posted right here on this website.

Meeting last night...and another tonight.

hot water issues

does anyone here have issues with their hot water? I either dont have any hot water or I run out half way into my shower..I live alone, I am not doing laundry at the same what is the issue? why does my hot water turns cold in about five minutes into my shower?

Hot water issues

I have the exact same issue. I have to let the water run for 10 minutes before I get any hot water coming out. Really frustrating!!

I called Reliance to have them check out our water heater and they said it's a plumbing issue. Apparently it is the mixing valve that's the problem. Not something I will be investing in fixing...I don't want to spend anymore money in that place. Hoping to sell soon.

Anyone have problems with people living in the upper units making too much noise?? Between these loud people and the lack of hot water...I am so ready to move!

Why would you be spending any

Why would you be spending any money when this sort of things would be the builder's responsibility to fix at no cost to you? When I first moved in, I must have had the Reliance technician come in at least 3 times until the issue was fixed. I just call the builder and the builder sends a technician in and not a single cent came out of my own pocket. And I didn't take time off from work because I gave permission to enter my unit. As for the noisy neighbour upstairs, let them know. If it's party type of noise, call the police for disturbance, if its footsteps, doors closing, maybe they are just not realizing that such activities travel through the concrete floors. I had these problems, nicely told neighbour and they told me they didnt' realize that with concrete, such sounds would travel down to my unit.

Can you send me the contact

Can you send me the contact info. for who you called? I have been calling the propert mngmt. company but they never call me back. I have been living here for 2 years...I didn't think it was the builders responsibility to fix these issues any longer?

As for the noise...yes we have told them time and time again. I haven't been able to sleep in for over 3 months now. Woken up every single day by the noise of them running up and down the stairs and closing doors.

Please contact the developer

Please contact the developer right away.

I got a notice....

They had planned to shut off water on the 9th and between 0930 and 1330 only, I don't know if this is the reason for you (I am not moved in yet). Are you still having that problem?



I just realized what I said would have nothing to do with hot water issues, maybe there is something wrong with your tank? Anyhow, is it still being problematic?

I wonder, if we have faulty appliances/HVAC, are we supposed to go through the builder or the manufacturers...


If you have any deficiencies,

If you have any deficiencies, call the builder. Everything is suppose to work, if not, the builder has to fix them.

not much works around here..

not much works around here..

Makes sense



Community Parking

Does anyone know where we can park our cars all week? There's A LOT of vehicles trying to find spaces while the ramp is being done and 6 days is an awfully long time to park our cars. The community was already pretty packed to begin with and Lansdowne/Davenport have limited parking times. This parking fiasco is so intruisive that I don't think we'll truly understand the gravity until this weekend as people are coming and going. The last time the ramp was being repaired it was for 3 days and I saw a couple of fights between neighbours break out. This is be twice as long with even more limited spaces to park. This can't be good...

They have posed a pink notice

They have posed a pink notice in the parking garage showing where they will take overflow parking.
If I read it correctly, they are opening up a "patch" of parking just east of the parking garage entrance.

I hope we can return back to

I hope we can return back to the underground parking. Trying to find a spot to park is so difficult and have witnessed and was part of quarrelling with my neighbours because of the limited spaces. Let's hope this and the water shut off are the LAST of the intruisive builder requests. I do believe we're 100% occupied now. The Final Closing/City Registration countdown begins!

What a Builder!

Can you believe it!??! A week without access to the garage because the builder forgot to install the ramp heating and forgot to waterproof the garage.

Makes one wonder what else was forgotten... Check everything in your units...maybe they "forgot" to install plumbing or insulation?

Garage Ramp

To All Residents,

Please be advised that the ramp cables were not overlooked (or forgotten as one anonymous blogger put it), had we completed this work during construction we would not have been able to complete other items, while this is an inconvenience it is necessary. It should not be necessary to shut down the garage again.

Million Dollar Question!

So does anyone have any clue or guesses when we may be assumed by the City of Toronto? These "rent" cheques to the builder, going no where are incredibly frustrating and would love to start paying my mortgage off with a new taxation year but with the inclement weather last week, we saw absolutely no progress, further delaying our community.

Has anyone heard anything yet?

As soon as possible I presume...

I haven't even had to pay for a full month of occupancy but I already dislike it! However, I understand the builder, like us, would want this to turn over as soon as possible because they do not get paid until registration. I calculated the interest portion of the occupancy fees that we are to pay and it came in approximately at 3.1%. 10 basis points over bank rate of prime means this is most likely not profitable/ideal for the builder either.


Nabil.... Did you get to

Nabil.... Did you get to occupy your unit yet?

I want to hear your sound system! Lol

Not yet...

I get my keys on the 15th but I probably wont move in until the 16th.

You should know, I wont have my speakers in for at least the next 3-6 months, I am still sampling equipment and debating with a quality Anthem receiver with a good power transformer vs used separates and I have narrowed down my speaker search to 8 different full range towers. I know, crazy right?

Also, I'm what they call house poor, I never understood the meaning of this term until now, so everything is on delay, lol. I joined that facebook group for our neighborhood, PM me man and I will keep you updated as I build up my gear for sampling.

I do have a decent headphone set up with a solid state power amp and a Wolfson DAC (16bit/44.1kHz only) running a set of Senn HD650s which is the best sound reproducer I have ever owned which you're welcome to come by and hear. Looking forward to meeting you bud.

The man cave will be a work in progress for the foreseeable future.


Phase 3 had two final

Phase 3 had two final closings since occupancy were also in two batches.

How quick were they?

How quick were they?

Occupancy months were

Occupancy months were December 2010 and January 2011 and somw of the 2nd batch closed in April 2011. Those who bought late 2009 were given initial tentative occupancy of late October 2010. But Phase 3 only has 84 units.

The downside of buying condo

The downside of buying condo townhouses versus freehold = phantom mortgage. Can you imagine if we bought units in a condo highrise? Our closing could take up to a year. Although I have a friend who bought a highrise condo unit right at the very heart of downtown and her occupancy and final closing all happened all in one day --- a rarity but it luckily happened to her.

Here's to us all hoping for a quick final closing.

The upside of buying a townhouse condo

Not having to shell out an extra $125,000 for the same size unit!



talking about leaks, I moved

talking about leaks, I moved in and did my first load of laundry and noticed the floor and the wall my washer leaks..

Contact developer.

Contact developer.

I got my key mid October and

I got my key mid October and I am in the process of replacing the backsplash, removing the popcorn ceilings, and installing the floor so I have not moved in yet, today I went to check on the progress of the floor and my top floor is nearly flooded!!!! I have an upper corner unit which is still missing some of the siding and there a lot of water coming in.... :(

stupid question

Utilities are included as part of the Occupancy Fees with this builder, yes?

No. Gas and hydro are

No. Gas and hydro are seperate.


That's terrible news man! Do give an update of what happens next if you dont mind.


I hope you called the builder

I hope you called the builder pronto!!!!!!

I called the builder and he

I called the builder and he responded almost right away, today they send a some workers and they were doing something on the outside of the unit, (the aluminum siding is missing and I am not sure it has been waterproofed) anyway they installed some plywall and not sure what else and then I noticed that water was coming in from a different spot in the same room, so I called them back and they said they have to redo the chaulking but when its dry cant do it the part they tried to fix still leaks...luckily I have not installed floors in that room yet or they would be ruined by now...seriously the workmanship is shoddy!! at this point I rather pay a contractor to come and do repairs properly and pay them I don`t think the guys working for the builder give two s&$!*/! about it... I have arranged for an inspection to be done nov. 9 for my 30 day inspection for the Tarrion warranty

2nd request for an update...

So how did the professional inspection go for your 30 day? Anything out of the ordinary surface?


I'm in the second block, and

I'm in the second block, and just before my move in, there was some water damage (not exactly sure of the cause) on my hardwood floors and the builder replaced the whole thing and it wasn't an issue.

It's also good to know that since the floor sits on concrete slabs (and not wood) that there are no long term issues with moisture.

This crazy weather is actually a good way to put these structures to the test. Pay close attention to your terraces and balconies to ensure that water is draining away and not pooling. So far so good in terms of what I see.

Wallace Walk Townhomes

Any opinions on Wallace Walk Townhomes which are coming up?

There was some discussion here
but then no one seems to have buzzed.


Got our Delayed move-in date

Hello All, finally got a call back from the builder Rob in regards to block #8. Our move in date changed from October 30th to November 7. Ours is a GROUND FLOOR unit facing WEST the 'parkview' ie. fence & railroad tracks. He mentionned the UPPER units were delayed as far as December. I guess we will have loud construction over our heads for the next month. Oh well at least we are in!!

Got my call today too.

Rob called me around noon today to let me know of the delay, I am looking at November 15th for my occupancy. Contrary to what was said about him on this forum before, he was actually quite accomodating and pleasant to talk to. I let him know that I need to confirm everything with my landlady and get back to him by tomorrow and he said that was fine. He even brought up alternatives that would cost him money to accomodate me if I were unable to make arrangements myself which was nice. I will get to talk to her tonight and I don't think the extension will be a problem at all.

Really looking forward to becoming a part of this neighbourhood and a resident of this beautiful development.


I haven't had issues with him

I haven't had issues with him being unprofessional.... But i have heard not everyone has had the same experience.

Everyone has bad days...

And that goes both ways. As long as I have a quality product at the end of the day, I am happy. I figured I would report my first experience chatting with Rob because I, as a first time home buyer, was getting real anxious due to some of the posts here on interactions between buyer and seller.

In retrospect, originally when I had signed the sales agreement, I had a tiff with Aggie the sales person and I voiced my frustration on this thread. Since then, we had talked on the phone and she had invited me to come visit her at the sales office, we apologized to each other and we hugged it out. The same person I was frustrated with, a member of Rob's team, embraced me as if I were her own grandson. She and Beryl, the receptionist at the sales office, have been nothing but helpful any time I would call them if I had any questions. I never posted this positive note and this happened last year. My bad.

Someone posted below, most folks post when there are things to complain about, and thats understandable, and I am VERY appreciative of ALL the posters because I got perspective from such a massive sample pool without having to go seek them out while consuming my time and energy (not that either are worth a heck of a lot, lol). I have had a relatively easy experience in this process so far. But I understand that's my experience. I hope however, moving forward, this is the case for all of my soon to be neighbours as well!


Storage Lockers

Anyone in Phase 4 with a storage locker? Hope you covered your stuff...they just painted the ceiling and there's overspray all over everything...

GTFO!!! Why is there always

GTFO!!! Why is there always so much bad news with this Developer??!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH Now I need to go home and check my stuff!!!!!!!!

Last occupancy phase

Hi all! I'm moving in to the last block of units. Was slated for October 30th. I haven't had my PDI booked and I swung by the place Saturday. Not even all the dry wall is up, the kitchen hasn't been installed and the exterior has yet to be finished. I know every effort will be made to get the last block in, but just wondering if anyone has heard anything different than October 30th.

Did you get your call? He is

Did you get your call? He is making them today. We are facing West an in block 8. Delayed 1 week.

Did you hear anything back?

I'm in the same situation, occupancy scheduled for the 30th, meeting with my lawyer to finalize (give post dated cheques, insurance papers, pay their fees etc) everything on the 29th, and I still do not have a PDI date scheduled yet. I hope this doesn't mean I will have my date delayed? I already told my landlady I will be gone on the 31st :S. Also called Robert and left messages, today was the 3rd time in week and still no response.


I don't think its an issue.

I don't think its an issue. From the comments on this forum, PDIs have been scheduled very close to move-in date. I have heard the same from friends who bought with other builders also. We went by Saturday and they were working inside our unit and the outside stairs are in so progress has been made. But maybe you can get an extension from your landlady just in case if you are concerned?

Didn't answer your question, sorry.

Well I guess she can accomodate an extension if needed, I was hoping not to have to do that. But I guess it is what it is and sometimes, that's acceptable.


Keep on calling and emailing

Keep on calling and emailing Robert for an update. You have every right to get an accurate answer ASAP. When we were in your situation, we decided to keep our already "temporary" accommodations a month longer for piece of mind. For us, this decision worked out perfectly and IMO made our move less stressful. Good Luck!!!

Nabil.... Did you ever figure out what you were going to do about exposed speaker wires? We communicated about this on a previous thread.

Thanks for the heads up....

I guess I should let my landlady know that I may not be moving out next week after all!

So this is my plan for the speaker wires: I want to get a component stand to house my AV gear and use hooks on the back of the stand to roll up all the excess speaker wire, feed it through cable raceways which terminate behind the stand and right behind the FL and FR speakers and feed it out that way. TV will be wall mounted with a raceway hiding the cable between the stand and the TV. The center channel speaker will rest on the stand and the wire will be fed from behind. I eventually plan to paint my place and will paint the raceways the same color. I have seen some examples of this, and it looks quite good. For my surround speakers, I intend to ceiling mount them, hanging a foot from the ceiling, about a foot behind the seating position and 3-4 feet up from ear level. To get the wires to them I intend to create my own raceway out of stainless steel tubing that will feed from the front left side of the wall, hanging about a foot from the ceiling as well, to come straight down past the surround left speaker, do a 90 degree turn and terminate behind the surround right speaker. So it will look like an "L" essentially, hanging from the ceiling, stainless steel to compliment the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. This way it will have an industrial'esque look and it will keep all the wires hidden.

What do you think?



Sounds complicated!!!!!


Good Luck!


I know right? I will have a lot of time to work on this as I wont have the funds to get any AV gear or a speaker set for at least the next 12 months. This is a good thing as I will have time to figure out how soundproof my unit is and what my neighbours are like and if it will be a good idea to outfit my system the way I envision it now.

I might end up just getting a sound bar and call it a day (of course I would use the money I save to REALLY trick out my headphone set up with a new turn table/phone stage/tube amp and build up a sweet vinyl collection)

I like this set up idea in my mind, how it will actually transpire in reality, or if at all, I dont know. I'm sure if I go through with it, I'd be happy to have you or any other neighbour that's an audio/sound junkie like me over to show off my equipment (once I get them, if I get them!).


Thats a relief!

I was hoping this isn't an indication of a delay because that would really muck up everything I've got planned so far.

I did stop by the site a couple of times on the weekend, few weekends back, delays and all negativity aside, the neighbourhood looks absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to live there! The stamped concrete paths for the fire routes look especially nice. Our development does not look nearly as cramped as similar townhouse condo developments throughout the city. The park looked great, I'm sure it will be even nicer when it is all lit up. The color combination on the units and pathways looked great as well.


I agree. It does look great.

I agree. It does look great. I'm crossing my fingers that they will be ready on time but we have kept our place an extra month just in case - less stressful that way and extra time to move also. Hopefully you get a response from the builder soon.

Heard back today...

Posted about this earlier but I heard back today, I am looking at November 15th. It really didn't mess up my plans at all so I am relieved.

I have been more on edge about everything to do with this move than I really should have been. Oh well!


There's so much negativity on

There's so much negativity on this forum it's sad. On other news, you'd be surprised how quickly they will get the last block complete. They are here today working (Saturday) and I wouldn't be surprised if it is complete by October 30th. I'm hoping so myself since living in a non-construction zone would be really nice.

It's basically the Internet

It's basically the Internet Fu#&wad Theory I think. Otherwise, people only speak up when there's something to complain about, so it makes these types of forums very slanted.

(Not Safe For Work)

I know some people who read these forums and are getting scared by the negativity. For those people: Yeah, these places are built fast and cheap (what else is new in Toronto?) and the timelines are wrong (what else is new in Toronto?) but for the most part, IT'S NOT THAT BAD.

The general concensus of

The general concensus of people having growing pains are those with new homes in Phase 4. Let us bitch and complain. All other phases did the same when they went through this but the beauty is this knowledge transfer helps people with their current issues while reducing their anxieties. I think trying to downplay them or suggest that that's all people do here is pretty unfair. Once Phase 4 is completed and there are no more issues, people will be much happier and this forum will take a turn for the better.

HOWEVER, some of the issues raised are concrete and high priority items to take note. It is good to know what the builder, their contractor and their Customer Service staff's history and behaviour are like. I was under the impression that they were on the up and up but as time went by, realized they're just like all builders with their smoke and mirrors, delays and deplorable customer service. Its better for a new homeowner to be on their toes than find out they've been mislead with warranty items, deadlines, delays, etc. Its also interesting to note that some issues have been around since Phase 1 and some issues throughout all the phases. Something that wouldn't have surfaced if this forum didn't exist or didn't allow for complaints.

I think we'll ALL appreciate once Phase 4 and the Fuse buildings are done but make no mistake, this forum has represented very well about the builds, the builder, his team at critical times in this project but just because you're from a previous Phase and have gone through all of your own teething pains, then don't give the impression that these issues shouldn't be raised. Most of them are legitimate and although we see the end of the tunnel, perhaps you even have to be reminded of what it was like with a newly constructed unit.

In one year, this forum will have a different angle. Until then, let people vent and complain since they tend to fall on deaf ears when its raised with the builder and his team. Based on the forum, something previous phases have alreaedy gone through and has repeated itself in many ways. You're there now where you don't need to complain but many are still new and need this forum. We will add the benefits and accolades when they become relevant and have no more issues to share. It just isn't there yet for some of us and you've got one last block to move in. Don't discourage them to voice their positions and issues.

You are correct.. The

You are correct.. The activity at other phase forums have died down considerably but they are a good benchmark on what you will likely experience in Phase 4. It was the same cycle with each phase. Activity initially increased around move in dates with people trying to find out when they can move in and very poor communication from the builder. Once occupied, the themes changed to deficiencies, then the themes changed to final closings. Now.. very little activity on this public forum now. Most of the activity moved to private forums (I.e. Facebook groups) where residents communicate with each othe for various reasons... Not just issues.

So agree !!! Davenport

So agree !!! Davenport Village is a fantastic place to live in the city for those who can only afford homes in mid 300s to low 400s but do not want high rise. Big construction vehicles and bins have now moved into the Fuse project. Very exciting having Metro and Shoppers just within our doorsteps. Give ourselves a couple more years or so and we'd all be happier once Fuse is all built.

Our townes are built with concrete so there's a long-term plus - none of those paper thin walls and floors. Our townes are built just like all others in terms of meeting the code requirements. We've got wide floor plans and a powder room which are not standard features for our number of bedrooms (2 bedrooms).

Do I wish I bought elsewhere? Not at all. I just wish that the developer had better customer service. Whatever deficiencies you have, report them to Tarion by using the warranty forms and from there, all those warrantable deficiencies should be fixed by the developer. Once all deficiiencies have been fixed, then what you've got is a nice towne right in the city, where you will, in the very near future, be able to walk to get a nice cup of coffee, pick up a bag of grocery and fill your drug prescription.

Wait a minute...

Living in a towne in the city?

At affordable prices?!

Wont that make us....Townies?!?

Hoot hoot hoot hoot...

Haha, I just had to. Yes, I realize I have a terrible sense of humor.


When you say coffee, I hope

When you say coffee, I hope you mean The Sovereign at Dufferin/Davenport (awesome americano)... unless you know something about the Coffee Time that I don't know! :-)

Geez, not Coffee Time. Once

Geez, not Coffee Time. Once Metro opens and you are on the go and don't care for gourmet coffee, just a regular so-so coffee to get your caffeine fix, you grab one at Metro, assuming Metro will have a coffee kiosk. Where exactly is Sovereign?

Sovereign is just a few doors

Sovereign is just a few doors East of Dufferin, on Davenport (south south facing the school). It's worth stopping in if you're heading in that direction... Here's an older review:

The Sovereign rocks! Best

The Sovereign rocks! Best coffee in the city hands down. I think the negativity scares alot of people away. Yes, there are some issues but I think that mainly has to do with the communication end of things. Tarion is there to protect your investment. Builders are builders! They are there for profit. And nothing in this city is built like it was before-no one has that level of craftmanship and pride. Look how quick Minto put up the town on Caledonia. It's just they are a bigger company and I'm sure customer service is much better. But don't knock the community. We are sitting on good potential all around. Good people reside here. And good things are happening and are going to continue to happen. I like to keep it a secret in a way so that it won't become a Liberty Village but at the same time the negative vibes are not expressing how great it is to live in this community. You can hate the builder but don't hate the community.

we were told within days of

we were told within days of our original closing that it was going to be pushed out. apparently this is not appropriate according to Tarion and should've been given at least a 2-week advance notice. any less that that and there may be compensation by way of hoteling and/or moving costs. i mean, what if these last units had already given notice to their Landlords for their last month or already sold their house and secured closing dates or have already overstayed their welcome at their family's house only to be told they'll have to say another 2 weeks or a month? giving a few days notice is ludacris but not uncommon for this developer. if I were you, i would email, call, fax, go in person to their office until i got an answer. "proactive" is not in this developer's vocab so we, the homeowners, have to take responsibility of this where its fallen by the wayside. good luck. hopefully your move isn't impacted by a last minute change of closing dates.

...and welcome to the community! It will be a very beautiful community once its done but in the meantime, be prepared for delays, disasppointments, mis/no communication, disruptions, noise, debris, dirt and oh ya, delays...

IMO - your last paragraph is

IMO - your last paragraph is spot on! That was our experience in Phase 2.

I thought the last set of

I thought the last set of units were pushed out to November 15? Either way, as a recommendation, you should do a VERY THOROUGH inspection with your PDI. Read the comments of people posting how their PDI's went, what to look for, what to itemize, etc. Some things are only valid if mentioned at the PDI so you should use your hour wisely!

Its also concerning that the units are so far behind but alas, everyone has experienced delays. Just make sure that things are put up properly as I'm sure the work is rushed. Originally we were slated for a December close but at this rate, its probably more reasonable to say January / February before the city registers the community but only time will tell. There's so much left to do and even after everything is completed, I'm sure the Builder will need to perform a comprehensive check list to ensure all the ducks are in a row for the city's final inspection... and we know how quickly the city usually is when it comes to approving things. I had to wait a month for my basement project to be finally approved once it was completed and submitted to the city. This, however, is a much larger undertaking and who knows how long we'll have to pay rent to the builder.........

I am also in the last phase

I am also in the last phase and haven't heard anything other than October 30th.

Also in the last block and

Also in the last block and the only date we have been given is Oct 30.

I would call Rob and ask if

I would call Rob and ask if your oct. 30 closing is still good...he `forgot`to let me know of the delay in mine but when I went to see and the drywall was not up 2 weeks before closing I phoned him and he said he didnt know why I was not notified...and got 6 weeks delay, so it went from august 31st to Oct. 15 so I did my inspectioin a few days ago and today I got my key..Hooray, exactly 3 years after I bought the place...finally! pdi went ok, Mark is there to justify all that is done and its wrong, ,lots of the finishes are cheap but as far as I am concern I will fix whatever I can and upgrade what I can upgrade as long as its stucturaly sound...I can fix the rest...

hey everyone in this forum I

hey everyone in this forum I have some questions and I hope that those of you that have done your PDI will be able to answer. I did my PDI a couple of days ago and mark was making notes as we were going through the place and I signed what he gave me to sign, I thought that the notes he was making would be send to the Tarion, however when I got home I saw that the booklet that he gave me contains a 30 day form so my question is am I suppose to fill that out and send it? I am I suppose to copy what he wrote on the pre delivery inspection form form the builder onto the statutory warranty form? I dont understand this and I cant read his writting, I noticed not everything that was missing was noted on his notes, for example the washer and dryer is missing but its not in his notes, should I fill out the tarion 30 day form and ignore his notes? I dont know what to do...

The PDI form is the record of

The PDI form is the record of deficiencies noted BEFORE you move in...anything that is damaged or missing after the PDI becomes an issue for you to work out with the builder, not necessarily with Tarion's involvement. The 30-day form is something you fill in and send to Tarion BEFORE the first 30 days of occupancy has passed. Be sure to fill this out as in depth as you can! If you are not sure about something, put it on the probably needs to be there!

PDI Help

Any items that are on your PDI list and not resolved within the first 30 Days, should be added to your 30 Day form. Anything not captured in the PDI will need to be out on your 30 Day form.

With respect to the missing washer and dryer. We had the same scenario. We did put it on our PDI form and they arrived a few days after we got possession.

I would follow up with the builder directly about the washer and dryer. Might help you to get it sooner.

I also recommend doing the Tarion stuff online.... You can do your form submissions online and you will get automated reminders about key dates related for your warranty.

Hope this helps!

Thank you it does help! one

Thank you it does help! one more question: do I have to submit anything to the Tarion regarding the PDI or I wait for the 30 day inspection?

I don't recall submitting the

I don't recall submitting the PDI to Tarion. Just the 30 Day and 1 Year forms. We are in Phase 2 and the 2nd year is approaching soon.

I don't think you submit the PDI to Tarion. To make sure, just give Tarion Customer Service a call to confirm.

PDI is not submitted to

PDI is not submitted to Tarion.

Phase 4

Hey guys I'm new to this forum. I registered online about a month ago with brownstone regarding the new phase stacks (I believe phase 4) but I haven't received any info yet about their release dates. Does anyone have any info or idea when brownstone will put their next phase on the market?



Hopefully phase 5 isn't contaminated

Thanks for the info guys. Hopefully the land for phase 5 isn't contaminated like an earlier poster mentioned as I am really interested in purchasing a house there. The area can only improve and I see a great deal of potential. I did have my agent register for me so hopefully I won't have to wait too long before they release their next phase.

Once again thanks for the info everyone provided


Really? What did the

Really? What did the developer call the next new phase?

I don't know the date but you

I don't know the date but you may want to get your real estate agent to look into it. The first release date may be for buyers with an agent only.

that should be phase 5, they

that should be phase 5, they will notify you when they open for sale, I did the same things I registered and weeks later I got a phone call inviting me to an open house...

hmm...there is alot of

hmm...there is alot of misinformation about that project where they are currently digging...some say some green space others another set of townhomes...but from the looks of it, there are major delays...that area may be very contaminated and they need the soil to be cleaned out and resettled...perhaps the reason there has been no advertising...

just wondering what are the

just wondering what are the initial cost when moving in, not the legal stuff but more cost to the builder, when do you start paying rent to the builder and what does that rent consist of? do you give two months up front like when renting an apartment? do I arrange for house insurance before I move in or after? any "move in" information you can give me regarding expenses will be greatly appreciated.........

if the complex is not

if the complex is not registered you'll be paying a ghost or phantom mortgage to the builder...essentially a rent that does not go towards paying down your is monthly and begins as soon as you take possession...i would take care of home insurance before as you'll be living there...the ghost mortgage will disappear as soon as the building is registered by the city...phase 3 units had a quick turnover but there were less units so i figure phase 4 might be looking at 6-12 months, especially with not all the units ready to move in...

do you know what that "rent"

do you know what that "rent" consists of? and do you give first and last months same as renting? or is it just month to month? I am suppose to get the place oct 15, can I look for insurance after that date or do I have to have it before? if there is anyone here from phase 4 with an upper unit who is NOT a first time buyer, can you please kindly post your closing cost? including land transfer taxes...thanks...I am trying to estimate what I need..

The "rent" is based on the

The "rent" is based on the square footage. For example, I'm in a lower unit in Phase 4 and my "rent" is around $950 a month. It's all broken down for you when you meet with your lawyer before getting your keys. As previously posted you need start paying the day the builder gives you the keys, even if you aren't moving in.

We had to give a money order for the first month (moved in mid Sept so it was about $400 something) and supply 6 post dated cheques.

You need proof of home insurance to get keys so you'll want to set that up once you know what your date is.

thank you! so my date if Oct.

thank you! so my date if Oct. 15 and I am planning to move in Nov. 1st (unless there is more delay from the builder...) do I see the lawyer and get the keys on the 15? I havent heard anything about a date of PDI yet, how much notice does he give for the PDI?