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Neither one of my bathrooms

Neither one of my bathrooms are caulked. I missed this too and you raise a very good point about moisture and water getting behind the walls. Has this person thought about running for the Phase 4 Condo Board at all? Its this type of tenacity, fearlessness and representation that would make this erudite person a successful Board Director. Hopefully you will stand up at the Call for Directors meeting after registration because I will have already casted my vote on the Board President. Well done Sir/Madam.

Thank you for being our voice

Thank you for being our voice !!! Mr. Falus still needs to work with the other earlier Phases which sounds like they too, after more than a year of having moving in are also still in the same situation as us. So Mr. Falus, if you want your current Fuse 2 to sell fast, you better start doing your job as a developer to ensure that your tradespeople are doing what they need to do, correctly and in a timely manner. Phase 3 sounds like a mess specially having read their posts regarding the HVAC system. How could you let these people leave in a place where they need to shout to hold a conversation everytime the HVAC kicks in? I refuse to go through what these residents are still going through. Work with us and we will post here each time you do right thing and in turn, you could turn your reputation around.

If you search the internet

If you search the internet for "Brownstones on Bloor" or any of the other Falus Browstones projects or just "Falus" this website pops up on top of the list. So yes, this site will get a lot of hit and will attract a lot of readers who would be considering buying RE property.

Thank you for posting these.

Thank you for posting these. You've summed up everything I've wanted to express to Mr. Falus but afraid to because of the reputation that has been circulating about him and his staff. If he expects a good sell to Fuse2 and proper market value, then it would be a good idea to ensure these Phases get addressed because it only takes a few calls to publicize these issues and then everyone, ourselves included would have to live with the pangs of devalued properties so let's not get to that. Fuse2 might not sell as quick or for as much as Mr. Falus expects if people know his reputation and his quality of work. Let's hope these posts resonates with him as I think he's heard enough up until yesterday to voluntarily out himself that he's been privvy to our posts and complaints all this time. What surprises me is that despite having first hand knowledge of our issues, still gives us the worst customer service when we bring it up to him in person. It really speaks to someone's character when they can anticipate the complaint based on reading these posts and then still do nothing about it when its raised to him in person or in writing. Providing one's office information is one thing but being proactive is another. Lend some credibility to your Falus name as I've heard your father Tom has done some great things. Its your opportunity to do great things too but it might be time to start getting some professional advice and asking for help if you've taken on too much or unsure how to move forward. Albeit, I do appreciate that you have come forward to give your contact information as I will be contacting your office soon. I hope you will be just as pleasant this time than the last time we spoke and moreover, as professional, calm and understanding in your post on here. Talk soon.

Mail prob is worse than you think

The postal station doesn't open til 9am and closes at 4pm.
It is not open on weekends.

These are facts and the builder has this completely wrong.

A more startling fact is that if you actually get to the post office during those hours, you will find out that our mail doesn't actually go there. It goes...NOWHERE. We have no mailing address which is registered with Canada Post. I was told that all of my mail would just be returned to the sender. know how you are supposed to update your drivers license within 1 month of moving? Well...I've had to completely break the law thanks to this builder. Oh, I also don't have home insurance because it can't be delivered to me. This is ridiculous!

Home Insurance

I had to provide proof of home insurance prior to taking occupancy, so you would not have been able to take occupancy without it. That can be emailed. It does not have to be mailed. I have personally found all of the service men on site very respectful and willing to help. They have been providing me with up to date information and I have no reason to complain unless they do not meet my PDI deficiency deadlines. I think a few of you are just feeding off one another's rage. This is a beautiful building and I hope that the temper I am seeing in these emails are not reflective of the people living here.
As for the mail, that is Canada Post and their politics. They move about as slow as pony express but paid a heck of a lot more.

A neighbour pointed out that

A neighbour pointed out that absolutely NONE of our windows or patio doors are caulked. I was surprised to see this as I thought I was being thorough with my PDI. I'm unsure what to do now. I urge everyone to inspect that your windows themselves are working properly but also that all of the windows and doors are caulked. Winter's coming and we've already lost energy with heat/cold and moisture coming through but winter's coming and you don't want to leave this unaddressed. I also want to point out that whomever said they didn't have issues in their unit and everyone is just complaining on here, shame on you! Does something like this that affects EVERYONE sound like it should be easily overlooked? I bet you if you inspect your own windows and patio doors that neither yours are done. I hope you steep in your cold with your furnace cranked asking yourself if you spoke prematurely. For everyone else who hasn't moved in yet, get this checked for your PDI.

The quality of work here is a trocious! The more stuff is being pointed out to me, the more I'm realizing that I'm living with deficiencies that I don't need to be and IS covered by Tarion's warranty and realizing that the work has indeed been rushed and is is either imcomplete, needs to be redone or completely not even finished. The fact that the PDI guy has been hiding deficiencies in people's houses with his boots and paperwork to cover broken tiles, trim and cracks in granite countertops is a testament to how low the builder and his team will go to get things done and keep as little overhead to repair any deficiencies as they go. Worried how our units will fare in the winter. First item on everyone's agenda is to contact the builder and ask why our windows and doors haven't been caulked whether or not you've submitted your PDI or 30 day warranties!

This has me worried as

This has me worried as well.
I'll check if mines are caulked and report back. Phase 4 home owner here.

I wouldn't believe it had I

I wouldn't believe it had I not check myself. ALL my windows, patio doors and doors are not caulked! WTF is going on here?? How does a Developer not verify that this type of work is not done. I heard about the water tanks the Developer refused to admit was improperly installed until the actual water heating company came and told them to fix each and every one of them. So they did. I wonder if we all need to tell them to come properly cauld our windows, doors, sinks, bathtubs and kitchens for drafts and moisture. Black mildeau and molds are lethal, especially with small children but the Developer will be long gone by then. Do we put ourselves and our children at risk because he's chosen to quicken the project by omitting these necessities?? We all need to contact him and ask what they're going to do about this. This is totally unacceptable.

Mine isn't done either...

Mine isn't done either...

Suggestion to all Phase 4

Suggestion to all Phase 4 owners - read your Tarion warranty and calendarize deadlines of your 30-days, first year and second year. If missed items on your PDI and 30-days, you have a second shot identifying these issues on your first year tarion form. Register online with Tarion. They have an automatic e-mail reminder for your filing deadlines. Read your declaration, by-laws and rules. Know your rights and understand what you need to do and who to contact regarding issues as they come up.


Just found out about this forum...wish I had known about it two weeks ago when we submitted our 30 day form!
There are a lot of issues that weren't covered in the PDIs but are covered by Tarion...but ONLY if you tell Tarion about them. If anyone has any issues with their unit that they are not sure about, let me know; more than happy to help. I have found that this builder is not very organized or ethical and I am not too happy about that. As purchasers, we DO have rights but we need to be aware of them and know how to use them.

Yes, this builder and the

Yes, this builder and the workmanship in our units is awful indeed. Fortunately for me, my father works in trades and has been able to help me fix some of the things the builder hasn't bothered to do in the past month that have been potentially dangerous. Everything from two leaks (because of improper installation and the wrong parts being used) to my dryer exhaust fan falling down (again, improper installation). Everyone is missing caulking on patio doors, I've been unable to open windows, I'll probably need to replace hardwood floors, as there are gaps between the boards already, improper grouting, improper caulking around the tub, cracked drywall, I feel like the mail will never be delivered, nor will I ever know exactly where the mystical place to pick it up is, just to mention a few. Not to mention, when the couple of things that were "fixed" ie, giving me bathroom mirrors, were done, my walls and ceiling were all scratched up with brown paint.

This is going to be a very long road indeed for all of us phase 4 residents. I wonder if there's anything we can do to stop this builder from doing this with his future phases. Isn't there anything we can do to ensure that he is legally bound to provide relative quality in what he produces? We're trying to build a community, but I'd like to get to know my neighbours over snacks and drinks on the patio, (which I can't cook because my oven doesn't work) not over complaints of our deficiencies! Cheers to you all and good luck!

Have you had many

Have you had many deficiencies? Can you suggest some things that are common in our units but is easily overlooked? I'm moving into mine and this blog scares the bejesus out of me! I'm going to pay very close attention and based on what I've read about the PDI guy, he too will not distract me from utilizing my 1 hour wisely!


THOROUGHLY INSPECT your appliances and your countertops! Do not rush this! The PDI guy will try to rush you through as much as he can and he has actually tried to hide damaged items in other people's units! Keep your own record, take lots of photos and lots of notes because he will also refuse to include items that might be of concern to you. Tarion will accept your own PDI form if you want to make sure that those items of concern are on the record. Make sure to note those items that you did NOT will help a lot later on.


Hi everyone,
this afternoon around 3pm, I noticed that our mail box panel
was left unlocked by Canada post. Fyi maybe be on the alert for any unusual credit card activity or possible identity fraud.

Are any residents of phase 4

Are any residents of phase 4 expending:
1. Foul sewage smell from both toilets?
2. Shower water smelling like petroleum?

This is disgusting and I don't know what to do! Help!?!

did you just move in? has it

did you just move in? has it been like that since you moved in or is this smell something new? I am a future owner of Phase 4 and, seriously, this blog and this builder is scaring me....

I haven't had any problems in

I haven't had any problems in my unit. So far so good. I think people just like to complain on this blog. Any you should expect small issues in a new build....

No Problems?

You just haven't looked...

How can you say that just

How can you say that just because you haven't had any issues in your unit that that assumes everyone's having an unwarranted bitchfest? Let people complain about their issues because based on the complaints I've read so, it sure doesn't seem like "small issues". Kudos to you for no problems but at least support your fellow neighbours by giving them some sort of sympathy for their major problems than sounding so self righteous. Silence is golden.

This is my third new

This is my third new construction and I'm comfortable with some delays, some deficiencies but some of the ones I've experienced here and ones I've heard from other units that have already moved in ARE reasons to complain. I'm not talking about uneven mudding or nail pops. I'm talking about people missing full and complete bathrooms, broken windows, poor tilework, cheap substitutes, non functioning appliances, crappy craftmanship, horrible to nonexistent notices, incomplete access to things we are paying for, constant disturbances from 7am construction from heavy power tools or machinery, places we can and can't park to EVERY unit getting a 7am knock on the door to figure out who's vehicle in a place where it shouldn't. Whoever wrote that "people like to complain on this blog" then yes, they do because they have very good reason and hope the new units know what to anticipate so they don't think they're the very first people to experience whatever issues they've experienced. Just read what people in previous Phases experienced. Seems pretty consistent and everyone seems justified in reading their crappy experiences. New construction or not, some people can only take so much and with a forum to vent and complain, sure people will take the opportunity. Hopefully the newer units are more complete and not rushed like the current/previous ones. If they're not complete and riddled with deficiencies then you can't say no one warned you. Looking to a quick four to six months before we finally get assumed by the city. I'm sure the final product will be great but this anticipation is like pulling teeth!

So agree on all your points.

So agree on all your points. There are issues and we just want all these issues to be fixed or completed and finally enjoy our new homes. And yes, also a seasoned new construction buyer, I know that buying here is a good move. We all have our good days and bad days so sometimes we are more accepting of all the issues due to being rushed to move in by the builder but other days, especially with the construction noise morning after morning, at times I just wish I was in a position to live elsewhere until all the issues have been resolved.

Exactly! I hadn't anticipated

Exactly! I hadn't anticipated on moving into a full fledged construction zone both in and out of my unit. Neither in nor out of my unit is complete and the noise is unbearable sometimes and I've got young children that get disturbed by the noise and have to be so very careful walking around my own community and unit because of the construction debris and up until recently, unfinished roads and sidewalks. Let's hope most of the major construction has passed but I'm just wondering, where are the masses of Contractors I use to see trying to finish the site when I moved in and before when I would check up on the area? Its like they've all but disappeared unless they're working on things like the sidewalks or parts of the parks but then disappear for days again. Other than that it doesn't look like a lot is happening around here. Like they've been shipped to another site or something? Does anyone know?

Call the developer and maybe

Call the developer and maybe even the city.


Has anyone noticed that we don't have mail service???
Does anyone else care?

I have insurance and government docs which were coming my way, but not are just LOST in the postal system.

I don't know how the developer got away with occupancy before an interim solution for mail was put in place. This is a mess.

The developer thinks we can pick up our mail at the postal station, but I went there, and they said our address hasn't even been set up. Again, this is a mess, and I'm pissed.

I've deliberately not sent

I've deliberately not sent anything to this address as there are balls dropped constantly and didn't want to miss any mail. I'm not surprised that the care was not taken to address our rerouting mail. Just chalk it up to yet another pitfalls we have to live with. It will be so much better once we start seeing resolutions and improvements than constant issues and deficiencies.

I had mine forwarded to my

I had mine forwarded to my sister's address to make my life easier.

Underground Parking Concerns

I have a serious issue with parking.

First, I have heard nothing but horrible news from previous Phases about how they're vehicles are being broken into. This is still with locked doors, cameras AND garage door openers. What gets me is how in the world are Phase 4 residents demanded to park in the underground because of the limited space above ground but the underground doors are not being locked during the days and sometimes nights, the garage door at the very front isn't always closed and there's gaping holes for people who want to enter, can enter from the top.

I personally don't feel comfortable to park my car in the underground, especially with neighbours in the community advising me to expect my vehicle to be broken into at least once, possibly twice or more. If its certain there are security issues with the underground parking, then why are the necessary steps to avoid this not taken, especially with easy solutions like keeping all access to the underground locked at all times? I mean everyone gets a lock and a garage door opener anyway. Why bother leaving the doors ajar at any point at any time during the day/night when no one, not even the Security can feasibly monitor it regularly?

shocked and suprised

The other day i visited the site to check my unit in c block and its position of completion and surprised and shocked to see how people have occupied the units in block A and B. Their are no proper roads and no underground parking with security and construction going on in and around and so much of dust and noise and units are not fit to stay. you are putting us in trouble by occupying the units and forcing us to do the same. Even though with all the security and all the units are full in phase 3, every long weekend cars are broken. My dear block A and B unit holders do some thing.

Phase 4 has security so your

Phase 4 has security so your residents will be safe. Also, based on earlier Phases, break ins stop once your corporation do all the necessary installation of cameras and additional security gadgets. Talk to Phase 3 residents or better still we have a resident only website. The board posted the link to this website. Send them an email and ask to talk to them. We all want to work together and help each other out to make our Village a safe place to live.

I would feel confident if

I would feel confident if Security was there all the time but they're not there during the day and its during the day that the doors are left open. Even when they are there, they cannot patrol the front, whole construction site, underground parking all at the same time. Many times I've driven in at night with no Security guard at the front and even when I do, he doesn't know everyone so how can he know who actually lives here.

I have spoken to people from different Phases which is the reason for my concern. I was told to expect to be broken into once, possibly more if I have a nice vehicle. This is coming from underground parking that already keeps their doors locked, the garage door functioning and cameras in place. We have none of them and then still told we MUST park in the underground parking. My only thing is if the builder insists that we park in the underground, then the residents insist that security measures are taken to ensure we don't get hit. Afterall, its new construction sites that get hit the most because hooligans know the security is easiest to breach. With unlocked doors, its obvious how it can.

I'm from Phase 3 and went by

I'm from Phase 3 and went by Phase 4 and was surprised to see the underground parking door unlocked and no Security. Hopefully they remedy this for you folks because my car was broken into and you're right. All security precautions were in place yet I still got hit. Request for cameras ASAP!

Unfortunately, having lived

Unfortunately, having lived in various condos, most developers will only provide purchasers the minimum requirement unless you are buying TRUE luxury condos. Many neglect to ask what type of security will be provided by the developer. They do not need to provide security cameras and high security equipments for the underground garage doors for as long as they are up to code. Our complex will be safe for as long as the residents will work together to make this happen. Do not get too caught up having a perfect couch that fits your open concept living/dining. First business to quickly attend to is security of the complex. Talk to your co-residents and get a night security to patrol until your Corporation installs the security cameras.

Oh granted and fully

Oh granted and fully understood, however, it would be nice if the builder would keep all lockable doors locked no matter what time of day. If Contractors need to get to the underground, give them a key. People can walk in and out of Phase 4 without even batting an eye and there's no stopping anyone from going down into the underground while the doors are left open and vandalizing vehicles.

Acquiring camers and additional security will be at the cost of the Condo Corp led by the Board of Directors but the handover meeting will not happen until at least January. Does this mean we should remain at risk while the Developer tries to complete the community and keep the access to the underground free for all who wishes to enter? There is a level of responsibility here for the Builder and I for one don't think proper care and security is being exercised, especially given the barrage of break ins previous Phases experienced even with proper responsibility and securities in place. Really makes you shake your head!

As a current resident of

As a current resident of phase 4 I feel my vehicle is safe in the underground. Yes the doors are open during the day but there are so many workers all over the place that it would be virtually impossible for a car break in to go unnoticed. At night the gates are closed underground and so are the entrance doors. There is also security at night who frequently inspects the site.

Let's just make sure the

Let's just make sure the break ins don't happen on the Builder's clock because 1) the workers are working above ground. I've seen all of ONE work in the underground during the day and that's when they were installing something on the ceiling and if someone happened to come out of the underground with something, would a worker know if it was theirs or not? 2) the security guard checks the whole community and checks the underground sporadically. There are places to hide and even behind cars and let's face it, are the security guards all that thorough? There's A LOT of ground to cover during their "walks" and during the sidewalk concrete pour for the past few days, they were told to sit on a chair and make sure no one walked on the sidewalk, 3) How can you truly say your "vehicle is safe" when previous phases had taken all security measures and STILL got broken into, MORE THAN ONCE for some? Bottom line, if the workers are NOT working in the underground, which is 90% of the time, then why not just keep the doors shut? These are kitchen, flooring, railing, drywall, masonry, etc. Contractors, even 90% of them have no reason to be in the underground.

I say, take all precautionary measures to ensure we're as safe as possible until our Board can remedy the security measures because will the builder take full responsibility if any of our vehicles get broken into or will he just tell us to claim it on our insurance? Not on my clock!


Has anyone heard when the lockers will be available? Its quite frustrating moving into a place with no locker even though we paid for one and know that we can at least go and park in the underground. Why not give us our lockers at the same time too?

Also, will our "rent" be adjusted having not been granted access to all the amenities of the community like our lockers?


A lot of people have now occupied their units but some of us haven't moved in yet. Just wondering how people are finding their deficiencies being addressed? Are your units complete when you moved in? How are your 30 day deficiencies?

Would be helpful to know what to expect. Thank you.

Questions for home insurance

Wondering if anyone here might know the answers to the following home insurance questions I was asked.

I own a lower unit in Phase 4.

- how many amps for electrical?
- are we 300m from a fire hydrant?
- are we 8km from a fire hall?

Appreciate the help.

Abandoned Cube Van?

Does anyone know the deal with the cube van that doesn't ever seem to move on the North/Davenport side of Foundry Ave? Its not only an eye sore but it abstructs the view from turning Westbound onto Davenport which may be deemed a highway traffic act and safety concern. Its a HUGE hassel trying to pull up far enough into the lane just to see around it and just wondering if this has already been addressed before since it doesn't appear to be going anyway anytime soon...

Gah, I never noticed this van

Gah, I never noticed this van until you mentioned it... and now I notice it every day. Eyesore and hazard indeed. Seems unfair that I got a ticket for literally 1 minute past the limit a few weeks ago (a no parking during rush hour zone) and this person is parked for weeks without consequence... Let's hope something's done (more for safety reasons than revenge ;-p )!

I just notice the cube van

I just notice the cube van after this thread.
There is a 3 hr limit for parking on street.
I think you should contact parking enforcement or call 311 to let them know and have the truck tow away. might at the same time jeopardize other residents who is parking beyond 3 hours as well.

I agree with the initial

I agree with the initial posting. It is unsafely blocking view of drivers needing to turn on Davenport from Foundry. Safety first.

My understanding is that for as long as the City has not assumed Foundry, cars parked along this street will not be ticketed. Foundry will be running I guess all the way to the Fuse project and the Fuse project will not get completed until maybe at earliest, 3 years from now.

I'm wondering if there is an

I'm wondering if there is an "abanonded vehicle" bylaw. If so, it wont matter where this vehicle is parked, legal or not. If it is legitimately abandoned and furthermore, poses as a safety risk, then we should leverage any and all bylaws to have it removed. Its so difficult to make a left on Davenport and have been on 2 week vacations trying to get my new house in order and have never seen this vehicle move even for one day, especially since that spot is probably the most favourable, high real estate parking spot.

If its abandoned, then I say we should do what it takes to get it removed. If a resident owns it, then park it underground or perhaps in another place where it doesn't obstruct the traffic. All it takes is one accident and then people will finally take attention. Do we really need that or shouldn't we practice, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"?

I just called parking

I just called parking enforcement.
They said they were sending a guy out there to check out the situation.
I dont know if that means ticket, tow, or nothing at all, but I tried!!

Wow you're asesome! I'm

Wow you're asesome! I'm going to call next week if the vehicle is still there. Its been there since I moved in and has never been moved once. Honestly hate making lefts on Davenport. Its enough with Pedestrians to contend with but to block traffic as we inch dangerously into the street just to see around it is ludacris! Thank you again for putting the call in :)

No problem! Instead of

No problem!

Instead of bitching about our problems, we should all be proactive and vocal where and when that's an option.

I went past today and saw that they ticketed the cube van.
I'm hoping they are tracking it and come back to tow it at a future date.

The number to our local parking enforcement branch is:
(416) 808-2222 (select option #3).

Thank you again for making

Thank you again for making the call. The cube van has moved for the first time I've seen in months. Turning left on Davenport is much easier and would like to thank you for being proactive. Hopefully we have proactive Directors on our Board like yourself =)


I'm in the last block and just got my letter. October 30 is our occupancy date!

They've got A LOT to do until

They've got A LOT to do until then and everyone's been pushed out. I hope 1) They don't rush your units. Current Homeowners have already experienced issues with incomplete work, shoddy and subpar craftmanship and deficiencies that don't get resolved in a timely fashion and 2) They give you ample time to push out your dates. If you're renting, make absolutely sure WELL BEFORE October 1st that you're still on schedule. Some people have been notified only weeks and in some instances, only days before they were to occupy that they'd be delayed. This puts the Homeowners in high anxiety trying to anticipate dates when the dates are not yet available but more importantly, the notices to Landlords for those renting would pose issues if they had to stay an extra month. Get to know the builder's contact numbers well and never hesistate to ask for updates. At this point, its your only safe guard that you can meet your own deadlines by not waiting for updates so close to your closing dates.

Good luck and let us know how it all went so we can know once the very last units have been occupied. This might give us an indication of how much time left we may have to "rent" to the builder because this amount not going to mortgages or can't be claimed for tax breaks definitely hurts the wallet.

I agree. We don't plan on

I agree. We don't plan on giving notice for our current place right away despite having received our letter. I'd rather pay an extra month than deal with the anxiety of not knowing if I will have somewhere to live and the hassle of finding somewhere to put our belongings! Hopefully it won't take longer than another three months.

Hopefully your lockers will

Hopefully your lockers will be ready by then. They're still not ready right now :(

Wow - how hard can it be to

Wow - how hard can it be to give you access to your lockers? I guess the benefit of moving in last is that some of these issues will be ironed out (hopefully). I'm sure we will still have issues to deal with from what everyone else is saying!

The city needs to approve for

The city needs to approve for the developer to open up the underground garage and lockers.

The underground is ALREADY

The underground is ALREADY open for resident parking. So what differentiates the lockers from the parking if residents are permitted to enter to use for their vehicle?

The lockers are not

The lockers are not completed? Ask the developer.

Brownstones Village Resident Site - Phase 3


Just a reminder for all Phase 3 residents to register and visit the website for Brownstones in Davenport Village at

We have included many features that we hope you will enjoy:

-Archived Newsletters
-Calendar of Events
-General Contacts
-Advisories and Notices
-Much more to come!

This website was created by the elected board members and is provided on behalf of the resident's. Due to the sensitive nature of the content, we have enabled certain security features in order to protect the integrity and security of the community. We unfortunately are not able to accommodate prospective buyer's, but if you have an issue or a concern, please visit our website and leave us an e-mail.

We will also take this opportunity to request owner's/residents to stop using this blog to discuss sensitive security details. These issue's are taken very seriously, our number one priority is community safety.

We look forward to enhance your ownership interests and to ensure the best possible living experience for everyone in the Brownstones in Davenport Village.


Board Members of Brownstones in Davenport Village

Up Side Down Condo - Phase1. Only 5 Units left

I live in the area and I am a Sales Representative with Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

If you are looking to sell or buy a home please feel free to contact me at 647-274-8565 or email me at and I would be glad to assist you.

Also, Up Side Down Condo - Phase1. Only 5 Units left. Occupancy: December 2012 - 1 Bedroom from $ 215.000

I can help you buy a unit if you are interested. Give me a call or email me for questions!

Alexandro Sclavi

Real Estate Representative

Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

55 St Clair Ave West,
Toronto, ON M4V 2Y7

Mobile: 647-274-8565

New Park

For those anticipating the opening of the park: The park will NOT be opened to the public until Phase 4 has been assumed by the city. The park is part of Phase 4. Until that time, any liabilities are on Rob Falus, The Builder, so he has taken extra precautions to ensure there are none, including having the Security oust anyone that may have entered past the fencing.

Last was told the city would be assumed by January/February but with the slow progress and impending delays from the builder and the city's additional delays in approving the builder's work, it wouldn't suprise me if we were pushing February-April. Phase 3 took 6 months to be assumed but this Phase is significantly larger which means delays are exponential. Just be prepared to pay the extra rent and delayed access to our ammenities.

I was under the impression it

I was under the impression it was a city park not one that is "part of" phase 4 as you say here. That is misleading. Phase 3 units facing the park were sold on the premise they were facing a park. So not sure what you mean.

I can see them not opening because alot of construction is still happening and that is the safety concern, along with no real entryway where the road that now leads into phase 4. So not sure it has much to do with registering as much as what you say is the liability issue.

I heard the same thing. This

I heard the same thing.

This is information that has been passed from Rob Falus himself to early Homeowners who had early occupancy. The original Phase 4 Occupants were originally allowed to enter the park but as more and more Homeowners occupied their units, the builder had growing concerns about liability and one day the huge fencing went up and Security continually asks people to leave the park if they've entered it past the fences.

It IS a city park but the city needs to assume it. Apparently it has been scheduled for review along WITH Phase 4 so its only symantics to suggest that it is part of or will be review along side with Phase 4. The conclusion as has been communicated by Rob late July/early August is that it is totally off limits until Phase 4 has been fully registered. Put it this way, the park has already been fully built at the beginning of August. The lawns are being now being manicured but by Contractors and not by City of Toronto staff. If the park IS ready and IS complete for use, why wouldn't the fencing be down and residents allowed to use it unless the earlier post was legitimate?

However, like every post in this forum, please ensure you do your own investigation and make your own calls. Perhaps you can confirm any consistencies or changes to people's posts.

Well I did speak with

Well I did speak with someone(not Rob) but someone who would have some knowledge of the situation and he mentioned that it was to open in a week or two(that was last week). If they have had further stumbling blocks with finishing up the units and that hindered the opening I'm unaware of that development as being the reason for the delays. In addition, the same person, along with some observation of mine, mentioned they had some work done to install a future splash pad which is perhaps another reason why there have been delays from the developer's end along with the city. There was still a gaping hole that was used to dig(perhaps for drains etc) that was there up until yesterday(Sunday). I was not questioning the legitimacy of the post, rather that it appeared to suggest that it was exclusively part of phase 4 and that was misleading. All phases will have access along with frankly anyone else as it was mandated by the city. So this wasn't a post to put into question what you said but perhaps point out we've all been hearing a number of things.

Can you please advise if the

Can you please advise if the person you got this information who wasn't the builder, a reputable source? It would be good to get some hopes up if the other person was a person in the know!

However, after reading the original post, I don't believe the intention was to imply that the park was for Phase 4 residents. I think it was to suggest that the project plans found parallel paths. In any event, sharing good information from good sources is always great in this forum but maybe we can share who advised us of this information. If its the Security staff for example, then I'd easily discredit it as they're probably the last to know. Even Contractors don't really know the exact project plan but the Builder, Site Supervisor or City Official would definitely be privvy to such information.

Are you able to share who?

I'd rather not say(to point

I'd rather not say(to point out specific people) but needless to say I would not gather the info from a security staff or random contractors. What would be the point of that? That is not reputable and being trained in journalism why would I cite such a source?
I think we are all frustrated with the mixed messages coming from all sides. And more importantly we are frustrated that a park that appears to be ready to be enjoyed has fallen victim to a lack of finishing phase 4.
As for the misreading of the original post, I think I may have acted too soon in saying what I did. I guess my point was phase 3 was also billed as "townhomes on the park", especially those actually facing the park so the parallel paths have been running parallel for quite some time. Just chalk it up to terrible planning.

Furnace Filter

I'm a Phase 4 Owner that moved in recently and went to change my filter and realized those stupid #@$#% Contractors installed the sliding doors so that I can't take out my filter no matter which side I slide the doors!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! I had to painstakingly remove the doors from their tracks (which is a huge feat given there's zero room to angle them inwards where they have to in order to be removed from the tracks and also because they're 8' tall) and now have to hear the hum of the furnace at full throttle without the doors to dampen the noise.

I would encourage everyone to attempt to remove their furnace filters and actually being here a very short while, I was surprised at the 1) crappy quality of the filters (they wouldn't filter even particles, 2) how much was actually caked on the few fibers of the crappy filters and 3) how incredibly impossible it was to remove them with the closet guys not talking to the furnace guys. Mark told me to make sure I changed them every month while living in a construction zone but how the hell do I do that without leaving the doors off now? Utter stupidity!

I missed it on my deficiency list but make sure you don't make the same mistake. This is a hassle that just because a big problem as I now have to live with repeating this process for a year until I get it on my 1 year. Might be better to fork out the money to install my own bi folds even though the sound wouldn't be dampened but there really isn't any other solution except installing double doors? I have no idea.

How the hell did this builder design these houses I'll never know!!!!!!!!!!!

Educate yourself of your

Educate yourself of your rights and the developer's obligation to you. You have the Tarion 30-day form to complete and then the 1st year and then the 2nd year. If you missed the 30-day form, just the same, contact Falus to resolve this issue. If you need to call every week until it gets resolved, do it.

It is not unacceptable that you need to take out the sliding doors out just to change the filters.

Contact the developer. You

Contact the developer. You don't have to live with it. They need to fix it now.

this past weekend I went by

this past weekend I went by the construction site, the gate was open and the guard was occupied so I walked in and for the first time I got to go close to my townhouse, oh my....eventhough its all bricked up but there are no walls inside, I could see the studs for the support but no walls, I couldn't tell if the plumbing and electrical has been can they finish it for august 31st? no way....for the first time I called the builder and left him a message, I simply want to know if I am getting the key august 31st or not...NO far...will he ever call me?

What block are you in???

What block are you in??? Usually Rob is pretty good about getting back within a day or 2.

unit 256, I am in the

unit 256, I am in the smallest block with 8 units. I really hope I hear back tomorrow because right now I am sitting on nails...there are no walls, and 15 days left, I told my landlord I am moving by sept 1st, I can still change it because he has not rented out my apartment yet, but I am not even sure that it will be done by middle of sept. I need to have a month to instal floors in the townhouse and paint. I mean is it possible to have it done in 15 days? I dont know...

Hi there, As I said rob is

Hi there,

As I said rob is usually pretty good at returning calls and emails within a day or 2. Call again!

I am in the 2nd block. We moved in August 1 with no appliances and several issues which haven't been resolved yet.

I feel that the builder may have missed you or your whole block in notifying you of a delay. I know the next 2 blocks ( the ones parallel to foundry) are scheduled for middle and end of September so there is NO way short of a miracle you are moving in August 31 if you are in the final block.

I saw my unit 1 month before occupancy and it had walls and interiors and they were just working on the rooftop patio.

Call again and again until you get him because my guess is that you are looking at end of sept at the absolute earliest!!

yes thank you!! he did call

yes thank you!! he did call me just now and gave me a date of October 15, this really makes things a bit difficult as I have sold my furniture (luckily I still have my bed) in anticipation of the move, I would like to buy new stuff, but I at least I can now tell my landlord that I will be moving out Oct 31st...better keep my apartment till the end of October just in case....

If I were you I would

If I were you I would definitely extend your rental. All that work in 15 days seems very unlikely. Especially with this builders track record.

yes I am going to talk to my

yes I am going to talk to my landlord and keep my apartment till sept 30 but I am not sure this is enough either, I just hope I get a firm date so I know what kind of notice to give to my landlord, this is just such bad customer service....

Welcome to the wonderful

Welcome to the wonderful world of Falus.

But seriously, I am sorry to see that Phase 4 owners are also going through what Phase 3 went through. It is stressful as it is not that easy to go back to your landlord and ask for an extension unless you have the good fortune that your unit has not been rented out yet.

Good luck to you all. Come by Phase 3 and talk to the residents there. Good the scoop of what's to come once you guys occupy as far as being in the wonderful world of Falus.

Delayed Occupancy

You should also look into Tarion's rules that if the Builder delays your occupancy, he is required to 1) provide hoteling for the duration of your delay, 2) pay for any moving or storage expenses as a result of these delays. This was offered to the few very first Phase 4 residents that moved in in early July that experienced a week's delay resulting from an unapproved gas line. Mr. Falus contacted everyone by phone to follow up with the delay BUT only ON the day the occupancy was supposed to happen.

Good luck with getting in contact with him. I would try repeatedly to contact him and his office for an answer. It is unfair to put resident's lives on hold because the builder doesn't know exactly what's happening on his own construction site. With dealing with him, he DEFINITELY needs an assistant instead of trying to do this all himself. Jenna, the Selection's girls is NOT his assistant and if so, wouldn't be a very proficient one. Always seems to be inconsistencies with what's being told to her, by Falus than what's actually going on in the community.

Can't wait for these teething pains to be over!

Postal Code

Hi All

We have just moved into 16 Foundry and have been having trouble with companies, banks, etc. not recognizing the postal code M6H 0A9 that has been indicated. Even Canada Post does not recognize it. Any info out there? Cheers.

Is anyone having extra

Is anyone having extra kitchen cabinets installed? I contacted the company to see if I could order cabinets but they don't install them so I was wondering if anyone has a connection to the guys installing our cabinets or any other cabinet installation person?


just contact a general

just contact a general contractor/certified carpenter that has experience with kitchen renos. They are used to having to install cabinets from a variety of suppliers. A good one will be able to do it not a problem.

Phase 3

Hello everyone,

My name is Alexandro, I live in phase 3.

I am a Sales Representative with Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage

If you are looking to sell or buy a home please feel free to contact me at 647-274-8565 or email me at

I would be glad to assist you.

Alexandro Sclavi
Real Estate Representative
Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage
55 St Clair Ave West, Toronto, ON M4V 2Y7
Mobile: 647-274-8565

Thank you

The stamped concrete pathway

The stamped concrete pathway between the rows of townhouses look amazing and just absolutely love that these pathways are wide, separating the rows of townhouses.

Very excited. Worth the wait.

Does anyone know if the nice

Does anyone know if the nice concrete between blocks A and B will also be done between the other blocks??

I don't think so, I think

I don't think so, I think this will also be done between the southern most blocks, so basically where the emergency lanes are. Between block B and C/D is it not the nice blocks.

Hardwood stairs

Instead of the stock carpet option on the stairs and upper level, we chose to have Weston finish the upper floor with hardwood as well (which looks wonderful!). The only problem is that they don't do stairs!

For others who have opted for the same, we're wondering who you've hired to do the stairs? There appear to be lots of companies out there at different price points, but we could definitely use your input - any thoughts¿?

Reply to comment | Junction Triangle

Hey there! Quick question that's completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My website looks weird when browsing from my iphone4. I'm trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to fix this problem.
If you have any recommendations, please share.

I opted for the same but

I opted for the same but after visiting Weston and finding out that they don't do stairs, plus they sort of discourage me from putting hardwood on the stairs (I do love the look though), talked to my decorator and she discourage me also, I considered the cost and the fact I am not sure that I am going to like the townhouse, so I opted to put hardwood on the first and second floor, cork flooring on the third and the builder will instal the carpet in the stairs only, and keep my fingers crossed that I will like the townhouse......I might still do the stairs down the road so if you find a good contractor who does stairs let me know...

Move in date moved to Sept 18/12

I thought I'd share. Our move in date recently changed from Sept 3rd to the 18th. We received an email and a letter in the post from the builder about this last week.

I also received a letter last

I also received a letter last week informing me that our move in date has been moved from Sept 3rd to the 18th. I’m located in the block that is facing (parallel to the train tracks).
After reading a bunch of posts about occupancy on this forum, there seems to be inconsistent experiences regarding occupancy. Has anyone taken any sort of action for not receiving proper notification for delay of occupancy? I know there have been those who have been able to move stuff into their units and are not currently paying the interim rent to the builder.
However there are people posting that that they were informed of their occupancy being extended on the day they went to pick up their keys, or a week before their occupancy.
Information about the builder’s responsibility with regards to occupancy can be found here;

I haven’t had a change to go through the actual purchase agreement to see if the builder has any amendments to the Tarion rules for occupancy (which I plan to review this weekend). Without actually stating all the points in the above link, my understanding is this, the builder has already extended the firm occupancy date as much as they can. So the firm occupancy date of, I believe Oct. 31 in our agreements, is the date that if they extend past that date purchasers are entitled to terminate their agreement. With regards to early occupancy, we are supposed to receive 90 days notice (which I did for my initial occupancy for Sept 3rd, when I received my notice at the beginning of June). Any changes to those dates are also to be provided 90 days in advance. If proper notification is not provided, purchasers are entitled to delayed occupancy compensation from the builder. Based on previous comments, this may have been in the form of being able to move things into the units without having to pay the interim rent to the builders. So, to the original poster (and myself) who has had their move in date changed from Sept 3rd to the 18th should be entitled to delayed occupancy compensation should they not meet their date of the 18th. Now if they do not meet the Sept 18th date on the actual date of the 18th, and extend the occupancy past Oct 1 (for the original poster and myself), we would be put in a situation where we may have already made arrangement to leave our current location by Sept month end and would be in without a place to live.
I apologize for the long winded post, but I just wanted to clarify how the builder has actually handled these delays with people in the first few blocks, or how the people in the first few blocks have chosen to handle this with the builder. As mentioned above, there seems to be some inconsistencies with people’s experience, some getting notifications and others not getting notifications. For those who actually haven’t done anything and have just accepted these delays, I suggest talking to your lawyer and going through your agreement with them to confirm what is outlined in your agreement.

What people are experiencing

What people are experiencing now is no different than other phases (Phase 1 & 2).... I'm not 100% certain about Phase 3 experiences.... but I doubt it would have been very different
This builder is terrible at communicating delays. You are correct, there may be some entitlements for delays if proper notice has not been provided by the builder. Now, the Tarion Delayed Occupancy Rules have changed since phase 2... so I cannot comment on specifics. Before there were different notice periods for different delays (Major vs Minor).
If people do qualify for a claim, they may able to get some compensation for temporary accommodations, one move and storage expenses within limits. If there was a claim before, it is dealt with after final closing so you were out of pocket for these expenses until the claim is dealt with. I think most people got this dealt with directly with the builder. We didn't need to go to Tarion.... but that was in our case.
I recommend discussing all of this with your real estate lawyer to confirm what your options are based on the individual circumstances.
If you are able to, I would recommend delaying your notice on your current place a bit. I understand this may not be possible or desired for some people, but it may help deal with the stress associated with the not knowing if your going to have a place to live until your unit is ready. We did that and we were happy we did.
Good Luck!